Movie> Silent Hill (2006)


Ryonani Teamster
Jan 13, 2010
Clip #1>Beatdown>Lead Pipe>FvMMM>Face Hit(s)>Belly Hit>Blood

- Now this beatdown would have been a perfect ryona scene imo if it hadn't been for three crucial factors:
(a) the camera angles sucked, with the blonde victim being hidden behind the 3 goons throughout 80% of the already small scene
(b) the timespan is really short
(c) the irrelevant and unnecessary cutaways to the other heroine of the film falling down in an elevator, further diminish the already short screentime of the ryona scene
- But all said and done, this 'beatdown' ryona scene is still perfect thanks to:
(1) the blonde victim's excellent acting. I haven't seen a much more perfect ragdoll sell to a belly hit than that done by Laurie Holden here (of course, not using an upwards camera angle would have made it even more perfect)
(2) the groans and moans of the blonde victim
(3) the button down shirt, leather pants? lol... excellent
(4) the realistic amount of fake blood used... not overdone
(5) the fact that they target all parts of the body... face, belly, knee, and then the whole body
(6) it being one-sided, and handicapped (multiple goons against one victim)
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