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Panty vs Tsunade Round 1

After Korra and Sakura left the arena, the announcer's voice echoed throughout the arena.


The entrance door opened and Panty Anarchy made her way to the ring, wearing red bikini with red boots and her long blonde hair swaying every time she moved. She flipped the middle finger at the crowd as she rolled into the ring and made her debut: posing in any sexual pose as possible before leaning against the turnbuckle.


The entrance door opened and women with long blonde hair tied into two pigtails and with massive breasts walked towards the ring. She was tall with a white smooth body, covered in white bikini that barely held her breasts and white boots. She waved to her fans and climbed into the ring.

As Tsunade posed inside the ring, Panty was brooding. After being humiliated by her own sister, Stocking, after defeating her and the Daemon Sisters: Panty had been looking for some way to vent her frustration to and she found it by fighting Tsunade, one of CWF's veteran wrestlers.
Impatient, Panty charged and while Tsunade was still facing the crowd, Panty dropkicked her in the back. Tsunade gasped at the sudden attack and she was slammed face-first into the mat. The bell rang and the crowd booed at Panty's pre-emptive attack. Panty grabbed Tsunade by the hair and dragged her into the middle of the ring, Panty then slammed Tsunade's face into the mat several times before rolling Tsunade onto her back and applying head scissors. Tsunade, however, just pushed Panty's legs upwards and slipped her head between Panty's thighs. Tsunade kept on holding onto Panty's legs and looked down at the younger woman.

'You have some nerve', Tsunade glared. 'Attacking a woman from behind while she's posing: and even the bell rang.'

Panty just spat. 'Who wants to watch an old hag trying to act sexy? The crowd are after someone more younger and beautiful like me, not some busty ancient relic!'

Tsunade's eyes narrowed. 'Old? I'll show you whose old!'

Grabbing Panty's legs, Tsunade swung the younger woman in circles like a hurricane and after swinging her in five circles: Tsunade threw Panty out of the ring and onto a table just outside of the ring. As Panty arched her back in pain, Tsunade quickly climbed on top of a turnbuckle near to the table and leaped from it: elbow dropping onto Panty's abdominal. Panty had the wind knocked out other body as the table under broke in half at the extreme weight of Tsunade's: sending both of them down to the arena's floor and sending wooden shards all over the place.

Panty screamed in pain and rolled around while Tsunade casually picked herself up and pulled Panty up and slammed her face into the ring post. Panty covered her face in pain as Tsunade threw her back into the ring and when Panty was squirming on the mat, Tsunade climbed onto the apron of the ring. Unexpectedly, Panty got up quickly and angry as hell, grabbed Tsunade's head and slammed her throat down on the top ropes: making Tsunade fell onto her back onto the floor, holding her throat and coughing.

Panty posed for her fans as she waited for Tsunade to get back up and went her head popped out in Panty's view, Panty ran towards her and slid on the mat: kicking Tsunade in the face and sliding our of the ring as well.

As Tsunade lay on the floor and covered her face in pain, Panty pulled Tsunade onto her feet and pulled her up onto the apron. Panty then put Tsunade between the top and middle rope and hung her onto the middle rope with Tsunade's arms and breasts over the middle ropes. With Tsunade hanging there, Panty grabbed hold of Tsunade's bikini bottom and wedged it into Tsunade's crotch: making Tsunade screamed in pain.
Panty smirked and wedged the bikini bottom deeper into Tsunade's crotch, making the older woman screamed in pain and agony until she suddenly gasped: a bikini bottom becoming damp. Panty grinned and tore off Tsunade's bikini bottoms: showing Tsunade's blond hairy vagina covered in orgasm. The crowd started whistling and catcalling as Panty swung the bikini bottom in circles and threw it into the sea of crowd but when she turned around to gloat at Tsunade, Tsunade had lifted her legs and wrapped it around Parity's head in a head scissors.

Tsunade angrily shouted. 'You bitch! I hope you like a taste!'

Grabbing Panty by her long blond hair, Tsunade pulled Panty into her exploding vagina: covering Panty's face in her thick cum. Panty moaned as she was forced to swallow some of Tsunade's vaginal fluids. Once she stopped orgasmed, Tsunade smiled with relief and leaned forward: pulling the strings of Panty's bikini top and letting the bikini top fall to the arena's floor. Then using her legs, Tsunade pulled Panty back into the ring and freed herself from the ropes: pinning Panty's shoulders down to the mat. The referee went down for the count.

'1... 2...'

Tsunade yelped as she felt a stinging pain in her crotch and fell backwards onto her anus and off of Panty: showing Panty's pink nipples. Panty wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and grinned.

'Damn hag! You sure cum a lot! Now, this is getting interesting!'

Roaring, Tsunade charged and speared Panty against the ropes: making her rebound from the ropes and sending her to the other side. As Panty rebound and ran back to Tsunade who caught her and scooped her into the oil: slamming her down onto the mat. Despite her pain, Panty rolled away before Tsunade can deliver a leg drop on her face and got to her feet. She rebound from the ropes and delivered a dropkick into Tsunade s face: sending the older woman skidding backwards on her anus before falling onto her back.

When Panty got closer to Tsunade, Tsunade suddenly leaned forward and jabbed her nails into Panty's stomach. Surprised, Panty stepped backwards and held to the spot where Tsunade had driven her nails into her and her surprise only increased. Panty found that she was starting to sweat profusely and her body was becoming hotter. To her shock, her pink nipples were leaking out fluids and her bikini bottom was getting damped.

Trying to cover her leaking nipples and moaning sexually, Panty pulled out her bikini bottom: showing her blond hairy vagina that was exploding with orgasm.

As Panty stood there, moaning sexually and leaking from her nipples and vagina, Tsunade stood up and smiled.

'You like that you cocky bimbo? You see: I always keep aphrodisiac powders under my nails in case get captured or need to be sexually aroused. with the powder inside your system, you will be leaking like the cum container you always are. You're completely at my mercy!'

Thinking that victory was within her grasp, Tsunade grabbed Panty by the hair: only to be scooped by the crotch and slammed down into the mat. Tsunade barely gasped in pain when Panty picked her up and power bombed her against the turnbuckle and then onto the mat before pulling her up onto her feet and Irish whipping her into the turnbuckle. As Tsunade leaned on the turnbuckle, breathing heavily in pain, Panty rammed her shoulders into Tsunade's belly and putting her head under her right arm, Panty bulldogged Tsunade's face into the mat.

Tsunade held her face in pain as Panty rolled her onto her back. Weakened, Tsunade looked up at the smirking Panty.

'H-how...' Tsunade panted. 'How... are you...?'

Panty spat in Tsunade's face. 'You dumb hag! I get my powers from sexual arousal. The hornier I get the stronger I become! Your little trick may have work on other sluts but it won't work on me!' Panty then pushed her blond hairy vagina, which was still leaking, into Tsunade's mouth. 'Time to fill you up with my juice!'

Tsunade squirmed and flailed her arms wildly as her mouth was beginning to overflow: being too weak from Panty's attack to swallow the thick cum. When Panty felt that the medicine had wom off; she stood up and Tsunade's mouth was filled with cum: having to tilt her head to spill the rest onto the mat. Panty pulled her up and turned her around.

'Let's see how much cum is left inside of you.' Panty said as she wrapped her arms around Tsunade's body and lifted her into the air and bringing her down in an atomic drop: slamming Tsunade's vagina onto her knee.

Tsunade gasped as her vagina exploded with orgasm: covering Parity's knee and the mat. Then Panty grabbed Tsunade's arm and Irish whipped her into a mmbuclde. As Tsunade arched her back and tried to cover her leaking vagina, Panty walked up to her, slapped her face on each side before ripping her bikini top: showing Tsunade's brown nipples. Tsunade whimpered as Panty started massaging her breasts before treating them like punching bags: making Tsunade cried and yelped in agony.

'Hahl You think that having large tits will make you better?' Panty taunted her. 'It just show you're nothing bit a shaggy old cow! I bet I can get a lot of milk from you!'

After she finished mauling Tsunade's breasts, Panty pinched Tsunade's nipples and twisted them painfully: making Tsunade screamed in pain as her nipples squirted out fluids. The fluids flowed down Tsunade's massive breasts and down to the mat as Panty let go of them and Tsunade whimpering and covering her leaking nipples. Panty grabbed hold of Tsunade's head and hip-tossed her onto the mat.

With Tsunade moaning in pain, Panty grabbed her legs and inserted her toe into Tsunade's wet vagina: making Tsunade squirmed. Panty started rubbing her toe inside and out of Tsunade's vagina until she exploded with cum again. Tsunade mewled as she expelled more orgasm while Panty laughed at her.

'I’m not done with you yet! Let's see if you still got some juice left in you!'

Panty filled Tsunade over her head and slammed Tsunade's back onto her knee in a backbreaker: making Tsunade gasped and spat out saliva. Panty then inserted her fingers into Tsunade's already sore vagina; fingering her furiously, Tsunade shook her head and moaning pitifully as Panty drove her lingers deeper into Tsunade's vagina. Finally, Tsunade's vagina exploded with orgasm: gushing out like a waterfall and creating a pool on the mat. Tsunade's eyes rolled back and drool flowed out of her mouth: becoming limp.

Panty smirked and rolled Tsunade off her knee as the referee checked Tsunade: the older woman was unconscious. Making sure that Tsunade was only unconscious, the referee signal ed the end of the match and the bell rang.

'YOUR WINNER!' the announcer cried. 'BY KNOCKOUT, PANTY ANARCHY!'

The arena was filled with a mixture of cheers and boos as the referee raised Panty's hands into the air: Panty smiling in triumph. When the referee let her go, Panty looked down on the unconscious Tsunade and smiled wickedly. She sat on Tsunade's face and covered her face in her orgasm. Panty smiled and stood up and posed for the fans to see. Then she climbed out of the ring and walked backstage.

When Panty left the arena, CWF's aides helped Tsunade to the infirmary as the crowd leave their seat.


As the last person left the arena, aides came in with cleaning tools to clean the arena before the next day.
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Panty Anarchy vs Tsunade Round 2

The CWF's arena filled with people once again as they were excited for today's schedule. Once the seats were taken, the lights dimmed until the spotlights above the ring was stlll on. A woman with red hair and freckles wearing the black and white striped bikini for referee entered the ring as the announcer's voice echoed throughout the arena.


The door opened and Tsunade, wearing green bikini and green boots, walked past the crowd with Haruno Sakura alongside her and climbed into the ring. She stood in the middle of the ring, her arms folded below her massive breasts while Sakura stood outside of the ring: wearing her usual outfit.

'AND HER OPPONENT!' the announcer continued. 'FROM DATEN CITY! PANTY ANARCHY!'

The door opened again and Panty Anarchy strutted towards the ring in red bikini and red boots before rolling into the ring. She made sexy poses before smirking at Tsunade.

'It's been a while you old hag.' Panty started. 'So you're the one demanding for a rematch, I thought you and those oversized racks had enough beating from me.'

Tsunade growled. 'Enough you young whelp! Last time I underestimate you but this time I'm going to pound you into the dust!'

Panty snarled. 'Oh go fuck yourself you old cow before I milk you dry '

Sakura, standing outside of the ring, shouted. 'Good luck, master!'

The bell rang and Panty charged Tsunade, aiming a punch but Tsunade easily caught her and lifting her in the air: she twirled in circles before throwing Panty down to the mat. Panty gasped in pain as her back hit the mat but she lifted her legs and as soon as Tsunade was within her reach, she kicked her in her crotch, Tsunade grunted but ignored the pain and pulled Panty up by the hair: putting her head under her left arm and delivering a DDT onto her. Panty held her face in pain as Tsunade pulled her up onto her feet.

Panty quickly stamped onto Tsunade's foot and when Tsunade hopped backwards holding her hurt foot, Panty swirled around and kicked her in the jaws. Tsunade gasped as she fell onto her back and Panty followed with
an elbow drop on Tsunade crotch: falling into Tsunade's body scissors. As Panty struggled in Tsunade's hold, Tsunade grabbed Panty's hair and punched her head. Enduring the pain, Panty brought her head down and bit on Tsunade's crotch hard. Tsunade yelped and let go of Panty who pulled Tsunade's bikini bottom off her: showing Tsunade's blonde hairy vagina.

Angry at being stripped first, Tsunade kicked Panty in the face and sent her crashing into the turnbuckle. Tsunade stood up and lilted Panty onto her feet and leaned her against the turnbuckle, ripping away Panty's bikini: showing her pink nipples and blonde hairy vagina. Smiling dangerously, Tsunade started punching Panty in the belly but after a few punches, Panty grabbed Tsunade by the shoulders and head butted her on the forehead before switching roles and slamming Tsunade into the turnbuckle.

Panty grabbed Tsunade's bikini top and ripped it off: showing Tsunade's brown nipples. Panty raised her fists and started treating Tsunade's breasts like punching bags: giving them hooks and crosses. Tsunade moaned in pain as Panty laughed as she punched Tsunade's breasts, Then to Tsunade's horror, her nipples started squirting out fluids: covering Panty's face.

Panty licked her lips and smirked. 'Your milk still taste creamy for an old cow like you.

'Stop calling me old ' Tsunade yelled and pushed Panty onto the mat and elbow dropped on Parity's vagina: making it burst with cum and covering Tsunade in cum. Panty screamed sexually and kicked Tsunade in the face but Tsunade caught her legs and stood up: swinging Parity in circles before throwing her into one of the turnbuckles. Panty groaned in pain as Tsunade pulled her on top of the turnbuckle and slammed her back into the mat. Tsunade smothered Panty with her massive breasts and pinned her as the referee made the count.

'You like that you cocky slut?' Tsunade cried. Tm going to show you who you're messing... Ouch!'

Before the referee could finish the count, Tsunade rolled off Panty and clutched her vagina in pain as Panty had kneed her in the crotch. Breathing in the air that she was lacking under Tsunade's breasts, Panty stood up and pulled Tsunade onto her feet by the hair: lifting her into the air and delivering a muscle buster on her. As Tsunade fell back on the mat in pain, Panty stood above her and drove her nails into Tsunade's stomach before stepping back. Tsunade stood up but before she could attack Panty, her body started to shake and to her disbelief: her vagina exploded with orgasm and her nipples leaked with fluids like a waterfall, Tsunade tried to cover her breasts and vagina and found herself on the knees. She looked up at Panty.

'This is... ' Tsunade knew what had happened to her but did not believe it.

Paulty's smile confirmed Tsunade's fear. 'Yup, that's your aphrodisiac powder thingy. You should really be careful where you put your stuffs grandma. Your lockers was so easy to break in.'

'You... ' Tsunade wanted to hit Panty but the constant orgasms and leaking had weakened her. She remained on her knees.

Panty laughed. 'This is going to be too easy. Now to have some fun!'

Panty grabbed Tsunade by the arms and Irish whipped her into a turnbuckle and when Tsunade slammed into the turnbuckle, Panty elbowed Tsunade in the breasts: sending Tsunade's fluids flying, Tsunade screamed in paim and moaned sexually as Panty drove her fingers deeper into Tsunade's vagina: fingering her inside. Despite orgasmed due to the aphrodisiac powder, Tsunade gasped loudly as more cum burst out of her vagina and covering the entire mat with her thick cum. With Tsunade's vagina exploding like a waterfall, Panty turned her upside down and put her in a tree of woe where Tsunade covered herself with her own vaginal fluids.

Once Tsunade was covered in her own orgasm, Panty put her on her shoulders and slammed her down into the mat in a fireman’s carry position before climbing on top of the turnbuckle. Panty gave a sexy pose before leaping from the turnbuckle and elbow dropping onto Tsunade crotch: making it explode with cum and covering Panty in thick fluid. Tsunade screamed and her eyes rolled back, falling back onto the mat. Panty sat on Tsunade's belly and slapped her face until Tsunade was awake.

'It's time to end this!' Panty declared and leaning backwards, she plunged her fingers into Tsunade's vagina once again and fingered her roughly and deeply.

Tsunade cannot take anymore of this. 'I... Give... Up...'

'I can't hear you ' Panty smiled and poked her vagina harder.

Tsunade yelped. 'I give up!'

Panty grinned. 'MMmmmm... Let's see... Here we are!'

With a final poke and pulling out her fingers, Panty made Tsunade orgasmed once more: making Tsunade hanged out her tongue and lay on the mat: in a pool of her own cum. The referee signalled the end of the match and Panty stood up and raised her hands in victory as the crowd cheered for her.


Once the cheers died down, Panty smirked at Tsunade who was still on the mat in an eagle spread position: she planted her blonde hairy vagina into Tsunade's face and orgasmed into her mouth.

'Here you old hagl' Panty cried. 'Have a taste of my juice!'

Tsunade gurgled and choked on the cum, her mouth overflowing. Panty smiled and stood up, spitting on Tsunade's face before leaving the ring and walking out of the arena. Sakura Haruno who was outside of the ring
the whole time quickly climbed into the ring and helped Tsunade up.

'You fought well, Master. ' Sakura comforted her teacher. 'Next time you will get Panty!'

Tsunade, however, was so upset with losing to Panty twice, got angry with Sakura and kneed her apprentice in the belly. The surprised Sakura gasped and spat out saliva as an angry Tsunade wrapped her arms around Sakura's body and lifting her into the air. Then Tsunade leapt out of the ring and power bombed Sakura into the arena floor: Sakura gasping in pain before fainting. Tsunade let go of Sakura and angrily stormed off the arena while CWF's aides helped Sakura to the infirmary.


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Tornado Tag: Misty & May vs Mikasa & Annie vs Peach & Daisy
The CWF's arena was packed more than usual as tonight's match was a special match: first one to be organized in the CWF. The crowd went wild and crazy as the ring was going to be full with more than two female wrestlers. In the ring was already the referee, green long hair that reached until her knees and wearing the black and white bikini. The announcer’s voice filled the arena.


The door opened and two young women entered the arena. One of them had long, blonde hair and pale skin with blue eyes and wearing skimpy pink bikini. Her partner has the same length as hers but brunette and the partner’s skin was slightly tanned. Her eyes were also blue and she wore skimpy orange bikini. They made their way to the ring but as soon as they entered, they started exchanging scored remarks about their figures.


The door opened again and two younger girls came in. The first girl's short orange hair was tied on her let side and has blue eyes. Her skin was fair with skimpy blue bikinis covering it. Her companion has short brown hair covered in a red bandanna and blue eyes. Her skin was slightly tanned and she wore red bikini. As they were making their way to the ring, the crowd could hear them arguing loudly.

'Ash like me better!' Misty was arguing.

'No way! ' May retorted angrily. 'He like me better! I've bigger breasts than you!'

Their heated argument was covered by the announcer's voice.


The door opened for the last time. A girl with short black hair cut to the chin and black eyes walked towards the ring. Red skimpy bikini covered her pale muscled body, ripped with muscles. Walking next to her was a girl with short blonde hair tied to the back and blue eyes. She wore skimpy yellow bikini that covered her pale body that was also slightly muscled. When these two climbed into the ring, they looked at each other, daggers in their eyes. Apparently, the teammates do not like each other: making it an interesting match.

The referee signalled for the fight to begin and each girl looked for her own opponent: Daisy against Misty, May running towards Mikasa and Annie aiming her flying kick towards Peach. There was no sense of teamwork among them. Daisy and Misty got locked in a test of strength trying to push each other back. Mikasa caught May and kneed her in the belly before slamming her elbow into her back. Annie caught Peach by surprise and planted her feet into Peach's face, making her fall onto her buttocks.

Misty pushed Daisy to the ropes and head butt her on the forehead. With Daisy dizzy, Misty tied her arms to the top ropes and had her way with her: punching her like a punching bag. Mikaela lifted May into the air and slammed her back onto the top of the turnbuckle. May screamed in pain as her back huns. Annie pulled Peach onto her feet and stomped on Peach's right foot. Peach's scream was cut short when Annie punched her in the face.

Misty punched Daisy in the face, waking up the brunette. Daisy growled and kicked Misty between the legs. Misty held her crotch in pain as Daisy tackled her down to the mat. Mikasa let May slumped down the turnbuckle but, in desperation, May got up and tore away Mikasa's bikini: showing her brown nipples and black hairy vagina. Peach slapped Annie back and hip tossed her onto the mat. Annie gasped in surprise as her back hit the mat.

Daisy sat on top of Misty and ripped her bikini top, showing Misty's pink nipples. Misty responded by ripping Daisy's bikini top too, showing her brown nipples. Angrily both Misty and Daisy clawed and squeezed each other breasts. Mikasa furiously attacked May with series of punches, sending hooks and crosses in every single part of May's body. By the time Mikasa was done punching May, May stood there with her eyes crossed and wobbling uncontrollably. She did not even notice that Mikasa ripped away her bikini as well: showing her pink nipples and brunette bushy pussy. Peach elbow dropped on Annie's head. Annie yelped an Peach applied the sleeper hold on her.

Misty managed to push Daisy off her and punched her in the face. Then she pulled her up by the hair and DDT her back into the mat. Daisy hit the mat face-first and stay there, moaning. Misty pulled out Daisy's bikini bottom, revealing Daisy brunette bushy vagina. Misty then sat on her back and applied Boston crab. Mikasa lifted May into the air and threw her out of the ring.

May groaned on the arena’s floor, facing the ceiling, as Mikaela climbed on the turnbuckle. Annie elbowed Peach in the sides, forcing her to let her go. Annie pulled Peach on her feet and pile drove her into the mat. As Peach lay on the mat, Annie started wedging Peach’s bikini bottom on her vagina.

Daisy pulled Misty off her back using her legs, catapulting Misty into the ropes. Misty got caught between the top and middle rope while Daisy stood up. Daisy ran toward the ropes and grabbed both the top and middle ropes. Daisy swung sideway through the ropes and her legs slammed onto Misty's face, forcing Misty to fall back onto the mat as Daisy skillfully got on top of the top ropes. She jumped and slammed into Misty,
pinning her. The referee made the count.

'1... 2...'

Misty kicked out but Daisy took this chance to remove her bikini bottom, showing her vagina with an orange bush, Mikasa jumped from the turnbuckle and slammed her elbow onto May’s vagina, making it explode with orgasm. May screamed as she orgasmed. Mikasa pulled her onto her feet and rammed May's head onto the ring post and apron. Annie rubbed Peach's bikini bottom into her vagina painfully, making Peach wailed and cried. Soon, Peach orgasmed and made her bikini bottom wet. Annie pulled out Peach's wet bikini bottoms and, for good measures, unstrapped her bikini top.

Misty covered her vagina as Daisy charged with a clothesline: Misty just stepping aside and tripping Daisy onto the mat. Mikaela uppercut May in the jaws before slamming her back onto a table: just outside of the ring. May spat out saliva as her back hit the table.

Mikasa grabbed May by the hair and threw her back into the ring. Annie pulled Peach onto her feet: showing Peach's pink nipples and blonde bushy vagina. Annie then proceeded with a bear hug, crushing Peach's ribcage. Misty kicked Daisy between the legs, making her explode with cum. Daisy rolled around in pain as she covered her exploding vagina. Misty then caught Daisy in a bow and arrow hold. After climbing back into the ring, Mikasa pulled the groggy May to her feet: upper-cutting May in the jaws and sending her flying into the air. When May descended, Mikasa caught her and tombstone pile-drove May into the mat. May fell onto her back, unconscious and spread-eagle on the mat: Mikasa took the opportunity to pin her. The referee went down to the mat and made the count.


Peach screamed in pain and agony as her ribs are being cracked by Annie's powerful bear hug. In desperation,
she tore Annie's bikini away: showing Annie's pink nipples and blonde bushy vagina. Annie just shrugged
and continued with the hold, even rubbing her blonde bush on Peach's blonde bush. The referee continued the count.


Misty let go of Daisy and rushed to help May but Daisy had caught her by the ankle and tripped her, causing Misty to fall face-first into the mat. Daisy pulled Misty to her and punched her vagina several times until it exploded with cum. The referee finished the count.

'3!!!' The referee stood up and made the signs that May was out of the match.

Mikasa smirked as she watched Annie bear hugging Peach to submission. Her ribs being crushed and her bush being rubbed, Peach screamed as her ribcage continued to be crush and her vagina leaking again. Unable to take it, Peach tapped out and, luckily for her, the referee saw it and ordered Annie to let her go. Annie sneered and slammed Peach into the turnbuckle, letting her leaned there. Peach's head was bowed and her vagina was still leaking. She was out of the match as well.

Daisy and Misty immediately stood up once their teammates were defeated. Misty stood facing Mikaela, holding her leaking vagina while Daisy panted heavily as she gulped at what Annie had done to Peach. Mikasa and Annie looked at them like a vulture looked at its meal. All of them were covered in sweat and cum. The crowd were cheering loudly as the fight was getting more intense and exciting.

'Daisy right?' Misty whispered to the brunette. 'Look, we got of at a bad start but the only way we're going to win this is by working together, understand?'

Daisy nodded. 'Me and that blonde bimbo don't get along so well so maybe working with you is a good change for me. I take Annie then'?'

'Yeah.' Misty answered. 'I can take Mikasa.'

Misty charged towards Mikasa while Daisy ran at Annie. Misty and Mikasa got caught in a grapple deadlock while Daisy speared Annie into the comer, shoulder ramming her in the belly. Misty kneed Mikasa in her abdominal, her adversary only grunting and head butt Misty on the forehead. Mikasa lifted Misty into the air and body slammed her into May's unconscious body. Annie gasped and spat out saliva as Daisy continued shoulder ramming her. Annie brought her elbows up and slammed them into Daisy's back repeatedly. Daisy gasped as she went down to her knees.
Mikasa pulled Misty up by the armpits and wrapped her arms around her body from behind. Mikaela delivered three German Suplexes on Misty, pinning her on the third. The referee went down and started the count.

'1... 2...'

Misty kicked out and rolled away from Mikasa. Annie grabbed Daisy by the hair but as she did, Daisy bit her in the crotch. Annie screamed as Daisy pulled the outside of Annie's vagina. Poking her tongue into Annie's vagina, Daisy managed to make the already sensitive vagina burst with cum. Angry at Daisy's attack, Annie kneed her in the face and quickly covered her leaking vagina.

Mikasa strode towards Misty who kicked between Mikasa's legs when she got near. Surprised, Mikasa clutched her vagina in pain but as she did, Misty got onto her knees and uppercut Mikaela in the crotch. This time, Mikasa moaned loudly as she exploded with orgasm. Mikasa angrily raised her right fist to punch Misty but Misty uppercut her again in the vagina, making Mikasa bent forward. As she did, Misty grabbed her head and face busters her into the mat. Daisy stood up and covered her face in pain while Annie leaned against the turnbuckle, rubbing her sore vagina.

Daisy charged in but Annie lifted her right foot and Daisy slammed into it, falling down onto the mat. Annie pushed herself up the turnbuclde and dived fist dropped on Daisy's vagina. Daisy screamed as her vagina exploded with cum and Annie now sat on her, punching her hard in the face. with Mikaela lying on her back, Misty went for the pin and the referee made the count.


Mikasa angrily kicked out and threw Misty off her. Mikasa got up and grabbed Misty by the hair and swung her in a circle. Misty screamed as her hair was being pulled and she was afraid it would come off. Mikasa let go
and Misty slammed painfully onto one of the turnbuckles. Misty slumped on the mat and Mikaela dropkicked her in the vagina. Misty gasped as her vagina exploded.

Annie punched Daisy's face left and right until Daisy's eyes were crossed. Annie smirked and connected her vagina to Daisy's and started grinding, hard. Daisy let out moans as Annie sexually assaults her. For the thirdd
time in this match: Daisy orgasmed once again and it was the last straw for her. Eyes rolling back and drool flowing out of her mouth, Daisy's body became limp and she lay there, out cold. The referee checks on her an gave the signal that Daisy was out of the match.

Mikasa pulled Misty onto her feet and lifted her into the air. First she delivered a brain buster on Misty and then lifted her up into the air again, slamming Misty’s vagina onto her knee. Misty's tongue stuck out as her vagina exploded with cum again. With a smile, Mikasa let Misty fall into her own pool of cum. The referee stood above Misty and began the count.

'1... 2... 3... 4... 5...'

To the surprise of Mikaela and to the crowd, Misty moved and managed to get up on '7'. Misty was still orgasmed and she was breathing heavily. Before Mikasa could attack, Annie walked up next to her, laughing.

'Really, Mikasa? You defeat this scrawny little girl? Here, let me show you!'

Annie strode forward and kick Misty in the face. Misty stumbled backwards and Annie placed her right foot between Misty legs. Annie swept Misty off her feet and elbow dropped on Misty's belly. Misty gasped as the wind was knocked out of her belly and Annie pinned her with one leg hooked up. The referee went down and started the counting.

'1... 2...'

Misty kicked out again, to Annie's disbelief. Misty lay on her back, breathing heavily, while Mikasa laughed loudly.

'What was that, Annie? You can't even pin down a scrawny little girl down? Even after weaken her for you?'

Instead of continuing her assault on Misty, Annie whirled back at Mikasa and glared at her, 'Watch it bitch! I took out two already while you were smuggling with this one!'

'I took out the first one with ease while to were struggling with the blonde and brunette bimbos.' Mikasa retorted 'I was taking my time with the orange-head when you butt in, nosy bitch!'

'Stupid muscle-head!' Annie snapped. 'We can't take time in a battle! Victory is won through speed!'

'You're the one to talk!' Mikasa snorted with disdain. 'You were enjoying yourself when you were fingering that brunette you whore!'

'You ignorant slut!' Annie yelled at her.

Mikasa and Annie's argument were so loud that they failed to notice that Misty was on her feet, leaning against the ropes and clutching her wet vagina. She rested a bit, catching a small breather as she weakly but slowly made her way to one of the comers. All her nights spending with Ash Ketchum in bed really paid off, her stamina and orgasm endurance has dramatically improved. She climbed on top of the turnbuckle and with great accuracy, jumped onto the squabbling duo.

Mikasa noticed too late that Misty was gone and both she and Annie were body slammed by Misty, landing painfully on their backs. Not expecting the attack, Mikaela and Annie laid on their back, groaning in pain. Misty raised herself up and positioned herself between Mikaela and Annie, smiling down on them.

'Don't. Call. Me. Scrawnyl' she told them and lifted her legs into the air. She cracked their forehead with her ankles, making Mikaela and Annie screamed in pain. Misty then plunged two fingers in each of their vaginas.

'You love to get rough and dirty? Then here you go!'

Misty started fingering both of Mikaela and Annie's vaginas and to their surprise and to the crowd as well, Misty got them exploding with cum with only a few finger strokes. The crowd were calling out Misty's name: for giving them an unexpected tum of event. Angrily, Mikasa and Annie hooked her with a right and left hook respectively: aiming for her head. Misty merely bent forward and let their fists meet each other, breaking some of their fingers.

Mikasa and Annie howled in pain and hold their hands while Misty stood up. She pulled Mikasa up by the hair and lifted her into the air: body slamming her into Annie and making Annie gasped in pain. Next she picked up Annie and pile drove her into Mikasa's belly, making Mikaela puked out saliva.

Misty then pulled both Mikasa and Annie onto their feat, both of them dizzy from the fighting, orgasms and Misty attack on them. Misty Irish whipped Mikasa into a comer and Mikasa quickly turned around: her back slamming into the turnbuckle. Misty then Irish whipped Annie at the comer Mikasa at and their bodies collided into each other: their breasts squirting out fluids when they smacked into each other. Before any of them could slump doom to the mat, Misty ran towards them and dropkicked Annie in the back who slammed into Mikasa again.

Mikasa and Annie fell to the mat while Misty got up. She pulled them up again and lived Annie onto the top ropes first before lifting Mikasa, the top ropes wedging into their crotch. Mikaela and Annie moaned softly as the rope touched their wet flesh, the crowd cheered wildly as they had full view of their nudity. Misty placed her hands on the top ropes and smiled.

'Come on girls, let's give them what they want!'

Misty started bouncing the ropes gently at first before gradually increasing the bounce. The top ropes wedged deeper into Mikaela and Annie's vagina. Both of them were moaning out loud with their tongues sticking out, fluids leaking from their nipples and sweat poring out of their bodies. Exhausted, both of them released the cum: covering the top ropes with their fluid and letting it dropped onto the mat. Misty grinned and pushed them off the top ropes and onto the mat. Mikaela and Annie lay on die mat, moaning and covering their leaking vagina.

Misty over them and said, 'Time to finish this!'

She pulled them up by the hair and held them at her eyes' level. Mikasa and Annie were panting heavily, too weak to do anything and covered Ill sweat and cum. Misty smiled at them before slamming their heads into one another, She let their hair go and Mikasa was the first one to fall down on the mat backwards She laid there, spread-eagle and out cold. Annie did a small spin and toppled on top of Mikaela: spread-eagle and unconscious.

Misty planted her foot on them, put her left hand on her hips and her right hand behind her back The referee made the pin.

'1... 2... 3!'

The crowd went wild with applause and they continued chanting Misty's name when the bell rang: ending the match. The announcer's voice roared throughout the arena.


Misty raised her hands, with the help from the referee, in victory as the crowd continued to roar and cheer. Then she dropped them and squatted just above Mikasa and Annie's faces: orgasmed on them. She let out a sexual moan as her cum covered both of Mikasa and Annie's face. She stood up and smiled down at them and all those who were defeated earlier: May, Peach and Daisy.

Misty looked at the still unconscious May and a naughty smile appeared on her face She walked towards her squatted above her face and released what remaining cum was in her vagina.

After covering May’s face with cum,Misty stood up and exited the ring: making her way to the exit and in search for Ash Ketchum.

Tonight's victory was all because of Ash. Misty thought as she made her way through the cheering crowd. Better give him a reward.



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Lumber-Jill Match: Jade vs Seravee
The ruins of Shangri-La was once a symbol of the power of the spirits. Now the ruins were abandoned, its stone pillars covered in green moss and hidden in the clouds. The temple still stood proudly on top of a high, treacherous mountain peak, the white clouds shrouding around it and access to it was nearly impossible. Only a few monks or adventurers dared climbed the steep mountain, let alone venture into the ruins.

Inside the ruins was a two headed light-green female ogre, one head had a broken horn and her long black hair was tied in a pony-tail while the other head the horn was still whole and her black hair was flowing freely. She was naked with her dark green nipples erected and her back hairy vagina moist with sweat. She was toned with biceps and six-packs. She was sitting cross-legged and in mediation pose, the eyes of one head closed while the other head was watching two figures grappling before her.

One was a Chinese woman with a short black bob and yellow eyes. Her dark brown nipples were hard and her black hairy vagina moist with sweat. Her biceps and six-packs were gleaming off her tanned toned body. The other woman was a white Caucasian with short shoulder-length green hair and one eye was gold while the other was blue. Her dark pink nipples were erected and green hairy vagina moist with sweat. Although her white toned body were much more curvy than the Chinese woman, her biceps and six-packs were still impressive.

Jade smiled as she pushed her wife, Seravee Lunasilga, away and right hooked her in the face. Seravee grunted at the punch, unfazed from the punch, as she scooped Jade into the air; slamming her back into the cracked ruin’s wall before slamming her onto the stone floor. Jade gasped at each slam before jumping onto her feet, slamming her elbow into Seravee’s breasts. The green-haired woman groaned and grabbed her bruised breast, backing away. She was on time when she caught both of Jade’s fists, pushing her back and forth in a test of strength. They growled as they reached a stalemate but before their fight could escalate any further, Urg’bina intervened.

‘Enough!’ The ogre announced as she pushed the two fighters away. ‘The way you two are fighting can bring this whole temple down and I’ve no intention of losing it thanks to your destructive ways.’

Jade’s glare softened as she slowly smile, wiping the sweat off her brows. ‘Sorry about that. Looks like Sera and I got carried away.’

‘How can you blame us?’ Seravee said as she stepped behind Jade, hugging her. ‘Fighting and fucking are our ways to show our love. It’s not our fault we’re so strong we can even bring a building down right baby?’

Jade grinned and turned her head, kissing Seravee deeply on the lips. Urg’bina shook both her heads as the two humans make out.

‘Well, if you two really want to duke it out or something, the CWF is hosting its first “Wrestlicious” Event and they are looking for girls to wrestle in. Does that pipe your interest?’

That broke the kiss between Jade and Seravee as they turned to Urg’bina, both of them smiling.

‘That’s sounds like a great idea!’ Seravee beamed as she played with Jade’s hairy vagina. ‘Let’s make it a Lumber-jill match so none of us can leave the ring.’

Jade pretended to pout. ‘What? You don’t trust me to finish the fight?’

Seravee nuzzled into her wife’s neck. ‘No… It means I can beat the crap out of you with nowhere for you to escape.’

Jade chuckled. ‘It is on bitch.’ She turned to Urg’bina. ‘And you can be our guest referee, Urg’bina. You can also be our enforcer.’

The two heads of the ogre split into grins as she bowed. ‘It will be my pleasure.’

Seravee looked curiously at Jade and Urg’bina. ‘How is she going to referee our match and keep the lumber-jills in line all the time. I know she has two heads but surely it will be too much for one person?’

One of Urg’bina’s head chuckled as the other winked. ‘Don’t worry your pretty head about that. I’ve it sorted.’


The CWF arena was fully packed with wrestling fans and spectators as CWF was hosting not only it first Wrestlicious Event but it first Lumber-jill Match as well. Every seat was taken and those who had no seats stood at the back of the arena. At first the arena was dark but when the doors were closed and everyone quietened down, the centre of the arena lit up with spotlights shining down on the ring. Inside the ring was Urg’bina, naked and sweaty. She wore only a black and white armband on her left bicep and a black and red armband on her right bicep. She was barefoot. Soon, Asakura Kazumi’s voice boomed throughout the arena.


The ogre smiled and waved before Asakura’s voice continued with the announcement.


Steam burst out from the floor as the crowd cheered loudly. The steam slowly dissipated as twenty-one figures appeared. It was Jade and an entourage of monks. She wore a black robe that showed she was wearing skin-tight green bikini and it shone like dragon scales. She wore black wrestling boots and fingerless gloves. The monks that accompanied were all female, a mixture of Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, and even Vietnamese. They wore brown robes and sandals as they and Jade made their way towards the ring.

Jade grabbed hold of the ropes and pulled herself up onto the ring’s apron before entering through the ropes, her companions lining up just outside; taking half of the ring. Jade grabbed hold of her robes and tore if away, revealing her bikinied tanned toned body. She flexed her biceps and six-packs, earning cheers from her fans. Then as the cheering died down, Jade lowered her arms and retreated into her corner. Jade leaned against the corner as Asakura’s voice boomed again.


Steam once again filled the arena. Like Jade’s entrance, another twenty-one figures appeared when the steam dissipated. It was Seravee but unlike Jade, she was mounted on a black Pegasus. She wore a white robe that covered her entire body and only showing her black wrestling boots. Walking on both side of the winged beast were twenty women wearing horned helmets, wearing viking armour and carrying fake axes or swords. These Valkyries lined up just outside the ring as the Pegasus stopped just before the ring.

Seravee dismounted from her stead and slowly climbed onto the ring’s apron as the Pegasus neighed loudly before galloping back to the backstage. Seravee smiled and wiggled her bottoms when she was in between the top and middle ropes, giving a wink. Her fans whistled and cat-called as Seravee fully entered the ring, stopping at the centre of the ring. Unlike Jade, she allowed her white robe to drop onto the mat; showing her white curvy but toned body in black latex bikini. She seductively posed in the ring, the cheering and whistles louder than Jade’s.

After the cheering died down, it took longer than ever, Seravee winked at Jade before retreating into her corner. Jade, who was watching Seravee’s show, licked her lips as she slid her hand under her bikini bottom. As Jade masturbated, Urg’bina stood in the middle of the ring. She pressed her hands in a praying gesture as she closed all her eyes. The ogre began muttering a prayer.

Then suddenly the ring burst into smoke, making both Jade and Seravee coughed slightly as they shielded their eyes. They did not need to as the smoke was harmless. When the smoke lessened, Jade grinned knowingly while Seravee gasped in surprise. In the centre of the ring were two ogres, one with a broken horn and her black hair tied in a pony-tail while another her horn was whole and her black hair flowed freely. The former have the white and black armband around her forearm while the latter wore the black and red armband.

Urg remained in the ring while Bina left the ring, beginning to walk around the ring of monks and valkyries. Urg first approached Jade in her corner and began feeling her tanned toned body, making sure that the Asian woman had nothing illegal to use in the fight. The ogre’s fingers touched every part of Jade’s body, especially her crotch and breasts. After she was done with her inspection, Urg gave Jade a deep kiss.

‘Mmmmm… I hope Bina isn’t feeling left out.’ Jade murmured when they broke the kiss.

Urg chuckled. ‘Don’t worry about that. When we join back later, we will have the same experience. Good luck Jade.’

With a wink, Urg walked towards Seravee’s corner, during the same throughout inspection she did on Jade. Seravee moaned as Urg’s fingers felt her thighs and buttocks.

‘So this is what you have in mind. When did you learn how to split yourself in two?’

Urg winked at Seravee. ‘It’s a long story and I don’t think I have time to share it now. I’m sure that after this match, Jade will tell you everything. Good luck, Sera.’

The orgs gave Seravee a loving, deep kiss before returning to the centre of the ring. She beckoned Jade and Seravee to come towards her. When they left their corners, Urg began saying.

‘All right ladies, simple rules: no leaving the ring. You must win only by pin-falls, submission or KO. Anything goes except for magic and weapons.’ The ogre said firmly. ‘Ladies, you may begin.’

Urg swung her hand down in a karate chop between the two wrestlers before taking a step back. Jade and Seravee stepped closer to each other, smiling as they sized each other up. Jade raised her arms, getting into fighting stance. Seravee, on the other hand, just stood there unmoving.

‘Before we fight, why not we “warm-up” first?’ Seravee suggested with a wink.

Jade chuckled as she lowered her hands. ‘Great idea, baby. Let’s.’

Seravee grinned and grabbed Jade’s wrist, pulling her towards her. Their sweaty toned bodies collided into each other as their lips touched. Jade and Seravee kissed lovingly, their tongues having their own wrestling match, as their bodies became hotter. They took turns sucking on each other tongues before attempting to dominate each other mouths.

As they kissed each other hungrily, Jade reached behind Seravee’s back and undid her bikini top. Seravee gasped pleasantly as her bikini top fell down to her feet, allowing her breasts to bounce free and exposed to the crowd. Seravee pulled the strings of Jade’s bikini bottom and pulled it off her, showing her hairy vagina. Both them began stripping each other out until they were fully nude and their bikini thrown to the side of the ring.

Jade spanked her lover’s bottoms and slid a finger into her asshole, fingering her fast and deep. Seravee gasped again and moaned as she felt Jade’s fingers inside her bottoms. She spanked both sides of Jade’s bottoms and slid her own fingers into her lover’s asshole, making the Asian woman moaned lewdly.

Jade opened her mouth and sucked on Seravee’s neck, kissing it and leaving a big hickey on her, while Seravee licked Jade’s face. Their hairy vaginas grind into each other as they continued to finger each other assholes, falling onto the mat in sitting positions. Pulling their fingers out from their assholes in unison, Jade and Seravee began grinding their crotch into one another; moaning loudly and lewdly. They grunted and gasped as they smashed their vaginas into each other, making loud smacking sounds.

During their “warm-up”, fans of the two wrestlers cheered and whistled as they watched them make out in the ring. Urg moaned as she pushed her finger into her hairy clitoris, masturbating in the ring. Bina, who had to keep the lumber jills in line, just stared the events in the ring as she controlled her urges. Jade reached out and groped Seravee’s big breasts while Serevee pinched and pulled Jade’s nipples, both women moaning with pleasure.

Then in unison, Jade, Sera and Urg screamed with pleasure as all of them orgasmed; their cum spraying all over their abdominals, hairy vaginas and onto the mat. The crowd let out a jovial roar of approval as both Jade and Seravee pulled themselves away from each other, panting heavily as their cum flowed out from their clitoris. Urg moaned as she wiped away the cum flowing down her legs. Slowly, the two fighters rose.

‘Now that we’re nice and dirty, let’s rumble.’ Seravee beamed as she licked some cum off her fingers.

Jade giggled as she licked her lips, raising her hands in the air. ‘Let’s!’

Roaring together, Jade and Seravee locked fingers; pushing each other back and forth in a test of strength. They grunted as sweat and cum dropped onto the mat, Jade slowly getting the upper hand. Despite being pushed back, Sera smirked as she stepped forward and buried her face into Jade’s sweaty armpit. She stuck her tongue out and began licking the sweat off it.

Jade’s eyes widened in surprise and moaned, loosening her fingers from Seravee’s. With Jade distracted by the armpit-licking, Seravee slammed her fist twice into Jade’s stomach before grabbing her by the head. Then with a roar, Seravee slammed Jade’s face onto the turnbuckle. Jade screamed but recovered quickly, slamming an elbow into one of Seravee’s breasts.

As the green-hair vixen stumbled backwards, Jade whirled around and delivered a roundhouse kick into Seravee’s head. Sevaree grunted and bend down but remained standing, much to Jade’s surprise. Seravee lifted her lover’s leg up and shoved her left fingers into Jade’s wet vagina, fingering her hard. The Chinese fighter snarled and grabbed Seravee by the head, slamming her face into the mat in a face-buster.

Seravee screamed as she pulled her fingers out from Jade’s vagina as Jade continued to hold her by head. She pulled her lover up onto her feet before driving knee missiles into Seravee’s stomach and vagina, making her grunt out loudly. Then Jade turned Seravee toward the centre of the ring and put her in a headlock, tightening her hold on her as she prepared to bulldog the green-hair buxom into the mat.

Jade ran to the middle of the ring with her lover under her arm but as she leapt into the air, Sevaree quickly wrapped her arms around Jade’s waist and prevented her from slamming her down into the mat. Then lifting her higher into the air, Seravee roared as she slammed Jade’s vagina onto her knee in an atomic drop. Jade screamed in pain as she fell onto her fours, holding her bruised vagina with one hand.

With Jade incapacitated in pain, Seravee climbed on top of a turnbuckle and made a pose. Her fans went wild and cheered loudly as the green-haired woman jumped off the turnbuckle and knee dropped onto Jade’s back. Jade screamed as she reached for her back but before she could, Seravee sat on her and yanked her head back in a camel clutch. Jade grunted and groaned as she felt back on fire while Seravee applied more pressure on her spine. Urg checked up on Jade.

‘Do you submit?’ Urg asked.

With sweat threatening to blind her vision, Jade snorted. ‘Not… Yet!’

Jade unleashed a roar as she managed to rock Seravee off her, sending her onto her side. Jade rolled onto her back, breathing heavily, while. Seravee stood up. Smirking, Jade lifted both her feet into the air and slammed them both into Seravee’s vagina. Seravee screamed and fell against the ropes while Jade got back onto her feet. She leapt into the air and drop-kicked Seravee in the chest, knocking her out of the ring.

Seravee yelped as she rolled over the ropes and landed onto her own valkyries, ending up in a pile. As Seravee and the valkyries scrambled to their feet, Jade climbed on top of the top ropes and pumped her fists into the air, inciting her fans into cheering for her. Then she leapt off the ropes and dive-bombed right into Seravee, sending her and a few valkyries down into the floor.

Seravee groaned in agonising pain as she and Jade were pulled up onto their feet by nearby lumber-jills and thrown back into the ring, no harm inflicted on them from the lumber-jills as Bina was keeping an eye on them. Seravee moaned as she rolled onto her back while Jade was already crawling towards her. She laid on top of her lover and hooked one leg up into the air, going for the pin. Urg was counting out loud.

‘1… 2…’

Seravee snarled as she kicked out, knocking Jade off her. Jade only grinned as she grabbed Seravee by her hair, pulling both of them up onto their feet. Jade slowly lifted Seravee onto her shoulders and began bending her back in her signature torture rack backbreaker. Seravee began screaming when pressure was being placed on her spine.

‘DRAGON CRUSHER!’ Jade roared as she apply more force into the hold.

Seravee shook her head and tried to free herself as Jade bent her back more. Urg kept checking on Seravee, making sure she was all right. Surprisingly, Seravee reached out with one hand and shoved it into Jade’s mouth, pinching and massaging her tongue. Jade gasped in surprise and loosened her hold on her lover. Seravee used this chance to roll off Jade’s shoulders and landed on her feet, her fingers clamping onto her lover’s tongue.

The green-haired woman forced Jade’s mouth opened and shoved her other hand into her mouth, stroking her tongue. Jade gagged and moaned as she was too distracted from Seravee’s sexual attack, unable to do anything. With a smirk, Seravee lifted one of Jade’s arm and buried her face into her sweaty armpit, licking the sweat off it while rubbing her hairy clitoris. Jade moaned lewdly as she allowed Seravee to have her way with her. Then with a gasp, Jade orgasmed onto the mat for a second time.

Moaning lewdly as her cum dripped onto the mat, Jade did not defend herself when Seravee fired a barrage of punches, which she called the “Slutty Rush”, into her. Jade screamed and gasped as Seravee’s fists slammed into her body, feeling like a punching bag. Then Seravee uppercut Jade in the jaws, sending her into the ropes.

The Chinese woman rebounded from the ropes and towards Seravee, being picked up by her. Seravee lifted Jade into the air, Jade sitting on her shoulders with her hairy vagina in Seravee’s face. Licking her lover’s hairy clitoris, Seravee grabbed hold of Jade’s breasts and slammed her down into the mat in a salmon driver. Jade screamed as her body slammed onto the mat and her eyes rolled back while Seravee pinned her in a matchbook pin. Urg counted the pin again.

‘1… 2…’

To the surprise of Seravee and Urg, Jade managed to kick out but rolled Seravee onto her back, pinning her. Urg restarted the count.

‘1… 2…’

Seravee roared and pushed Jade off her, sending her on her back. Covered in sweat, Jade laid on her back, breathing heavily, as Seravee sat on her face using her finisher move; bye-bye breathing. Jade groaned under Seravee’s bottoms as the green-hair woman pinned her shoulders down. Urg began the count once more.

‘1… 2…’

Before she could finish the pin, Seravee screamed when Jade began licking the insides of her ass; Seravee’s fetish. Seravee screamed lewdly and got off Jade, trying to get away from her. It failed. Jade hold onto Seravee’s legs and pulled herself up, still licking Seravee’s ass. The green-haired vixen moaned loudly as she continued to feel her lover’s soft tongue inside of her. Then finally she gasped, cumming all over the mat.

As more cum dripped onto the mat, Seravee used her ass to push Jade onto her back. Seravee growled and turned to face her lover but before she could get her hands on the Asian woman, Jade lifted both her head and legs. Snarling, she slammed both her feet on Seravee’s breasts and pinched and twisted her hard nipples in between her toes. Seravee gasped in surprise and fell on her back while Jade expertly used her toes to play with her lover’s nipples.

Seravee moaned as she grabbed hold of Jade’s ankles and tried to pull her feet away from her breasts but Jade pressed her attack on her, her toes clamped on her nipples and pulling them hard. Seravee moaned louder and could only hold on as Jade pulled her closer to her, delivering a right hook into her face. Seravee yelped but before she could fall backwards, Jade quickly grabbed hold of her hair and lifted both of them up to their feet.

Seravee moaned softly as she slammed her fist twice into Jade’s abdominal, only making the Asian woman grunt in annoyance. Jade pushed Seravee forward and wrapped her arms around Seravee’s waist, lifting her into the air. Seravee’s wet hairy vagina was in Jade’s face so Jade licked her lover’s clitoris before executing her new finisher move.


Jade roared and power-bombed Seravee into the mat, shaking the entire ring and filling the air with Seravee’s screams. As the busty green-haired woman groaned and drooled on the mat, Jade continued to lick Seravee’s vagina as she pinned her. Urg began counting out the pin.

‘1… 2… 3!’

The bell rang and Jade pushed Seravee’s legs away, licking her lips before falling onto her back. Both women groaned with exhaustion as they were covered in sweat, slowly falling into unconsciousness. Not willing to pull an unconscious Jade up to her feet, Urg shrugged as Asakura’s voice rang louder than the cheering crowd.


While the crowd and Jade’s lumber-jills whistled and cheered for Jade’s victory, Seravee’s lumber-jills did not accept it. One of the valkyrie screamed and attempted to climb into the ring, only to be pull down by a monk. Soon chaos ensued as a brawl was occurred outside of the ring, the monks and valkyries fighting among each other. Punches and kicks were launched.

Urg remained in the ring, protecting both Jade and Seravee while Bina tried crowd-controlling the brawlers. She had to delivered RK-Orgre a few of the lumber-jills, knocking them out, but it was not enough. Bina found herself swarmed with the lumber-jills and was forced to retreat into the ring, knocking two of the lumber-jills off the ring’s apron.

Urg and Bina nodded and made similar hand gestures, a puff of smoke enveloping the ring. When the smoke disappeared, Urg and Bina have re-emerged; becoming Urg’bina once more. However, their transformation did little to lessen the violence surrounding them. The monks and valkyries were getting more violent that even the front row of the crowd were getting involved, either intentionally or unintentionally.

‘And here I thought that Jade and Seravee fight like children.’ One of Urg’bina’s heads mused. ‘Their followers are even worse. No doubt Jade and Seravee encouraged them.’

Her other head snorted in agreement. ‘All the same, we better do something before somebody get hurt badly.’

Both heads of the ogre nodded and closed their eyes, their hands pressed into one another as they muttered a prayer. At the end of the prayer, a pinkish fog surrounded them and expanded throughout the ring. The pink fog descended on the brawling lumber-jills and slowly but surely, the fighting dimmed down. The valkyries and monks shook their head and began making out, kissing each other loudly on the lips or licking each other vaginas.

Urg’bina wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. ‘Phew… Glad that Aphrodite Love Spell worked otherwise we will have a tough time knocking all of them.’ She grinned when she heard groaning behind her. ‘Ah looks whose awake.’

Jade and Seravee groaned as they opened their eyes, rubbing their heads. ‘What… what happened?’ Seravee asked.

Urg’bina smiled as she helped both Jade and Seravee up onto their feet. ‘Jade pinned you down and won the match. Then you two fainted. Your followers suddenly became sore losers and raised hell. Luckily, I know a certain spell to calm them down for a while.’

Jade looked over the ring and chuckled as the ogre began healing both her and Seravee. ‘It was a good thing that we had you here to handle things.’

‘How can we repay you?’ Seravee asked with a smile.

Urg’bina chuckled. ‘You can thank me by giving me a match. A handicap match or a tag team match against the two of you will do fine. But for now, let’s have some fun!’

Jade and Seravee giggled as they approached the ogre. The two humans began sucking and kissing Urg’bina’s dark green nipples, Jade rubbing the ogre’s hairy vagina while Seravee fingered her asshole. Urg’bina moaned and allowed them to suck on her nipples before pulling their heads up, kissing them on the lips.

After a long time, they broke the kiss and Urg’bina pushed Seravee onto the mat, spreading her legs wide opened. Seravee giggled then gasped as Urg’bina attacked both her vagina and bottom at the same time, licking her deeply. Jade stood where she was, fingering herself as she watched the ogre eating Seravee out.

Sensing Seravee will orgasmed soon, Urg’bina removed her mouths from the green-haired woman and turned her attention to Jade. Knowing her intention, Jade fell onto her back and opened her legs wide opened as Urg’bina came for her. She opened her mouth and rolled her tongues out, licking Jade’s vagina and asshole hard and faster. The Asian woman moaned as both her holes were being licked while Seravee held in her orgasm.

Urg’bina quickly pulled both her heads away from Jade as she realised that she was going to expel her cum soon. She felt gentle hands on her shoulders as Seravee pulled her onto her back, sitting on one of her face. The ogre heard Jade giggled and sat on her other head, Urg’bina’s mouths having full access to two wondrous hairy clitoris.

Both Jade and Seravee moaned as they orgasmed into the ogre’s mouth, Seravee groping and massaging her massive breasts while Jade reached out and fingered Urg’bina’s hairy vagina. As her mouth was being filled with thick cum and she had to swallow as much as she could, Urg’bina gave a moan as she cummed all over Jade’s fingers and onto the mat.

Breathing heavily and hearing the cheering of the crowd, Jade and Seravee helped the orgs onto her feet and kissed her on both cheeks. Urg’bina blushed and giggled.

‘That was fun. Now, why not we all relax in the sauna? We can give each other massages.’

Seravee beamed. ‘That’s a great idea!’

Even Jade nodded. ‘I could go for a massage. Come on then!’

Holding hands, Urg’bina and the two humans left the ring and managed to get through the piles of unconscious or tired lumber-jills. They waved at their fans as they walked through the crowd, leaving the arena. When they were gone, CWF aides rushed into the arena and began the tiring duty of carrying every knocked out lumber-jills into the infirmary.

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CWF Best-Out-of-Three Title Match: Korra vs Erza Scarlet

Korra licked her lips after pulling her face away from the cold water if the water fountain. She raised her towel to her face and wiped away the sweat appearing on her face, having completed a combined set of push-ups and sit-ups. She dried her face with the towel and frowned.

Over the past two weeks, Erza Scarlet have been bullying the “Faces” in the backstage and in the ring; humiliating them into tearful messes. She would have people filming her committing these degrading acts and post them on the internet. What really disturb Korra more was that at the end of each film, Erza will declare how much she would love to “fuck Korra up” and cannot wait to take the title belt from her. Korra shivered at the thoughts. So occupied was her mind that she failed to sense someone approaching her from behind until arms wrapped around her shoulders.

‘Hey Korra!’ Erza grinned behind her ears. ‘Just finished working out?’

Korra cringed and quickly put on a smile. ‘Y-yeah… You too? You feel so sticky.’

Erza giggled as she rubbed her breasts into Korra’s back, she was naked. ‘Just taught a bitch a lesson of obedience. Will be posting about her tonight.’

‘Yeah about that Erza.’ Korra turned around to face the red-head. ‘You should stop bullying the “Faces”. It’s… Not sporting for the newbies.’

‘Oh yeah?’ Erza smirked and to Korra’s surprise, the red-head moved her hands down Korra’s shorts. ‘Try and stop me.’

‘W-wait… W-what are you…’ Korra moaned as Erza’s hands invaded her shorts and placed them on her hairy vagina. Korra tried to escape but Erza pulled her closer to her, nibbling her ear.

‘You want this right Korra?’ She whispered into Korra’s ears. ‘Why wait for our fight? Let’s do it here now!’

Korra shivered as Erza slowly pulled down her shorts and her sports bra, exposing her hairy vagina and breasts. Korra closed her eyes as she prepared herself to be raped by Erza.

‘What the hell do you think you’re doing to my wife?’

Erza quickly let go of Korra and jumped back before Sakura could slug her with a punch. The pink-haired wanted to continue the attack but had to catch Korra from falling. Korra moaned in Sakura’s arms as the pink-haired glared at Erza. The red-head merely smiled and winked.

‘See you next week for our match!’ She said before walking away, leaving Sakura and Korra alone.


The arena of the CWF was filled with cheering and shouting as every seat was taken. The arena’s spot-lights centred onto the ring where a referee in black and white stripes bikini stood. When the cheering died down, Kazumi Asakura’s voice boomed through the arena.


Korra burst out from the backstage and entered the arena, naked and covered in sweat. Her dark brown nipples were erected and her black hairy vagina moist with sweat. Her biceps and six-packs glistered off her ebony toned body. The only thing she wore was her wrestling boots and her title belt around her waist. She smiled as she ran towards the ring, jumping over the ropes and landing on her feet. She removed her belt from her waist and raised it up into the air before handing it to the referee. Asakura’s voice boomed once again through the arena.


Now Erza skipped out from the backstage, stopping to receive the cheering from her fans. Like Korra she was naked with only her red wrestling boots and gloves, her pink nipples and red hairy vagina exposed in full glory. Her biceps and six-packs were shimmering off her white toned body as she ran towards the ring, leaping into the air and twirled in mid-air before landing on her feet. She smiled and posed by throwing her hands into air, receiving a massive cheer from the crowd.

As the cheering died down, Erza and Korra met in the middle of the ring. As they sized each other up, the referee stood between them and raised the title belt in the air. After the crowd had a good view of the title belt, the referee retreated a few steps back and allowed the two wrestlers circled around each other.

‘Ready to lose your title belt Korra dear?’ Erza gave her a dirty wink.

Korra just snarled. ‘Hell no! Not only am I going to keep my title belt but I’m going to avenge all the ‘Faces’ you had been bullying over the past few weeks.’

‘Ha! I like to see you try!’

The bell rang and the two women clashed into each other, growling as they grappled one another back and forth. Being the stronger one, Korra slowly pushed Erza back into the ropes. Erza grunted as her back touched the ropes, changing tactic. She pushed Korra slightly away and wrapped an arm around her head, locking her in a headlock. It did not last long as Korra simply elbowed her in the guts, forcing the red-head to release her.

Korra stood back up straight and right hooked Erza in the face before grabbing her by the neck, lifting her into the air. She carried the flailing Erza to the centre of the ring as she prepare to choke-slam her into the mat. Before she could execute the move, Erza kicked her right in between the legs. Korra screamed and dropped Erza onto her feet, holding her sore vagina. With Korra distracted, a smiling Erza skipped backwards into the ropes.

She silently rebounded from the ropes and as she ran towards Korra, leapt into the air and drop-kicked her in the face. Korra screamed in surprise as she and Erza both landed onto the mat, Korra holding her face in pain. Erza quickly climbed on top of Korra, the referee beginning the pain.

‘1… 2….’

The referee stopped the count as Korra kicked out, pushing Erza away from her. The red-head snarled as she grabbed Korra by her hair and pulled her up onto her feet. Then grabbing her by the wrist, she Irish whipped Korra to one of the corners. Great was her surprise when Korra reversed the Irish whip and it was Erza who was slammed into the corner.

As Erza arched her back in pain, Korra pulled her away from the turnbuckle and threw her onto the floor. She climbed on top of the turnbuckle and pumped her fists into the air, arousing her fans. When Erza rolled onto her back, Korra leapt from the turnbuckle and slammed into her in a Frog-Splash. The ring shuddered from the impact as Korra hooked one of Erza’s leg into the air and pinned her. The referee began the count.

‘1…. 2… 3!’

Korra smirked as she stood up, pumping her fists into the air as she returned to her corner. The groaning Erza slowly rolled herself onto her fours and pushed herself up onto her feet, limping back to her corner. Erza collected her breath while Korra smirked at her.

‘First round goes to me! Maybe you should give up while you have the chance.’

‘Not likely!’ Snapped Erza. ‘This is not over yet!’

The bell rang again and the two wrestlers charged at each other, giving out their war-cries. Sweat flew as they collided into each other, trying to push each other back. Trying to end this quickly, Korra grabbed Erza by her crotch and scooped her up into the air, slamming her back into the mat. Erza screamed in pain as she rolled away from her opponent.

Not wanting to lose the momentum, Korra followed after her. It was a mistake. Erza rolled onto her back and waited for Korra to reach down to grab her. As she did, Erza hold Korra by the wrist and threw her onto the mat. Korra grunted in surprise when her face hit the mat and she began screaming when Erza stood up and applied a standing wrist-lock on her. Korra screamed as her wrist was twisted, trying to escape the lock.

She gave out sharp gasps of pain when Erza began kicking her in the side, her boot hitting her ribs while she continued to twist Korra’s wrist. Korra can only screamed in agony as her wrist and ribs were getting the worse from Erza’s attack. Unable to stand the punishment anymore, Korra tapped on the mat, ending the second round.

Erza grinned and let go of Korra’s arm, pumping her fists into the air. The red-head embraced her fans' cheering as she headed back to her corner. Korra groaned as she massaged her ribs and wrist, climbing back onto her feet. She rubbed her side and wrist more, glaring at the grinning red-head.

‘You bitch!’ Growled Korra. ‘You will pay for that!’

‘With that arm?’ Erza snorted. ‘I doubt it.’

The bell rang once again and the two wrestlers approached each other, slowly this time. As they got closer to each other, they flung their arms around one another. They growled as they grappled each other back and forth, trying to bring one of them down. Normally Korra would win in such contest but with her arm overly damaged, she found herself being pushed back.

Korra gasped when her back hit the turnbuckle and yelped loudly when Erza punched her twice in the face, making her head snapped sideway. Before she could launch her own punches, the red-head took a step back and slammed her knee into Korra’s hairy vagina. Korra screeched as the pain shocked through her body. Korra could only moaned as Erza lifted her onto her shoulders and walked to the centre of the ring.

Erza smiled as she paraded Korra like a trophy, receiving cheering from her fans. After showing her off for a while, Erza slammed Korra’s head into the mat. Korra screamed and her eyes almost rolled back as she fell onto her back. Instead of going for the pin, Erza simply connected her hairy vagina against Korra’s; grinding her slowly.

‘Come on slut.’ She teased as she rubbed her vagina into Korra’s. ‘Cum for everyone to see.’

Korra grunted and moaned with pleasure as their hairy vaginas touched each other, trying to grind back. Erza merely smiled as she slammed her vagina harder against Korra’s, bucking her hard. Korra shook her head as she felt her climx building up, her eyes rolling back and her tongue hanging out. Then with a sharp gasp, she orgasmed all over Erza’s hairy vagina and abdominal.

Erza smiled as Korra orgasmed all over her, standing up. She pulled Korra up onto her feet and pushed her down, wrapping her arms around her waist. With a grunt, she lifted the champion into the air and power bombed her into the mat. Korra screamed as the ring shuddered from the attack and she began drooling. Erza buried her face into Korra’s wet vagina as the referee began the count.

‘1… 2… 3!’

The bell rang as Erza stood up, grinning and pumping her fists into the air. There was a mixture of cheering and groans at the rise of a new champion. Korra remained on her back, moaning softly, as Erza posed for everyone to see; her name being announced.


Erza smiled as she grabbed the title belt from the referee, lifting it up into the air. When the cheering died down, Erza put the title belt around her waist and looked down at Korra. With a wicked grin, she sat on her face; rubbing her hairy vagina into Korra’s face. Moans can be heard under Erza’s snatch as the red-head reached back and began fingering Korra’s wet vagina.

‘Enjoy your new champion’s pussy bitch! Now cum for me again!’

Erza moaned as she can feel Korra’s tongue touching her hairy pussy as she slide her fingers into Korra’s pussy. It was not long before cum spilled out from Korra’s vagina, coating Erza’s finger with thick cum. The red-head smirked as she too began orgasming all over Korra’s face but before she could finish humiliating Korra, she was pulled off her and was slapped in the face.

‘Leave her alone you bitch! You already won! Get out from here!’

Erza opened her eyes and saw a furious Sakura Haruno in from of her, dressed in her usual outfit. The red-head smirked.

‘Oh? Make me. You already ruined my alone time with Korra and I’m not going to let you ruin this one.’

Sakura snarled and threw a punch at Erza but the red-head saw that coming. She blocked the punch and head-butt Sakura in the face, sending her stumbling back. As the pink-head retreated, she screamed as Erza kicked her in between the legs and pushed her roughly. Sakura’s groaned as she leaned against the ropes, holding her snatch. She cried out when Erza punched her twice in the face before ripping off her clothes, stripping her.

Sakura moaned as she was completely naked before Erza as her clothes were thrown out of the ring. Then Sakura screamed louder as Erza shoved her entire fist into her hairy vagina, fisting her hard and rough. Sakura gasped as she tried to hold in her orgasms, Erza’s fist reaching deeper into her insides. Then to her disbelief, her vagina exploded with orgasms.

Erza laughed as she pulled her cum-covered fist from Sakura’s vagina, raising it into the air and receiving a loud roar from her fans. She looked at both Korra and Sakura, laughing loudly.

‘Wow! You two whores cum so easily!’

The red-head grabbed Sakura by the hair and forced her to sit on Korra, bouncing her on the former champion’s face. Erza grinned as she groped Sakura’s breasts from behind, playing with her nipples. Soon Korra’s tongue stuck out as she licked her lover’s wet vagina, causing Sakura to moaned lewdly. Soon Sakura orgasmed for a second time, drenching Korra’s face with cum.

Erza let go of Sakura and allowed her to fall onto her side, panting heavily and holding her vagina. Korra too was breathing heavily as she licked her lips. Erza laughed and raised her title belt again before leaving the two of them alone in the ring, leaving the arena and disappearing into the backstage.


When they were well enough to walk, both Korra and Sakura limped out of the ring and into the backstage; heading to the locker room. Korra was barely conscious as Sakura supported her, opening the door to the locker room.

‘I can’t believed I lost my championship…’ Korra grumbled as they entered the dark room. ‘That… Bitch did a number on me.’

Sakura tried to cheer her up. ‘Don’t worry baby. You shall get her next time.’

‘We all will.’

They both looked up as the lights turned on. Before them was Rainbow Mika, her arms folded across her chest and looking determined. Behind her were other women. Korra and Sakura recognised them as the “Faces” Erza had been terrorising for some weeks now.

‘Get some rest you two.’ She claimed. ‘For today, the revolution has began!’


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CWF: Panty vs Stocking
The CWF's arena was still packed just alter the match between LeAnn Valor and Victoria Pegaduro. A new referee, a girl with white skin and long flowing black hair wearing the black and white bikini, stood in the middle of the stage as the announcer's voice boomed through the arena.


The door opened and a young woman with white skin and long, flowing blonde hair walked towards the ring. Her fair eyes were blue and her body was slim in a perfect figure. She wore red stringed brklm and red heels. As she passed through the crowd, she flashed her breasts at them before sliding into the ring and making the sexiest poses she can make.

'AND HER OPPONENT', the announcer's voice continued. 'STOCKING ANARCHY!'

The door opened and another young woman with pale skin and long violet-pink hair that reached until the knee walked towards the ring. Her skin was pale and her body was slim like the blonde girl except that her breasts her bigger than that of Panty. She wore black skimpy bikini and black and purple boots. She waved as she passed through her fans before rolling into the ring.

The Anarchy sisters stood in the middle of the ring facing each other as their fans cheered around them. Panty snatched a microphone the referee was holding and spoke into it.

'Ready to be beaten by your older sister, sugar tits?'

Stocking grabbed the other microphone from the referee. 'Shut up you blonde whore! I'm going to beat you into the dust!'

'Them are some fighting words!' Panty smirked. 'Let's have a wager: if you win, I will stop having sex for one month! If I win, you have to stop eating sweets for a month! You game, bitch?'

'You're on you skankl' Stocking agreed and threw the microphone over her shoulders. Her sister threw the microphone aside and circled the ring, The bell rang and the two sisters charged into one another: Stocking sliding and tripping Panty. Panty face first into the mat as Stocking grabbed her legs and sat on her back: applying double Boston crab. Parity gasped and rolled Stocking off her back. She got up at the same time as Stocking and aimed a high kick onto her sister's head.

Stocking caught it and knelt down: delivering an uppercut into Parity's crotch. Panty gasped and covered her sore vagina.

'You cheating bitch!' she cursed.

Stocking just smiled. 'Oh come on you slut. With so many dicks rubbing into that clit of yours, surely you can withstand punches.

Stocking punched her sister's crotch again before grabbing onto Parity's leg and forcing her onto the mat where she applied ankle lock on Panty. Panty groaned at the pain on her back and on her ankle. She lifted her free leg and pushed Stocking onto her bottoms. Panty jumped onto her feet and before Stocking could get up, she was kicked in the face by Panty: sending her flying onto her sides. Sticking hold her face in pain as Panty stood over her.

'You cunt! I'll show you!'

Panty pulled Stocking onto her feet and lived her into the air: brain busting her sister into the mat. Stocking screamed as Panty smirked and still holding Stocking in the same position, stood up again and brain buster Stocking again before dropping her onto the mat. Stocking groaned in pain as she arched her back in pain. Panty grabbed her by the hair and slammed Stocking's face into the turnbuckle.

Stocking groaned and back kicked Panty in between her legs: making Panty moaned and fell onto her knees. Stocking rubbed her face and fell backwards: her bottoms onto Panty's face. Stocking rubbed her ass into her sister's face and grabbed hold of her bikini bottoms: giving Panty a wedgie. Panty screamed and her bikini bottom became wet from her orgasm.

Stocking smirked. 'I knew you're such a slut! Cumming so easily.'

Stocking then tore off Panty's bikini bottom and threw it aside: proceeding to spank her sister's bottoms. Panty yelped in pain and rolled stocking off her: showing her vagina to the crowd. The crowd cheered and whistled as they had a look at Panty's crotch. Panty, instead of getting embarrassed, started thrusting her hips upwards and winking until Stocking kicked her in the face.

'Stop showing off you whore!'

Panty angrily grabbed Stocking's leg and tripped her onto the mat. She grabbed Stocking's arm and leg and bent her sides in a bow and arrow hold. Stocking screamed in pain as her body was being bent Panty let go but before Stocking could roll away, Panty grabbed hold of Stocking's bikinis and ripped them: showing Stocking's pink nipples and shaven vagina. Stocking screamed in embarrassment and tried to cover her exposed body: leaving her defenseless against Panty.

Panty smiled evilly as she pulled Stocking up by the hair and DDT her into the mat. Then Panty pulled Stocking up onto her feet again and dragged her to the turnbuckle. Panty pushed Stocking to the top of the turnbuckle and placed her at the top: facing the naked Stocking towards the crowd. The crowd whistled as they got a plain view of Stocking’s white body. Panty, standing behind Stocking ruthlessly fingered Stocking’s vagina and pinched her right nipple: making Stocking moaned sexually.

Finally, Stocking orgasmed and covered the top of the turnbuckle with her cum: the thick fluid flowing down the post. Panty pulled out her finger and licked the cum off her finger before wrapping her arms around Stockings waist. Then she delivered a German Suplex, slamming Stocking back into the mal. Stocking gasped as she spat out saliva. Panty then pulled her sister onto her feet and lived her into the air: brain-busting Stocking into the mat. Stocking gave a shriek as she fell onto her back and Panty jumped on her for the pin. The referee started the count.

'1... 2...'

Stocking rolled her shoulders off the mat and spat onto Panty's face. Panty, furious, slapped her sister's face and locked her legs in a painful figure four hold. Stocking screamed in pain as Panty tightened the hold.

'Give up bitchy!'

'Go to hell!'

Panty tightened the hold and Stocking gritted her teeth, unwilling to surrender.

'How about now?'

'Go fuck yourself slut!'

Panty, now seeing that Stocking was struggling to hold on, tightened the hold. 'Givel Up! Whore! OrI break your legs!'
Face turning red, Stocking tried to hold on but seeing that she could not and there was no escape for her, she finally submitted. 'Fuck you! I give up!'

The referee signaled the end of the match by submission and the bell was rung. Panty let go of Stocking, who lay on the mat: moaning and groaning in pain as she massaged her legs. However, Panty was not done with
her sister.

Panty sat on Stocking's belly and before Stocking could react in surprise, Panty licked her palm and slapped her sister in the cheeks. Stocking squirmed in disgust as Panty laughed and leaned backwards: fingering Stocking's vagina. Before Stocking could do anything to stop Panty, Panty started massaging Stocking's breasts. Stocking now started moaning sexually again as Panty aroused. Soon, Stocking was orgasmed: creating a small puddle of cum on the mat.

With a twisted smile, Panty pulled Stocking until she was on her fours and sat on top of her like a horse: jamming her right finger into Stocking's vagina while using her let hand to smack Stocking's butt cheeks.

Stocking squirmed and moaned as she yet again shot out more cum onto the mat. Panty violently pushed Stocking onto her back and face sit on her: orgasmed over her sister's face and into her mouth. She laughed and posed for her fans: still wearing her bikini top.

Panty stood up and looked down on her sister: Stocking lying on the mat and covered in cum and sweat with her tongue sticking out and panting heavily.

Panty blew her sister a kiss. 'Remember Stocking, no sweets for a month.

All of the sudden, the arena darkened again and a heavy metal theme song were played on. Everybody, including Panty, looked around in surprise. The referee, who was only told of the matches' schedule spoke into her hidden headphone asking what was going on.

'What the hell"' Panty asked as the door opened.

Two women with red skin walked towards the ring. One of the red-skinned women have long flowing green hair with strangely two red crescent moon homs sticking out her hair. The other red skin woman has blue long hair tied in a ponytail and a red horn sticking out from her forehead and she wore glasses. Despite having homed heads. both women were beautiful with slim figures and athletic bodies covered only in black micro bikini and black heels. As they reached the ring, the blue haired demon widened the ropes so the green haired demon could step into the ring before the blue haired demon stepped right next to her.

Panty glowered at the Daemon sisters, Scanty and Kneesocks. 'What the hell are you two bitches doing here?'
Scanty made a clucking sound. 'Tsk, tsk, such unruly language bull expected nothing less from a harlot. Don't you agree, sister?'

'I concur." Kneesocks agreed. 'We should teach this uncivilised dog some manners.'

'Well fuck you!' Panty swore. 'I can take on you two dainty bitches so bring it!'

Panty roared and charged at the Daemon sisters who merely smirked. Kneesocks went low and slid, causing Panty to trip forward and before she could het the mat, Scanty clothesline her. Panty fell on her back on the mat and she clutched her sore throat, Scanty elbow dropped on Panty's belly and Kneesocks leg dropped on Panty's face: Panty now screaming in Pain. Scanty applied figure four hold while Kneesocks applied head scissors and both sisters squeezed Panty's legs and head: Panty's screams intensifying at the pressure.
After a minute the Daemon sisters let go of Panty and flipped onto her belly where they sat on her back. Scanty now held Panty’s head in a camel clutch while Kneesocks pulled Panty’s legs in a Double Boston crab: and bending Panty's back and almost cracking her spine. Panty screamed louder and Scanty smirked. She pulled off the strings of Panty's bikini top and threw it aside: showing Panty’s pink nipples. Scanty then pinch and twisted them, making Panty screamed in agony.

Stocking, who was still on the mat, slowly woke up at all the screaming Panty was doing. Once her vision was stabilized, she saw the Daemon slsters torturing Panty. Panty, despite being in so much pain, noticed that Stocking was awake now.

'Stocking! Come give me a hand!'

Stocking, instead of helping her sister, flipped her the middle finger. 'Fuck you, Panty! You bloody humiliated me! Now I’ll will never get married!'

'Fuck that!' Panty screamed in pain as the Daemon Sisters tightened their hold on her. 'We're fucking angels so we don't get married!'

'Whatever you fucking cunt!' Stocking shouted back. 'You're on your own, slut!'

As Stocking slowly made her way out of the ring, Scanty pulled Panty onto her feet in a full nelson hold while Kneesocks stood in front of Panty and treated her like a punching bag: punching Panty in her face, breasts,
and belly. Then Kneesocks knelt down and uppercut Panty in between the legs for multiple times: making Panty gasped sexually.

'Stocking!' she screamed. 'Help me damn you!'

'Go fuck yourself? Stocking shouted and slid out of the ring.

Kneesocks uppercut Panty in the crotch again; this time making the blonde girl orgasmed onto the mat. Panty screamed sexually as her cum fall onto the mat.


Stocking stopped at her tracks and looked up at the ring. 'Really?'

Kneesocks punched Panty in the crotch again, making her cum again. Panty panted. 'Yes...'

Stocking grinned. 'You got yourself a deal!'

Stocking jumped onto the apron and then onto the ropes before jumping from it: delivering a dropkick into Kneesocks' face. Kneesocks fell towards the ropes and Stocking grabbed her anns and [risk whipped her to the other side of the ring. Kneesocks rebounded from the ropes and her jaws met Stocking's foot: making her fall on her back on the mat.
Scanty looked at Stocking in anger. 'No...'

She could not finish her statement because a smirking Panty now walked backwards and slammed Scanty into the turnbuckle: making Scanty gaped out loud and letting Panty go from the hold. Panty turned around and grabbed hold of Scanty bikini, ripping them off: showing her red nipples and shaven vagina. Scanty tried to cover her naked body but as she did that, Panty put Scanty's head under her arm and bulldogged her into the mat: smashing Scanty's face into the mat.

Stocking tore off Kneesocks' bikini: showing her red nipples and shaven vagina. Stocking then lined Kneesocks into the air and brain bustered her into the mat. Kneesocks screamed as her spine was being damaged as Stocking lifted her up again and changed the drop into a muscle buster: dropping Kneesocks onto the mat. Kneesocks moaned in pain as Stocking grabbed her legs and dragged it to the middle.

Panty also grabbed Scanty by the legs and dragged her in the middle of the ring. There she and Stocking connected Scanty and Kneesocks' vagina in a scissor position with the Anarchy sisters holding onto the Daemon's sisters' legs.

'Ready Stocking'?' Panty asked her sister.

'Let's do it!' Stocking replied.

The Anarchy sisters pulled the Daemon Sisters into one another: slamming and ramrmng their vaginas onto one another. Scanty and Kneesocks screamed in pain and agony as their crotches crashed into one another. Panty and Stocking mustered what remaining strengths they had and pulled with such a force that there was something like a crack sound when Scanty and Kneesocks vaginas collided into one another. Scanty and Kneesocks screamed loudly in agony as their vaginas erupted with orgasm: covering them from head to toe in their own vaginal fluid.

The Anarchy sisters let the Daemon sisters legs go and let them panting on the mat with still leaking vaginas as both Panty and Stockings climbed onto the turnbuckle opposite of each others until they were standing on the top of the turnbuckle. They posed for their fans before jumping off the turnbuckle, both of them delivering Shooting Star Presses: Panty slamming onto Scanty and Stocking onto Kneesocks. Scanty gasped and spat out saliva before their heads dropped back onto the mat: the Anarchy sisters pinning them. The referee went down for the count.


The crowd cheered again as they called out Panty and Stocking's name: both sisters standing up and posing to their fans while the Daemon sister were steel] on their back, moaning heavily. Panty grinned at Stocking and jerked her head at the defeated Daemon sisters. Stocking winked and forced Kneesocks onto her knees while Panty lifted Scanty onto her feet.

'What...' Scanty panted. 'Are you... Ah!'

Scanty gasped as Panty lifted her into the air and Stocking pushing Kneesocks' horn into Scanty's vagina. Panty lifted Scanty up and down: making sure Kneesocks' hom rubbed deep into Scanty's vagina. Scanty's tongue was out and her eyes were rolled back as her sister's horn was arousing her once again. Soon, Scanty reached her climax and she orgasmed: covering Kneesocks' face with thick cum. Stocking forced Kneesocks mouth opened, making sure that some of Scanty's vaginal fluids entered her mouth.

Panty pulled Scanty from Kneesocks' hom and slammed her back into the mat while Stocking slammed Kneesocks' vagina onto Scanty's face. Stocking started playing with Kneesocks' nipples while Panty rubbed her vagina: making Kneesocks aroused. Kneesocks, slipping into unconsciousness, let out a moan before releasing her orgasms into Scanty's mouth. Scanty, too exhausted, could not swallow the thick cum and the fluids overflowed her mouth while Kneesocks closed her eyes and was out cold.

Stocking lilied Kneesocks off of Scanty and leaned her against the turnbuckle while Panty looked down at the weak Scanty.

'How's it going down there, cunt?'

She swore before falling into unconsciousness. Scanty smirked and straighten up, Scanty looked up at Panty's smug face. 'Fucking... Bitches...'

'Hey Stocking, thanks for helping me out a... Ooofff!'

Panty had the wind knocked out of her body as Stocking uppercut her in the belly and then a knee missile in between Panty's legs: making her exploded with orgasm. Tongue sticking out of her mouth. Panty was wobbly as Stocking grabbed her by the hair and face bustered Panty's face into the mat: knocking Panty's lights out. Stocking rolled Panty onto her back arid face sat on her where she started rubbing her wet vagina into Parity's face. Soon, Stocking orgasmed all over Panty's face and into her mouth while flipping two middle fingers at her.

'There you cunt!' Stocking said. 'That's for just now you cum whore!'

With a smile and a wink, she slid out of the ring and walked towards the exit: leaving the unconscious Panty and the Daemon sisters in the ring.

After orgasmed, she stood up and posed for her cheering fans.