Home Invasion pt 1-3


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May 14, 2020
Part 1
In the dead of night, around 11 PM, 19-year-old Ayanna was about to go to bed after a long day of work. Still in her work uniform, she took everything off and hopped in the shower. As soon as she turned the water on, she heard her front door opening. Curious, she wrapped a towel around her and peeked downstairs to find the door closed and nobody there. Thinking it just may have been her boyfriend coming home early from his overnight shift, she didn't question it and returned to take her shower.
While she bathed, she heard footsteps coming up and they stopped just outside of the bathroom door. "I'm almost done, baby.", she said. After a few minutes, she turned off the water and stepped out of the tub, wrapping the towel around her. She walked to the door, seeing the outline of feet just outside. Confused, she opened it, "Why would you stand in front of the do-OOUFFF!" Just as she opened the door, a gloved fist had interrupted her and drove deep in her stomach.
She immediately doubled over in pain and began to violently cough, holding her stomach. She looked up and was frightened to see that it wasn't her boyfriend, but a man in a mask. His 6'5 towered over her 5'1, he wore all black, the only noticeable thing about him was his green eyes and he was built like a brick house.
He grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the hallway as she screamed. She managed to stand up and tried to run, but he was too quick for her. He got a hold of her and slammed her back-first onto a nearby wall. Disoriented, soaking wet naked and shaking, she pleaded, "P-Please don't hurt m-me... I'll give you my money, just let me go!"
Her please fell on deaf ears as he reeled his massive fist back and punched her stomach again, "HURRRGH!!", a deep thud sound was made on contact, her eyes shut tight from the pain and she grabbed her stomach. Struggling to get air in her lungs, her body twitched.
He forced her to straighten up, and he rammed another punch in her midsection, "UGGGGH!!" She fell on her knees and held her stomach, her forehead on the ground. She coughed and gagged whilst crying. A few seconds later, the man kicked her side like a football, causing her to be on her back.
Feeling nauseous and dizzy, all poor Ayanna could do was softly cry and cough. She tried to get some air in her, but that was immediately stopped by the man's boot slamming into her lower belly. She gasped in pain and coughed up a drop of saliva, too much in pain to even hold her stomach.
The man then got on top of her and started to pound away at her already beaten stomach. Her loud grunts soon turned into low groans as she was slowly losing consciousness. The last punch somehow seemed like the hardest one she received yet, his fist so deep in her red stomach that it almost disappeared. She kept gasping for air and twitching from the pain, her eyes were glazed and her cheeks drenched in tears.
With his job done, he unmasked in front of her and gave her a kiss on her cheek before quickly running out of the house, leaving her in shock and tremendous pain.
Police arrived shortly after and discovered her. They called for an ambulance for her. One of the officers found a note near the bathroom door and sighed when he read it, clearly knowing who did this: 'From your friendly neighborhood Gut-Punching Maniac. See you at the next house'
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May 14, 2020
Part 2

It was around midnight when young 20-year-old Amber awoke. Having regrettably skipped dinner, she made her way downstairs to fix herself a snack. When she opened the fridge and searched inside, she noticed a strong chill that covered the entire kitchen. The young acrobatic looked behind her and found the source of the sudden cold: her screen door was surprisingly open wide. Unable to remember if she had closed it before going to bed, she simply shrugged it off, closed and locked the door, and went back to her midnight snack.

After finishing the leftover cake, it was time to go back to sleep. Once she closed the fridge, however, a gloved hand grabbed her throat and forced her to turn around. Before she could scream, she felt a hard fist plunge in her stomach, "HUUURG!!". She immediately fell on her knees and grabbed her stomach in pain.

The intruder grabbed Amber by the hair and forced her to get up. She had no choice but to submit to him and softly whimpered, scared of what would happen next. She got her answer when the man decked the girl's toned stomach once again, forcing most of the air out of her. The man wouldn't even let her hold her stomach this time, as he grabbed her and stretched her back out onto his knee, leaving an open target.

He first punched down on her exposed belly button, "AYYYEEE!!", then her middle that a deep thud sound, "UUGGGGH!!", her middle again, "NNNGH!!", targeting the belly button once again with a deep punch, "UNNGGH!!", and finished with a hard elbow just under her solar plexus, "AUUUGGH!!!". He stopped his assault and allowed Amber to slide off his knee in great pain.

The man chuckled at hearing her pained moans and gasps for air. He soon forced her on her feet again, and she was wobbly and disoriented. She gave no struggle when he placed her hands on her shoulders and drove his knee in her solar plexus, "HUMMPH!!!"

The knee was the final straw; the hard blow first caused her to expel a soft burp, then she covered her mouth and tried fighting the urge to puke. She quickly couldn't resist any longer and the cake she had previously eaten had covered her hands and landed on the floor in a disgusting mess of vomit. Her throat was burning and she coughed violently, not even realizing that the man had reeled his massive fist back and buried it in her midsection.

She gasped loudly and a few seconds later she passed out from the trauma. She fell to the floor unconscious as the man wiped off some of the vomit from his arm and feet. He quickly ran out of the house and thanks to a neighbor hearing Amber's yells, the police soon arrived and called an ambulance for her. An officer found a familiar note on the ground and shook his head when it read: 'Round 2 is now complete, now I advance to the last one for the night. Have fun cleaning the bitch's throw up. -The Gut-Punching Maniac.'
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May 14, 2020
Part 3
The word was out through the news and police car speakers: 'Everyone is to lock their doors and windows. Do not exit your homes un-needlessly and do not panic.'. The Gut-Punching Maniac's presence was felt throughout the small town of Salisbury, Maryland once the news spread. No one felt safe in their own homes, no one except for a smug and overconfident Asian girl named Lily.

This 20-year-old lady stood 5'6, long brown hair, and eyes, and basically had the body of a supermodel and none of the brainpower. Despite her television blaring and the police recently passing with the stay-at-home order, Lily didn't care. She just sat on her porch and smoked her blunt.

Her phone suddenly rang next to her and she answered it: "Yooo?"

"Hey, girl. Did you hear about what happened to Ayanna?" Lily's friend, Christine asked on the other line.

"No? What's going on?"

"She got attacked by the manic, dude! She's in the hospital right now, her boyfriend told me."

"Shiiiit. Sucks to be her right now.", Lily sarcastically said, snickering to herself.

"Right? And she was just made captain of the cheerleading team, too…"

"Pfft. Don't start feeling sorry for her. That bitch probably slept her way to be captain."

"Look who's a jealous hoe."

"Oh, shut the fuck up. Mind if I come to your place? There's nothing to do and I'm not staying here by myself."

"You mean, that's not you knocking on my door right now?"

"Um..no? I'm still at my place, crazy bitch."

"Fuck off. It's probably just Mike again. Gimme a sec…"

Lily waited for a few seconds, then all she could hear was Christine screaming on the other end. "Chris?... Christine, what's going on?" Pained shouts and screams were her only response. This lasted for a minute while Lily tried to get her friend to respond, suddenly hearing nothing but silence. "Christine?! Are you there?! Say something!!"

The sound of the phone getting picked up was heard, along with heavy breathing. What Lily heard next sent shivers down her spine: "Your friend is taking a nap. You should come and join her."

"Who….who is this? W-what did you do to Christine?" Lily trembled and was almost about to cry. Before she could say something else, the other line was cut off. Lily immediately grabbed her keys and quickly drove to Christine's apartment. She climbed up the stairs and saw that Christine's door was wide open. When she stepped inside, Christine was on the ground unconscious and half-naked. She gasped and ran to her, crouching beside her. Her nose was bleeding and her stomach was near purple in color.

As Lily was trying to care for Christine, the front door slowly closed behind her. Hearing the creek of the door, she turned around and let out a small whimper at who closed it: The Gut-Punching Maniac himself. He locked the door and slowly walked up to the terrified Lily. She backed up as slowly as he approached her, eventually hitting a nearby wall. Suddenly, like superspeed, the Maniac was in front of her and wasted no time as he delivered an uppercut square in her midsection, "HUUURGH!!"

She fell to her knees and grabbed her stomach tight. The Manic chuckled softly under his breath and clapped, "You're the only one I've beaten that has a decent, toned stomach. I actually felt resistance in that punch."

Still on the floor and clutching her belly, Lily looked up at him and replied, "W-what are y-you, crazy?"

"You're the first girl to ask me that. Normally they just ask 'Why?'."

He grabbed her hair and forced her to stand, causing her to yelp. He slammed her back against the wall and pinned her by the throat, slightly choking her. She tried to make him release her, but he was too strong; the more she struggled, the tighter his grip on her neck was. Under the Manic's mask, he grinned, delivering a hard punch to Lily's exposed belly button, "AGGGH!!"

Lily could do nothing but withstand the oncoming blows to her stomach. She tried her best to at least tighten it up and not give him the satisfaction of hearing her pained groans, but that's exactly what he wanted her to do. He wanted this to last as long as possible and she was unintentionally giving it to him. After about 12 punches, however, she finally caved and coughed up saliva as his fist dented in her stomach.

The Maniac's fist had destroyed Lily's abs and made them soft enough for him to push it in. He enjoyed every second of her trying to breathe, and as he was doing this, he felt something struck the back of his head with a thunk. He immediately released Lily from his grasp and looked behind him: it was Christine, now conscious and holding a metal bat, "Y-you son o-of a bitch!!!"

She went to strike him in the face with the bat, but he caught it in his hand. He snatched it out of Christine's hands and rammed the skinny side of the bat in her solar plexus, "HGGHH!!". She grabbed her stomach and furiously puked on the floor before falling to her knees and slowly drifted out of consciousness again.

"C-Christine…", Lily whimpered while on the floor, clutching her once-toned belly she held in high regard. She coughed hard as she slowly stood back up, shaking from the pain. She glared at the Maniac for a few seconds and said, "I'll l-let you d-do whatve-er you want to m-me... just leave Christine alone…"

The Maniac let out an uncharacteristic laugh and responded with, "You're willing to sacrifice yourself just to save your friend?"

"Y-yes…" she nodded.

He stared at her for a bit before finally saying, "Okay, you got a deal. I'll leave your pretty friend alone, along with the other girls I was going to target tonight...in exchange for you." Suddenly, he swung the bat and it landed right at Lily's middle. She let out a loud gasp and coughed up a bit of blood before falling to the floor unconscious. The Manic picked her up on his shoulders, "I'm gonna have a ton of fun with you…" he said as he walked out of the apartment. "Nice bat…"

It was finally morning when Christine woke up. She slowly got to her feet, vomiting a tiny bit again before wobbling to her cellphone on the table and called 9-1-1. The police and ambulance arrived quickly and took care of her. The Maniac's calling card note was picked up at the scene of the crime. It read, 'I'm done for the night, and I had a lot of fun. I'm sure the Asian girl's friend will mention her missing, but she's not missing. She's with me, and you'd better find us fast...cuz I'm just getting started. Yours truly -The Gut-Punching Manic.'

"Shit! How are we going to find this guy? He always seems to slip away from us." One cop said to himself.

"That's because you didn't have me in your squad." The cop looked behind him and saw a tall, slender woman. She wore a bright blue buttoned shirt, black jeans and heels, and orange sunglasses. Saying she was busty would be an understatement, including toned and clearly worked out. "I know this Maniac all too well. I know what makes him tick...now I'm gonna find him."

"And you are?"

"The name's Rogers, Steffani Rogers."
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