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Looking for a 3d/2d artist and animator

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by Ktime, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Ktime

    Ktime Guest

    Hi, i'm an indie-game developer and i work with unity (i'm currently working on a big game with a small team). Fact is i always wanted to make an erotic wrestling game (something similar to POTR an amazing work made by Toffy) the problem is i'm awfull at drawing and since i'm rly shy i can't ask to any person i know in real life to do this with me. Btw around february my current project will reach alpha and i'll have a lot more time so if any of you is an expert and want to work on it jut let me know, we could try to write a concept and decide if it will be worth the time. The game could be 2D (like potr) or 3D (depending on the artist field of expertice)
  2. anotherguttersnipe

    anotherguttersnipe Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 15, 2011
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    Depending on what you were after, I could animate some .gifs for you.
  3. ikuGames

    ikuGames Guest

    Hi, I'm a 2d hentai artist and animator interested in making a voyeuristic hentai adventure game in a 3d first person environment. It would involve sneaking into girls' apartments by locating hidden spare keys or reading e-mails to find out passwords (Like a perverted deus-ex)

    I don't know 3d modeling, so I'm wondering if you have considered for your wrestling game: 2d hentai sprites in a 3d environment much like Duke Nukem or Shadow warrior. Since 2d art is something I am more than capable of producing...

    Please check my work out at IkuGames
  4. Ktime

    Ktime Guest

    Well, i would like to do something simple as a 2d wrestling game with a concept similar to pricess of the ring, the problem with the 3d roaming idea is that u have to do the environment and as an individual (small team where i'm the only programmer) making all the 3d world (and the interaction with it) would be very time consuming. I'm also not fond of male vs female genre.

    I also would like to work on a 2d textual game like Ring Out (a bit more focused on the erotic fighting part).

    Even if i found a 3d artist i would stick to a 2d environment (with 3d model as fighter) where the girls must fight and try to force climax.

    In unity making a game like ring out is very very simple and easy, the same for the 2d sprite fighting game.

    (your work look really good :) )

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    (god bless unity!!)
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