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Raden's fiction stories

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    I had to make a thread and link to it in my sig. BB code takes a lot of space and 2000 characters is not enough.

    They are in chronological order, with one exception. The later they appear in this list, the more recent they were done.

    Read all my fiction! I hope you like them.

    Soul Edge's War Victim: Cassandra (Soul Calibur)
    Summary: The shard of Soul Edge embedded in Sophitia has been whittling away at her for years, and finally gets the opportunity to dominate her body and erase her mind. Is Cassandra able to help turn back the onslaught, or is she merely Soul Edge's first victim?

    Lili gets a Break (read it before you read the next one) Victim: Xiaoyu (Tekken)
    Summary: Xiaoyu and Lili square off in battle, but is it a fair fight?

    A Princess' Lesson Victim: Lili (Tekken)
    Summary: Lili finds out that there is a price to be paid when you don't play by the rules. After being sent to the hospital by Asuka, she is attacked and injured worse by Alisa, who was reprogrammed to do so by an unknown person. One would think that after this, she would be a little kinder when she gets out, but then she insults Craig Marduk, who is not as stupid as she thinks he looks, and sends her on a short trip down some stairs and back to the hospital again. Is that finally enough to change her, or will she EVER learn her lesson? (Story continues through five posts, so keep reading after the first one.)

    The Dancer's Ruin Victim: Christie (Tekken)
    Summary: Lili has an upcoming fight with Christie... and not being one to play fair, decides to try to arrange it so that Christie won't make it there.

    Breaking Bushin Victim: Maki (Final Fight 2)
    Summary: Maki Genryusai, captured by the Mad Gear gang, is tortured and beaten in an attempt to draw information of the location of her family and friends out of her so that they can be executed. Can her sister and friends find her before she tells them what they want to know?

    Urban Shift Victim: Shun Ying (Urban Reign) (UPDATED MAY 22, 2012)
    Summary: Shun Ying receives a letter signed by Brad Hawk, telling her to meet her in an abandoned warehouse... but it isn't Brad who meets her there. She didn't know when she got there that it would be her last day.

    Chinese Take-N-Out Victims: Xiaoyu and Christie (Tekken)
    Summary: Xiaoyu and Christie fight as a team in a 2 on 1 handicap match. It's an unfair fight... they really should have had another couple people on their side.

    Hunting the Hunter Victim: Draw between Taki and Hayaso (an OC) (Soul Calibur)
    Summary: Hayaso has trained his whole life to defeat Taki in hand to hand combat. He gets much, much more than just a fight, and suddenly a sure thing is turned into uncertainty.

    Taki's Thrashing Victim: Taki (Soul Calibur) (UPDATED!)
    Summary: Taki has made it a life mission to hunt and kill demons. It turns out they have families as well, and they're sort of vengeful... Taki finds out what it is like to be on the receiving end for a change.

    A Kunoichi's Ascension Victim: Taki (Soul Calibur)
    Summary: The Fuuma Clan, an all-female clan of konoichi, holds a tournament every year to determine who will be the leader that year. Taki has completely dominated the tournament every year to the point that it was almost expected she would simply be the permanent leader... but one young upstart had been training since she was able to stand on her own two feet for this moment...

    Tequila Sunset (stupid story, don't waste your time, I hate it)

    Christie's Close Call Victim: Christie (Tekken)
    Summary: Christie suffers a grievous injury at the hands of King, who was reluctant to do so but had no choice, as Christie would not stay down. Christie is given powerful painkillers to handle the pain. As she consumes them, they consume her.

    That's what friends are for? Victim: Xiaoyu (Tekken)
    Summary: Julia and Xiaoyu have been set up in a tournament run by Lili, who created it for her own personal enjoyment of seeing friends fight each other. Julia and Xiaoyu don't hold back despite their friendship, proving costly as one of them ends up seriously injured.

    Hell for Helena Victim: Helena Douglas (DOA)
    Summary: Helena takes on the big bruiser Bass, who shows that it doesn't matter just who his opponent is, he plays to win.

    The Devil Wears Denim (very long, personal favourite) Victim: Xiaoyu, Julia, Christie, Lili
    Summary: A fight between Kazuya ad Jin leaves Jin laid out. Despite his warnings not to follow him, Asuka can not help herself. She watches the fight in hiding, and runs to his fallen body after the fight. Jin is beaten so badly that the Devil Gene assumes he will not survive, and needs to find a new host. One has conveniently just presented itself, and the Devil Gene plants itself into Asuka. Can Asuka control or overcome the Gene, or is Asuka Kazama no more, replaced by Devil Asuka?

    The End of a Journey Victim: Hayaso, a male character, on request
    Summary: Set years after his first encounter with Taki in which he not only failed to defeat her, but allowed her to defeat him, a terminal illness in Hayaso's bloodline has manifested itself. Rather than die slowly and painfully from it, he wishes to be put down, but the House of the Dragon steadfastly refuse to take a life, believing it precludes them from entering their afterlife. Hayaso sends a message out to Taki for one last encounter.

    The Crippled Queen Victim: Lili (Tekken)
    Summary: Lili's teasing of Julia, Xiaoyu, Christie and Asuka comes to a head, as the normally friendly group finally decide they've had enough, and lay out Lili with one of the worst beatings she's ever had.

    "Lili"-livered Victim: Lili (Tekken)
    Summary: A lottery drawing of names ends up pitting sworn rivals Lili and Asuka together as a team. Can they possibly coexist together?

    Spy Awry Victim: B. Orchid (Killer Instinct)
    Summary: Orchid, working as a secretary for Ultratech, attempts to infiltrate them, but runs into the advanced version of the Fulgore robot Jago originally destroyed.

    Track and Squealed Victim: even match between Cammy and Chun-Li
    Summary: Chun-Li is sprint-training when she is greeted by Cammy. After a little friendly back and forth, they challenge each other, and throw down right then and there.

    The End of a Rivalry Victim: Nina Williams (Tekken)
    Summary: The intense rivalry between Nina and Anna Williams finally comes to an end with Anna proving that in the end, she was craftier than Nina was after all.

    Mechanical Dreams (Longest one of the bunch, not much ryona content... I tried to actually tell a story with it. I'd appreciate it if you read it, it took me a week to write.) Victim: Christie and Lili... sort of. Much more of a "telling a story" entry than a ryona entry.
    Summary: Alisa Bosconovich is a robot created by Dr. Bosconovich. She wants only one thing: To be human. Julia, the trained observer, notices this and unbeknownst to Alisa, writes a program for her that takes six months of full day's work to complete. Alisa finds out that being a human is much harder than it looks.

    A New Dynasty Victim: Taki (Soul Calibur)
    Summary: Taki's hand-picked successor, Natsu, decides to succeed her before her time, breaking her ties to the Fuuma Clan in the process.

    A Nightmare Anew Victims: Cassandra and Pyrrha Alexandra (Soul Calibur)
    Summary: Pyrrha Alexandra, daughter of Sophitia, has had her mind twisted by Tira into thinking that she is performing noble deeds, when really it's just Tira's evil bidding. Not knowing Cassandra is her aunt, Pyrrha murders her just before she can perform a purification ritual on Soul Edge, and then delivers it to Tira. Tira rewards Pyrrha in her typically warped and twisted way.

    The Chozo-n One Victim: Samus (Metroid)
    Summary: Samus Aran's ship crash-lands on the planet Phaaze, where she meets up with, and does battle against, Dark Samus. Defeating an enemy who is your dark clone is the toughest challenge of them all...

    Friendly Faceoff Victim: Julia Chang (Tekken)
    An offhand remark about who can kick harder led to the two friends challenging each other to a fight to settle it. One of them finds out why the other's legs are so strong, after a kick using the shin plows into her face and knocks her loopy.

    Broken Chains Victims: soulless copies of Jun Kazama and Michelle Chang (Tekken)
    The mysterious disappearances of Michelle and Jun were the talk tof tournaments for years. With the original Tag Tournament a resounding success, a new Tag Tournament is being prepared. Julia and Asuka (daughter and niece of Michelle and Jun respectively) wake up one morning to find letters addressed to them in their rooms. They meet at the empty fight pit, where they are pitted in battle by Ogre against spectral versions of Michelle and Jun, promising to free the two of them if Asuka and Julia can defeat them.

    The Bitch's Back Victim: Lili (Tekken) (again)
    Summary: Lili is paired up fighting Marduk. She almost manages to use her speed to defeat him, landing a knee to the jaw which stuns him, but her followup attack only serves to enrage him, who punches her in the face. It's all downhill for her from there, as he proceeds to drive her down with backbreaker after backbreaker, seriously injuring her.

    The Fall of Yukiko Victim: Mighty Yukiko (Wrestle Angel Survivor)
    Summary: Mighty Yukiko has been the dominant Wrestle Angel world champion for three years, nobody able to stand up to her attack. Her on-again, off-again rival, Thunder Ryuko, even came up short. But that was then, and this is now...

    Tribal Torment Victim: Julia Chang (Tekken)
    Summary: Lili decides to extract revenge for the massive beating Julia and her friends laid on her on a path leading to a secluded pond. She knocks Julia out, takes her to an abandoned warehouse where she has made preparations, and proceeds to get her revenge, knocking her out another half dozen times and beating Julia nearly to death.

    Rekindled Fire Victim: Christie Monteiro (Tekken)
    Summary: Armor King dislikes the fact that the student he trained, King the Second, has befriended Craig Marduk, instead of finishing the job while Marduk was laid up in the hospital. This leads to him attacking King while he is preparing for a fight with Christie, and changing into King's gear and delivering a beating to Christie that almost ruined King's reputation, but King confronts Armor King at the conclusion of the fight.

    Slaying Sisters Victims: Nina and Anna Williams (Tekken)
    Summary: Nina and Anna Williams put aside their rivalry for an assassination mission with a payoff that will set them for the rest of their lives. One underestimation of their targets is all it takes to make sure "the rest of their lives" is not a long period of time.

    Paralyzed Princess Victim: Wonder Woman (DC Universe)
    Summary: Wonder Woman responds to news of attacks and vandalism, which she took to mean some hoodlums causing disorder. She never expected what she found... or that it would be her last day of life.

    Hallowicked Intentions Victims: Julia Chang, Christie Monteiro, Ling Xiaoyu, Asuka Kazama (Tekken)
    Summary: At a Halloween party, Lili gets humiliated to the point where she is willing to hire on Nina and Anna Williams to help her exact her sweet revenge.

    Tina's Retirement Victim: Tina Armstrong (Dead or Alive series)
    Summary: Tina's only pro wrestling loss in her career came at the hands of La Mariposa, and to make things worse it was via submission. Tina gets her rematch and trains diligently for months for this moment... a moment which would never come.

    Suffering Sarah Victim: Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter)
    Summary: Sarah Bryant tells her brother Jacky how she ended up in the hospital in a coma. Jacky swears revenge for her.

    Ryback's Feast Victims: AJ Lee and Kaitlyn (WWE)
    Summary: Signaling a return to edginess, Ryback takes on some... less ferocious competition. The only competition here is which one can he injure worse.

    Lili's Sweet Revenge Victim: Asuka Kazama (Tekken)
    Summary: Defeated soundly by Asuka, Lili studied up on everything she could about Asuka in order to pummel her into a beaten sack of crap. And it works, beautifully.

    Junkyard Rumble Victim: Lilian Evans (Urban Reign) and if you're into that sort of thing, a gang of four men get beat up too.
    Summary: The Colours gang, tired of not being taken seriously in Green Harbor, step up their game from general hooliganism to straight up gang assault. However, there is a reason they are the bottom of the barrel in Green Harbor, and their first foray into the big leagues may just be their last, if they've learned anything from it.

    Unseen and Unknown Victims: Jaycee/Julia and Michelle Chang, with a cameo from Christie (Tekken series)
    Summary: Christie asks Julia (Jaycee) to meet her at a canyon, but is attacked by Unknown. She is sent off the canyon's edge to the caverns below. Jaycee and Michelle attempt to help and attack Unknown, but their challenge is soundly turned back.

    Sparring Session Victims: Tina Armstrong and La Mariposa/Lisa Hamilton (DOA 5)
    Summary: Tina meets a young girl working at a bar/diner, recognizing her as a fighter due to a bandage, and invites the girl to spar with her to see if she is cut out for the DOA tournament. Lisa's mouth gets her in trouble after the session with Tina is over, and earns her a battering as well.

    The Demon's Embrace Victim: Jun Kazama (Tekken series)
    Summary: A fanfic of the events occurring between Tekken 2 and Tekken 3, explaining the disappearance of Jun Kazama from all the future installments of the series (except the Tekken Tag series, which is non-canonical anyway.)

    Zero Suit Slave Victim: Samus in Zero Suit (Metroid)
    Summary: Samus' mission to exterminate the Metroids ends... and not because she accomplished her task. Captured, she is tormented with physical pleasure, but physical and mental are not interchangeable.

    Thunderstorm Victim: Mighty Yukiko (Wrestle Angels series)
    Summary: Before her three year stint as Wrestle Angels champion, her first glorious title win dream very quickly turns into a nightmare when a friend's jealousy rears its ugly head.

    The Hunt for Helena Victim: Helena Douglas (DOA series)
    Summary: Two cold blooded assassins have been sent, unknown to each other, by Ayane to injure Helena but to leave her alive so Ayane can finish her herself. Who finds Helena first?

    The Bullet Bites It Victim: Mostly Mighty Yukiko, but Thunder Bullet gets some too (Yukiko from Wrestle Angels, Thunder Bullet an original character from Taroimo on Pixiv)
    Summary: On the booking end of things, a new startup promotion works with Wrestle Angels to make a name for themselves. This is accomplished by having LWS, Ladies' Wrestling Superstars, invade Wrestle Angels and try to take over. After months and months of attacks, counterattacks, and brawls, the war comes to a head when Yukiko and Thunder Bullet step into the fray and collide. At long last, the final confrontation is set for Wrestle Heaven 14, where the winner of the match gets their promotion the rights to run shows in Budokan Hall, and the losing promotion has to withdraw. Is LWS' massive, muscular Thunder Bullet enough to take down the indomitable Mighty Yukiko, or can she stave off the invasion and run LWS out of their territory?

    Tales of Kriegmar: Darkness Falls Victim: Tylissa (my character in Blades of Kriegmar)
    The group have just disposed of a couple dark elves in rather vicious and messy fashion, and are resting the night before exploring the depths of Xili Temple, where the one who holds the cursed Spirit Glass is said to have holed up. The group chats and plays games, and Linara needs a little time to herself to deal with the murder of one of the elves. Tylissa wanders off a short ways down the path they came, to do some thinking alone... but she isn't as alone as she thought.

    Tales of Kriegmar: Power Hungry Victim(s): The Blades of Kriegmar cast
    Summary: Powerless on a new world nobody back home even knows exists, as they all fervently believe Guildmar is the only world that exists, Tylissa has been following the group of adventurers around, growing increasingly frustrated. She sees the power Delanni wields in the Spirit Glass, and makes a deal with her to co-rule Kriegmar... until that deal is broken. There can be only one ruler...

    The Bounty Unclaimed Victim: Momiji (Ninja Gaiden 3, soon-to-be DOA5U)
    Summary: Bayman rarely ever mixes business and pleasure, but nobody hired him out to do this job. Momiji killed an attacker in self-defense, but it cost Bayman a large contract's payout. Momiji is beaten, choked, stretched, finger pumped and broken as Bayman decides he's going to collect that bounty by taking it out of her.

    Tales of Kriegmar: Tylissa Gets the Point Victim: Tylissa (my character in Blades of Kriegmar)
    Summary: Tylissa and the rest of the group are journeying from Elpo Village back to Zentil. Just before they get to town, they are ambushed by bandits. In the game, they won easily, but what if Tylissa had been the one to attack the bandit Nerria instead of Rhiannon?

    Tales of Kriegmar: Escape From The Pit Victims: Tylissa, mostly Linara
    Summary: Tylissa and Linara have met for the first time not long ago, with Tylissa spent of her magic, using it all to travel to Kriegmar. They're at odds, until they drink from a wellspring that belongs to a troupe of bandits led by Warlord Bakk, and are captured. With Tylissa forced into servitude and Linara brought to the fight pit, how will they manage to escape?

    Tales of Kriegmar: Return to the Pit Victim: Tylissa
    Summary: Tylissa and Linara manage to get themselves captured by the same group of warlord bandits they did the first time. This time, Tylissa's mouth earns her the trip to the fight pit. With the threat of Linara's death hanging over her head if she dares to use her magic, will she be able to get the two of them out of this?

    Operation: The Mist Catchers Victim: Kasumi (Dead or Alive)
    Summary: A series of journal entries were found, chronicling the capture and abuse of the runaway shinobi by members of the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan.

    The Sniper Gets Shot Down Victim: Corey Sniper (Wrestle Angels)
    Summary: The Millennium Angels, Mighty Yukiko and Corey Sniper, have hit a losing skid, with Yukiko having picked up the pin losses of late. Sniper remains upbeat and energetic about it, but Yukiko has had enough, and frustration leads her to take some drastic measures.

    A Second Chance (No victim)
    Summary: This is a "what if" scenario involving how Tylissa might be brought back to life down the road, once the dark-elf scene in Blades of Kriegmar has played out... and is a pretty large reveal for her character as well.

    Corey Sniper vs Chris MorganVictims: Corey Sniper, Lily Sniper
    Summary: The plucky, upbeat Corey Sniper issued an open, first-to-three challenge, that Chris "The Monster" Morgan has accepted. Can Corey Sniper use her quick speed and small stature to pull off an upset victory, or will Chris Morgan dominate as easily as she usually does?

    Six Weeks of ShadowsVictim: Tylissa
    Summary: Tylissa has to backtrack to Zentil Market Town to retrieve her forgotten staff, but never makes it there beforee she is ambushed by a troupe of dark elves. She is taken to a jail cell where she and a bunch of other prisoners are beaten, starved, abused and tortured for sport. Can she be rescued from this remote, unknown location?

    Idol Destruction Victim: Mighty Yukiko
    Summary: Mighty Yukiko makes a challenge, but one small miswording later finds her facing off a much bigger challenge than she thought she would get!
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