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Oct 19, 2015
Sakura vs Hinata

Sakura and Hinata screamed at each other and clasped hands, entering a test of strength. With Sakura being more adept in Taijutsu, Hinata found that she was being pushed back and her earlier fights with Temari, Haku, Samui and Kurutsuchi had really drained her. Sakura smirked and slammed Hinata painfully into the turnbuckle: making Hinata gasped. Sakura kneed Hinata in her blue trimmed vagina several times until cum exploded out of Hinata's vagina As Hinata orgasmed. Sakura leaned closer to the moaning Hinata and whispered.

'Naruto is mine bitch. There's no way you can win after fighting most of the time.

Hinata angrily kneed Sakura in her pink hairy vagina, making her stumbled backwards and screaming in agony: Hinata tackling her down to the mat. As Sakura fell onto her back, Hinata rolled her onto her bell, grabbed her hair and slammed her face into the mat: making Sakura cried in pain. Hinata then pulled Sakura onto her feet and lifted her into the air, slammed her crotch onto her knee in an atomic drop: making Sakura gasp as she orgasmed. Sakura's thick cum covered Hinata's knee and the floor.

'No way bitch!' Hinata said. 'I won't let anyone take Naruto away from me!'

Sakura angrily back kicked Hinata in the face, making Hinata stumbled backwards into the ropes and just before Sakura could kick her again, Hinata stepped aside and Sakura missed her: landing her wet crotch into the top ropes. Hinata slapped Sakura on the face and pushed her onto the top ropes, the top ropes wedging into Sakura's vagina and making her moaned sexually. Hinata pushed Sakura’s vagina into the top ropes and even pinched one other pink nipples: making Sakura moaned more. Hinata pushed Sakura into the top ropes and soon, she had Sakura moaning with ecstasy as Sakura orgasmed: covering the ropes with her cum and onto do mat. Despite having Sakura orgasmed, Sakura backhanded Hinata in the face; sending her stumbling backwards. Sakura quickly climbed on top of the top ropes and leaped into the air, slamming Hinata into the mat and pinning her.

'1... 2...'

Hinata kicked out and Sakura sat on Hinata's belly and started punching her face and breasts but Hinata endured the pain and kneed Sakura's back: making Sakuma fell forward and onto her fours. Hinata and Sakura got up at the same time and grappled against each other: this time Hinata managed to push Sakura down into the mat and slammed her right knee into Sakura's crotch several times until Sakura exploded with cum again. Shocked at having to orgasmed a second time, Sakura pulled Hinata towards her and head butted her on the forehead: making Hinata letting her go and holding her head in pain. Sakura aimed and kicked Hinata in between her legs and rolled onto her feet as Hinata held her crotch in pain: Sakura then grabbed Hinata by the head and slammed her into the turnbuckle.

As Hinata leaned against the turnbuckle while holding her head, Sakura plunged two fingers into Hinata's vagina and fingered her from behind: making Hinata moaned. Hinata glanced backwards and sprinted backwards slamming her rear onto Sakura's crotch. Sakura screamed in pain and her screams became louder as Hinata whirled around and backhand slapped her in the cheeks before bringing up her right knee into Sakura's crotch.

Sakura cried and drooled as she clutched her sore vagina as Hinata lifted her into the air arid applied torture rack backbreaker on Sakura.
Sakura screamed as her back was being bent, she was being pulled down by the crotch and by the head. Sakura then reached out and pinched one of Hinata's nipples: forcing Hinata to let go of Sakura who dropped behind her. Sakura wrapped her arms around Hinata and slammed her backwards thrice in German Suplexes. Then Sakura let go of Hinata, who groaned in pain, but picked her up and slammed her onto the turnbuckle before pile driving her into the mat: slamming her head. Hinata cried in pain when her head made impact on the mat and Sakura pulled her onto her feet again and was about to lift her into the air but Hinata hooked her leg to Sakura's, reversed it and lifted Sakura into the air: slamming her down onto the mat. As Sakura screamed in pain, Hinata pinned her with one leg hooked into the air.

'1... 2...'

Sakura kicked out and punched Hinata off her with a right hook: making Hinata landed on her side. Sakura stood up and pulled Hinata onto her feet, this time lifting Hinata into the air without any interference from Hinata and bringing her down in a power bomb: slamming Hinata's back onto the mat. Hinata spat out saliva as Sakura pulled her onto her feet and lifted Hinata into the air, slamming Hinata's vagina onto her right knee in an atomic drop: making Hinata gasped out loud as she orgasmed. Sakura first applied full Nelson hold on Hinata, slammed her face-first into the mat and then applied STF: pulling both her head and legs backwards.

'Give it up Hinata.' Sakuma said. 'There's no way you can beat me now!'

Hinata grunted but gave Sakura a defiant look. 'And let you take Naruto all for yourself! Never!'

Hinata rolled Sakura off her and as Sakura stood up, Hinata was up too and slammed both her massive breasts onto Sakura's: slamming Sakura into the turnbuckle and making her spat out saliva. Before Sakura could do anything, Hinata pressed her nipples onto Sakura: making Sakura moaned sexually. Sakura tried to fight back but with Hinata's massive breasts against her small ones, Hinata easily overpowered Sakura.

'You like that bitch?' Hinata teased as Sakura moaned. 'Wish you had tits as big as mine?'

Sakura could only gasped and she gasped even louder when Hinda poked her vagina with her fingers: rubbing it inside and out of her vagina while still rubbing her nipples into Sakura's. Finally, Sakura gasped as her nipples squirted out fluids and she wrapped her arms around Hinata's neck: panting heavily. Hinata smiled and pulled her fingers out of Sakura’s vagina, lifted Sakura onto her shoulders and climbed to the top of the turnbuckle: facing the mat. Hinata jumped from the turnbuckle and delivered a muscle buster on Sakura: making Sakura screamed as she exploded with cum, spraying her thick cum everywhere.

Hinata dropped Sakura onto the mat, who lay there with her tongue hanging out and her vagina still exploding with orgasms. Hinata sat on Sakura’s belly and smothered her with her breasts; making Sakura made muffled sounds until she became silent and limped. Hinata lifted her breasts off Sakura’s face and smiled as Sakura was unconscious and was still breathing. Hinata raised her hands in victory.

'I win!' she cried jubilant. 'Naruto is mine forever and ever ' She looked down at Sakura and pressed her wet crotch onto her face. 'Here bitch, this is for giving me a good fight.'

At a moan, Hinata orgasmed: covering Sakura’s face with cum. Hinata smiled once she was done and stood up. She exited the ring and walked past her earlier defeated opponents before leaving the arena: in search of new clothes and a shower with Naruto.
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