Original Knockoutman World Jocelyn Satin vs Kumiko: Friendship Destroyed (1 Viewer)


Mar 3, 2023
A battered Jocelyn Satin lay sprawled on the mat in a tattered two-piece bikini that had once gleamed in vibrant yellow and blue hues. After the intense fighting she had faced earlier in the day, the colors looked dull and faded. In some places, her bikini's sequin adornments were missing, leaving gaping spaces reflecting the void inside her. As a result of the countless holds and throws she endured, the edges of her bikini were frayed. Back-to-back matches had diminished her physical strength, resulting in sweat-soaked clothes that clung tightly to her.

Her peach blonde hair, once vibrant and flowing, now clung to her sweat-soaked skin, damp and matted. As if drained away with each blow, the sunlight that had kissed her hair now seemed a distant memory. Much like her chances of winning the matches she had just experienced, the black elastic band that held her hair in a ponytail had been lost ages ago.

From a distance, it might have appeared that she was just resting, but closer inspection revealed that she was deeply exhausted. In the rise and fall of her breast, there was an indication of a heavy and labored strain on her body. Despite the absence of blood or obvious injuries, she exuded weariness beyond physical discomfort. In an attempt to shut out the world around her, her eyes were tightly shut. It was as if she was replaying the brutal events she had endured or desperately trying to escape to kinder times below her lids. Her forehead was etched with deep furrows, revealing the pain and suffering she had endured. Her ass cheeks and part of her face bore faint marks of handprints from slaps, serving as painful reminders of her humiliation. An expression of dismay could be seen in the corners of her mouth, akin to that of a child. Occasionally, her parched lips quivered, releasing small sighs that hinted at the surges of emotion that threatened to overwhelm her. Perspiration glistened on her face, reflecting the harsh overhead lights and evoking a sense of intensity and intensity that had been evident throughout all the battles she had fought. The psychological anguish, however, that weighed heavily upon her was more burdensome than the physical anguish. It was evident that she was introspective, vulnerable, and grieving from the aura which surrounded her. It was a terrible feeling to lose her pride, to feel crush by her spirit, to feel as if her once unflappable confidence had been tarnished.

Her fingers twitched every once in a while as if she were looking for something to hold onto, a lifeline or a glimpse of hope to hang onto. In a way, it was a poignant portrayal of the duality that exists between human strength and frailty. Although she was in the grip of utter defeat at the time, a spark of resilience remained within her. Despite having to exert a great deal of effort, Jocelyn managed to slowly lift herself from the mat by means of her strength. Despite the fact that she was fatigued and exhausted, she was still able to stumble through to the changing room, her every step a testament to the limitations she was under. Each step felt like a Herculean effort, her body protesting and aching with every movement. The only thing she wanted was to escape from this forsaken place, to find solace and respite from the relentless beatings that she had suffered in this place.

Her body was too weak for her to change out of her battle-clad attire when she reached the changing room, so she sunk into a chair. She leaned back, her eyes drifting to the ceiling as she released a weary sigh. As she sat there, thoughts of the punishing matches, the merciless beatings she had endured, swirled around her mind. Her emotional and physical pain threatened to overwhelm her. As she sat there, lost in her thoughts, the sound of the door opening startled her. Her eyes suddenly focused on Kumiko, a friend and fellow wrestler who was about to come into the changing room as she was looking over at her.

Kumiko's eyes widened in shock as she took in the wrecked appearance of her friend. Kumiko's usual lively and carefree demeanor faded, replaced by genuine concern. She hurried to Jocelyn's side, kneeling down and placing a hand on her trembling shoulder.

Kumiko asked worriedly, "Jocelyn, what happened?" "Why do you look like this? What's going on?"

Jocelyn let out exasperated breaths, frustration lining her face as she struggled to find the right words. She looked at Kumiko, her tone laced with anger and sadness.

"Knockoutman... He taunted me, Kumiko. He said things about you, about us, and I couldn't just let him get away with it," Jocelyn's voice quivered with emotion. "I tried to defend your honor, but it all went wrong. I was humiliated and destroyed."

Kumiko's eyes widened further, her hand flying to her mouth in disbelief. She had no idea what Jocelyn had been through, as she had been oblivious to the previous matches Jocelyn had just endured. All she saw was her friend sitting in the changing room, shattered and defeated.

"Oh my god, Jocelyn," Kumiko gasped, her voice filled with genuine concern. "I had no idea."

Tears welled up in Jocelyn's eyes as she looked at Kumiko, her voice raw with resentment and pain. "I couldn't just stand by, Kumiko. He was taking advantage of you, forcing you into those matches. I had to protect you."

A flicker of confusion crossed Kumiko's face as she tried to make sense of Jocelyn's words. Deep down, she knew she was a capable fighter, and the idea of someone feeling the need to defend her honor didn't sit well with her. Nevertheless, she took a deep breath, her Southern charm momentarily replacing the growing anger within her.

"Jocelyn, I appreciate your intention to protect me, but why did you think I couldn't handle my own battles?" Kumiko asked, her voice a careful balance of curiosity and concern. "I've faced tough opponents before. I'm not some pushover who can't take care of herself. So why did you feel the need to step in?"

Jocelyn's gaze faltered, her eyes seemingly searching for the right words. She was exhausted and in pain, as if the battles she'd just been through had left more than just physical scars, but also deep emotional turmoil. She shook her head, her voice tinged with a mix of frustration and vulnerability. Jocelyn took a moment to compose herself, her voice quivering with a mix of anger and frustration as she recounted the events that had unfolded in Kumiko's match against Smallz. Her words conveyed the devastation she had witnessed, the helplessness that had consumed her in that moment.

"Kumiko, I saw what happened. Smallz... that monster... he destroyed you," Jocelyn's voice trembled with raw emotion. "That piledriver, the way he spiked you to the ground... it should have been enough, but he just kept going. And Knockoutman, he just let it happen. You were just making your comeback, and... and he put you through that."

Kumiko's frustration grew as Jocelyn continued to describe her humiliating loss against Smallz, but she swallowed down her annoyance, determined to understand just why Jocelyn felt the need to step in. She fixed Jocelyn with a steady gaze, her voice steady but tinged with curiosity.

"Jocelyn, I appreciate that you were upset and hurt to see what happened to me, but why did you feel that I couldn't defend myself? Why did you think you had to be the one to do it?" Kumiko pressed, her voice laced with a mix of determination and confusion.

Jocelyn hesitated, her eyes searching for words to explain herself. She took a deep breath, her voice laden with the weight of her own frustration and pain. She met Kumiko's gaze, her voice shaking as she recounted Kumiko's match against Emerald.

"Kumiko, it wasn't just Smallz. It was Emerald, the Knockoutman's World Champion," Jocelyn's voice cracked with raw emotion. "She... she ragdolled you, threw you around like you were nothing. You were in no shape to face someone like that. And it was all because of Knockoutman. He took advantage of you, forcing you into matches against these powerful foes. I couldn't stand by and watch that happen. It wasn't just about defending your honor, it was about putting Knockoutman in his place, showing him that he couldn't manipulate you like that."

Kumiko's frustration boiled over as she still didn't receive a direct answer from Jocelyn. She clenched her fists, her voice now tinged with anger.

"Jocelyn, I asked you what happened. I want to know exactly why you felt the need to defend me. Stop avoiding the question," Kumiko demanded, her fiery determination shining through. Jocelyn took a deep breath, realizing she couldn't hold back any longer. She began to recount the events that led to her own devastation at the hands of Knockoutman and the subsequent onslaught by Smallz and Emerald. "After I bad-mouthed Knockoutman on my blog, he goaded me into fighting him face-to-face. I couldn't back down," Jocelyn's voice quivered with pain and frustration. "He destroyed me. Knocked me out cold on the mat." Her voice broke as the horrors of what happened next flooded her thoughts. "And then, to my horror, Smallz and Emerald walked in. Knockoutman left a note saying that I was a new toy for Smallz to play with. They took turns, over and over, destroying my body with move after devastating move. It was... it was unbearable.”

Kumiko couldn't help but smirk, a mixture of disbelief and frustration bubbling within her. She let out a small, mocking laugh as she looked at Jocelyn, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Well, Jocelyn, look at what you've done," Kumiko sneered. "You tried to defend my honor, but what did you expect? You went up against Knockoutman, and then you got yourself mixed up with Smallz and Emerald. You brought this upon yourself."

Jocelyn's eyes grew wide in shock, and her body was frozen for a moment. There was no denying that she had not anticipated this kind of reaction from Kumiko, and that the emotional toll of her battles had had a heavy toll on her. After hearing her friend's words, she felt a renewed wave of pain wash over her as she absorbed their meaning.

A fierce determination flashed in Kumiko's eyes as she stared at Jocelyn, and her expression hardened into a hard expression. Her voice grew sharper, laced with defiance and a touch of anger.

Kumiko spoke with conviction. "I am not some damsel in distress. I need no one to defend me," she said. 'You thought you were doing me a favor by defending my honor. But let me tell you something, I am capable of handling myself. I can handle my own battles without your help.

When Jocelyn heard the words, she was furious, her voice rising as she retorted. "Oh, don't you dare belittle what I was trying to do! It wasn't about your honor, Kumiko. It was about standing up to Knockoutman and his manipulations. It was about showing him that we could not be controlled by him. But you're too blind to see that, aren't you? You are too proud to see the truth."

Tension in the room deepened as tempers flared and their argument escalated into yelling. Sharp words were exchanged like daggers, both fighters unleashing their frustrations and hurt upon each other. The air crackled with the intensity of their emotions.

I suppose you think you're so superior, Jocelyn, that you had to swoop in and play the hero, didn't you? Kumiko snapped, her voice filled with anger. "Well, newsflash, I don't need a self-righteous bitch like you to fend for me!" she declared. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself!"

As she shot back at the man, Jocelyn's eyes blazed with fury, her voice trembling with pent-up rage as she retaliated furiously. "Oh, you think you're such a tough fighter, Kumiko? Well, I'll tell you something: you're not that powerful as you think you are! I saw what happened to you in the match with Emerald. You were devastated! And your soft ass, now you have the audacity to stand there and act as though you don't need anyone?" Their voices echoed throughout the mat room, their words clashing and mingling in an explosive display of anger.

Kumiko's frustration reached its boiling point, her anger fueling her determination. She couldn't take it anymore. Jocelyn thought she was weak, thought she couldn't defend herself. Well, Kumiko was about to prove her wrong.

In a voice filled with determination and fire, Kumiko challenged, "If you think I can't defend myself, then let me prove it.". Kumiko declared, "I'll take you on right here and right now. On the mat, I will prove to you that I am not a mere damsel in distress."

Jocelyn's eyes narrowed at Kumiko's challenge, the confrontation reaching its climax. A mixture of surprise and determination washed over her as she weighed her options. Despite her exhaustion and the lingering pain from her previous battles, Jocelyn's fighting spirit refused to back down. Jocelyn took a deep breath, her tired body aching as she mustered up what little energy she had left. She met Kumiko's fiery gaze with steely determination.

"Fine," Jocelyn replied, her voice filled with conviction. I accept your challenge. But let me be clear. No matter what condition I'm in, I know I'm a better fighter than you will ever be."

Kumiko's eyes widened, taken aback by Jocelyn's confidence. She felt a mix of frustration and determination, not willing to back down.

"We'll see about that," Kumiko shot back, her voice laced with determination. "I may not have the same experience, but don't underestimate me."

With that, the atmosphere in the room grew tense, the anticipation at a fever pitch. The two friends turned adversaries, ready to unleash their pent-up frustrations in the heat of this impromptu battle. The two wrestlers locked eyes, deep pools of determination and stubbornness clashing in an intense staredown. Their silence spoke volumes as the tension between them grew thicker with each passing moment. Jocelyn's resolve seemed unyielding, her fierce gaze penetrating Kumiko's spirit.

Breaking the silence, Jocelyn's voice dripped with defiance as she declared, "See you in the mat room, bitch."

Kumiko's eyes narrowed, her anger fueling her every move. She watched as Jocelyn turned and exited the changing room, leaving the weight of the challenge lingering in the air. Her mind raced with a mix of emotions — frustration, determination, and a sense of betrayal. But deep down, she couldn't shake off the flicker of doubt that fueled her desire to prove herself. Kumiko slowly shed the layers of her casual attire with deliberate movement. She slid off her yoga pants, revealing her toned legs that showcased the strength she carried. The t-shirt followed, revealing her athletic frame adorned in a fiery red bikini that shimmered under the lights. The heat in her gaze matched the vivid color of her outfit as she held on to her determination. Kumiko removed her tennis shoes and eased off her socks, freeing her feet from their confines. A sense of liberation resonated through her as her bare feet made contact with the cold floor of the changing room. She wiggled her toes, grounding herself in the moment, preparing for the physical battle that lay ahead.

Her fiery persona simmered beneath the surface, ready to be unleashed on the mat. Her mind replayed Jocelyn's words, fueling her determination to prove her worth. With each article of clothing removed, Kumiko felt a sense of empowerment, shedding any doubts that had lingered within her.

A wave of confidence washed over Kumiko as she stood tall, her bare feet planted firmly on the floor of the changing room. The coolness beneath her toes served as a reminder of her connection to the wrestling world, whispering to her the anticipation of stepping onto the mat. Kumiko's gaze moved toward the mirror, her reflection staring back at her. She took a moment to assess her appearance, ensuring that everything was in place. With a gentle nod of approval, she confirmed that she looked ready for battle. The fiery red bikini hugged her athletic frame, accentuating her toned physique. Her hair, neatly pulled back, showcased her determined features. A spark of confidence brightened her eyes, as if the reflection in the mirror reflected not only her physical readiness but her inner determination as well. Satisfied with her appearance, Kumiko left the mirror behind. She took a deep breath, feeling the anticipation build within her. Her mind buzzed with a blend of excitement and determination, a quiet intensity that fueled her every move. Steeling herself for the impending battle, Kumiko made her way towards the mat room. As she walked down the corridor, the silence enveloped her, and her footsteps echoed along the empty hallway. The stillness added to the intensity of the moment, emphasizing the weight of the challenge she was about to face. Her focus amplified, shutting out any distractions as she neared her destination.

With Jocelyn and Kumiko both in the mat, the cool surface sending a shiver up their spines, they took a moment to catch their breath and gaze into each other's eyes. There was an unspoken understanding between them, a shared determination to settle their differences in the most primal way possible - through combat.

"We need to establish some ground rules," Jocelyn said, her voice steadying as she found her footing on the mat. For this match, we need to pin our opponent for a three-count or force them to submit."

Kumiko nodded, her eyes glinting with a mixture of excitement and purpose. She knew that Jocelyn's previous battles had taken a toll on her, and she plan to use Jocelyn's weaken state to her advantage.

Jocelyn watched Kumiko nod her agreement with the match rules. A hint of confidence flickered in her weary eyes. Beneath the exhaustion and the ache of her previous battles, Jocelyn harbored a belief - a belief that no matter how weakened she might be, she could easily overcome her friend on the mat.

"All right we wrestle on three," Jocelyn said with a fiery determination in her voice.

Kumiko never taking her eyes off Jocelyn just nodded in agreement as she remained focus and ready to start the match.

Jocelyn raised her hand, her trembling fingers and exhausted body a testament to the toll her previous battles had taken. As she counted, the scene surrounding them unfolded.


The mat room at Knockoutman World was unlike any other. Its spacious design allowed for unimpeded movement, giving the wrestlers ample room to grapple and maneuver. The white walls, devoid of distractions, provided a stark backdrop for the impending clash.


There were three 4-inch thick 12x6 ft. blue mats dominating the space, their springy surface absorbing the impact of each blow, enhancing both the thrill and the agony of the fight. The bright overhead lights cast a glimmering glow that accentuated the vibrant colors of Jocelyn's yellow and blue battle attire, contrasting against the white expanse around them.


Jocelyn's voice sparked a torrent of movement in the room. As soon as she spoke, the room erupted in motion. Jocelyn and Kumiko lunged toward each other, their bodies fueled by determination.

During the intense collar and elbow tie-up between the two wrestlers, their bodies were strained against each other like they were locked in stasis. Kumiko, despite her small size, used agility and strength to stay grounded. Jocelyn fought on pure adrenaline, her body aching from the battles she had fought only moments before.

With a surge of power, Jocelyn overpowered Kumiko, slowly forcing her friend's arm behind her back in a punishing hammerlock arm lock. Kumiko winced in pain, feeling the strain on her shoulder and tension radiating down her arm.

"Frustrating, isn't it?" Jocelyn said through gritted teeth. Her voice tinged with exhaustion as she applied more pressure. "You may be fresh, Kumiko, but I've fought through challenges that would break most people. I won't let fatigue slow me down."

Kumiko's frustration was evident in her voice as she grunted in discomfort. "You may have the upper hand now, Jocelyn, but I won't be defeated so easily. This arm lock may hurt, but I won't give up that easily."

Her face contorted in pain as she screamed. She felt the searing ache in her shoulder and the strain shooting down her arm, but her determination burned brighter than ever. She refused to let the pain consume her, her mind racing to find a way out of the hold.

With each passing second, Kumiko's thoughts raced, analyzing the situation. She knew Jocelyn's exhaustion gave her an advantage. However, she also knew that her friend desperately desired a quick victory, catching Kumiko off guard before she could counterattack. There was no way Kumiko was going to be able to allow that to happen.

Pushing through the pain, Kumiko stomped her foot in protest and clawed at Jocelyn's arms. She attempted to create some leverage to reverse the hammerlock. Kumiko's efforts were in vain, as Jocelyn held her grip with an iron will, manipulating her arm further as the pain increased. Kumiko squeezed her eyes shut, focusing every ounce of her willpower on an escape. Desperately, she tried to twist her body, hoping to break free from Jocelyn's tight hold, but the effort was fruitless. Thoughts raced through her mind, searching for a way to loosen Jocelyn's grip and regain control of the match.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn's despair grew with each passing moment. She knew that her earlier battles had taken a toll on her body, making a prolonged and grueling match unfavorable. Her heightened exhaustion fueled her determination to finish the match swiftly, catching Kumiko off guard and securing a quick pinfall.

Jocelyn's grip tightened, her muscles quivering with exertion as she tried to maintain control. She could feel her energy waning, the pain from her previous matches making each move a Herculean effort. Desperation fueled her every action, urging her to score that all-important first point to gain an early advantage. Jocelyn smoothly transitioned from the hammerlock to the front face lock.

Kumiko's eyes widened in realization. "Shit" Kumiko exclaimed, as she got even more upset that she let Jocelyn get her in this front face lock. More muffled curses escaped her lips, and she desperately tried to communicate her anger, but the hold silenced her words. All that could be heard was a series of muffled "mmmmhhh" as her face was pressed into Jocelyn's arm. She was now stuck, the pressure on her neck and face making it impossible to move. Kumiko realized she had to escape quickly, or she was doomed.

Jocelyn's mind swirled with thoughts as she tightened her grip, her heart pounding with anticipation. She knew her next move, the spike DDT, would be devastating. Exhaustion pulsated through her body, each muscle protesting against the strain, but her determination eclipsed the pain. She planned to execute the spike DDT flawlessly, sending Kumiko straight to dreamland and securing a quick pin. In a desperate burst of energy, Kumiko adjusted her position just enough to free her face from the suffocating grip of the front face lock. With a gasp of air, her eyes widened as she realized what was coming next. "Noooooo... Fuck!" she cried out. Her voice was tinged with fear and frustration.

Jocelyn seized the opportunity, her body moving with precision and agility as she drove Kumiko's head forcefully toward the mat. As the spike DDT connected, a thunderous impact reverberated through the room. Kumiko's senses were momentarily overwhelmed as her body was planted into the unforgiving surface.

In that split second, Kumiko felt a blinding jolt of pain surge through her head and neck. The impact rattled her consciousness for a moment, leaving her dazed and disoriented. The force of the DDT sent a shiver down her spine as she crumpled to the mat, her body no longer able to fight against overwhelming fatigue and agony. Kumiko's body was already exhausted from the match, and the sudden force of the DDT move caused her muscles to tense up, the pain shooting through her body like an electric shock. The sheer force of the move was enough to make her lose her balance and cause her to collapse to the ground, unable to fight the fatigue and pain any longer.

It felt as if time stood still for Kumiko, her vision blurred as she lay sprawled on the mat. The pain radiated through her body, each breath a struggle as her muscles cried out in protest. Seeing Kumiko disoriented and sprawled on the mat, Jocelyn's eyes gleamed with a mix of anticipation and exhaustion. Seizing the opportunity, she quickly hooked Kumiko's leg, the weight of her friend's leg pressing against her chest. Jocelyn began to slap the mat, counting the pin count of the fall.

As Jocelyn's hand struck the mat for the first count, a surge of determination coursed through her. Even in her battered state, this round of the best of five match could represent her redemption. She couldn't help but feel a glimmer of satisfaction, the taste of triumph on her lips as she counted the first count. As Jocelyn's hand struck the mat for the first count, she felt a sudden wave of optimism - confidence that she could overcome her opponents and come out on top. With her newfound strength, she was determined to make this round count, to show her resilience no matter what the odds. She was determined to win, and her victory was already taking shape.

Kumiko, on the other hand, fought against pain and confusion. The throbbing ache in her head served as a reminder of the spike DDT devastating impact. The taste of defeat lingered on her tongue, fueling her resilience. As Jocelyn's hand smacked the mat for the second count, Kumiko's fighting spirit reignited. Despite the physical and emotional pain she was in, Kumiko channeled her inner strength and refused to give up. She was determined to continue fighting and prove that she wasn't down for the count. The thought of victory kept her going and she was able to push through the pain and confusion to win the match.

With a surge of determination, Kumiko summoned every last ounce of strength she had left. Her body trembled with exertion as she summoned all her willpower, mustering the energy to lift her shoulder off the mat just before Jocelyn's hand struck the mat for the third count. Kumiko's defiance echoed through the room, breaking the pin and denying Jocelyn the victory. With her unyielding determination, Kumiko had refused to yield and pushed through the pain to find a way out of the pin.

Jocelyn's eyes widened in disbelief as she realized Kumiko had broken the count. Her heart pounded in her chest, a mix of frustration and admiration for her friend's resilience. The exhaustion intensified, the weight of the previous grueling matches taking its toll on her weary body. Yet, Jocelyn refused to succumb to defeat.

Meanwhile, Kumiko's mind raced, her thoughts a tumultuous whirlwind of determination and pain. She knew that she couldn't allow herself to be defeated so easily, not when her pride and honor were on the line. Every fiber of her being screamed for her to fight back, to prove that she was not to be underestimated.

Scrambling to their feet, both fighters showcased their sheer determination and resilience. Each step was a struggle, their muscles aching and bodies fatigued from the grueling battle thus far. But their minds remained focused on the task at hand – to emerge victorious from this intense clash.

As Jocelyn regained her footing, she barely had a moment to collect herself before Kumiko seized the opportunity. With lightning speed, Kumiko launched a swift kick towards Jocelyn's belly. The impact resonated through Jocelyn's core, momentarily stunning her. The breath was forced from her lungs, leaving her gasping for air. Kumiko had been waiting for a chance to strike and with Jocelyn's defense temporarily down, she was able to take full advantage. Her kick was calculated and precise, taking Jocelyn by surprise and leaving her completely unprepared. The force of the impact was so powerful, it caused her to lose her breath and be unable to fight back.

Jocelyn's eyes widened in surprise as the kick momentarily disrupted her balance. She fought against the wave of pain, her determination reignited as she tried to push through the disorienting sensation. She refused to let Kumiko gain the upper hand, her mind racing to formulate her next move despite the throbbing ache in her abdomen. Seizing the advantage, Kumiko swiftly wrapped her strong thighs and legs around Jocelyn's head, locking in a standing head scissors. The pressure immediately surged, squeezing around Jocelyn's neck, constricting her air supply. Jocelyn's eyes widened, feeling the intensity of the hold tightening around her head. But Kumiko wasn't finished yet. With a firm grip, Kumiko reached out and grasped both of Jocelyn's wrists, pulling them back and up. The added pressure on Jocelyn's shoulder blades and arms intensified the torment she felt. Jocelyn's body tensed, her muscles straining against the hold, as she fought to find some relief from the combined pain surging through her. The excruciating pressure on her neck and the strain on her arms sent waves of discomfort coursing through Jocelyn's body. She tried to gasp for air, her lungs desperate for a breath, but the head scissors constricted her throat, making it nearly impossible to draw in a full breath. Her vision blurred, her head pounding, Jocelyn's thoughts raced, searching for an escape from this painful predicament. With no way to escape, she knew that she was in for a long and difficult battle.

With Jocelyn trapped in Kumiko's head scissors, her head nestled between Kumiko's powerful thighs, Kumiko sensed an opportunity to deliver a devastating blow. Releasing her grip on Jocelyn's wrists, Kumiko swiftly wrapped her arms around Jocelyn's waist, securing her grip. With a burst of strength and agility, Kumiko propelled herself and Jocelyn into the air. The dizziness and fatigue overwhelmed Jocelyn's senses, leaving her helpless and unable to resist. As Kumiko soared through the air, she executed a graceful front flip, keeping her legs and thighs locked around Jocelyn's neck, maintaining the head scissors position. The world around Jocelyn seemed to spin as she was taken for this unexpected ride. Fear mingled with pain as she realized the impending danger that awaited her. Her heart raced, her breathing erratic, as the realization set in that Kumiko was about to deliver a Canadian Destroyer Piledriver. With precise timing and control, Kumiko angled her descent. Instead of attempting to land on her feet, she positioned herself to land on her ass, ensuring that Jocelyn's head would make a forceful impact on the mat. As gravity took hold, a surge of adrenaline coursed through Kumiko's veins. She focused all her strength and weight into the moment of impact.

Jocelyn's mind and body were filled with a mix of dread and anticipation. There was no escape, no way to resist the inevitable. Time seemed to stand still as Kumiko executed the final flip, bringing both herself and Jocelyn crashing down to the mat. The impact was shattering. Jocelyn's head jarred against the unforgiving surface, the pain radiating through her skull and down her spine. A gasp escaped her lips as the world spun and blurred around her. She fought to remain conscious, but the sheer force of the Canadian Destroyer Piledriver left her reeling and vulnerable. Kumiko, on the other hand, felt a surge of satisfaction as she witnessed the devastating outcome of her move. Adrenaline coursed through Kumiko's body as she looked down at her fallen opponent, her mind focused on capitalizing on this moment of vulnerability. Kumiko wasted no time in capitalizing on Jocelyn's vulnerable state. She swiftly moved over to Jocelyn's side, positioning herself to apply the sitting triangle choke hold. As her lean legs wrapped around Jocelyn's neck like vise-like grips, Kumiko's adrenaline-fueled strength tightened the hold, cutting off all air supply.

Jocelyn's vision blurred, her throat constricted, and panic surged through her body. The lack of oxygen made her head spin, and each gasping breath became more and more desperate. She clawed at Kumiko's legs, her movements weak and futile as she fought against the unyielding pressure. Kumiko's smile faded, replaced by a look of fierce determination. She leaned back, fully committing to the hold, while her muscles strained and bulged with effort. The walls of the mat room seemed to close in on Jocelyn as her body convulsed with the urgent need for air.

Through gritted teeth, Kumiko exerted her dominance over her friend. "You thought you needed to defend me?" she hissed. "Well, let me show you how strong I am, Jocelyn."

Jocelyn's face contorted with agony, her eyes pleading for release. She desperately struggled against the vice-like grip of Kumiko's legs, her body thrashing weakly on the mat. The lack of oxygen had taken its toll, and Jocelyn's movements became sluggish and disoriented. Each passing second felt like an eternity, as the world around her started to fade away.

Kumiko's eyes narrowed with determination and a fierce fire burned within her. The venomous words slipped from her lips with a mix of anger and triumph. "You thought I was weak? Look at you, already going to sleep. You're nothing but a pathetic bitch."

Jocelyn's body, weakened and deprived of oxygen, succumbed to the relentless pressure of Kumiko's hold. Her struggling grew feeble, her movements slowing as her vision blurred and darkness crept in. With one final gasp, Jocelyn's eyes rolled back, and she faded into unconsciousness. Kumiko's grip loosened as she released the lifeless form of her friend. Jocelyn lay unconscious on the mat, Kumiko took advantage of the opportunity to assert her dominance. She positioned herself atop Jocelyn's face, her bikini-clad ass resting on Jocelyn's face. The fabric of Kumiko's bikini bottom pressed against nose and mouth, allowed Kumiko to enjoy Jocelyn's shallow breath, causing a strange mix of discomfort and sensation. With one hand holding Jocelyn's ankles, Kumiko pulled them up and back, hooking them under her arms for added leverage. This secured Jocelyn in a tight schoolgirl pin, her face buried beneath Kumiko's ass.

Kumiko's hand slapped the mat, each strike resounding in the mat room as she started the pinfall count. "One!" she shouted, her voice filled with a mix of triumph and determination. "Two!"

As Kumiko continued to count the pinfall, her voice dripped with arrogance and contempt. "How could you defend me if you can't even defend yourself, Jocelyn? Pathetic." She taunted, relishing in her moment of triumph. Beneath her, Jocelyn's shallow breaths sent waves of conflicting emotions through Kumiko. The touch of Jocelyn's breath against the fabric of her bikini bottoms created a strange mix of sensations - a reminder of her dominance and a taste of vulnerability. Kumiko's mind raced with a twisted blend of satisfaction, power, and a hint of guilt. But Kumiko suppressed those emotions, allowing her focus to remain on the task at hand. The count continued as she slapped the mat again. "Three!" The sound of her hand striking the mat echoed through the room, reinforcing Kumiko's control and dominance over her friend.

With a playful and almost joyful tone, Kumiko basked in her moment of victory. "That's the first fall for me," she announced, her voice filled with confidence. The ease of her triumph seemed to bring her an exhilarating rush, a burst of energy pulsing through her veins. Kumiko leaned forward, pushing down on Jocelyn's breast to release her from the pin. The weight of her palm pressed against Jocelyn's sternum, a subtle reminder of Kumiko's strength and control. With a satisfied smirk, she stood up, stepping away from her fallen friend.

Kumiko couldn't help but revel in her dominance, her eyes gleaming with a mix of triumph and excitement. She had proven her strength and skill, and now she eagerly awaited the next round, eager to continue the punishment she was inflicting on Jocelyn. Kumiko, now firmly in control, taunted her fallen friend. "Are you going to continue fighting, or are you just going to sleep the night away?" Her words were laced with a hint of mockery, as she waited for Jocelyn's response. However, Jocelyn remained unconscious, unresponsive to Kumiko's challenge.

Growing impatient, Kumiko delivered a subtle stomp to Jocelyn's body, hoping to wake her from her slumber. The action barely elicited a reaction from the still-unconscious Jocelyn. Not satisfied with the minimal response, Kumiko's frustration grew, and she unleashed a hard stomp, this time receiving more dramatic involuntary reactions from Jocelyn. Still, Jocelyn remained unconscious. Determined to rouse her friend, Kumiko grabbed hold of Jocelyn, pulling her into a sitting position. Taking a step back, Kumiko prepared to deliver a swift kick, aiming to jolt Jocelyn awake. However, just before Kumiko could execute the kick, Jocelyn tumbled over, her body unable to find balance in her unconscious state. Frustration filled Kumiko's eyes as she dragged Jocelyn over to the side wall, propping her up against it. The room seemed to vibrate with anticipation as Kumiko readied herself for another attempt to wake Jocelyn. Taking a deep breath, she drew her leg back, aiming for a swift kick to Jocelyn's gut. The impact of the kick reverberated through the mat room, sending a shockwave of pain coursing through Jocelyn's body. The force of the blow jarred Jocelyn back to the realm of consciousness, her eyes flickering open with a mixture of confusion and pain. Kumiko's frustration transformed into a cruel smile as she looked upon Jocelyn, now fully awake and aware of the predicament she found herself in. The tables had turned, and Kumiko relished in the control she now had over her friend.

Jocelyn's mind was a whirlwind of exhaustion and pain, her body feeling like it had been thrown into a tornado of brutality. Every movement was a struggle, every breath a reminder of the agony that coursed through her. The toll of two previous matches had left her muscles fatigued and trembling, her body aching from head to toe. As Kumiko lifted Jocelyn up to a standing position, the feeling of her back pressed against the cool, white wall brought a brief moment of relief. But the respite was short-lived as Kumiko wasted no time in unleashing a relentless barrage of belly punches. The impact of each punch echoed through the room, Jocelyn's body jolting with the force behind them. Each strike sent shockwaves of pain radiating through her midsection, eliciting grimaces and gasps of agony from her lips. Her muscles strained against the onslaught, struggling to absorb the blows. Kumiko's eyes glinted with a mix of determination and satisfaction as she delivered each punch. The sound of her fist connecting with Jocelyn's flesh was music to her ears, fueling a sense of dominance and control. With each strike, she felt a surge of power coursing through her, reveling in the impact she was able to inflict upon her friend. The resiliency of Jocelyn's body amazed Kumiko, pushing her to deliver each punch with even more force, her determination unwavering. Jocelyn's body quivered with each punch, her abdominal muscles tensing and flexing in a futile attempt to withstand the onslaught. The blows sent ripples through her flesh, causing her skin to redden and welt under the relentless assault. As the punches continued, her breathing grew ragged, her gasps mingling with grunts of pain.

Kumiko sensed an opportunity to showcase her wrestling prowess as she momentarily stepped back, giving herself some distance from Jocelyn. A devilish grin played upon her lips as she prepared for her next move, her eyes narrowing with focus and determination.

With an agile leap, Kumiko propelled herself forward, her leg extended and foot aimed directly at Jocelyn's temple. The sound of impact reverberated through the room as Kumiko's foot connected with its target, sending a jolt of pain and disorientation shooting through Jocelyn's skull. Jocelyn's mind spun in a haze of confusion as the world around her blurred. The force of the kick caused her lights to flicker, her body losing all control as she slumped down the wall, her ass landing with a thud on the mat. A small trickle of drool escaped from the corner of her mouth, a testament to the depths of her disorientation. A momentary silence fell upon the room as Jocelyn fought to regain her bearings. Her eyes fluttered open, but they held a vacant glaze, her consciousness teetering on the edge of darkness. The realization of her vulnerable state washed over her, leaving her feeling a potent mixture of frustration and helplessness.

Meanwhile, Kumiko stood over her fallen friend, a mix of triumph and concern reflected in her eyes. The impact of her devastating kick had achieved exactly what she had intended: to demonstrate her dominance and remind Jocelyn of her own strength. Kumiko's bare foot gently slid under Jocelyn's chin, using it to lift her head and expose her vulnerable neck. The action showcased Kumiko's control, her foot serving as a symbol of her power over her weakened friend. The room seemed to hold its breath in anticipation of the next strike. With a flicker of determination in her eyes, Kumiko drew her leg back, poised to deliver another devastating kick to ensure Jocelyn remained incapacitated. As her leg shot forward, her foot connected with precision, striking Jocelyn with a resounding impact. Jocelyn's body jerked involuntarily as the force of the kick hit her, her eyes rolling back into her head as her consciousness slipped away once more. The thud of her body hitting the mat punctuated the finality of Kumiko's blow.

A sense of satisfaction washed over Kumiko as she witnessed the impact of her kick. Her heart raced with adrenaline, fueled by the sight of Jocelyn lying motionless on the mat. It was a testament to her own strength and the control she held over the match. With a firm grip on Jocelyn's limp body, Kumiko began to drag her away from the wall, maneuvering her towards the center of the mat. Jocelyn's body felt like dead weight in Kumiko's hands, her battered form showing the toll of the relentless punishment she had endured. Once in position, Kumiko straddled Jocelyn's back, her legs securing a dominant position. The muscles in Kumiko's arms flexed as she wrapped her forearm around Jocelyn's throat, locking in a rear naked chokehold. Initially, Jocelyn remained unresponsive, her body still limp from the previous onslaught of attacks. As Kumiko applied pressure to the chokehold, a flicker of consciousness stirred within Jocelyn. Her vision swirled into focus, but her body remained weak and uncoordinated. With each passing second, the pressure on her neck increased, causing her breaths to come in shallow gasps.

Jocelyn's mind teetered on the edge, her thoughts consumed with a primal instinct to escape the tightening grasp of the rear naked chokehold. Panic gripped her as the world around her faded, her oxygen supply diminishing. Kumiko, with a twisted sense of control, played with the pressure of the chokehold, releasing the pressure slightly to grant Jocelyn a momentary reprieve, allowing her to gasp for precious air. It was a twisted dance of domination, Kumiko toying with her weakened friend, only to tighten her grip once again. Jocelyn's mind raced as she fought against the encroaching darkness. Desperation fueled her will to survive, her body struggling against the suffocating grasp of the rear naked chokehold. Each time Kumiko relinquished the pressure, Jocelyn's hopes for escape flared, only to be extinguished when the hold tightened once more.

As Jocelyn's consciousness flickered in and out, she was enveloped by a mix of fear and determination. Her body convulsed in response to the lack of oxygen, her survival instincts kicking into overdrive. The pain of the hold combined with her own gasping breaths formed a symphony of agony and desperation within her. Jocelyn's fight against the chokehold began to wane, her body gradually succumbed to the lack of oxygen. The flickering sparks of consciousness dimmed once more, and her struggles weakened.

With a wicked glimmer in her eyes, Kumiko took advantage of Jocelyn's vulnerable state. The grip of the rear naked chokehold tightened, constricting around Jocelyn's throat as Kumiko relished in her dominance. "You thought you could defend me?" Kumiko taunted, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "You can't even defend yourself, and I'm so weak then what does that make you."

As Jocelyn's body slipped further into unconsciousness, her nervous system fired off desperate signals to the rest of her muscles. The involuntary convulsions and thrashes of her limbs painted a haunting picture, a physical manifestation of her body's desperate plea for oxygen. Kumiko's grip remained firm, her sadistic satisfaction fueling her desire to assert her dominance. She reveled in Jocelyn's weakened state, knowing she held complete control over her friend's helpless form. Kumiko released the rear naked chokehold, her sadistic grin widening as she shoved Jocelyn off her with a forceful push. Jocelyn's body crumpled, landing face down on the mat. She lay there, completely drained and exhausted, her weakened limbs twitching sporadically as she desperately sucked in ragged breaths.

As Jocelyn lay there, her face pressed against the mat, drool began to form at the corner of her lips. With each labored breath, tiny droplets fell and pooled on the mat, mingling with the perspiration, and sticking to her cheek. The evidence of her battered state was undeniable, a stark contrast to the fierce determination that had burned within her moments before. Kumiko, reveling in her dominance, stepped over Jocelyn's prone form. Her eyes glinted with a mix of confidence and malice as she positioned herself on Jocelyn's back. With precision and speed, Kumiko reached down and pulled Jocelyn's arms back, placing them over her knees. A sharp pain shot through Jocelyn's body as Kumiko locked the camel clutch. Jocelyn's eyes shot open, her body jolting in response to the excruciating agony. The pain was a jolt of electricity, bringing her back to consciousness. A mixture of gasps and groans escaped her lips as Kumiko applied pressure to her already weakened body.

Jocelyn's mind reeled as she fought to overcome the intense pain. She could feel the strain in her arms and back, every muscle protesting against the merciless hold. The sweat-soaked strands of her hair clung to her flushed face, the dampness accentuating the agony etched across her features. Desperation ignited within Jocelyn's eyes as she struggled to formulate a plan, her mind racing for any possible escape from the tormenting hold. Her body trembled as she summoned every ounce of strength she had left. Jocelyn's screams of agony echoed through the mat room as she desperately thrashed and writhed, trying to escape the painful confines of the camel clutch. Tears streamed down her face, mixing with the droplets of sweat and drool that adorned her strained features. The excruciating pain was unbearable, her body screaming for mercy.

"Please, Kumiko! I surrender!" Jocelyn cried out in a voice laced with defeat and anguish, her plea filled with desperation. "I can't take it anymore!" But Kumiko ignored her pleas, a sadistic glimmer dancing in her eyes. She tightened her grip, further contorting Jocelyn's already aching body.

"I want you to suffer," Kumiko taunted, her voice seething with spiteful delight. "I want you to feel every agonizing moment of this."

Jocelyn's surrender went unheard as Kumiko continued to punish her friend. In a final act of surrender, Jocelyn weakly tapped her hand against Kumiko's leg, pleading for mercy. Her body trembled, her cries reduced to faint whimpers as she succumbed to the unbearable pain. As the camel clutch intensified, Jocelyn's body finally gave in to the torment. Kumiko held the camel clutch just a few moments longer, relishing in Jocelyn's unconsciousness. But then, with a final cruel twist, she released her friend from the hold. A mixture of satisfaction and disdain painted Kumiko's expression as she looked down at Jocelyn's motionless form.

"Well, looks like it's two falls to zero," Kumiko sneered, her voice dripping with derision. "Doesn't seem like you're going to do much in this match except get your ass beat and sleep a bunch, huh, bitch?" Jocelyn lay on the mat, her breathing was slow and labored, punctuated by occasional twitches and spasms. The toll of the relentless assault was evident on her battered form.

As Jocelyn's consciousness slowly returned, her body throbbed with pain, a reminder of the relentless beating she had endured in her previous battles. Every movement sent waves of agony coursing through her battered form. Her muscles screamed in protest, pushed to their limit and beyond by her opponents' merciless assaults. The memory of Knockoutman's overpowering strength, Smallz's monstrous attacks, and Emerald's expert precision haunted Jocelyn. The pain and humiliation she had experienced in those matches were etched into her psyched. But now, as she faced the onslaught of Kumiko's wrath, Jocelyn couldn't ignore the harsh reality that her efforts to defend had only resulted in her own suffering. The weight of her exhaustion and injuries bore down on her, making every move a struggle, every breath labored. She felt a mix of frustration, self-doubt, and a burning desire to keep fighting. But the toll on her body and spirit was undeniable. The pain from her battles had taken their toll, and Jocelyn's stamina was rapidly depleting.

Jocelyn gradually stirred back to life, Kumiko wasted no time in yanking her friend up to a standing position. A cruel smile played at Kumiko's lips as she reminded Jocelyn of a move the latter had attempted earlier.

"Didn't you DDT me earlier?" Kumiko taunted, her voice filled with a mix of mockery and determination. "Well, let me show you how it's done properly."

With a swift motion, Kumiko delivered a light but painful kick to Jocelyn's already battered gut. The blow landed with precision, causing Jocelyn to double over in pain, clutching her abdomen. Seizing the opportunity, Kumiko stepped back, her back pressing against the cold, white wall. She built up momentum, gathering her strength for what was to come. With a burst of speed, she sprinted forward, leaping into the air, and snatched Jocelyn by the head, dragging her along for the ride. In one seamless motion, Kumiko spiked Jocelyn's head into the mat with a running, jumping DDT. The impact echoed through the mat room, sending shockwaves of pain and disorientation through Jocelyn's already battered body. It was as if Kumiko was driving a nail home, the force of the DDT leaving Jocelyn momentarily stunned and motionless on the mat.

Standing triumphantly over the dazed and nearly unconscious Jocelyn, Kumiko couldn't help but revel in the destruction she had unleashed. The pain and disorientation radiating from her friend was evidence enough that Kumiko's DDT had hit its mark with devastating precision.

"Ooooh, I know that had to hurt," Kumiko gloated, a smug smirk gracing her lips. "You see, that's how you really deliver a DDT, Jocelyn." Jocelyn tried to respond, to muster some semblance of coherent words, but all that escaped her mouth were slurred and unacknowledged sounds. Her mind was wrecked from the impact of the DDT, leaving her disoriented and utterly disconnected from the reality unfolding around her. The world spun in a haze of confusion, and Jocelyn struggled to even understand what was happening.

Her body, once fierce and powerful, now lay limp and at Kumiko's mercy. As Kumiko seized one of Jocelyn's arms and entangled it between her legs, a sinister grin twisted across her face. With a calculated move, she locked in a crossface hold, her arm pulling back across Jocelyn's face with agonizing pressure. Muffled screams of protest erupted from Jocelyn, her voice strangled by the tight grip around her face. She squirmed and thrashed, desperate to escape the hold that seemed to tighten with each passing moment. Her free hand flailed and clawed at Kumiko's hold on her face, trying to pry away the suffocating pressure. But despite her valiant efforts, Jocelyn found herself trapped in Kumiko's merciless submission. The pain intensified, shooting through her skull and blurring her vision. The world around her faded into a haze of anguish, her consciousness teetering on the edge. Through gritted teeth, Jocelyn's eyes burned with defiance and determination. She refused to give up, to submit to the torment inflicted upon her by her friend turned adversary. With every fiber of her being, she fought against the overwhelming pain, searching for a way to turn the tides. Kumiko's laughter filled the room, a cruel and mocking sound that echoed off the white walls. She scoffed at Jocelyn's feeble attempts to escape, reveling in the perceived weakness of her friend turned foe.

"If anyone is weak here, it's you," Kumiko taunted, her voice dripping with disdain. "You thought you could defend me? Ha! Look at you now, helpless and at my mercy." With a sadistic grin, Kumiko adjusted the hold, transitioning from the crossface to hooking her arms under Jocelyn's chin and neck, effectively applying a choke. The pressure intensified, cutting off Jocelyn's air supply as her throat constricted under Kumiko's powerful grip. Immediately, Jocelyn's body convulsed with coughs, her desperate attempts to breathe becoming even more frantic. Darkness crept at the edges of her vision, as the lack of oxygen tightened its grip. Panic surged through her, fueling her thrashing movements and increasing the desperation in her eyes. Time seemed to slow as the life-giving air slipped further away from Jocelyn's grasp. The world around her blurred, sounds distorted into a muffled symphony of chaos. As the dizziness settled in and the darkness threatened to consume her, Jocelyn's survival instincts kicked in. With her last reserves of energy, she desperately attempted to tap out, signaling her submission. But before her hand could even make contact with the mat, Kumiko released the hold, granting Jocelyn a brief reprieve.

Air rushed back into Jocelyn's lungs, her chest heaving as she gasped for precious breath. Relief flooded through her body, mingling with the lingering pain and exhaustion. In that moment, Jocelyn relished the simple act of breathing, grateful for the chance to regain her composure.

But as she lay there, breathless and battered, Jocelyn knew that her respite would be short-lived. Kumiko had proven herself a fierce and unyielding opponent, and Jocelyn's own strength and stamina were rapidly fading. With renewed determination, she pushed herself up from the mat, ready to face whatever came next in this grueling battle.

Jocelyn rose to her feet, Kumiko's eyes narrowed with a mixture of determination and rage. With lightning speed, Kumiko propelled herself off the back wall, hurtling towards Jocelyn. In one fluid motion, she swung her legs around, expertly wrapping them around Jocelyn's head, locking in a tight head scissor. The impact was devastating. Jocelyn was sent flying through the air, her body twisting and contorting in an unnatural manner. Time seemed to stand still as the room filled with a sickening thud as Jocelyn crashed down onto the mat, her back absorbing the brunt of the impact. Pain coursed through Jocelyn's body, radiating from her back in waves. She clutched at her injured spine, gritting her teeth against the searing ache. Each breath felt like fire, her movements restricted by the agony that radiated through her. Jocelyn writhed in pain, Kumiko wasted no time in capitalizing on her vulnerable state. Pouncing on top of Jocelyn, Kumiko grabbed hold of her leg, seamlessly transitioning into a Stepover Toehold Facelock. The agony intensified as Kumiko applied relentless pressure to Jocelyn's already aching body.

Jocelyn squirmed and thrashed beneath Kumiko, her desperate attempts to escape the excruciating hold only serving to fuel Kumiko's sadistic delight. The room echoed with Jocelyn's cries, a symphony of pain and desperation that filled the air. Sensing the turmoil within her friend turned foe, Kumiko tightened her grip, transitioning the hold into a choke. A twisted smile played on Kumiko's lips as she applied tremendous pressure, as if trying to pull Jocelyn's head all the way back to touch her own toe. The pain radiated through Jocelyn's neck, constricting her airway and stealing away her breath. The pain became unbearable, overpowering Jocelyn's will to fight. Every gasp for air was met with resistance, as Kumiko's unrelenting hold cut off her oxygen supply. Jocelyn's body grew limp, her struggles fading, as the darkness encroached upon her consciousness. A brief moment of surrender passed through Jocelyn's mind, a reluctant acceptance of the inevitable. Her body went slack, her eyes fluttering closed as she succumbed to the pain and exhaustion. The world around her faded into oblivion as she slipped into unconsciousness, her body crumpling to the mat in a lifeless heap.

Kumiko released her hold, a triumphant smirk playing on her lips. Kumiko, riding high on her dominance, leapt into the air, executing a graceful split as she descended upon Jocelyn. Her perfectly sculpted ass made contact with Jocelyn's face, smothering her in a humiliating display of superiority. Jocelyn's senses returned just enough for her to feel the weight upon her, her muffled protests stifled beneath Kumiko's firm cheeks.

With an air of confidence and victory, Kumiko initiated the count, her voice filled with glee and triumph. "One!" she exclaimed, her tone laced with arrogance. Jocelyn's world was a haze of discomfort and humiliation, her body aching, and her spirit broken. As Kumiko's count continued, Jocelyn's hopes of escape dwindled. The pain in her body intensified with every second that ticked by, and her battered limbs seemed incapable of responding. The room seemed to spin around her, her only focus fixated on the audible count that signified her impending defeat. "Two!" Kumiko's voice boomed throughout the mat room, a declaration of her dominance over her beleaguered friend. Jocelyn's body went limp beneath Kumiko's weight, her struggles reduced to feeble twitches. The three count came as a final blow, a confirmation of Kumiko's absolute triumph. The room fell silent, save for the sound of Jocelyn's defeated whimpers and Kumiko's satisfied chuckles.

Kumiko rose from the smothering position, her victorious grin widening as she observed the defeated form beneath her. Jocelyn lay sprawled on the mat, her body battered and broken, a testament to the punishment she had endured. Kumiko basked in the glory of her victory, savoring the taste of triumph as she stood over her fallen friend. Kumiko's victorious grin twisted into a more sinister expression as she gazed down at Jocelyn's defeated form. Without hesitation, she lifted her foot and pressed it against Jocelyn's bruised and battered face, the softness of her manicured foot a stark contrast to the pain it caused.

"Listen closely, Jocelyn," Kumiko's voice dripped with disdain as she delivered her scathing words. "I never asked for your defense. I never wanted it. And if this pathetic excuse for defense is the best you can muster, then maybe you should never try to defend anyone again." The weight of Kumiko's words sank into Jocelyn's battered and vulnerable state. Jocelyn's eyes widened, her spirit breaking further beneath Kumiko's cruel words. She had thought she was doing the right thing, thought she was protecting her friend, but now she was confronted with the harsh reality that her efforts were not only unnecessary but also futile. With a merciless gleam in her eyes, Kumiko shifted her foot from Jocelyn's face to her throat. The pressure increased, cutting off Jocelyn's already labored breaths. A desperate panic welled up within Jocelyn as she squirmed and thrashed beneath the weight of Kumiko's foot, her attempts to free herself becoming more frantic by the second. The room filled with the sound of Jocelyn's choked gasps and feeble attempts to escape. Each movement seemed to tighten the grip around her throat, eliciting a mix of pain and fear. Kumiko, relishing in her dominance, watched with cold satisfaction as Jocelyn's struggles grew weaker, her body succumbing to the lack of oxygen. As Jocelyn's vision blurred and her strength waned, darkness descended once again. Her limbs grew heavy, her consciousness slipping away as Kumiko's merciless hold snuffed out what little fight remained. The room fell silent, save for the sound of Jocelyn's shallow, raspy breaths, until even those ceased as she slipped into unconsciousness once more.

As Kumiko's laughter echoed through the empty mat room, she turned her back on Jocelyn's broken form and walked away, leaving her friend lying motionless on the mat. The camera pans out, capturing the haunting image of Jocelyn's battered face, marked by light bruises and welts. Her features contorted in pain and exhaustion, a testament to the physical and emotional toll she had endured throughout the day. The camera's focus narrows, honing in on Jocelyn's face. The wreckage of her once vibrant visage is painfully evident. Sweat mingles with tears, streaking down her cheeks, as small lines of saliva escape the corners of her parted lips. The marks of battle etch themselves upon her, a cruel testament to the punishment she had endured. Slowly, the camera begins to fade to black, the darkness encompassing Jocelyn's prone form. The sight of her lying there knocked out for the third time in one day, lingers as the last image it displays.


Nov 23, 2023
I love every your chapter of this fiction! I hope to read more chapters of your story!

I think is useful to write a post with every character profile like this

- Name (or surname)
- Age
- Height
- Weight
- Physical Skill and description
- A short backrgound

What do you think? In any case, i hope to read another chapter soon!


Mar 3, 2023
So to be honest all these characters are based off someone from the SKW. I started with Sumiko and Tiny and tried to find names that were similar to the fighters on the roster but just a bit different so I didn't use their likeness in my stories, because my stories are a detailed and graphic and I didn't want to offend anyone. So Kumiko = Sumiko, Smallz = Tiny, Emerald = Sapphrie, Jocelyn Satin = Jacquelyn Velvets, Nikki Soaring = Nicole Oring, Sahryn = Sahrye, Marie-Anne = Anne-Marie, Raya Ravage = Saya Savage, Takara = Takaji, Montana Charming = Dakota Charms, Knockoutman = Sleeperkid. The only oringinal character was Sasha and she is based off my old writing partner. The one that inspired me to start writing these stories in the first place. So expect to see more from this series and glad you enjoyed it. I can add some descriptions however I will not lie the descriptions are really based on the characters from there


Mar 3, 2023
Here is Jocelyn Satin:
Jocelyn Satin.jpg

and here is Kumiko:


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