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Mortal Kombat: Kano vs Sonya (death!)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by eyeteeth, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. eyeteeth

    eyeteeth Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 15, 2009
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    Sonya slurred out a moan, then winced as she felt Kano's teeth close around the top of her ear hard enough to draw blood. He held her prone like that, one arm snaked under her neck while the other trapped both of her hands painfully against her shoulderblades, and slowly ground his crotch against hers in a hard circle. The hard shingle of Outworld's wastes scraped her bare knees as she used them to hump her hips up against the other fighter.

    "Harder!" she snarled, digging her boots into the dead soil in a vain attempt to ride Kano faster than the slow, deep fuck he was shoving into her. When she'd woken up a minute ago from mild the concussion Kano'd given her, she'd been out of it enough to simply enjoy the sensation of him sliding into her. Her leather pants had been yanked down around her ankles, along with the lycra bikini bottoms she wore under them to keep from chafing. Fiery butterflies washed up and down her body as she keened into an intense orgasm. The sensation cleared away the last wisps of unconsciousness, and she realized she was being raped by her most hated enemy. "Harder, harder!" Sonya gritted.

    "Impatient bitch," Kano growled deep in his throat, keeping his pace. Sonya grunted and flexed her body, squeezing him with the tight muscles between her thighs. "Fuck you proper," he gasped, "Fuck you right." The words fanned the flames in her belly. She and Kano had been hunting each other for years; the hatred had grown beyond the simple clash of cop and crook. Having him inside her, hard and deep and final, felt right. It was their last game of cat-and-mouse; she had to make him come, so he'd let her go, so she could kill him. She hated his guts, and she wanted him to fuck her stupid. The analytical part of Sonya's mind retreated from the paradox and satisfied itself with planning exactly how she'd kill him when he finished raping her.

    "Ahhahh, aaaowhh," she moaned, rocking her body back and forth. With a curse of pain, she tore her ear out of Kano's mouth and arched her back, feeling her breasts grind into the pebbly ground through her thin tee-shirt as she gripped Kano's shoulder between the back of her head and her upper body.

    "Bitch!" he spat again, but he couldn't do anything to remove her leverage without interrupting his rhythm. Sonya spread her legs as wide as the waistband of her pants would go and pushed. Suddenly she was on top of Kano, kneeling astride his thighs. He still held her arms twisted painfully against her arched back, so every time she rolled her body up and down--faster and faster--Sonya gave a cry of mixed agony and ecstacy. Her pants, still twisted around her ankles, were stretched across Kano's chest; with a curse, he used his free hand to drag out his kukri and saw through the leather.

    The pants gave way with a final rip that coincided with another hot, shaky wave of pleasure. Sonya screamed, then screamed again and lurched to her feet as it splashed back through her again. Stumbling, pulling Kano up by his grip on her arms, she fell heavily across a flat-topped boulder and twisted her neck around to glare at him. Without him inside her, Sonya's entire body felt weak and chill.

    "Do it," she rasped, both commanding and daring him to defile her further. If looks could kill, the loathing pouring from Kano's red cybernetic eye would have chewed her into screaming pieces. She felt the kukri's butterfly touch slice down her back, and for a moment, she wanted it to go deeper--leave her bleeding and sobbing and begging until he was fucking her limp corpse. She curled back into the blade, whining, but his deft slice parted only the fabric of her tee-shirt. The blade clanged to the ground, and then she grunted as he ripped the shirt away.

    "Do it," Sonya said again, this time mewling. It felt like an eternity since she'd had him inside her, rubbing his thick contempt all over her. Still pinning both her arms with one hand, he grabbed one of her breasts with the other and scraped her nipple hard against the boulder. She cried out, trying to pull away, and he shoved himself between her buttocks at that moment. It hurt just like she wanted it to, and she came again, shuddering and kicking the dirt with the toes of her boots. Kano's self-control was gone; he pounded into her over and over again, bruising her knees with every thrust. Her breasts scrubbed painfully on the rock; she arched her back, holding herself taught and grunting bestially every time Kano pumped in and out.

    "Finish--! God! Finish!" she shrieked, her entire body roiling in orgasm. If he'd just come and get it over with, she could stop wanting him to fuck her and finally kill him!

    Suddenly, Kano shouted and threw himself back; Sonya overbalanced, feeling suddenly lost as he pulled out of her, and cracked a tooth on the boulder. Adrenaline shot through her, and she rolled to the side, throwing out her arms so that her bare breasts wouldn't smash painfully against the ground. She heard Kano moving behind her, but she flipped to her feet before he could make another move.

    For a long, long moment, Sonya and Kano stared at each other over the blasted plain. Outland's second sun glinted off the kukri in Kano's hand; Sonya's tonfast were strapped to her jacket, crumpled on the ground several meters past her opponent. Kano reached to pull up his pants and grinned, eyeing Sonya's body--nude except for her combat boots, and caked with sweat and dust. Sonya could feel the cum he'd sprayed into her dripping out and down the inside of her thigh.

    "I'll kill you with my bare hands!" Sonya snarled, stepping in with a stomp-kick. Her hands were slashing a defensive pattern to try to trap Kano's knife and knock it away, but the cybered killer was too experienced--he forestalled her kick with a raised foot, and left a deep cut on the palm of her hand when she went for his weapon. As she stumbled back out of engagement range, he reached out playfully and drew a deep gash across her cheek.

    "Will you, love?" he laughed, and Sonya had to backpedal away from his flashing blade. "I fucked you, made you beg for it," he gloated as she wildly tried to block a feint from his kukri, leaving her defenses open enough that Kano reached in and pinched her breast before she could stop him. "And now," he continued, maneuvering to keep her trapped between his knife and the rock he'd raped her on, "I'm gonna rip your heart out and fuck you again while you watch it stop beating!" A chill flashed through Sonya's body, but she shook it off and lashed out with a low spinning kick that smashed into Kano's shin.

    "You'll have to do better than ouuhhgh!" Sonya's momentary triumph dissolved into horror as she looked down to see Kano's kukri punched into her belly just below her ribs. Kano grinned and jerked the weapon free in a splash of blood, sending Sonya stumbling back. She caught her balance and rushed forward again, but Kano easily dodged her attack and sunk his kukri into her back. He held her there for a moment, laughing as he reached around to fondle her breast before shoving her away.

    "Time to die, bitch," he chuckled, flipping the kukri over to his left hand as he stepped towards her. The same rage that'd burned Sonya when Kano was raping her was roaring in her chest now, but it was so hard to move her body.

    "This--isn't.. over," she gasped. "This--UKK! There was a crunching sound, and Kano was grinning at her. Trembling, Sonya went slowly limp, allowing Kano to lower her to the sandy ground. Tossing his kukri away, he rubbed the lips of her vagina with his fingertips and she moaned.

    "Dirty whore to the last," Kano chuckled, unzipping his fly.

    "Naaaohh," Sonya gurgled thickly. She spread her legs to try for enough leverage to stand up again, but Kano held her down easily. Laughing, he licked the blood from her face and roughly shoved his way in between her thighs. She kept her pubic hair shaven clean; feeling his rub against her bald skin sent shivers through her body. "Noo," she grunted over and over again as Kano cupped her buttocks with one hand and lifted her hips into the air. She wrapped her legs around his back because he was warm, and the world had grown very, very cold.

    She finally looked down. Kano's hand was still in her chest, gently gripping her heart through the hole he'd punched in her ribcage. Beyond that, she could see her nipples, rubbery and erect with passion. Kano gave her heart a squeeze; she arched her back in pain. She didn't want to die like this--naked and alone and fucking her worst enemy! Hatred tore through Sonya's mind; she squeezed her legs tighter, holding Kano still. She could still win--she could see Kano die before she bled out, she--

    Sonya shrieked as Kano ripped her heart from her chest.

    "OH GOD NO!" She wailed and tried to push the laughing criminal away. Kano continued sliding in and out of her, holding her heart up over his head. Sonya sobbed, reaching vainly for the organ. Her own blood dripped in her eyes as Kano grabbed her hair for better leverage. Kano snarled, clawing the fingers of his free hand to grip her breast so he could pound into her hard and fast. Sonya's eyes fixed on her heart. Her vision rocked up and down as Kano fucked her, and her arms sank down to the ground on either side of her. Her heart gave a final squirt, a quiver, and then stopped. A buzzing, shaky warmth spread out from her hips.

    Sonya's mouth lolled open as she tried to scream again. Her eyes rolled up until nothing showed but the whites, and her breasts quivered as her final orgasm shook her body.
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  2. AntoniaBayle

    AntoniaBayle Guest

    Great work!I am glad to see the hot,arrogant Sonja tortued to death like this.
  3. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Holy crap, how did I not see this. Nice writing. I'll have to use some of these for the next story I'm writing, as it's not really my typical fare.
  4. blitzrunner

    blitzrunner Guest

    I remember reading this a long time back (not sure if it was here or another forum) don't think I ever commented on how much I liked it =)
  5. eyeteeth

    eyeteeth Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 15, 2009
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    thank you :)