Knockoutman World Kumiko vs Sahryn vs The Bigger Sisters (2 Viewers)


Mar 3, 2023
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In the pristine mat room of Knockoutman's World, Sahryn and Kumiko stand facing each other. The tension between the two formidable foes is unmistakable, hanging in the air like a draping banner. The blue mats and white walls serve as a backdrop to what promises to be an intense confrontation.

Sahryn, her skin a rich shade of Latina brown and clad in a dark burgundy bikini with dark purple matte trim, exudes confidence. Her high-waisted thong bikini bottoms accentuate her curves. The flowery tattoo on her left leg and lower back, along with the tramp stamp bearing her motto, "In my life, I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've hurt, I've made mistakes but most of all I've learned," speaks of her journey. This journey, written in street graffiti style, took her from a vibrant Hispanic neighborhood in Chicago to the challenging world of fetish wrestling. Her path to the Knockoutman's World mat room was not just about physical battles but overcoming financial struggles and the ambition to live beyond the ordinary.

Kumiko, a veteran of Knockoutman’s World, stands opposite Sahryn. Petite and lean-muscled, Kumiko's all-gold spandex bikini shimmers under the lights, reflecting her fiery spirit and Southern charm. With bare feet planted firmly on the mat and her hair neatly pulled back, she embodies a stark contrast between sweet features and fierce determination. Once a cheerleader and swimmer, Kumiko carried grace and discipline from her early days into the wrestling world. Despite being known as the roster's resident jobber, her relentless spirit and desire to prove herself drove her to face challenges head-on, embodying the true spirit of a warrior.

Sahryn, with a confident smile, breaks the silence. "You know, jobbers like you don't normally do so well against a mat pro like me. How about I give you a chance to save face and just forfeit the match now, so I won't have to destroy you here on the mat?"

Kumiko's response, delivered with an unmistakable Southern accent and a mix of calm defiance, challenges Sahryn's remarks. "I am not a jobber; I am a well-seasoned veteran. I’ve been doing this for years and have plenty of wins under my belt." With a dismissive smirk and a slight demeaning manner, Kumiko follows up, "And you, are not a threat to me, bitch! I've taken out way worse foes than you. Whatever imitation tactic you're trying, it's not working. I don't think you have any real chance with me, Sahryn!"

Sahryn chuckles at Kumiko's defiance. "I like the feisty ones; it makes breaking their spirit that much more satisfying. Just remember, when this is all over, I gave you a chance to back out, and you choose not to."

Undeterred, Kumiko fires back, "Sahryn, I've seen your matches. You're no juggernaut. Most of them ended with you flat on your back, staring up at the lights, or tapping out in a panic. I even heard you got wrecked by a practice bot. Seriously, you think you stand a chance against me?"

Angered by Kumiko’s words, Sahryn’s fist ball into fist as she stares back at Kumiko and the rage washes over her face. "I've had tough matches, sure, but to compare yourself to those opponents is ridiculous. I'm going to wipe the floor with you," she replies, her smug glare locked on Kumiko as the anger behind eyes remained.

Kumiko lets out an exaggerated sigh. "Alright then, since you're so confident, let's up the stakes. I know my skills, and I'm certain I can mop the mat with you."

Intrigued, Sahryn raises an eyebrow. "Upping the stakes? I'm listening. What's your proposition?"

Kumiko, staring intently at Sahryn, suggests, "How about a knockouts-only match, with a ten-minute timer. Afterward, the winner gets to put a collar on the loser, who then submits to being the winner's personal slave for a week."

Laughing at the boldness, Sahryn's confidence shines. "Your confidence will make defeating you all the sweeter. I'm in. Just remember, you had every chance to walk away."

Extending her hand, Kumiko offers a handshake to seal their agreement. "Shake on it, then let's fight."

Sahryn eyes the extended hand warily before stepping forward and shaking Kumiko's hand. However, in a sudden betrayal of the sportsmanship, Sahryn pulls Kumiko in close and delivers a devastating knee to Kumiko's unsuspecting midsection.

The shock of the attack sends waves of pain through Kumiko’s body as she doubles over, gasping for air. In that moment, a torrent of thoughts and emotions floods her mind. Betrayal, surprises, but more than anything, a burning resolve ignites within her.

As Kumiko tries to suck in much needed oxygen after the shocking knee Sahryn coldly advises, "When you say the fight is on, never underestimate your adversary. They'll attack when you least expect it."

With that surprise sneak attack, it marks the start of the match between Sahryn and Kumiko getting the match started.

Sahryn wasted no time asserting her dominance, with the initial knee strike to Kumiko’s stomach setting the tone for a relentless barrage aimed to dismantle her, piece by piece. Sahryn's strategy is clear: target the stomach first, then break down every part of Kumiko until she's nothing more than a passed-out mess on the mat.

With a malicious chuckle, Sahryn follows up with a straight right punch directly to Kumiko's stomach, expelling even more air from her lungs. Kumiko’s body instinctively reacts, curling slightly away from the devasting impact as she feels her abdomen being battered by Sahryn’s fist. The force behind Sahryn’s punch seemed unparalleled, more potent than any she had endured in her battles within Knockoutman’s World League. Sending a jolt of fear mixed with adrenaline to deliver her own punishment once she can recover though Kumiko’s body was reeling from the shots she received.

"I'm so gonna enjoy this," Sahryn taunts, her voice dripping with malice as her fist feels like it's about to burst through Kumiko's body. "Your ass is grass, bitch." The impact doubles Kumiko over, folding her onto Sahryn's fist and arm, leaving her gasping for air, helpless and vulnerable.

The pain from the punch resonated through her core. The sensation of Sahryn’s fist against her weaken internal organs felt like a physical manifestation of every doubt she’s ever had about her abilities in Knockoutman’s World.

Not satisfied yet, Sahryn pulls her arm back only to deliver a vicious left cross to the side of Kumiko’s ribs. The blow sends Kumiko stumbling backward, her attempts to breathe turning into dry heaves, her world spinning from Sahryn's overwhelming assault.

But Sahryn is far from done. She launches a swift kick to Kumiko's other rib, forcing her to desperately try to protect her midsection. Seizing the moment, Sahryn delivers a devastating uppercut to Kumiko’s gut, expelling the last bits of air from her lungs. Kumiko begins to see stars, the lack of oxygen making it impossible for her to draw a breath, signaling the start of her downfall as she stumbles backward, swaying unsteadily.

In this moment, Kumiko's mind races, overwhelmed by pain and desperation. The confidence and determination that once fueled her defiance now seem to crumble under Sahryn's calculated and brutal assault. Each strike from Sahryn not only inflicts physical pain but also chips away at Kumiko's resolve. 'How did it come to this?' Kumiko thinks, struggling to find her footing, to find any spark of resilience that might turn the tide of the match.

The realization that she's being overwhelmed, by someone on Sahryn's stature and with Sahryn’s strategic and relentless aggression completely outclassing her, it was a bitter pill to swallow. Kumiko didn’t want to be in another fight that saw her getting her ass kicked, and she definitely didn’t want to the personal slave Sahryn. Sahryn record wasn’t much better than her own, how could she get destroyed by someone on the same level or even a level beneath her.

Yet, even as she sways, on the brink of collapse, a stubborn spark of defiance lingers within Kumiko. It's this spark, dim but unextinguished, that whispers of the possibility of a comeback, no matter how improbable it seems. The fight is far from over in her heart, even if her body struggles to keep pace.

Sahryn circles her prey, ready to continue her assault, fully intent on making good on her promise to destroy Kumiko on the mat. Kumiko, despite the onslaught, clings to the fading hope that she can somehow endure, that she can find a way to turn the match around. The distance between her dreams and her current reality has never felt greater, yet the fight within her refuses to be silenced.

As Sahryn lands another vicious kick, Kumiko's legs buckle beneath her, and she collapses onto the mat, curling into a fetal position in a vain attempt to shield her battered belly. The agony is overwhelming; it feels as though her insides are being twisted and torn apart. Gasping for breath, Kumiko's world narrows to the sharp, unrelenting pain and the cold, unforgiving mat beneath her.

But Sahryn is far from finished. She grabs Kumiko by the hair, yanking her up to her knees with a harshness that leaves Kumiko reeling. Pulled back so harshly that her scalp burns, Kumiko is forced to look up into Sahryn's smirking face. "Oh, poor Kumiko, you really should have backed out when I gave you the chance," Sahryn mocks, her tone laced with scorn and venom.

With a cruel chuckle, Sahryn begins to dog walk Kumiko around the mat by her hair, a display of utter humiliation and control. "See, I got to get you trained now because when I put that collar on you at the end of this, you better be obedient," Sahryn gloats, her tone a twisted mix of mockery and satisfaction.

Kumiko, dragged around like a ragdoll, can barely process the humiliation and pain. Her attempts to resist are feeble against Sahryn's overwhelming force. Each step Sahryn forces her to take sends jolts of pain radiating through her body, her hair tugged so tightly she fears it might tear from her scalp.

"Let's give the people a good show, shall we?" Sahryn sneers, stopping to face the camera operator, still gripping Kumiko's hair. "This is what happens to anyone who dares step onto the mats with me. They end up at my feet, broken and begging for mercy."

Kumiko’s spirit was battered and destroyed just as her body was, however she tried to muster the strength to speak, to defy Sahryn even in her weakened state. But all that escapes her lips is a pained whimper, her voice lost in the storm of agony that Sahryn has unleashed upon her.

Reveling in her absolute power over Kumiko, Sahryn looks down at her defeated foe, a twisted smile on her lips, as she decides it's time to escalate her domination over Kumiko. "Okay, well, destroying your stomach was fun, but now I'm gonna really mess you up," she declares, her voice oozing with cruelty.

Sahryn then positions herself behind Kumiko, pulling her into a brutal embrace. With a swift movement, Sahryn slaps on a sleeper hold that feels like it's sucking the soul right out of Kumiko.

The moment Sahryn's arms encircle Kumiko's neck, panic sets in. Kumiko's mind races as she frantically tries to pry Sahryn's arms away. The fear of being choked out, of losing consciousness and the potential to be collared and made to be Sahryn’s personal slave in such a helpless manner, floods her thoughts. "No, not like this," she thinks, desperation clawing at her as she fights against Sahryn's iron grip.

Kumiko's futile attempts to escape, just makes Sahryn laughs mocking Kumiko’s sad state. "Is that all you've got? You're even weaker than I thought," she heckles, tightening her grip even further. The added insult to injury comes as Sahryn locks in a sitting waist scissors, squeezing Kumiko's battered abdomen mercilessly.

The combined pressure of the sleeper hold and the scissors around her waist is excruciating, each breath becoming more labored, each attempt to free herself more desperate.

Inside Kumiko's mind, the situation is dire. The pain is overwhelming, and the lack of oxygen makes her thoughts fuzzy. "I can't... I can't let it end like this," she gasps internally, but her body refuses to cooperate. Her vision starts to blur, the edges of her consciousness fraying as Sahryn's hold proves inescapable.

Sahryn can feel the fight draining out of Kumiko, her struggles becoming weaker, her movements more sluggish. "Just go to sleep," Sahryn whispers callously, her arms tightening like pythons around Kumiko's neck. Kumiko's last coherent thought is a mix of regret, frustration, and a fading determination before the darkness takes her completely. She goes limp in Sahryn's hold, the final vestiges of consciousness slipping away as she give way to the sleeper hold.

Sahryn holds the grip a moment longer, ensuring Kumiko is thoroughly knocked out before finally releasing her. With a triumphant smirk, she pushes the limp body of Kumiko aside, standing up to survey her handiwork.

Barely catching her breath after effortlessly putting Kumiko to sleep, Sahryn's moment of triumph is abruptly interrupted. Tia and Tiffany Biggers make a dramatic entrance, bursting through the curtain at the back of the room. Their arrival instantly transforms the atmosphere, their confident strides carrying them onto the mats beside Sahryn and the unconscious Kumiko.

The Biggers sisters' imposing physical stature is immediately evident. Tia is dressed in black leggings, featuring a pink zig-zag pattern on the side, complemented by black knee pads with pink trim, thick black army boots, and a black t-shirt cut to reveal her toned six-pack abs. Tiffany opts for a more sinister look. She wears a black top with a hood that shadows her face, giving her the appearance of a real-life comic book villain. Her matte black latex shorts, with a lattice design cut into them, showcase the powerful muscles in her thighs and legs. It's clear she is the more physically imposing of the two sisters, both of whom seem on a mission to demolish any obstacle in their path.

As the sisters step into the room, the dynamic shifts dramatically. Sahryn's previously unshakeable confidence dissolves into a mix of apprehension and fear. The extreme intimidation written all over her face speaks volumes. She visibly gulps, recognizing the formidable challenge the sisters represent.

"Barely handling little old Kumiko? We expected more from you, Sahryn," Tia teases, her voice laden with a mix of amusement and challenge. The air in the room seems to thicken with tension, Sahryn's previous sense of achievement quickly dissolving under their scrutiny.

Tiffany adds fuel to the fire with her sarcasm, "Needing a sneak attack to gain the upper hand? That's... disappointing." Their laughter undermines Sahryn's knock out, casting a shadow over her moment of triumph.

Caught in the sudden spotlight of the Biggers sisters' attention, Sahryn's confidence wavers. Sahryn tries to rebuttal but her attempt at a retort stumbles and falls short. "I just... I just..." she starts, but her words falter under the weight of the Biggers sisters' presence and the sudden shift in power dynamics.

Tia though is not giving Sahryn a minute to collect her thoughts, and with swiftness of seasoned predator. Tia’s hands, encircles Sahryn’s throat. Catching Sahryn completely off guard. The fear in Sahryn’s eyes is unmistakable as she claws at Tia’s hands, a stark contrast to her earlier display of dominance.

Showcasing her superior strength, Tia lifts Sahryn off the ground effortlessly by her throat. Sahryn’s feet dangle, her attempts to break free futile against Tia’s strength. The room seems to hold its breath as Tia parades Sahryn, like a trophy of superiority around the room as Sahryn franticly squirms and tries to find anyway to escape the doom she knows is coming.

Then, with a precision born of countless matches, Tia executes a devastating choke slam. Sahryn's body crashes to the mat, the impact resonating like a thunderclap as her back crashed to the mat. The brutality of the move leaves Sahryn sprawled, her body echoing the shockwaves of the slam. For a moment, Sahryn's eyes flutter open, a glimpse of consciousness in a sea of pain, before slipping away into the dark embrace of unconsciousness.

As Sahryn lay defeated and unconscious, the Biggers sisters loomed over her, their earlier laughter replaced by a chilling scrutiny. "Sahryn evidently requires extensive training," Tiffany observed, her tone icy.

"And we're perfectly suited to be her teacher," Tia chimed in, her eyes alight with the anticipation of further torment. Their proclamation of supremacy filled the air, an implicit understanding that they were the undisputed powers in the room.

"Looks like we've got a couple of practice dummies to entertain us. Let's make the most of it," Tiffany declared, moving towards the unconscious Kumiko. "What do you say, sis? Shall we awaken these dummies and start the real fun?"

With a nod and a chuckle, Tia watched as Tiffany approached Kumiko, who lay motionless from Sahryn's earlier sleeper hold. Tiffany roughly lifted Kumiko by her hair, eliciting no response as drool trailed from her mouth. Kumiko appeared utterly limp, her shallow breathing the only sign of life, even as Tiffany jerked her head from the mat. "Eww...gross. Is she drooling?" Tia remarked with a laugh. "I'm surprised Sahryn had it in her."

"It's just Kumiko, so it didn't take much," Tiffany retorted, positioning Kumiko for further agony. Seating herself on Kumiko's lower back, Tiffany immobilized her legs.

"Planning a camel clutch, Tiff?" Tia inquired, mimicking Tiffany's actions with Sahryn, preparing her for a similar fate.

"Exactly. This will certainly wake her up—to a world of pain. Just listen for her screams," Tiffany replied, gripping Kumiko's chin to arch her spine in a painfully unnatural position.

Kumiko's pain receptors fired in alarm, shocking her awake to the intense agony. Her face twisted in distress as she realized the need to escape. With a gasp, Kumiko's screams filled the air, her hands desperately trying to relieve the pressure Tiffany inflicted. " hurts!" she pleaded, her voice a mixture of agony and fear.

"Geeze, yours is really loud, Tiff. You've got it locked in perfectly," Tia remarked as she applied the camel clutch to Sahryn, positioning Sahryn and Kumiko to face each other in their discomfort.

“Oh……my…..God….You have……..Fuck…….me……Stop…..please!” Sahryn cried out in anguish as Tia secured the hold, her screams of pain mirroring Kumiko's. With the two screaming so loud it was hard to tell which of them was in more pain as their shrieks echoing from the room was loud bouncing off the walls as it seemed each of them were trying to drown the other out.

"Nope, Sahryn's definitely the louder one," Tiffany commented, amused by Sahryn's struggle. "Remember you were always the one breaking your damn Barbie dolls and taking mine.” Tiffany continues laughing at the sight of Sahryn in turmoil. “I mean I am pulling trying to break mine and she just keeps clawing at my arms like she has a chance to escape.”

Both Kumiko and Sahryn screams are filling the mat room, as they are both locked in the camel clutches of the Bigger sisters, and their spines are arched at unnatural angles.

Growing more and more annoyed by the constant screaming, Tiffany decides to silence her opponent. "Okay, this screaming is getting irritating; I'm going to shut mine up," she declares. She then shifts her grip from Kumiko’s chin to wrap one arm around Kumiko’s throat, effectively applying a choke while securing the hold by grabbing her own bicep, creating a tight sleeper hold camel clutch combo.

Kumiko's reaction is immediate and panicked as the modified camel clutch and sleeper hold takes effect. Her screams turn into muffled cries of agony and despair. Tiffany, taking pleasure in the effectiveness of the hold, leans back further, tightening her grip around Kumiko’s neck.

Kumiko feels as if there is a lethal vice lock on her neck, and like her spine might break into two with full weight of Tiffany sitting on her spine, and the arch in her back as Tiffany continues to pull upward on her neck even as she applies the choke.

In a fearful, panic frantic attempt at desperation to escape the pain of the hold, Kumiko slaps the mat marking her surrender as she gasps for air and flailing more intensely trying to escape the hold, but Tiffany increases the tightness and pressure ensuring that Kumiko feel all the intensity of the torment of the submission hold as she smiles with glee.

Kumiko consciousness begins falter, as fight to stay awake is slowly draining with the tight sleeper hold locked in. Kumiko frantic attempts to escape become weaker and more sporadic, her face turns red as the lack of oxygen is taking its effect and then her eyes roll back into her head. Slowly, the look of desperation and fear which was painted on Kumiko face as the hold seemed to intensify, is wiped away by the peaceful look of slumber as the pain and lack of oxygen drives, the last remaining bit of air from her body, and she slumps into a state of unconsciousness.

Sahryn, endures her own ordeal beneath Tia’s relentless camel clutch, she can't help but catch glimpses of Kumiko's agony under Tiffany’s merciless grip. The sight of Tiffany effortlessly subduing Kumiko with a sleeper hold combined with a camel clutch, draining the last reserves of Kumiko’s energy, heightens Sahryn's own panic. Watching Kumiko's struggle end as she drifts into unconsciousness sends a wave of despair through Sahryn, her fear turning into outright terror.

In a mix of anguish and misery, Sahryn pleads for sympathy, her voice strained under the pressure. "Tia, please... I can’t take it... stop... I give up!" she manages to scream out, her voice breaking.

But her pleas falls on deaf ears. Tia, with a calculated move, covers Sahryn's mouth and nose, stifling her cries as she tightens the camel clutch. Sahryn's heart sinks as she realizes there’s no escape; the suffocation intensifies the hold, making her struggle futile.

In a last-ditch effort to free herself, Sahryn frantically tries to pry Tia’s hands away, but the pain, coupled with the lack of air, overwhelms her. Her movements become sluggish, her resistance fades, and as her consciousness slips away, Sahryn too succumbs to the darkness and her eyes roll into the back of head.

“"Whoa, Tia, did you just finish yours off?" Tiffany teased, not easing her grip on the now unconscious Kumiko with a sleeper hold and camel clutch combo. "Kinda reminds me of what you used to do to your Barbies."

Tia laughed at the comment and replied, "Not sure, let me check." She then lifted Sahryn's eyelids, only to see the whites of her eyes staring back, signaling Sahryn's unconscious state. "Well, I'm no doctor. Remember, you're the one who took that nursing course. Why don't you take a look?" Tia suggested as she let go of Sahryn, allowing her to slump to the mat.

Following Tia's lead, Tiffany released Kumiko, letting her fall beside Sahryn. Both competitors lay motionless on the mat at the feet of the Biggers sisters, the aftermath of their camel clutches dominance clearly evident. Tiffany approaches Sahryn and playfully slaps her cheek, attempting to rouse her. "See, Tia? She's not dead," Tiffany remarks as Sahryn blinks back to consciousness, her expression a mix of shock and fear upon realizing the Biggers sisters' intent to continue their harassment.

"Wait... guys, stop... you don't have to do this," Sahryn pleads, hoping for mercy.

Ignoring her pleas, Tiffany forcefully pulls Sahryn to her feet by her hair. "We're just teaching you some basics, little Sahryn," she says, spinning Sahryn around to face away from her. Tiffany then expertly locks her arms under Sahryn's, securing a grip that Sahryn can't easily escape. With her hands positioned behind Sahryn's head and fingers interlocked, Tiffany begins to exert gentle yet firm pressure, manipulating Sahryn's movement.

Sahryn breaks into sobs, begging for release. "Oh no... please, stop... let me go! I wasn’t supposed to have a match with you guys."

Unmoved by Sahryn's cries, Tiffany turns to her sister. "Alright, Tia, let's show Sahryn here how it's done. Why don't you give a demonstration with sleeping beauty over there?" she suggests, nodding towards the still unconscious Kumiko.

Tia stomps on Kumiko’s stomach, startling her awake. Confused and in pain, Kumiko groans, clutching her midsection in a vain attempt to shield herself from further assault. Tia, mercilessly, pulls Kumiko to her feet.

"Watch closely, Sahryn. I'm going to show you how to properly drive your opponent's head into the ground," Tia announces, positioning Kumiko in front of her. Despite Kumiko's grogginess and confusion, the fear of what's to come is unmistakable.

Tia delivers a calculated jab to Kumiko's midsection, folding her over. She then secures Kumiko's head under her arm, with Kumiko's crown exposed. Using her free hand, Tia forcefully grabs a hold of Kumiko’s bikini bottoms for additional leverage, snatching them upward creating a painful wedgie exposing all of Kumiko’s ass cheeks and causing serve discomfort to Kumiko’s crotch as the fabric of her bikini bottoms are wedged up her ass and vagina, as Tia prepares for her next move.

"Stop wriggling and watch. You might learn something," Tiffany scolds Sahryn, tightening her full nelson hold and forcing Sahryn to focus on the impending demonstration.

Tia, reveling in the moment, executes a DDT by bending her knees slightly then falling backward, driving the exposed part of Kumiko’s head directly in the unforgiving blue mat. The impact of Kumiko's head against the mat is sickening. After a brief spasm of her arms and legs twitching, Kumiko lies motionless, knocked out once again flat on her stomach with her ass cheeks out on full display as Tia added leverage with the wedgie has caused her bikini bottoms to become more of a g-string bottoms.

Sahryn watches, wide-eyed and terrified, not just for Kumiko but for herself as well, caught in the relentless grip of the Biggers sisters.

"See, bitch that's how it's done," Tia boasts, stepping close to Sahryn's face while Tiffany secures her in the tight full nelson. "Now, let's soften you up a bit. Once Tiff has you fully locked in the full nelson, you'll be out too," Tia taunts.

Trapped and desperate, Sahryn struggles to free herself from Tiffany's grip and fend off Tia's looming threat. She attempts to kick out, hoping to push Tia away, but her efforts are ineffective. Tia easily catches Sahryn's leg, then lands a punishing blow to her exposed midsection. Sahryn, unable to defend herself, absorbs the full force of the attack, letting out a wrenching cry of pain.

"Ah... stop... fuck please," Sahryn gasps, the pain igniting a fiery agony within her. Undeterred, Tia releases Sahryn's leg only to strike the same spot again, eliciting a silent scream from Sahryn, her face a mask of pain and fear.

"Alright sis, time to ramp up the pressure," Tia instructs Tiffany, who immediately tightens the hold, lifting Sahryn by the base of her neck. The combination of abdominal pain from Tia blows to the midsection and the constricting full nelson hold leaves Sahryn gasping for air, her vision blurring as Tiffany lifts her off the mat, her feet dangling helplessly.

Sahryn's breath becomes shallow; the pain, fear, and suffocating grip overwhelm her senses, leading her into the oblivion state of darkness as she passes out, and goes limp in the hold.

"Wow, Tiff, you really had that locked in. She's out," Tia observes as Tiffany continues to manipulate Sahryn like a rag doll swaying her from side to side as Sahryn limbs frail uncontrollably in her unconscious state.

"Wasn't even trying hard. They're just too weak," Tiffany retorts, then pauses. "Is she... drooling on me?"

"Um, looks like it," Tia confirms, noticing drool escaping from Sahryn's slack jaw, some of it landing on Tiffany as she sways Sahryn side to side.

"Ugh, really geeze gross. Stupid bitch getting her nasty fluids all over me," Tiffany complains, finally releasing Sahryn, who collapses onto the mat, landing on top of the already unconscious Kumiko.

"Gosh, these two are just sad," Tia remarks disdainfully, gazing at the defeated duo of Kumiko and Sahryn sprawled on the mat. "Ever since we arrived at Knockoutman's, it's been the same story weak opponents."

"Yeah, remember Francine, the so-called gold medal gymnast athelete? Easy win. And Callie Morgan? You practically walked over her," Tiffany chimes in, recalling their recent victories with a smirk.

"Exactly, Callie was just as big a pushover as these two. It's about time we told Knockoutman we need a real challenge, or we'll just end up running this league," Tia responds with a chuckle, hinting at their unmatched dominance.

With a mischievous glance at Tiffany, Tia suggests, "Let's wake our little 'dummies' up." She steps back from Sahryn and Kumiko, who are unconscious on the mat. Gathering momentum with a running start, Tia leaps into the air, stretching out her limbs for a full body splash, landing squarely on Sahryn and driving her further into Kumiko. The impact elicits faint groans of pain from the two women beneath her.

As Tia rolls off, Tiffany takes her turn, mirroring Tia's actions with a full body splash of her own. Before Sahryn or Kumiko can muster any response, Tiffany's weight compresses them further into the mat, their bodies absorbing the brunt of her leap.

"Finally, they're awake," Tia chuckles, watching as Tiffany firmly grips Sahryn's hair, pulling her to a standing position.

Tiffany squares up to Sahryn, then lands a strategic jab to her midsection, further weakening her stance. Seizing Sahryn's arms and pulling them forward, Tiffany effectively traps Sahryn's arms beneath her own in a tight double underhook. With Sahryn's arms securely in place, Tiffany bends her knees and harnesses her core strength to hoist Sahryn off the ground inverting her upside down in the process, as she power lifts her off the ground.

Sahryn is disoriented and feeling the effects of the previous torments she has endured, Tiffany then rotates Sahryn's body, while simultaneously dropping to one knee, she brings Sahryn crashing down back first across the knee, executing a precise double underhook backbreaker. Sahryn's back arches painfully over Tiffany's knee, the impact sending shockwaves of pain through her body.

The severity of the maneuver left Sahryn dazed, her consciousness grappling with the sudden intensification of her predicament. The sharp agony across her back, igniting spasms of pain and sparking fears of potential long-term harm to both her career and personal life, was unbearable. Overcome by the torment, Sahryn could do nothing but emit pained moans and cries, the backbreaker overwhelming her endurance.

Sahryn groaned, incapacitated and draped unnaturally over Tiffany's knee, her body bent at an odd angle. Her toes barely grazed the ground on one side, as her head drooped lazily from side to side on the end. Sahryn was in brutal agony as she desperately sought relief from the excruciating pain radiating from her spine.

Tia taunted Sahryn's dire state with feigned concern. "Oh, that looks terribly painful, sweetheart. Are you alright? My sister can get a bit rough," she remarked, looming over the pair with a smirk.

Sahryn's only reply was a distressful cry, articulating the abnormal contortion of her spine.

Meanwhile, Tia, reveling in Sahryn's torment, announced, "Now, Sahryn, it's time for your next lesson." She then lifted Kumiko from the mat, setting her on unsteady feet.

Kumiko stood dizzily, struggling to regain her composure. Tia then secured Kumiko from behind in a constricting bear hug, trapping her arms and upper body to thwart any attempt at escape. Using her strength, Tia hoisted Kumiko off the ground, positioning her face-up across her shoulders in a precarious balance. She then hooked one hand around Kumiko's jaw and the other on Kumiko's leg, pulling both ends to arch Kumiko's back severely.

This torture rack maneuver exerted immense pressure on Kumiko's spine, stretching it over Tia's shoulder, causing Kumiko to scream in agony.

"'re going to break it!" Kumiko's screams pierced the air as she desperately attempted to shift her position to lessen the agony in her spine. Tia merely laughed at Kumiko's anguished pleas, her amusement evident as she intensified the torture by rhythmically bouncing Kumiko’s spine against her shoulder, each movement exacerbating the pain in her back.

Tiffany, maintaining her grip on Sahryn, pressed down on Sahryn's chin and legs, using the moment as a cruel lesson. "This, Sahryn, is how you execute a torture rack. Observe how Tia manipulates Kumiko's neck, angling her spine to increase the pressure and, consequently, the pain."

"Please...I can see what you're doing...just stop, it's excruciating," Sahryn cried out, her voice a mix of pain and desperation. Tiffany, unmoved by Sahryn's pleas, only applied more pressure, forcing Sahryn's face into an expression of sheer torment as she witnessed Tia mercilessly increase the strain on Kumiko's spine.

"Tia, remember, you need to pull down harder on her chin and throat if you're truly aiming to cause pain," Tiffany advised as she intensified the pressure on Sahryn's neck. Tia nodded, doubling her efforts on Kumiko.

The room echoed with the distressing sounds of Kumiko's pained grunts and Sahryn's screams of agony, as Tia and Tiffany reveled in the effectiveness of their holds. However, as Tiffany maintained the pressure on Sahryn, the torment became insufferable. Sahryn's pain receptors were overwhelmed, the room seemed to darken and close in on her until she lost consciousness from the unbearable pain of the backbreaker.

"I'm on it, sis," Tia responded, adjusting her grip to exert even more pressure on Kumiko's spine, bending her so unnaturally in the torture rack that Kumiko's toes nearly touched her head. "Looks like Sahryn's out again. She's limp, I see her eyes rolled back again into that thick brain of hers."

"Really? Shame she's missing out on this lesson," Tiffany remarked casually, applying a final, brutal pull on Sahryn's neck before carelessly discarding her onto the mat.

The escalating pressure and intensity of the torture rack proved too much for Kumiko as well. The overwhelming pain began to dull her cries of agony, and she too slowly succumbed to the encroaching darkness of unconsciousness.

"See, I told you pulling harder on the chin increases the pressure. Looks like yours is out cold now, too," Tiffany remarked, gesturing towards Kumiko, who had passed out on Tia's shoulder.

"Huh, looks like you were right," Tia acknowledged with a nonchalant shrug, casually dropping Kumiko onto the mat face-first with a splat.

"We need to wake Sahryn up again; we've hardly even started this lesson, and she keeps passing out. She’ll never learn anything from this great lesson” Tiffany retorts back. Observing the sleeping two pathetic jobbers sleeping on the mat at their feet.

"Just drag her over here, and I'll take care of waking them both," Tia retorted as she gestured towards Kumiko on the mat. Tiffany complied, dragging Kumiko by her ankle roughly across the mat giving no regards to Kumiko’s own body, to place her next to Sahryn. With both lying unconscious side by side, Tia announced, "Watch this, I have a plan."

Tia then leapt into the air, extending her leg and forcefully bringing it down across both Kumiko and Sahryn's necks. The impact elicited a faint moan from each, their limbs twitching reflexively, yet they remained unresponsive.

Tiffany laughed at Tia's leg drop. "Now, let me show you the proper way." She took a running leap, mirroring Tia's move but with significantly more force. The impact reverberated through the mat, rousing Kumiko and Sahryn into a state of panic and distress, vividly aware of their vulnerable position at the hands of the Biggers sisters.

“Alright time for the next lesson bitches, no rest for the worry.” Tiffany jeered, emphasizing her point with a harsh stomp on Kumiko's abdomen.

The pain from the stomp caused Kumiko to groan and curl into a fetal position, trying desperately to soothe the agony in her stomach. Overwhelmed by discomfort and despair, she felt utterly defeated and clueless on how to escape the relentless torment.

“"I can't take anymore, you win, please just leave me alone," Kumiko pleaded as Tiffany cruelly yanked her to her feet by her hair, causing her to sway unsteadily, her head lolling weakly.

"Oh, quit your whining. We've barely started. Now, come here; I need to position you for the next demonstration. Tia, could you get the other one up? We need her fully alert for this," Tiffany commanded, gesturing towards Sahryn, who was still struggling on the mat.

"Sure, I'll get her," Tia replied, pulling Sahryn to her feet as well.

Tiffany then delivered a potent jab to Kumiko's stomach, causing her to double over in pain as she clutched her aching abdomen, groaning in torment.

With Kumiko bent over in front of her, Tiffany trapped Kumiko's head between her thighs and, bending at the waist, hoisted Kumiko upside down, her feet pointing skyward and her head aimed down at the mat.

"Watch closely, you might learn something," Tia shouted, slapping Sahryn across the face and yanking her head back to ensure she witnessed Tiffany's maneuver on Kumiko.

Aware of the impending danger, Kumiko desperately pleaded with Tiffany to reconsider. "Stop, wait... Wait... you don't have to do this," she implored, her voice laced with fear.

"Don't worry, it'll be over quickly," Tiffany retorted with a mocking sneer, dismissing Kumiko's pleas.

"Just put me down," Kumiko demanded, her tone escalating in desperation.

"Oh, I'll put you down alright, but you might not like the manner in which I do it," Tiffany shot back, her words dripping with menace.

"Please, no, don't do this... just let me go," Kumiko begged, her pleas for mercy growing more frantic.

Tiffany, unswayed by Kumiko's appeals, approached the spot where Tia was restraining Sahryn. With a smirk signaling her intent, Tiffany suddenly dropped to the mat, executing the dreaded piledirver directly in front of Sahryn. The sound of impact was chilling as Kumiko's cries were abruptly silenced, her body collapsing to the mat, rendered unconscious by the devastating skull crushing piledriver.

Sahryn's gaze was filled with terror as she witnessed Tiffany's merciless execution of the piledriver on Kumiko, treating her with utter disdain. It seemed as if Tiffany relished inflicting such pain, showing no regard for Kumiko whatsoever.

Still basking in the aftermath of her actions, Tiffany locked eyes with Sahryn, a sinister gleam in her eyes. "Were you paying attention, dummy?" she taunted.

Tia, maintaining her grip on Sahryn, chimed in, "Alright, stupid, now it's your turn." Gripping Sahryn's hair, she yanked hard, forcing Sahryn to face her, and then landed a heavy punch to Sahryn's stomach, folding her over.

Sahryn groaned in agony, barely able to utter, "oooommmphhh...wait...I can't take..." Her plea was abruptly cut off as Tiffany struck her stomach, forcing out the last bit of air from her lungs and leaving her in a state of silent shock, the pain so intense that Sahryn couldn't even recall what she was trying to say.

"We don't have time for this. It's your turn now. Get over there, grab that dumb bitch, and piledrive her just like I showed you," Tiffany commanded, stepping back.

Confused and overwhelmed, Sahryn was at a loss. She had fully expected the Biggers sisters to target her next, but instead, they were ordering her to perform a piledriver on Kumiko again.

Tia let go of Sahryn, pushing her towards Kumiko, who lay unconscious on the ground, the result of the piledriver delivered by Tiffany. Sahryn, unsteady on her feet, approached Kumiko. Glancing back at the Biggers sisters, whose eyes gleamed malevolently, she saw them gesture impatiently for her to proceed.

With reluctance, Sahryn leaned down to lift Kumiko from the mat by her arm, bending her at the waist. Mimicking the move she had just witnessed, Sahryn wrapped her arms around Kumiko's waist. Summoning the remnants of her strength, she managed to lift Kumiko into the air, inverting her once again with her head pointed towards the mat and her feet towards the ceiling, signaling another impending piledriver.

Kumiko, dazed and disoriented, could hardly grasp the situation as her world turned topsy-turvy once more.

Struggling under the weight, Sahryn then dropped to her knees, driving Kumiko's head into the mat with another piledriver. Kumiko, barely conscious from the first, was knocked out upon impact, her body twitching sporadically on the mat, her tongue protruding slightly.

Despite the pain from the ordeal she had endured, Sahryn experienced a fleeting sense of satisfaction from executing the piledriver on Kumiko, a complex mix of emotions under the watchful eyes of the Biggers sisters.

However, much like her earlier happiness of knocking Kumiko out at the beginning Sahryn joy was cut short as Tia pulled her up from her knees and then sent hurling towards Tiffany. Tiffany was waiting, and as Sahryn came burling in with a look of confusion and fright on her face. Tiffany extended her arm executing the perfect clothesline cleaning Sahryn’s clock and sending her sprawling to mat head over heals. The clothesline almost decapitated Sahryn’s head clear off her shoulders.

“That piledriver was pathetic, didn’t you pay attention.” Tiffany shouted as she yanked Sahryn off the mat, and then just as Tia had done, she sent her hurling towards Tia. Tia did just as Tiffany had done and extended her arm too and unable to stop her momentum Sahryn came crashing into Tia’s arm as Tia arm hit her like baseball swinging for the fences.

Sahryn literally flipped in the air from the impact and landed face down on the mat in state of confusion pain and utter distress.

“ugghhh….stop.” Sahryn manage to moan out between coughs as she curled into a ball and clutches her neck and head as her world is spinning from the two clothes line. However, she has no chance of recovery, as Tia grabs her and hoist up off the mat by her hair, yanking Sahryn to her feet.

“Here let me show you again with a more personal lesson” Tia says as she punches Sahryn in the stomach doubling her over. Then bending at her waist Tia wraps her arms around Sahryn’s waist and hoists her upside down with Sahryn head pointed down at the mat, and her feet pointed at the ceiling.

“Noooo…I can…do better don’t do this!” Sahryn cries out knowing that Tia is going to piledriver to the mat just like Kumiko had been done by Tiffany earlier.

Tia ignores her pleases and then with a show of evil torment intent she walks over to Kumiko and aligns Sahryn head over Kumiko’s stomach and piledrives Sahryn directly onto to Kumiko stomach driving all the air out of Kumiko’s stomach and knocking Sahryn out form the piledriver.

Sahryn falls to mat a crumbled mess sprawled out on the mat, Kumiko in turn spasms a little from the blow but remains out herself, as Tia and Tiffany just start laughing at the pathetic state, they are left in.

“Tiff, I barely broke a sweat messing with these babies we need to up our game. I mean we need to at least get a workout in since we are in the mat room.” Tia says, while staring with a look of slight disgust looking at pitiable mess that is Kumiko and Sahryn as they lay sprawled on the mat.

"You are right Tia, I know they say before starting any exercise we have to stretch." Tiffany responds with a mischievous look in her eye.

Tiffany then grabs a hold of Kumiko's ankles in one hand wrapping her arm around them to maintain a grip on them. Tiffany then places a foot squarely in Kumiko back. Kumiko renders a slight response to the foot being placed in her back, but her eyes remain shut as the previous torment has taken a toll on her.

Then Tiffany uses her free hand and grabs a handful of Kumiko’s locks of hair and pulls upward on Kumiko’s head, while also pulling upward on Kumiko ankles and legs while keeping her foot firmly planted in Kumiko’s back.

In the grip of agony and helplessness, Kumiko's consciousness teeters on the brink, roused from the shadows of unconsciousness by a new, excruciating pain. The harsh, unyielding grip on her ankles and the sudden, sharp pressure against her back force a gasp of air from her lungs, her body's automatic response to pain. Her mind, fogged and disoriented from the prior torment, struggles to piece together the reality of her predicament.

As Tiffany's foot presses firmly into her back, anchoring her to the ground, and her hair is yanked cruelly upward, Kumiko's world narrows to the intense, all-consuming pain that arcs through her spine, stretching her body beyond its limits. Every muscle, every fiber screams in protest, the sensation bordering on the unbearable. She feels as if her very essence is being torn apart, her body folded almost in half in a grotesque caricature of human flexibility. The ground beneath her seems to merge with her existence, her body pinned and immobilized, a prisoner of pain and humiliation.

In these moments, Kumiko's thoughts are fragmented, a chaotic whirl of confusion, fear, and desperation. The part of her that remains coherent is overwhelmed by the instinctive desire to escape the agony, to somehow slip from Tiffany's merciless grasp. Yet, even this flicker of hope is smothered by the crushing realization of her helplessness. She is acutely aware of her own vulnerability, her body no longer her own but a tool for Tiffany's dominance.

Her eyes, previously shut in a vain attempt to shut out the reality of her defeat, flicker open, revealing the depth of her suffering. There is no defiance in her gaze, only the raw, unfiltered anguish of a soul pushed to the brink. Tears, unbidden, spill down her cheeks, mingling with the sweat and dirt that mar her face, silent testaments to the ordeal she endures.

Kumiko's breaths come in short, ragged gasps, each one a Herculean effort as the pressure on her spine threatens to snuff out her very ability to breathe. The world around her dims, her senses overwhelmed by pain, her mind teetering on the edge of darkness once more. In this moment, her existence is reduced to a singular focus: the overwhelming, all-encompassing desire for release from the torment that binds her. Unfortunately for her the release doesn’t come until her body can no longer take the pain any longer and she passes out.

With the room finally silent as Kumiko screams of protest has seized due to her passing out, Tiffany loosen her grip and lets Kumiko’s legs go as they slump to the mat with a thud. Tiffany maintain her grip on Kumiko’s hair and locks and her foot still firmly planted in her spine. She then pulls just one last time to ensure Kumiko is fully out.

Kumiko body responds to Tiffany last exonerated pull on the stretch by spasming and shaking a little, but her eyes remain closed and peaceful dream like state.

“Oh my gosh, this is getting to easy.” Tiffany remarks as she watches Tia take a hold of Sahryn’s leg. “What are you planning over there?”

“Just you wait and see, I gonna give Sahryn here a little stretch too.” Tia says with a mischievous grin on her face.


Bending down, Tia firmly captures Sahryn's right thigh, lifting the leg upwards and draping it over her shoulder and neck. As Tia stands tall, leveraging her height and strength, she further elevates Sahryn's leg, intensifying the stretch in a torturous stretch muffler.

Previously on the edge of consciousness, Sahryn is now fully alert, her situation dire as the excruciating stretch of her leg becomes unbearable. Dangling upside down, supported solely by her leg over Tia's shoulder, Sahryn feels as though her limb might be ripped off. Tia, with a deliberate and brutal twist of her body, exacerbates the pain by pulling Sahryn's leg in one direction while turning her own body in the opposite, amplifying the torment.

"Arrrrrggggggggg...noooooo...let...owwwwwww...please...ooooooowwwwwww..." Sahryn's screams of agony echo through the room as she desperately attempts to wriggle free, seeking any relief from the relentless stretch. Tia, unmoved by Sahryn's pleas, only increases the agony, twisting and turning with even more ferocity.

"Nice, I love your style, sis," Tiffany taunts, reveling in the spectacle as Tia mercilessly augments the pressure on Sahryn's leg. In a panic, Sahryn flails her arms, tapping the mat and Tia's leg in a clear submission to the excruciating hold. Her mind races with the terrifying thought of the consequences if she can't escape — the possibility of never walking again looming over her as she succumbs to the overwhelming pain.

As Tiffany observes Sahryn's face contorted in agony, she gleefully moves in closer. While Tia maintains the excruciating pressure on Sahryn's leg, Tiffany delivers a vicious blow to Sahryn's midsection.

Sahryn's body curls upward in a futile attempt to shield her stomach from Tiffany's relentless assault. Tiffany then lands another punishing strike to her midsection. Sahryn lets out a massive exhale, her moans mingling with screams of protest and cries of pain.

" win, please, I-!" Sahryn pleads, tears of pain and frustration streaming down her face. Her plea is cut short as Tiffany's next hit lands, silencing her mid-sentence with the sheer intensity of the pain.

"Shut the fuck up, dummy!" Tiffany snaps back, driving yet another forceful punch into Sahryn's battered midsection.

The pain etches a look of unbearable suffering onto Sahryn's face; it's all becoming too much for her to endure. Her body is overwhelmed with agony; her leg, still trapped in Tia's merciless stretch, feels like it could detach at any moment, while Tiffany's barrage of punches scatters her ability to think clearly. The mat room seems to close in around her as her senses are overloaded. Darkness edges into her vision as she surrenders to the pain, her consciousness fading. Inverted and defeated, Sahryn passes out, her body hanging limply in Tia's hold, her abdomen marked with bright red welts and bruises from Tiffany's vicious assault.

"Damn it, this dummy passed out again," Tiffany exclaims with disgust, landing one final blow to Sahryn's stomach. The impact elicits only a slight, reflexive twitch from the unconscious Sahryn.

"Are you serious? I was just getting into it. She could barely feel the burn," Tia responds, visibly annoyed. She loosens her grip on Sahryn's thigh and leg, letting her drop to the mat. Sahryn crumples to the ground like a sack of potatoes, lying sprawled out and face down, completely knocked out.

Tia and Tiffany glance at Sahryn and Kumiko, scoffing at their pitiful condition. "What's that next to Kumiko?" Tiffany asks, noticing a black strap peeking out beside her.

"Let me check," Tia says, bending down to retrieve the strap from the mat. "It's a collar."

"Oooh, these nasty sluts are into some freaky stuff," Tiffany remarks, snatching the collar from Tia and stretching it out for a closer look. "Check out these studs. I wonder what they had planned with this."

"I've got an idea. Tiff, take off your belt; I'm gonna need it," Tia says with a smirk on her face.

"My belt? What, you gonna whoop them for being freaks?" Tiffany chuckles, intrigued.

However, Tia has a different plan in mind. After Tiffany hands over her belt, Tia sets to work. Approaching Sahryn from behind, she forcefully pulls Sahryn's arms up and back. Then, Tia grabs Sahryn's ankles, pulling her legs up and bending them at the knees, bringing her heels close to her ass.

"Wow, I haven't seen you hog-tie someone since we were kids back on the farm," Tiffany chuckles, watching Tia loop the belt around Sahryn's ankles. Tia pulls the belt tight through the buckle, securing Sahryn's ankles firmly. She then loops the other end of the belt around Sahryn's wrists, already positioned behind her back, and secures it tightly, causing Sahryn's hands to begin discoloring from the cut-off circulation. With both ankles and wrists secured, Tia connects the two loops by threading the belt between them, pulling Sahryn's hands and feet closer together.

As Tia continues tightening the belt, Sahryn snaps back to consciousness, horrified at the realization she's being hog-tied and completely at the mercy of the Biggers sisters. "Ooowww... please... you don't have to do this... I give up... I quit... you win... please, just let me go," Sahryn moans in despair.

With the belt securely in place, Tia steps back to admire her handiwork. "Well, since you two sluts like being kinky, I figured you wouldn't mind being tied up like this," Tia shouts menacingly as she picks up the collar and approaches the still-snoring Kumiko.

"Tiff, when my mind goes into hyperdrive, you know I get creative," Tia chuckles, fastening the collar around Kumiko's neck. She then drags Kumiko's limp body towards Sahryn, who is desperately trying to escape her binds. As Kumiko starts to stir, Tia uses the excess of the collar and its chain leash to bind Kumiko's head between Sahryn's legs, directly into her ass cheeks. Despite Kumiko's attempts to escape, Tia secures the rigged attachment, trapping Kumiko's face in Sahryn's ass.

Kumiko sees nothing but darkness as Sahryn's movements only tighten their entanglement, causing Kumiko to struggle futilely against the constricting harness.

Tia and Tiffany step back, admiring their work as they watch Kumiko and Sahryn squirm and moan, trying to break free from their humiliating predicament.

"Tia, you've always been so good with those ropes. These freaks look utterly pitiful," Tiffany snickers, contemplating their next move.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm starving," Tia says, patting her stomach.

"Yeah, a juicy steak sounds perfect right now. After dealing with these fools, I need a good meal," Tiffany agrees.

"And what about these two?" Tia asks with a sly grin.

"Leave them. Someone will come by to clean up eventually," Tiffany replies nonchalantly.

The sisters then slowly exit the room, leaving Kumiko and Sahryn bound and helpless on the mat, a testament to their ruthless dominance.


Nov 23, 2023
Amazing story! Backbreaker on Sahryn and Torture Rack on Kumiko are my favorite moments in this story.
I hope to read another masterpiece like this. With a brutal bearhug on Kumiko's ribs, if you want.


Mar 3, 2023
Amazing story! Backbreaker on Sahryn and Torture Rack on Kumiko are my favorite moments in this story.
I hope to read another masterpiece like this. With a brutal bearhug on Kumiko's ribs, if you want.
"Thanks for the suggestion! I've got a couple more stories cooking, so I'll definitely consider slipping that bearhug in there somewhere. Unfortunately, Kumiko won't be in the next couple, but I'll find some other unsuspecting character to be tortured by that bearhug. Stay tuned!"


Mar 3, 2023
Happy to see more of your stories and anything with Kumiko getting dominated.
Yeah had a small break but back on the grind trying to push stories out, so happy you enjoyed the stories. Kumiko seems to be someone everyone like so I will try get her added to more stories


Potential Patron
Nov 6, 2020
You have a good vocabulary! Have you thought about mixing up your story material/settings a bit more? I’d like to see you try some new stuff.


Mar 3, 2023
You have a good vocabulary! Have you thought about mixing up your story material/settings a bit more? I’d like to see you try some new stuff.
Thanks for the compliment! I've actually got a couple of non-Knockoutman stories in the works too. They're a bit gorier and set in different worlds. To give you some background, I started this series because of sleepwerkids' world and the videos he puts out. I've got a huge collection of his videos, and I started writing my ideal scripts. That turned into what you're seeing now. A lot of the characters are my own spin on the fighters from his website. He's been awesome enough to post some of my stories there too. I'll probably keep this series going for a bit because I really like the characters, but expect to see more stories in other styles soon.

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