Mar 3, 2023
The camera begins to pan over the room starting at the edge of the blue mats and moving outward as it captures the scene of the mat room for today’s foray. It stops, when it catches the sight of Emerald standing in the middle of the mat.

The camera operator Knockoutman gives the introduction, “Hello everybody, welcome to Knockoumans’s World. Today, we are joined in the mat room by none other than Emerald.” His voice resonates with excitement and curiosity, evident in his tone.

Emerald’s presence demands respect and attention. Dressed in all black, she strikes a formidable figure. Her black leggings cling to her muscular thighs, showcasing her strength, while her black tank top hugs her sculpted upper body. Her hair is pulled back tightly, allowing her fierce gaze to pierce through to her opponents. Though she lacks makeup, her natural beauty is undeniable, making her a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Emerald stands in the center of the room, the white walls contrasting against her dark attire, emphasizing her as the center of attention. The blue mats beneath her feet are ready to bear witness to her dominance and skill.

Emerald smirks and takes a step forward, ready to unleash her words. She lifts her head and looks directly into the camera, her eyes radiating confidence and a hint of mischief. "So, Kumiko, it seems you've finally crawled out of whatever hole you were hiding in," she sneers, her voice dripping with disdain. "How's it feel to be back? Oh, wait, I know exactly how it feels. You got your ass whooped by Smallz in your last match!"

She pauses for a moment, relishing in the opportunity to belittle her opponent. "Remember that devastating bearhug? The one that squeezed the life out of you? It was a thing of beauty, Kumiko. I could practically see the fear in your eyes as she crushed you in her powerful grasp." Emerald chuckles, clearly reveling in the memory of Kumiko's pain.

"But that wasn't even the best part, was it?" Emerald continues, her voice growing even more taunting. "No, no, it was the piledriver that truly sealed your fate. Slamming you down, driving you into the mat with such force that I swear I saw a few inches of your height disappear. It was a pleasure to witness, I must say."

Suddenly, from the side of the room, behind the curtains, emerges Kumiko, determined to defend herself. As she steps into the mat room, her petite frame contrasts with Emerald's imposing presence. Dressed in a golden bikini and barefoot, Kumiko exudes a Southern charm that captivates those around her. Her hair is pulled back neatly, allowing her sweet features to shine through.

With her hands on her hips and a gentle smile on her face, Kumiko counters Emerald's taunts. "Now, now, Emerald, let's not be too hasty with our judgments," she says, her voice carrying a soothing southern accent that adds to her girl-next-door persona. "I may have been away for a while, but it's only because I was honing my skills, studying new techniques to bring into the ring."

Kumiko takes a step forward, her eyes locked on Emerald. "Smallz may have been a beast, but he was out of my weight class, an unstoppable force. If I had faced someone else, someone more on my level, things would have turned out differently. You can't judge me based on one match."

Despite the mounting pressure, Kumiko remains composed, her voice steady and filled with conviction. She moves gracefully across the blue mats, her every step exuding confidence. The contrast between her and Emerald is stark, yet Kumiko refuses to let it intimidate her.

As the tension in the room builds, the camera captures every slight movement and subtle shift in body language. The white walls act as a canvas, reflecting the emotions and intensity playing out in the mat room.

Knockoutman, with the camera, senses the electric atmosphere and adjusts his focus, zooming in on the converging figures of Emerald and Kumiko. The anticipation hangs in the air, tangible and palpable.

Emerald, unfazed by Kumiko's attempt to defend herself, smirks smugly as she continues her barrage of insults. "Oh, Kumiko, don't try to downplay it. We all saw how Smallz carried you out on his shoulder like a personal plaything, a trophy of his victory," Emerald taunts, her voice dripping with condescension. "It must have been so embarrassing for you, being paraded around like that."

Kumiko's eyes narrow, her patience starting to wear thin. The camera captures the flicker of anger in her gaze, a fire burning beneath her composed exterior. She takes a deep breath, steadying her voice as she responds, "It was a fluke, Emerald. It was just one match, and I know, without a doubt, that if given the opportunity, I could have beaten anyone else."

Her words are laced with determination, each syllable carrying the weight of her conviction. Kumiko's fists clench tightly by her side, her knuckles turning white. The camera zooms in, capturing the intensity etched upon her face.

Emerald chuckles dismissively, a smirk playing on her lips. Emerald's eyes gleam with a newfound enthusiasm as she listens to Kumiko's words. Taking a step forward, she raises an eyebrow challengingly. "If you truly believe you can beat anyone, Kumiko, then how about a little challenge? How about you face me, the reigning Knockoutman World Champ?" Her voice drips with confidence and a hint of mischief, her smirk widening.

The camera operator, Knockoutman, instinctively adjusts the frame, capturing every detail of the dynamic exchange. The blue mats beneath their feet seem to vibrate with anticipation, ready to bear witness to the clash between these two determined fighters.

"If you can last 15 minutes against me without giving up, then I will grant you a shot at my title in the next match," Emerald declares, her voice echoing through the room. The challenge hangs in the air, electrifying the atmosphere with its weight.

Kumiko's face shifts from anger to a steely resolve, her eyes burning with determination. She squares her shoulders, meeting Emerald's gaze without an ounce of hesitation. The camera captures the fire in her eyes, the unyielding spirit within her.

"You're on," Kumiko responds, her voice laced with unwavering determination. "I accept your challenge, Emerald. Prepare yourself, because I won't back down." Her voice carries a newfound confidence, determined to prove herself against the reigning champion.

The tension in the mat room reaches its peak as the camera zooms in on the fiery exchange between Emerald and Kumiko. The determination and intensity radiate from both fighters as they stare each other down, the anticipation for the upcoming battle palpable.

Knockoutman raises the camera, capturing the perfect shot of the mat room - the white walls serving as a backdrop to the impending clash. The camera operator's excitement is evident in his steady hands and focused gaze, ready to capture every moment, every grapple, and every triumph.

The stage is set, the challenge accepted, and the mat room becomes a battleground for the clash between Emerald and Kumiko. Their desire for victory and their thirst for glory intertwine, creating a narrative that promises to captivate viewers. The camera is poised, ready to document the exhilarating journey that awaits these two fierce competitors.

As the tension reaches its peak in the mat room, Knockoutman, the camera operator, steps forward to take charge. His voice fills the room as he addresses both fighters. "Alright, Emerald and Kumiko, please step away from each other. It's time to officially begin the match," he announces, his voice firm and commanding. "Today's match is a 15-minute no holds barred showdown. And remember, Kumiko, if you can last the full 15 minutes without giving up, Emerald will put her Knockoutman World Champ belt on the line the next time you face each other."

Knockoutman moves to a neutral position, ensuring both fighters are within his camera frame. The tension is palpable as he prepares to start the countdown. His voice resonates with authority as he begins, "Three... two... one... Wrestle!"

With those words, the mat room transforms into a battlefield. As Emerald and Kumiko lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up, their determination and strength are on full display. The camera captures the intensity etched on their faces as they push against each other, vying for control.

However, it quickly becomes clear that Emerald possesses the upper hand in terms of sheer power. In a display of her dominance, she effortlessly overpowers Kumiko, forcing her back against the wall. Kumiko's back presses against the unforgiving surface, her face contorting with a mix of determination and frustration.

The camera zooms in on the two fighters, emphasizing the stark contrast between Emerald's imposing presence and Kumiko's struggle. With Kumiko trapped between the unyielding wall and the relentless force of Emerald, the camera catches every moment, ensuring no detail is missed. Emerald, sensing her advantage, smirks confidently, her eyes focused on Kumiko's vulnerable position.

In a swift and calculated move, Emerald lifts her knee with precision, driving it directly into Kumiko's stomach. The impact is devastating, knocking the wind out of Kumiko and forcing her to break the collar and elbow lockup. Gasping for air, Kumiko instinctively doubles over, clutching her aching belly in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

The camera lingers on this moment, capturing the raw agony etched across Kumiko's face. The room falls silent, except for the sound of her gasps and the faint echo of her whimpering. The visible pain in Kumiko's eyes tells a story of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

As the camera continues to capture the unforgiving scene, Emerald seizes the opportunity presented by Kumiko's vulnerable position. With a sadistic gleam in her eyes and a cruel smile on her face, Emerald unleashes another brutal strike, this time a powerful straight punch aimed directly at Kumiko's exposed abdomen.

The force behind Emerald's blow is staggering. The impact reverberates through the room, resonating off the walls. It almost seems as if Emerald's fist is pounding the very wall instead of the human flesh that is Kumiko's abs. The forceful strike pins Kumiko against the wall, her body temporarily immobilized by the sheer intensity of the blow.

Kumiko grimaces in pain, the agony plain on her contorted face. The camera captures the raw emotion etched across her features, creating a sense of empathy in the viewers. The room feels heavy with tension, the silence broken only by Kumiko's labored breaths and the faint sound of Emerald's victorious chuckle.

Emerald, fueled by her dominance and thirst for victory, decides to further capitalize on Kumiko's vulnerable state. Without hesitation, she continues her relentless assault, each strike more impactful than the last.

With precision and calculated brutality, Emerald delivers another punishing punch directly to Kumiko's abdomen. The force of the blow reverberates through the room, causing Kumiko to arch against the wall in agony. The camera captures the pain etched across Kumiko's face, her breaths becoming more exasperated with each strike.

Without giving Kumiko a moment to recover, Emerald follows up with a devastating knee strike, driving it mercilessly into Kumiko's already tender abdomen. As the knee connects, a rush of air escapes Kumiko's lungs, leaving her breathless and drained of her last remaining willpower. A silent, "O" shape forms on Kumiko's lips, a testament to the excruciating pain she endures.

The camera zooms in to capture the brutal impact, freezing the moment in time. As the camera captures the intense scene unfolding in the mat room, Emerald takes a step back, allowing Kumiko a fleeting moment to catch her breath. Kumiko, still gasping for air and recovering from the relentless strikes, clings to the wall behind her, hope flickering in her eyes.

However, Emerald, a predator never willing to relinquish control, quickly seizes the opportunity to further assert her dominance. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Emerald propels herself forward, launching her full body weight at Kumiko.

The impact is bone-jarring as Emerald's body collides with Kumiko, sandwiching her mercilessly between the unyielding wall and Emerald's formidable strength. The force of the full-body splash leaves Kumiko gasping for air once again, her body trapped and crushed.

The camera captures the sheer devastation of the maneuver, freezing the moment in time. The pain etched across Kumiko's face is evident as the room resonate with the echoes of the collision.

As Emerald pushes herself off of Kumiko, a cruel smirk spreads across her face. Not content with simply leaving Kumiko trapped between her and the wall, Emerald uses her strength to forcefully smush Kumiko even further into the unyielding surface. The impact causes a grueling mixture of pain and disorientation for Kumiko.

Dazed and disoriented, Kumiko takes a stumbling step forward before her strength finally gives out, and she collapses face-first onto the mat with a thud. Exhaustion consumes her, her body drained from the relentless punishment she has endured.

Kumiko lies face down on the blue mat, her golden bikini contrasting against the vibrant colors of the surroundings. Her body is tense, her knees sinking into the soft surface as her ass is lifted high in the air, exposing her vulnerability for all to see. The camera zooms in, capturing the sight of her pitiful form, emphasizing her defeat and helplessness.

Her hands grip the mat tightly, fingers digging into the fibers as she tries to find some semblance of support. Her face is masked with frustration and resignation, her eyes squeezed shut as if attempting to block out the humiliation that surrounds her. Beads of sweat trickle down her brow, evidence of the strenuous battle she has endured thus far.

Her once confident demeanor has been shattered, replaced by a defeated aura that consumes her. The way her body quivers, combined with her heavy breaths escaping from between clenched teeth, reveals the toll the match has taken on her physically and mentally.

Knockoutman's expert camera work captures every angle, ensuring the viewers don't miss a single detail. The camera lingers on Kumiko's exposed backside, the curves of her ass accentuated by the gold fabric hugging her firm flesh. The camera captures the contrast between her glistening skin and the smooth texture of the mat, heightening the visual appeal of this moment of defeat.

The camera hones in on Kumiko's defeated form, capturing the torment etched on her face as she lies prone on the mat. Knockoutman's voice resonates with a mix of concern and anticipation, his commentary enhancing the drama of the moment."Wow, folks, look at that! Kumiko has taken quite a beating here. Her face twisted in agony, she's really feeling the pain of this match. Emerald has dominated since the start of the match, and we literally just started the match, we are not even 2 minutes into the match. However it seem Kumiko might already be at her breaking point. What do you say Kumiko, do you give?”

Kumiko's determination shines through her clenched teeth as she defiantly refuses to give up. Her muffled voice cuts through the air, lower pitched, but laced with steely determination.

"No," she hisses, her eyes burning with an unyielding fire. "I will not give up. I will fight until my last breath."

The camera captures the intensity of her words, zooming in on her determined expression. With each passing second, the viewers can feel the weight of her conviction, understanding that she is prepared to endure any amount of pain and suffering to prove herself in this match.

With her unyielding spirit pushing her forward, Kumiko begins to muster the strength to lift herself from the mat. She pushes her hands against the ground, slowly raising her upper body, determination etched on her face. The viewers hold their breath, anticipating her triumphant rise.

But just as Kumiko is about to fully stand, Emerald, fueled by her own relentless ambition, surges forward. With lightning-fast reflexes, she wraps her arms around Kumiko's head, pulling her in a swift motion into a tight dragon sleeper hold. The impact is immediate and devastating.

Kumiko's eyes widen in shock and pain as the pressure constricts around her neck, cutting off her air supply. Her body convulses slightly, a gasp of desperation escaping her lips before it is stifled by Emerald's relentless hold. The camera captures every excruciating moment, zooming in on Kumiko's contorted face, capturing the struggle etched in her features.

Her once strong posture crumbles, her knees buckling beneath her as the dragon sleeper holds her suspended in a state of torment. The viewers can practically feel the intensity of the hold, empathizing with Kumiko's anguish and vulnerability.

As the dragon sleeper hold tightens around Kumiko's neck, her pain is amplified to new heights. Unable to hold back any longer, a muffled scream of agony escapes her lips, resonating throughout the mat room. Her voice is stifled, drowned out by the unrelenting pressure, but the raw anguish is unmistakable.

Emerald, cruel and sadistic, revels in Kumiko's suffering. The corners of her lips curl into a wicked smile as she tightens her grip, pushing Kumiko ever closer to her breaking point. The camera captures every twisted expression on Emerald's face, hissing her mockery as she taunts her defeated opponent.

"Oh, Kumiko," Emerald sneers, her voice dripping with sadistic pleasure. "Just give up already. You don't have to endure this pain and suffering. You can end it all, right now."

As Emerald's words echo in the mat room, Kumiko's vision begins to blur. The lack of oxygen coupled with the relentless pressure on her neck sends her spiraling into a haze of excruciating pain. Each moment feels like an eternity as her body weakens, her struggles growing feeble against the unyielding hold.

The camera zooms in on Kumiko's face as the life is being drained from her eyes. The camera catches the desperation etched deeply on her features as her consciousness teeters on the edge. The strain in her voice becomes more guttural, her muffled screams turning into gasps and wheezes as the grip around her neck tightens further.

Emerald's enjoyment is on full display, her sadistic delight evident as she relishes in Kumiko's suffering. The camera captures the cruel smirk on her face, her eyes shining with a twisted pleasure. She revels in the control she holds over her opponent, a cruel puppeteer orchestrating Kumiko's torment.

With every passing second, Kumiko's struggle becomes more futile. The pain and lack of oxygen weigh heavily on her, pushing her towards the precipice of unconsciousness. Her body trembles, her strength waning, as she teeters on the brink of defeat. Emerald, fueled by sadistic glee, leans in closer to Kumiko's struggling form. Her voice drips with cruel pleasure as she taunts her weakened opponent. "Do you give, Kumiko?" Emerald sneers, her tone filled with sadistic delight. "Or are you just going to keep suffering until you pass out?"

Kumiko, despite her predicament and the overwhelming pain, summons the last vestiges of her defiance. Through gritted teeth, she spits out a defiant curse that echoes throughout the mat room.

"Fuck you!" Kumiko screams, her voice filled with defiance and anger. "I'm not giving up! I'll never give up!" Her words, laced with fury and determination, hang heavy in the air.

As Kumiko's defiance rings through the mat room, Emerald's sadistic grin widens. With a vindictive twist of her arms, she tightens the dragon sleeper hold even further, pushing Kumiko to her breaking point.

Kumiko's screams and thrashing turns into choked gasps as her vision blurs and her body weakens. Her muscles, once strong and full of fighting spirit, now betray her as they spasm with pain. The lack of oxygen coupled with the excruciating pressure on her neck become unbearable.

Despite her unwavering will, Kumiko's consciousness begins to fade. The camera magnifies the torment etched on her face as she surrenders to the overwhelming pain, her eyes fluttering as she teeters on the edge of consciousness.

And then, with a final surge of agony, Kumiko succumbs to the relentless hold. Her body becomes limp in Emerald's clutches as she slips into unconsciousness, her mind finally finding respite from the unbearable suffering.E merald's victorious laughter fills the room as she continues to hold the defeated Kumiko. The camera captures the sadistic satisfaction on her face, reveling in her dominance over her fallen opponent.

Emerald releases the unconscious Kumiko from the dragon sleeper hold, allowing her to crumple to the mat in a lifeless heap. She stands over her defeated rival, a mix of triumph and sadistic pleasure evident on her face. The camera zooms in on Emerald, capturing her wicked satisfaction as she taunts the fallen Kumiko.

"She should have given up," Emerald sneers, her voice dripping with disdain. "She could have saved herself from this agony. But she chose to resist until the very end. And look where it got her." Emerald's sadistic grin widens as a devious idea flashes across her mind. She leans down, bringing her face inches from Kumiko's unconscious form, and the camera captures her twisted delight. "I know exactly what will wake her up," Emerald purrs, her voice filled with a wicked anticipation. "It's time to introduce her to a whole new level of pain."

Emerald towers over the unconscious Kumiko, a malevolent glint in her eyes as she positions herself with calculated precision. With a cruel determination, she places the soles of her boots on the sprawled-out hair of Kumiko, trapping her in a devastating hairstand mat pull. The camera zooms in, capturing the scene in all its sadistic glory.

As Emerald exerts pressure through her boots, she abruptly yanks both of Kumiko's arms, forcefully pulling her up from the mat. The excruciating pain shoots through Kumiko's body, jarred awake from her unconscious state. A guttural scream tears through her lips as the sensation feels like her hair is being cruelly ripped from her scalp.

The viewers witness Kumiko's agonizing awakening, her cries of anguish filling the room. The camera captures the look of horror on her face as her scalp is mercilessly tugged upon. Beads of sweat form on Kumiko's forehead, mixing with her tears as the pain intensifies with each passing second.

Emerald, reveling in Kumiko's suffering, maintains her hold, ensuring the hairstand mat pull is as torturous as possible. The sadistic tormentor taunts her helpless opponent, savoring the sounds of her anguish.

"How's that, Kumiko?" Emerald taunts, her voice dripping with sadistic pleasure. "Does waking up to this pain make you regret not giving up sooner?"

Kumiko's futile struggles only worsen her agony, as her hair continues to be mercilessly pulled. The expression of anguish on her face is haunting, a mix of pain, desperation, and frustration. The camera captures every detail, from the strain in her muscles to the raw determination in her eyes to endure the torment.

With each passing moment, Kumiko's screams become more desperate, her body wracked with pain. Yet, despite the intense suffering, the fire of defiance still flickers within her. Emerald, finally satisfied with the torment inflicted upon Kumiko, releases her grip on her hair. The pressure on Kumiko's scalp eases, allowing her to crumple back to the mat. The camera captures the relief mingled with lingering pain on Kumiko's face as she curls into a fetal position, clutching her scalp, desperately attempting to massage away the agony she endured.

Her breaths come in ragged gasps, her body trembling with the residual pain. The camera zooms in, capturing the vulnerability etched on Kumiko's features as she tries to regain some semblance of composure. The pain in her scalp lingers, a constant reminder of the sadistic torment she has endured.

Emerald, ever relentless in her sadistic pursuit, reaches down and grabs a handful of Kumiko's hair. With a cruel smirk, she forcefully lifts Kumiko up to a standing position, disregarding her wobbly bearings. The camera captures the unsteady stance of Kumiko, her body still reeling from the intense pain and suffering she has endured.

Kumiko's legs tremble beneath her, struggling to support her weight as she sways unsteadily. Her hands instinctively reach out to steady herself, but the pain coursing through her body makes it difficult to find balance. The camera zooms in on the determination mixed with vulnerability in Kumiko's eyes, capturing the physical and emotional toll the match has taken on her.

Emerald, reveling in Kumiko's weakened state, circles around her, taunting her with every step. Her sadistic laughter fills the air, a chilling soundtrack to Kumiko's struggles. Despite her exhaustion, Kumiko refuses to crumble entirely, her eyes burning with a fiery resolve.

Emerald, seizing the opportunity to further punish Kumiko, wraps her arms around her waist, preparing for a powerful bodyslam. The camera captures the anticipation in Emerald's eyes as she lifts Kumiko high off the ground, her body seeming to defy gravity for a brief moment.

However, just as Emerald goes to slam Kumiko down, she quickly shifts her position, utilizing her knee to execute a devastating over-the-knee backbreaker. The sudden shift in movement catches Kumiko off guard, causing her to let out a piercing scream of pain as her back arches over Emerald's knee.

The impact resonates throughout the mat room, the sound of bone meeting steel echoing in the air. Kumiko's body contorts in agony as Emerald ruthlessly applies pressure, pushing Kumiko's limits to the brink. The camera captures every writhing movement and pained expression on Kumiko's face as she endures this excruciating hold.

Tears stream down Kumiko's face as her body trembles under the intense pain. The breaths that escape her lips are ragged and broken, a testament to the torture she is enduring. It feels as though her back is being twisted and crushed, each second stretching out to an eternity of torment.

Emerald, fueled by sadistic pleasure, increases the pressure on Kumiko's suffering form. With her knee continuing to drive into Kumiko's back, she viciously pushes down on her neck, adding to the excruciating pain radiating through her spine. At the same time, Emerald applies force to Kumiko's belly, intensifying the torment and causing her to emit guttural cries of agony.

As Kumiko's body contorts under this relentless assault, Emerald takes perverse delight in her suffering. Her voice drips with cruel satisfaction as she mocks her defeated opponent. "Give up, Kumiko," Emerald taunts, her voice laced with derision. "Stop fighting against the inevitable. You're only prolonging your own suffering. Just give up and make it easy for yourself."

Each word from Emerald's mocking taunts intertwines with Kumiko's screams of pain, creating an atmosphere of sadistic torment. The camera captures the tormentor's wicked enjoyment, focusing on her twisted smile and cold, triumphant gaze. Meanwhile, Kumiko's face contorts with a mixture of agony and defiance, vowing silently to endure, fueled by her unbending spirit.

Emerald, reveling in the sadistic pleasure of dominating Kumiko, decides to escalate her brutal assault. With Kumiko still helplessly stretched over her knee, Emerald raises her arm high, her fist clenched, and delivers a devastating axe-handle blow directly to Kumiko's exposed midsection.

The impact of Emerald's strike reverberates throughout the room, echoing off the walls, as Kumiko's body convulses in response. A guttural cry of pain escapes Kumiko's lips, mingling with the sound of her crashing down to the mat. The force of the blow sends waves of agony coursing through Kumiko's body, every muscle screaming in protest.

As Kumiko lies sprawled on the mat, writhing in severe pain, the camera zooms in, capturing the essence of her agony. Beads of sweat roll down her forehead, mixing with tears of pain and frustration. Her chest heaves with labored breaths, desperate attempts to regain control of her body. The pain etched on her face is palpable, each contortion of her features telling a story of anguish and resilience.

Emerald, seizing the opportunity to further torment Kumiko, closes in on her writhing foe. She expertly maneuvers Kumiko's weakened and pain-ridden body, swiftly transitioning into a figure-four leg hold.

As Emerald clasps her hands together, trapping Kumiko's leg between her own, an intense surge of pain reverberates through the young wrestler's body. Kumiko's eyes widen with a mixture of shock and agony as the pressure from the hold shoots sharp and searing pain straight to her brain.

With every twist and turn, Emerald amplifies the excruciating torment. The camera captures the twisted pleasure etched on Emerald's face, her eyes gleaming with sadistic delight. She relishes in the anguish she inflicts, her lips curling into a wicked smile that contrasts with the tormented expression painted across Kumiko's features.

Kumiko's body frantically responds, her hands clawing at the mat in a desperate attempt to escape the merciless grip. Each breath she takes is heavy, labored, and laced with the intensity of her suffering. Cruel waves of pain course through her legs, leaving her completely at Emerald's mercy.

With Kumiko trapped in the merciless grip of the figure-four leg hold, Emerald's sadistic taunts reach a new level of cruelty. She leans in close, her voice dripping with malice and malcontent, as she continues to wear down Kumiko's spirit. "Why don't you just give up, Kumiko?" Emerald sneers, her words laced with disdain. "You're clearly outmatched, babe. Keep fighting, and you'll end up losing more than just a match. That pretty little leg of yours might just snap under the pressure. Is that what you want? Is it worth it?"

Emerald's words pierce through the haze of pain enveloping Kumiko's mind, forcing her to confront the brutal reality of her situation. The camera captures the raw emotion etched on Kumiko's face as she grapples with this agonizing choice. Determination and defiance mix with fear and doubt, highlighting the internal battle that wages within her.

Kumiko knows that her leg is on the line – both literally and figuratively. Her body trembles with the effort to resist, to overcome the excruciating pain coursing through her being.

As Emerald continues to exert her sadistic dominance over a tormented Kumiko, the voice of reason and concern emerges from the sidelines. Knockoutman, the camera operator capturing every moment of this intense match, can no longer remain a passive bystander.

Breaking away from his role as a spectator, Knockoutman steps forward, his voice filled with genuine worry and empathy. "Kumiko, there is no shame in giving up," he declares, his tone filled with heartfelt concern. "Your safety and well-being are far more important than the outcome of this match. Live to fight another day, my friend."

His words hang in the air, a pause amidst the relentless onslaught. For a brief moment, the intensity of the match is momentarily suspended as the weight of Knockoutman's words begins to sink in.

Kumiko, her body trembling and her gaze flickering with a mix of pain and determination, absorbs the gravity of Knockoutman's plea. A torrent of conflicting emotions crashes against her, threatening to consume her. The camera zooms in, capturing the inner struggle etched across her face, a reflection of the tremendous physical and emotional toll inflicted upon her.

With each agonizing second, Kumiko's resolve teeters on a precipice of defeat. Despite her unwavering spirit and desperation to continue the fight, the increasing pressure in the figure-four leg hold becomes too much for Kumiko to bear. As her body, twisted and contorted, reaches its breaking point, Kumiko acknowledges the excruciating reality and taps out, a signal of surrender.

But Emerald, her sadistic nature gleaming in her eyes, refuses to release the hold. Ignoring Kumiko's submission, she maintains the ruthless grip, refusing to grant her opponent any respite from the anguish.

The camera captures the harrowing moment as Kumiko's body goes limp, her consciousness slipping away once again. The pain overwhelms her senses, cascading through her like a tidal wave, until her mind can no longer withstand the torture. With a final gasp of agony and a vacant expression spreading across her face, Kumiko succumbs to the darkness of unconsciousness.

Emerald's sadistic pleasure reaches new heights as she revels in Kumiko's unconscious state. With a twisted smirk, she mocks her helpless opponent, her voice heavy with derision. "Pathetic," Emerald sneers, her tone dripping with contempt. "You tapped out so quickly, Kumiko. I barely had the hold locked in, and you already gave up? Is this the best you can do? I wanted the fight to continue, to savor your suffering. But instead, you pass out like a weakling."

The camera zooms in on Emerald's face, capturing every cruel detail of her expression, the gleeful dominance shining in her eyes. Meanwhile, Kumiko lies motionless, her body sprawled on the mat, as Emerald continues to revel in her victory.

The contrast between the two wrestlers couldn't be more striking: Emerald, radiating with sadistic pleasure, and Kumiko, trapped in a state of vulnerability and defeat.

As Emerald basks in the sadistic joy of her victory over Kumiko, Knockoutman's voice resonates through the mat room. Looking at the still-unconscious Kumiko, he clears his throat and makes the announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match by tap out is Emerald!" Knockoutman declares, his voice tinged with a mix of admiration and concern for both competitors.

The camera pans across the room, capturing the varied reactions from the onlookers. Some show their appreciation for Emerald's domination, applauding and cheering her victory, while others glance back at the limp form of Kumiko, a mix of sympathy and concern etched on their faces.

Emerald's smirk widens as she hears the words, her dominance solidifying as she stands over her fallen opponent. In this frenzied atmosphere of pain, desire, and twisted satisfaction, the audience is left to contemplate the repercussions of this intense, sadistic match.

As the scene fades, capturing the aftermath of Kumiko's agony and Emerald's triumph, the Knockoutman World Universe is left with an indelible mark, etched in the minds of all who witnessed the brutal encounter.


Mar 3, 2023
The 1st photo is Kumiko and 2nd is Emerald

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