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Raynes Tournament 2: Come and fight!

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by tgn, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. tgn

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    May 26, 2011
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    Hey guys, back again with some more fiction. This is the sequel to my last work. I'm making a few changes to the way I do things. One of them being the addition of female vs female matches soon.

    Story: It has been three years since that last tournament. Benito was victorious after breaking each and every one of Rayne's fighters one by one. At the end of the tournament he had approached Rayne for his prize.

    Rayne: You expect freedom do you not?

    Benito: Yes I do...I also would like your spot.

    Rayne: I'm not granting you that!

    Benito: Too bad!

    before Benito could do anything Rayne used his powers to knock him out with a huge vault of electricity. Benito awoke three years later looking like a monster of some kind. He then heard from Rayne in a speaker that he would be competing in his next tournament and if he is victorious he will be allowed to go home and become human once again. He will be the one that people will have to fight for his final round. He will receive no prize if he wins other than freedom.

    Setting: It's a little different this time around. Rayne has moved the fighting ring outside. It's still made of metal and caged however it is located on a beach somewhere on a lost island. The crowd will surround the ring as Rayne watches from a throne.

    Much like last time Rayne will grant powers to those who he find the most evil and cruel. For he wants the most violent to win his tournament.

    Round 1: Emily vs Lao

    Emily story: Emily is a beautiful girl who looks a little older than she actually is. She is a bit of a track star in her school and has become popular in the U.S. She is also a martial artist who has won multiple belts however she has never actually faced a real fighter. She is a rich girl who grew up in Beverly Hills. Very selfish and very spoiled it always seems that she can get whatever she wants just by complaining. Upon arriving home from school she starts complaining I want a real challenge! These belts are soooo stupid! She comes across an email from Rayne inviting her to the tournament. "Looking for a real challenge?" it says. It also offers a prize of $100,000 dollars to those who can over come his champion. She decides to appear at the tournament making sure that she makes herself look beautiful to the audience. (She is unaware that she is being used as a warm up to Raynes early fighters.)

    Looks: She is a pretty brown haired girl. A thin but tone girl she is know for her smile. She wears pink glossy lipstick and has smooth skin. Her stomach has that perfect thin model look and she knows it too. Her eyes big and blue with only a touch of makeup on her eyes. Her skin is light but not pale and there isn't a scar of blemish that can be seen.

    Dress: She is wearing an all denim outfit. A midriff crop top that buttons closed with no sleeves showing off her thin but cute little arms. Very short daisy dukes which hug around her butt tightly and white tennis shoes. She is also wearing two golden earrings.

    Lao Story: A martial artist from Taiwan. He is both accomplished and ruthless. Upon winning his blackbelt when he was just twelve years old he was arrest after turning on his own master and murdering him. He did so claiming that his master was too weak. Eventually he would be released after a famous pop star wanted him to be his body guard. How ever things took a turn for the worst after he murdered the pop star for again, being too weak. Now days he is like a shadow he appears only in tournaments and very rarely does he actually lose. No one has ever been able to beat him with nearly dying on top of things. He heard about last years tournament a few months ago. He decided to jump in to prove to himself that he is not weak. Rayne took notice of him and offered him a power. He refused to take any power until he faced someone with powers.

    Looks: He is a skinny but buff guy. Looking much with Bruce Lee. He face is covered in scars and never seems to smile. His body literally toned to perfection almost like a skinny body builder. He has dark short hair.

    Clothes: He is shirtless showing just how tone his body is. He wears two red arm bands and a red headband. Black martial arts pants with no shoes. His handband is red from him soaking the blood of his former master.

    Round 1: Emily vs Lao

    Emily walks into the ring and takes a long look at her enemy. She looks at him head to toe and starts to giggle.

    Emily: You're smaller than some of the girls I've beat up!


    Emily: You're quiet...are you the strong silent type? It's cute! I'll make you scream for me!

    Emily turns around and starts to twerk as a way to taunt and mock Lao

    Emily: Boy you really don't talk do you?...

    *The bell rings Lao gets in his fighting stance*

    Emily: Well okay...If that's how you want it...

    *Emily blindly charges at Lao, she has never faced someone with strength or speed she attempts to knee him in the stomach but catches her knee with his right hand clutches her head with his left hand*

    Emily: Ugh!!! Ahhhh!...No!...

    Lao: ....Haaaaa...(I'm a low growling voice)

    *As Lao screams louder he tightens his grip on her head. He is now lifting her up by her head with both of his hands squeezing her head*

    Emily: Ahhhhh! It hurts!!!! Please stop!!!!

    *As Lao squeezes tighter she starts to clutch his arms. Her legs start to fwail as she can feel her head closing in with each squeeze finally Lao lets go of her head still lifting her up by her head with his right hand*

    Emily: ...Please...

    *Lao slams her head first onto the ground*

    Emily: Oooffff!!!

    *Emily is laying on her side while holding her head. She feels as if her head is going to explode from the pain*

    Emily: I gi...give up! Please! No more!!!

    Lao:....You're weak...I HATE WEAKLINGS!

    *In a rage picks her and rams her into the cage. Holding her up by her neck though her feet are still touching the ground. He starts knee her in the stomach and punch her in the face multiple times. He then turns her around and slams her face first into the cage then punching her in the back hard enough to make a cracking noise. She falls to the ground and lands facing upward. She is barely moving.*


    *Lao mounts on top of her and pulls her up to her feet*

    Emily: No....You won...I can't feel my legs....

    Lao: You shouldn't have entered...

    *Lao flips her facing the other way and kicks her in the back. A loud crack can be heard in the audience*

    Emily: *A loud high pitched moan comes out of her mouth as her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses.*

    *Lao catches her by her hair and puts her in a dragon sleeper hold Emily now realizes that she is about to die and starts clawing at his head. Lao gets frustrated and flips her over. Putting her in a colbra clutch like hold. He she can do is claw at his arms.*

    Emily: *the whining gets louder as he starts bending her back more and more. Eventually to the point where her head could touch her legs. Her back is almost broken she hear it cracking with each second finally her eyes start to roll back in her head*

    Lao: Weak...I did you favor.

    *Lao cracks her back even more and then lets go of her. She not moving and he knows that he can break her back with a small kick. He puts his knee on her back, wraps his left arms around her neck and cranks at the way back. This time a huge crack is heard. Even the audience reacts*

    Emily: AHHHHHHH! *Her back is broken, Lao releases her and she can't move. Only twitch slightly.*

    Lao:...See? You deserve to die....

    *Lao sits on her back and puts his right hand over her mouth. Suffocating her slowly as she dies. She can't move nor defend herself. She stops breathing after about ten minutes. Lao stands up and bows to the audience.*

    Rayne: THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! He could kill Benito after all!

    *Rayne is standing up and cheering*

    Poor Emily should have known better.
  2. tgn

    tgn Vivacious Visitor

    May 26, 2011
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    Round 1: Benito vs Sammi

    Sammi Story: Sammi is a gym girl from California. Often credited as a model she has participated in both Cheerleading and dancing. One day she is out at a party when she comes across a flyer for Rayne's tournament 2 She instantly becomes interested as the prize could pay off her tuition. Especially after she spent her financial aid on makeup and outfits. (She is at the age of 19)

    Looks: She is an athletic girl but not buff. She has nice tone legs, tone but not huge arms, small stomach and wide hips. She looks like a model. Literally, she has light blonde hair with beautiful tan skin. She wears makeup but not too much. She loves to get her body and legs moist. Her legs are waxed and perfectly tan.

    Clothes: For this tournament she has decide that her beauty would be her best asset. She wears tiny white gym shorts that say "pink" on the back. White tennis shoes and a pink skin tight tank top and little pink gloves. She leaves her hair down also.

    Benito: His story and looks are explained above.

    Power: He is a 6 foot five tall monster. Four arms and skin like a reptile he has super strength and was only put in the first round to scare the other contestants. He looks a lot like Goro from Mortal Kombat.

    Clothes: No shirt, torn pants and barefoot.

    *They both step into the ring Sammi gives a strange look at Benito*

    Sammi: Wait...what the hell? I'm not going to get in the ring with that monster!

    Benito:...Too late honey...You already signed the line. You're mine now!

    *Benito due to his new mind is far more impulsive than he used to be. He charges at Sammi*

    Sammi: Oh my god!

    *Sammi ducks out of the way and Benito hits the turnbuckle literally busting it in half*

    Sammi:...Wait...I don't want to do this....

    *Benito charges her again, she dodges and he does the same thing. This time hurting his hand*

    Benito: Gah!.....errr....

    *Benito gives a death stare to Sammi*

    Sammi: Wait!...I didn't mean to.. Please don't!

    *Benito grabs her by the head with his top two arms and starts squeezing. A whining sound can be heard coming from Sammi as she tries to claw and kick her way out of the hold. Benito gets frustrated and user his lower two arms to punch her in the stomach*

    Sammi: Ooffff!!!!!

    *She instantly goes limp and he releases the hold catching her with his lower arms, he then puts her into a bearhug. He squeezes so hard that you can hear a crack through the arena*

    Sammi: Ahhhhhh!!!! Nooooo!!!!

    *Benito puts his upper two arms around her neck and starts to hold her up, she is now limp and barely moving*

    Benito:...This wasn't even a fight....

    *Benito slams her down on his knee. A huge crack can be heard. It's clear to the audience that he has already broken her back. She is now on the floor twitching. Her eyes rolling in the back of her heard and her butt sticking up in the air. Benito puts his foot on her head and stomps. Literally crushing her hear*


    Poor girl didn't even know how to fight.
  3. neosushi

    neosushi Vivacious Visitor

    Sep 30, 2012
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    Is Benito participating as well? I thought he was like the final boss, where the winner of the tourney has to face him.

    I like the setup where the (presumably) girl who fights Benito at the end is going to be pretty damn strong so you have this strong girl fighting this absolute monster
  4. tgn

    tgn Vivacious Visitor

    May 26, 2011
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    He is but he was thrown in just as a message to the other fighters. Basically it was an exhibition match with the girl not knowing about it. it was done to show just how ruthless Rayne can be. (A way to showcase Benitos power)

    I'm thinking up a strong girl now. :) One that has strength and speed but not necessarily bulky. She will make her debut in due time.
  5. tgn

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    May 26, 2011
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    Round 2: Lao vs Stacia

    Stacia Story: A tough girl from the ghetto of L.A she is often seen getting in scraps with other girls. Often she is the winner. One day upon coming home from school she had found a note advertising a fighting tournament. She had to get in on it especially if she could get some money to out of the ghetto. Her first round in the tournament was a lucky win. She was fighting a russian girl who charged at her. Lucky for her she managed to trip her causing the russian girl to trip and land on her face. Stacia then jump on top of her and slammed her head on the floor until she stopped moving. She sees how touch her next round will be and is a little scared.

    Age: 18

    Clothes: Daisy Duke shorts that are ripped up, a white tank top. She has a tattoo of a heart on her left arm and wears white tennis shoes with brown fighting gloves. Her nails are also painted red.

    Looks: She is short, not too thin but not heavy either. She has a little bit of a muscular build and her legs are shaved to perfection. She wears red lipstick and blue eye shadow and always leaves her hair down. It's pretty brown hair that goes to the middle of her back. She is tanned skinned and of the italian heritage.

    *Stacia steps into the ring and cracks her knuckles she then blows a kiss to Lao*

    Lao:...You were lucky to win that last fight...you know that...

    Stacia: Shut the fuck up punk, you don't know nothin' about me.

    Lao: Such language...Maybe I can break that pretty little mouth of yours.

    *Both fighters get into their poses*

    Lao: Take the first shot....

    Stacia:...I know better...

    Lao: What's the matter?...Are you touch or just a slut?

    Stacia: Shut up! I'll snap you in half!

    Lao: Try me...

    *Stacia throws a quick punch at Lao and he catches her hand*

    Lao: You will have to do better than that...

    *Stacia punches with her other hand and he catches it*

    Lao:...That's it?...My turn..

    *Stacia attempts to knee him in the balls but before she can flips her sideways and karate kicks her in the back while she is still in the air*

    Stacia: Ahhhh!

    *Stacia hits the ground hard and he mounts on top of her*

    Lao: This isn't going to take much is it?

    *Stacia socks Lao in the mouth and pushes him off. She then stands up*

    Lao:...That kind of hurt you little skank....

    *Lao wipes the blood off of his mouth and gets into his stance. He can see that Stacia is already woozy and struggling to stay on her feet*

    Lao:...I'm going to go harder on you now...

    *Lao charges at Stacia and hits her on the face with a huge punch he then kicks her in the back sending her into the air*

    Lao: Weak...

    *Lao jumps and clutches her into a piledriver. Driving her head first into the ground. A loud thud is heard in the arena *Stacia goes limps and falls over sideways. Her eyes now rolling in the back of her head as she moans and twiches*


    *Lao picks her up and piledrives her again. She is now lifeless on the ground*

    Lao:...I know you can barely move...but I want to hear you admit that you're weak...

    *Lao starts putting her in the same hold that he defeated his last fighter with. The Dragon sleeper. He starts cranking back and within seconds Stacia starts screaming*

    Stacia: Ahhhh please no! I'm weak! I'm weak! Just stop!

    Lao: WHAT WAS THAT!?

    *He cranks back harder*

    Stacia: I'M WEAK!!! AHHHHH!

    *Lao lets her go she is on the ground barely moving. Just moaning*

    Lao: Thought so...Of course you probably assumed I was going to spare you...This isn't that kind of fight...

    *Lao picks her up piledrives her multiple times until he hears a huge crack. Stacia is now on the floor with blood coming out of her nose*

    Lao: I think it's time to kill you...

    *Lao jumps into the air lands both feet on her head. A loud thud is heard and her eyes are now completely rolled back into her head. She is no long moving. He checks her pulse and there is no pulse*

    Lao:...Next victim....
  6. tgn

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    May 26, 2011
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    Round 3: Jamone vs Erica

    Jamone Story: Jamone was once a feared and respected underground fighter in the 90's. Unfortunately for him he would be arrested after killing a fighter in the ring. He was known for having issues with his temper and it wasn't uncommon for him to nearly kill all of the fighters in the ring. He's a man who grew up on the streets and raised himself. While sitting in prison one day he got a strange offer from a man named "Rayne" he said that he could not only get him out of jail but make him one of the toughest fighters in his second tournament. How could he refuse? He has already hammered through the last two round. Squashing his opponents in less then a minute.

    Age: 34

    Fighting style: Street Fighting mixed with some UFC moves.

    Looks: He is a big guy easily around 280 pounds. His muscles are massive with the veins sticking out. Scars all over his body from his previous battles.

    Clothes: He chooses to fight shirtless and wears wrestling trucks similar to that of a wrestler. He fights barefoot and he's also a little bit out of his mind. He wears a strange mask made of bones of a dead animal that covers his entire head. No one has ever seen his face.

    Super powers: He was given some of the more unique powers of any other fighter. Not only does he get the gift of super strength but he has the ability to fight without any form of sympathy. Unfortunately with this power would come a problem. These two powers combined make him act as if he was an animal. They have had to keep him in chains.

    Erica story: Erica is small, tough and a skilled fighter to say the least. She comes from a rough neighborhood and has had to fight her whole life. She is fully aware of the tournaments death match rule and entered regardless. She is after some prize money. She had a little bit of a struggle with his last two fights just barely beating her last opponent by luck but lucky for her Rayne has healed her for this next fight.

    Age: 19

    Looks: She is a small Hispanic girl with a tight little body. Her skin is smooth and every part of her body seems to be well taken care of. She has long black hair with some small curls on the side. Her legs are super smooth and while not over-ally defined very appealing to look at. Her arms are small as well as her hands but her skin is perfect. You would never guess that she has ever been in a fight.

    Clothes: She wears a bright green Bob Marley snow hat with her hair being let down. A green shirt that says "Take it easy, I know I'm cute!" and very short black jean shorts which have been torn. In addition to the shorts she wears black socks that end just before hitting her knees and white tennis shoes.

    Round: 3 Jamone vs Erica

    *Jamone and Erica enter the ring*

    Erica: Wow...You are a scary one...Tell me have you fight fought a real girl?


    Erica: Whats the matter? Never seen a cutie before?

    *Erica shakes her butt at Jamone mocking him*


    Erica:...God you're quiet...I guess I will see if I can make you scream then....

    *Erica charges at him taking a big kick to his stomach. Jamone doesn't move. It doesn't seem to hurt him.*

    Erica: What the hell?

    *Erica punches him in the face and kicks him a few more times but again it doesn't seem to hurt him.*

    Erica:...You're annoying!

    *Just before Erica lands another kick Jamone backhands her sending her halfway across the caged ring.*

    Erica: Ah!!!!

    *Erica goes flying back but picks her self up immediately after falling*

    Jamone: You will die...

    *Erica charges at Jamone again but he gets her in a bearhug her legs around fwailing with her arms pushing away from him*

    Erica: Ah!!! Holy shit!!!


    *Jamone starts squeezing harder and you can see her back start to bend. Erica pushing harder and fwailing more as this happens. You can here a subtle cracking noise starting to echo in the arena*

    Erica: Ah!....Oh no you don't!!

    *Erica knees him in the face and breaks free but just as she gets out of the hold Jamone clothes lines her sending her spinning in the air. He then catches her before she falls and slams her face first in the ground by her leg*

    Erica: Ah....

    *Erica tries to crawl away but Jamone picks her up by her hair*


    *Jamone prepares to punch her in the back but somehow she manages to kick him right in the balls*

    Jamone: Gah!

    *Jamone lets go her and she sees a moment of weakness. She gives him multiple kicks in the face sending him crashing into the ground*

    Erica: Yeah!!!!

    *Erica thinks she has won but before she can celebrate he gets back up this time bigger and his eyes glowing red*

    Jamone:...That....hurt.....THAT...HURT!...THAT FUCKING HURT!!!

    *Erica starts to back up....her legs starting to tremble*

    Jamone: I will kill you!!!

    *Jamone charges at her and punches her in the face full force. She goes flying all the way to the other side of the ring she hits the floor twitching with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. She is already knocked out. Jamone doesn't care he mounts on top of her and starts pounding on her. Using his right arm to hold her down by her neck. Her legs fwailing and twitching*


    *Jamone then starts to strangle her. She is no longer struggling he knows that he has won. He lets go of her neck and starts to laugh*

    Jamone:...No...I will break you!!!!

    *Jamone picks her up and slams her on his knee for a huge backbreaker. A crack is heard in the arena and she starts to scream. He then shoves her off of his knee she lands with her butt facing the air still twitching*


    *Jamone jumps on top of her back and slams her face into the ground. He then wraps his legs around her neck and puts her in a special kind of sleeper hold she starts struggling to get out of the hold*

    Jamone: Ahhh!!!! Break! Break you bitch!

    *Erica can't even let out a sound and struggles to get out of the hold. Jamone squeezes and tighter and she eventually loses her grip. Twitching with her eyes rolling in the back of her head once again. He has clearly won. Jamone lets go of the hold and stands up.*

    Jamone:...I think you're almost dead...

    *She is twitching and barely moving he mounts on top of her and starts pounding her again. This time adding a huge elbow blow to her head. The hit is so hard that her legs and arms fly up as he hits her. A huge crack is heard in the arena. He finishes her off by standing up, jumping in the air and landing on her head. Her skull is fractured and she is no longer alive.*

    Jamone: Yeah!!!!

    *Jamones picks up her lifeless body and holds it up as if it were a prize. Rayne is clapping*
  7. tgn

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    May 26, 2011
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    Hey guys, been ages. I realized that I never really finished this project. So I figured why not?

    Pre-Final Round: Smash vs Tafoya

    Smash Story:

    Smash was a a trained killer for an underground for many years. Not much was really known about her aside from the fact that she finished off many of her targets by breaking all of their bones. One day, Upon chasing a target, she was discovered and captured by police. Because of her huge record of victims it didn't long for her to be charged. Shortly after however while sitting in solitary confinement a strange man appeared. His name was Rayne and he said that if she fought in his tournament that she could have both freedom and a new job. How could she refuse? This time she asked for a strange power. "I want to have two powers if you want me to do this stupid tournament." Rayne hesitated but before he could say any Smash had him by the throat, out of fear for his life Rayne agreed. "I want the power of electricity" She said loudly "And let me be able to fly too!" Rayne granted her wish and thus far she has won every fight she has been in. Including one with all of the previous male competitors. Her next opponent will be different though, this time another female and one without powers.

    Looks: Smash is a buff athletic girl with short hair. Her build is almost of that of a guy with her standing at 6 foot five. Her hair is blonde all though her eyes are grey. Her face is almost entirely scarred from years of intense training. She is a bit on the older side and in her forties all though her muscles are bigger than most men's.

    Dress: She wears a white tank top with black MMA shorts. Her feet are taped up and her arms are wrapped as well.

    Tafoya Story: Tafoya is a cocky College student at the age of 19 whom was raised in the inner city of Brazil. She is both a good student and gifted fighter whom has won several tournaments all over the world. Despite all of the success she had come home one day to find that she was bored of the same old thing and wanted a bigger challenge. This is when she came across an invite to the second Rayne's Tournament. Initially, she didn't to take part in it as she had known that all of the losers would most likely be killed. She also knew that many of the more violent competitors had unfair advantages on top of that. Despite that, her ego got the best of her and she joined anyway. She would oddly enough find herself almost to the final round. Rayne hated this as she had been to use many of the her male opponents attraction to her to her advantage to win her fights. She evenn humiliated one of her opponents whose obsession was hating weak people by making him scream "I'm weak" in battle before breaking his neck. Tafoya now finds herself in the cage with another girl and she is a little unsure what she can do in this fight.

    Looks: Despite being a gifted fighter, she is very much a girly girl. She has long shiny hair with blue eye liner and red lipstick. Her skin is soft, shiny and tan. Her build is actually of a smaller frame standing at 5 foot 9 and only 115 pounds. She has a small frame but has some decent toning on her arms. Her legs however are shiny, tan and look very soft.

    Dress: She is wearing a yellow midrift tank top with brown gloves, along with a short pair of white shorts in which her cheeks are hanging out, mostly to seduce the men she was fighting. She is also wearing some medium white soccer socks with pink tennis shoes.

    *The bell rings and both fighters walk into the middle of the cage, the guards quickly lock the cage and ring the bell. Rayne is watching by a nearby window nervous about the fact that a non-superpower fighter has made it close to the final round. The fighters now look at each other and walk forward.*

    Smash: Another women? I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed. Skanks like you are normally the first ones to get killed in these things.

    Tafoya: I ain't like those "skanks" you're talking about. I have beaten the best of them.

    Smash: Obviously...but now you have to fight a real killer.

    *Tafoya and Smash are a stand still when suddenly Tafoya gives a swift kick to the the face of Smash*

    Smash: Offf!

    *A tooth flies out of her mouth with the kick, Tafoya then spin kicks her knocking her spinning into the ground causing her to land face first. Before Smash can react Tafoya tries to jump on her head which case Smash gets out of the way*

    Smash: Holy Shit!

    *Smash says as she gets up, she now can't find Tafoya but before she can react Tafoya comes jumping in from the air hitting Smash over the head with swift punch.*

    Smash: Ahhh!

    *Smash goes down catching herself on one hand, she is now knelling on one knee as looks up at Tafoya who swishes her hair back in order to mock her opponent*

    Tafoya: You're not as good as you think are you?

    *Before smash can reply Tafoya puts her in a rear naked choke hold. Smash is now clawing to get but can't seem to get a grip on anything. Tafoya then squeezes harder to try to finish the match but just then Smash remembers that she can use her powers.*

    Smash: Okay...Bitch...Let go! (She said in a raspy voice.)

    *Suddenly a stream of electricity comes pulsing out of Smash's hands and it causes Tafoya to switch as she is shocked by the huge pulse. Smash then holds the stream of electricity until she feels her grip loosen and then proceeds to catch her by her legs, holding her up piggy back style while standing up.*

    Smash:...I didn't want to have to do that...but...

    Tafoya: But...you couldn't beat a little thing like me?

    *In a rage Smash purposely falls back words putting all of her weight on Tafoya as she lands*

    Smash:...I will kill you once and for all!

    *Smash mounts on top her and tries to put her hands around Tafoya's neck but Tafoya is resistant, catching her hands to muscle back.*

    Smash: Not this time girl!

    *Smash starts electrocuting her again causing her to lose her grip. She then gets a sick smile as she wraps her massive hand around her little neck.*


    *Smash is now squeezing with all of might as Tafoya can only kick her legs around trying to get her to loosen the grip. All though Smash is maintaining control the struggle begins to frustrate Smash as she can't seem to make her pass out.*

    Smash: I'm going to show you how it's done!

    *Smash holds Tafoya down by her neck, electrocuting her once again just long enough to get her to stop fight back and then begins to pound her face with the other hand. The force from her punching being so strong that all she can do is twitch her legs and scream with each blow. After about thirty punches Tafoya has seemed to lose consciousness and is laying on the ground twitching.*

    Smash: I ain't done with you yet bitch!

    *Smash then picks her up cradle style and flies into the air. She then gets high above then puts Tafoya into a Argentina Backbreaker position*

    Tafoya:...You still need all...those...powers...?

    *Out of a rage Smash quickly jumps to the ground, hanging on to Tafoya in the Backbreaker rack. The impact of the drop causing Tafoyas back to bend violently.*

    Tafoya: Ahhhh....Fuck! My back!

    Smash: Stupid Bitch!!!!

    *Smash continues to bend her back as she starts hearing some popping.*

    Tafoya: Ahhh...Stop!...Fucking Stop!!!!!

    *Smash continues to bend harder and with all of her might manages to break her back after hearing a loud snap.*

    Tafoya:....(She is twiching with her eyes rolling in the back of her head.)

    *Smash then lets go of her, causing Tafoya to face plant on the ground. Tafoya's sticking in the air she lays there almost lifeless.*

    Smash:...I think it's time to finish you bitch....

    *Smash kicks Tafoya so that she laying in an upward positions and shocks her in the heart. This causes Tafoya to come back to life all though with a broken back there isn't much she can do.*

    Tafoya:..Please...I can't walk....My fighting days are over....What more do you have to prove?

    Smash:...I never let my targets live...EVER!

    *Smash picks Tafoya up by the neck and starts to fly in the sky. Tafoya is unable to move as her back is broken so her arms and legs just dangle as she gasps for air.*

    Smash:...Goodnight girl...I have to admit you put up a good fight.

    *Smash then puts her in a piledriver position and slams her down with a huge force. Tafoya is now on the ground with her eyes rolling in the back of her head twiching while her legs rest on Smashes shoulders. Smash then lets out a quick chuckle and pushes her off causing her to land upword.*

    Smash:...How...The...Fuck...Are you STILL ALIVE!?

    *Out of her final frustration Smash wraps her legs around Tafoya's neck. This time squeezing as hard as she can causing some popping to occur. Just as Tafoya is wheezing and knows she is about to die she otters her last words.*


    *Smash then squeezes with all of her might, cracking Tafoya's skull and killer her instantly. Smash then releases her, mounts on top of her and twists her neck all the way around. Just to be sure that shes dead.*

    Smash: FINAL ROUND BABY!!!!!

    *The crowd goes wild. Rayne is now relieved that two of his picks are going to the final round.*