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Hey, so I put a lot of work into my game, Monster Girl Farmer, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trying it out. Here's my little blurb:

Monster Girl Farmer is an erotic text-based RPG. Your farm is failing, but your fortune takes a turn when a starving Monster Girl barges into your home. In exchange for taking her in, she'll help you start the world's first Monster Girl farm! Collect monster girl milk, honey, pollen, and more.

Game Features

The writing:

  • Lewd scenes crafted by artisanal writers, grinding away in the paper mines until their quills and free hands are worn to nubs. With over zero years of combined experience, you can rest easy knowing I'm not happy until they're not happy.
  • Memorable characters with depth: the agoraphobic mushroom girl, the superstitious dryad, the cherry tree girl who thinks she's a princess...
  • A multitude of fetishes—many more on the way!
  • A world brimming with lore. Learn about the Monster Girl Devil and why Hellhound Girls fell from grace.
  • Color-coded, easy to read dialogue.
  • No pretentious purple prose. You won't find words like milieu, mackle, or mélange anywhere.

Wholesome turn-based encounters:

  • Raise monster girls' affection through acts of kindness, not violence. (Working—many planned improvements.)
  • Gain experience, level up, and learn new acts of kindness.
  • A mélange of item drops. Sell them for money, use them to upgrade your farm, or gift them during encounters.
  • Status effects that increase crop yield, temporarily decrease your energy, etc.
  • Minimal grinding.
  • Maximal grinding (against monster girls).

The world:

  • A clear visual mini-map to easily navigate the diverse regions. (Map is currently textbased.)
  • Upgradable environments: convince monster girls to set up shops in town, build a coop with dryad wood, etc.
  • Track critical information in your journal: the number of undiscovered monster girls, how many scenes are left, and what you ate for breakfast.
  • Check out the content roadmap (starts at the top, subject to change): Arcweave | Online game & narrative design team collaboration tool

Customize your experience:

  • Play as male, female, or enby. Choose your name and pick your naughty parts.
  • Affect scenes by bringing different monster girls on your adventures. (Implemented for one character—more planned.)
  • Dislike a kink? Skip any lewd scene BEFORE the action starts.

And if that doesn't convince you, check out these rave reviews:

"What's up man. Everything okay?"
"Shouldn't you be looking for a job?"
"We're worried about you."

And that's just from my friends!

About me (Bawdy Ink Slinger):

  • I'm proud to say this is my second NSFW game; I completed my first!
  • I've been programming for decades, teaching best practices to others. This means fewer bugs, more content.

You can play it in your browser here:

You can support the game by sharing it with others or becoming a pledge here: AoF is creating Monster Girl Farmer | Patreon
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Monster Girl Farmer 0.16 released! Transform into a dog girl!​

Hello everyone! I'm excited to tell you that I've just released Monster Girl Farmer v0.16, and it has three new scenes in it. The first two are written by me.

Scene #1, you transform into Eva the dog girl. To tell you the truth, I don't have a transformation fetish or know much about it, but I did some research and had multiple experts read the final version. I'm happy to say they've told me it's great.

In the second scene, you... have fun with your new body. Check the change log to see how to unlock it, but I don't think you'll have any trouble finding it.

The last scene is about a Doe. A deer. A female deer. She's a taur (top half human, bottom half deer) and you'll randomly run into her by exploring. This was written by a new guest author, Skulldust. I like his style, so hopefully I can get him to write another scene, possibly a follow-up to this one.

I also updated Fern's lewd scene, so it factors in some of your previous choices and your main character's... equipment.

The other things I worked on aren't as sexy and don't directly affect the game, but they were really important to work on:

First, you may have noticed I have a new name! I kicked the tires on a bunch of others, but this is the one that fit the best. Mmm. New name smell.

The game is now live on The previous URL still works, but it will no longer be updated with new releases. Remember to transfer your old saves to the new website! If you go to the old one, it'll give you a warning and tutorial that explains how.

Some people told me they didn't know how to find their access code after they signed up so I've sprinkled more links on my Patreon. The top of the about page description links to the access codes, as does the $5 tier description. Finally, and probably the most important one, when you sign up to become a pledge, you'll receive a message with a link to your access code.

There was one bug fix for this version: The "Popup blocker pro" browser extension incorrectly blocks some of the libraries from loading (they've had a ticket to fix this problem that's been open for years). If you are using this extension, I figured out a way to give you an informative error message instead of one that makes the game appear broken.

I really hope you enjoy the new scenes. Please send me feedback, it keeps me going!

Check out the change log to see what else is in this release.

Play on any device in your browser
Download the latest version for your desktop
Chat with me on Discord
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Monster Girl Farmer 0.17 released! Possess a dog girl and seduce your master

What is up! Let's get right into it, shall we? Here's what's new in this release:

  • I wrote part 3 of the Eva transformation scenes. I don't know if this type of transformation has its own term, but it's a mixture of possession and body swap, I guess? You are in Eva's body, but sometimes your thoughts are hers and sometimes they're your own. Also, as Eva, you interact with the main character, but he/she/they act as themselves.

    This may be the most difficult scene I've ever written. It took around three weeks of effort, and it was an emotional writing experience. Most people who proofread it loved it, so it seems like the effort was worth it. This scene is only available in the full game.

    The following will tell you how to unlock it. SPOILERS: After you give Eva a collar, there's a random chance you'll start this sequence when you sleep. If you play until the end of each scene, the next part will randomly start when you sleep.
  • I was told that Eva's first transformation scene was a little too 'vivid' for some, so I created a new path: now you can decide if you want a 'dark dream that goes into heavy detail' or a 'lighthearted, fun dream where nobody gets hurt.' This was the first thing I worked on after the previous release so my memory is hazy, but I believe the original path got some new additions; the new path certainly did. This scene is in the demo, as is the 2nd.
  • If you purchased the full game then completed the demo characters' scenes, you would still get a demo survey. This was confusing -- some even thought their access code wasn't working. Hopefully I prevented that confusion in the future.
  • I made it possible for certain random scenes to be full-game only.
  • At the end of the 3rd transformation scene, you'll be given an optional survey to give me feedback on it. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  • I put game links that may change in the future behind a configurable link shortener.
  • My demo is featured in the itch "Steamy Summer Hentai Bundle". You should google it because it contains 16 games, and you can choose your own price.
Bug fixes:
  • The doe girl scene had a code typo that suggested you had boobies when you didn't, and vice versa.
  • The 2nd Eva transformation scene had a passage where all the text was on one line. I've fixed this and edited some sentences too.
So! What's next?

I think I'm going to work on some features, but I'm also torn, because there is some planned content that would be really cool. I've been putting off the former for a while now, so I'll probably work on that, specifically adding some depth to harvesting your field. Regardless of what I work on next, I hope you enjoy this new release!

If you want to learn about previous releases, check out the change log.

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