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Hitomi is on the scene!

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Hitomi, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Hitomi

    Hitomi Guest

    S..So...this is my fate........

    I can't believe this happened....but....there's nothing left for me now.

    Days have pass...has it already been a week since I came to Himuro's aid...?

    .w...why...I must have made a mistake somewhere...I need to recall....

    ....need to.....




    I've just arrived at where the signal ends on the place where the pilot Himuro Miku was taken to be tortured...such a horrible image, but what's infront of me is even more interesting...is that, flying fortress?!

    "Well....no use waiting around here...let's move on up!"

    Gripping onto my grappling hook to the side of my hip, a aimed to the very top and shot out.

    "mm...Aha! Perfect!"

    Of course, I have perfect aim, and got it hooked to a corner of the wall of the building. I wasted no time, and after taking in a deep breath, and stepped back, before swinging myself forward against the wall, and wall jumped against it to get against the other side of the wall, and swing left to right, repealing every so often when I need to build up.


    "Don't worry, Himuro! I may not be wearing armor like you, but I can hold my own in a fight!"


    "Ah...made it!"

    Letting out a breath, I climb start my climb over the edge, but suddenly I heard something from my headphones!

    ???: "ha..ha...ha....it appears they are lowering the device for now..."

    Hitomi: "Eh?! ..o.oh! Is this Himuro Miku?"

    I put my hand against my ear, and tried to listen...it appears I finally got a signal from her! Must have been because I was on the ground so I couldn't hear from the fortness... But finally! I was getting somewhere! I climb to the top and try and speak with her.


    Hitomi: "Tell me what's the situation, I'll be getting you out of there as fast as I can!"

    Himuro: "Please be careful. I can overhear my interrogators speaking right now. They have detected the presence of a woman dressed in a tight pink spandex suit...I fear they might be referring to you, Hitomi-San.

    Hitomi: "Ngh...and here I thought I was being covert...I guess swinging wildly over the side of a flying fortness would have gotten some eyes towards me."

    Himuro: "They're gathering intel on your fighting methods as we speak, please stay alert. The Hau Dragons have some of the mightiest warriors I've ever encountered...

    Hitomi: "Ngh...."

    I bite my lips, sighing...Looks like, I may have to use my fist after all...

    Hitomi: "I'll keep that in mind..."

    Himuro: "Please be careful! ...Ugh...oh no..."

    Himuro suddenly started to sound scared...and, is that machine clogs I hear in the background? Darn, they must already be torturing her again! Looks like I have no more time to waste!
  2. Hitomi

    Hitomi Guest

    Part 2: Hitomi, to the rescue!


    Hitomi: "Now...let's see..."

    There are so many halls of the fortess! There's no way I could find her in time now...and the signal device seems to be completely jammed up. I would hate for Himuro to fall into torture again...but at least I'll be able to hear where her screams are coming fr-

    Himuro: "..ha..ann...."

    Hitomi: "?! Ah, there we go!"

    Now we're getting somewhere! I walked along towards the sound of the hallway, but just before turning the corner and pressed my body against the edge of the wall. Brrrrrr....that's cold...the outfit's skin tight, and I get that, but couldn't it live some protection from stuff like cold, solid steel?

    I shake my head at thinking such a thought right now...but it's still cold! Anyways, I turn towards the edge of the corner...and...hmm?


    Hitomi: "Are you...a member of the Hau Dragons, the group Himuro mentioned?"

    Woman: "Fufufu...so you must be Ms. Pink Spandex that we've heard about...Yes, I'm Flonne, one of the Hau Dragons. Or, should I say, hired hands for the Hau Dragons. I was the one that captured Ms. Miku. She's right behind this door...being tortured by our employers. Would you like to join her...?

    Hitomi: "Wa...?!"

    Flonne: "Fufufu! I think it'll be fun to watch your body dance!"

    Hitomi: "Like that will happen! You better get out of my way!"

    Hitomi: "Haaa!"


    Flonne: "Hmph! You call that a punch?!"


    Hitomi: "What?!"

    Our arms clashed, and I was pushed aside quickly. Are we...equal in strength?

    Hitomi: "!!! My leg...!"

    No..how did she...!


    Flonne: "Fufu....I got you."

    Hitomi: "Darn...it's just a cut, though. Don't think tagging me was going to stop me!"

    Flonne: "Oh? But I think this will...oh, booys~!"

    Suddenly, I was surrounded by three...no, four white dressed men, that appeared out of nowhere! They blocked off all the exits, including the one in which I thought I could be able to use as soon as I turned this corner... But...compared to her, they looked weaker. In fact, could they be...

    Himuro: "Aaaa...!"

    ...I couldn't waste anymore time. I instantly dashed forward towards the mens..and it appears I surprised them by my sudden dash, as they stepped back.

    Hitomi: "I don't have time for you, see ya!"

    I dashed as fast as I could, going over the men and went straight to Flonne, who was keeping the door safe from my reach. Pulling my leg forward, and swunged up towards her, fingering that if she was going to block my punches, I'll go with my kicks!


    Hitomi: "Eyaaah!!"

    Flonne: "Ufufufu, excellent, Ms. Pink Spandex! NOW!"

    "Eh?! Gah!!"

    Suddenly, just in the middle of my attack, I felt a my back striked between my shoulder blades. And then another, stabbing me towards the ground as I feel towards the feet of Flonne, who was, as she always has been laughing at me, giggles as I started to get beat down by the men holding black metal sticks. Hitting my shoulders, my legs, and even holding my breast up with the rodes so that they can beat them up as they were held up.

    Hitomi: "Ga..EAAAh...."

    Not before long, they held me up, with one stick right between my legs, and another pressing against my neck.

    Hitomi: "Gah...."


    Flonne: "Fufufu....How do you like our stun rods? Smaller, more combat..but just a deadly as the ones being used to Ms. Miku right now."


    Flonne: "Teach our little heroine about the way the Hau Dragons fight!"

    Hitomi: "!!!"



    My body is instantly shocked, was volts of energy started to fray my body in some of the most sensitive parts of my body. A painful shock held up my arms from my armpits, while several of them flatten against my breasts, forcing them to dance a humiliating bounce, while my thighs were buzzed, but worst of all was between my legs, as I felt 100 volts of lighting zapping up between my legs, towards my whole waist and my knees. And yet, the one in my neck, keeps my throat buzzing, screaming, making my eyes go white....

    Flonne laughs at me, as she calls off her grunts, as they all point with their sticks, laughing, using them to hold me up as my eyes rolled back and forth, along with my head. Flonne moves her claws under my chin and lift my head up.

    Flonne: "Well now..I don't think you'll be of much trouble, so let's bring you to the person you REALLY wanted to see!"

    Finally, Flonne opens the door, as the grunts grabbed my shoulders and threw me into the room, the same room as Himuro is in. As I tilt my head up to look up at her, weakly, Flonne sits down against my back, keeping my body flatten onto the ground.


    Hitomi: "GaaahH! ...s...sorry, Himuro...they got me..."

    Flonne: "FuFuFuFUFu....Let the show begin!"

    Flonne: "Ahaha...! If those shocks can make Himuro's armor crack..."

    Flonne looks down at me, pulling my chin upwards as she got up, and lifts me up to stand, while turning her head towards Himuro.

    Flonne: "Now, it's your turn, to watch!"

    My body falls, and falls right in place for her crotch to land right in between one of the stun rods, as her body was clamped together again, with several of them pressing against her breast, and once again...the shocks came.

    Hitomi: "GAAAAAAAAH!!! AAAAAAAAAH, AWAa....Afaaa!!"

    Flonne laughs and laughs, talking up towards Himuro.

    Flonne: "Ahaha! As we don't need any information from her, we get to watch her die! Finish her..."

    And by their command, the voltage went into the highest setting, and suddenly my mind started to fray, my body went numb, and all I could see was the back of my head...I'm sorry, Himuro...my body is, giving out....

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  3. Hitomi

    Hitomi Guest

    Hitomi's Final Mission

    Hitomi: "....haaaaa....HAAaaaaaaa..........Aaaaaaaaah........."

    My body.....it feels so hot....but it's in so much pain.....have I died....? Ngh...! My body, my mind...it's going though...so much sensations....!


    Hitomi: "Haaaaa....HAAaaa.....hAAAaaa...."

    Flonne: "Fufufu...I see your still standing. Good, good!"

    Flonne walks up towards me, and moves her finger against my chin, just as she's always has when she talks to me.

    Flonne: "Isn't it a good thing, that I was able to hit your leg before? Now that your body has soaked it in, you won't be passing out anytime, so your body will always be drained....!"

    Hitomi: "F...FFfffl......."

    Flonne grins, smiling at my attempts to call out to her. Her head moves up over my head, and suddenly my arms fell down. I almost fell to my kness, but Flonne holds me up.

    Flonne: "Now, now! We wouldn't want your final match to start already on the floor now, huh?"

    Hitomi: "Wa.....faa?"

    My body was too weak...my mind was a mess...what could she possibly want with this match of hers? She holds me up briefly, before she steps back, and allowed me to stand on my own.


    Hitomi: "Haa..?!"

    But as soon as I do that, I feel two sticks pressing upwards against my body...n..no way, those can't be...

    Flonne: "Hahaha! I see you noticed my boys leaving you a little gift...their stun rods enjoyed your body so much, that they just couldn't leave your body alone!"

    Hitomi: "F...Floo..nne....!"

    Anger rising inside me, as I tried to dash inwards...,but I couldn't even make one step, before falling forwards, onto my knees.

    Hitomi: "HAAAAA! AAA...Aaahhhh..."

    The pain shooting between my legs, along with the pleasure, the feeling of it, was not giving my mind a rest, a rest that I much needed...I can see Flonne giggling, walking up towards my head as I try my best to sit up, at least to my knees, but I only fall forward as the rods, pressed gainst the floor, was forced deeper inside me by my own weight...

    Flonne: "Aha...I think you like it too, huh? Why don't I allow them to...release, themselfs into you..."

    Hitomi: "!!! N..Noo..Please...!"

    The feeling of 100 volts shooting in between my legs, right inside of me? That would instantly fray me...! I can't, let that happen...my knees moved up, trying to crawl, but I was much too slow...and Flonne already behind me, I can feel the tips of her finger claws touching my skin...and gripping onto the rod...No...Please, no....!

    "..........Eh! ...h-huh?"

    Flonne: "Hahaha! Did you really think I was going to fry you, and not want to toy with you more?"

    I felt both of the rods pulled out, with a gaint sense of relief coming over myself.


    Flonne: "Ahaha...you should see the look of your face, when you thought I was going to turn those on."

    Hitomi: "N..naau.....w..where's..."

    Flonne: "Huh? Wow...still able to talk, huh?"

    Hitomi: "H....Himuro....where's Himuro-?!!!!"


    With that, several whips of pain came flashing down against my butt, slapping my cheeks as my fingers gripped against the floor, biting my teeth together. Those flashes of pain forces my body to stay awake, as even when I lightly close my eyes the whips prevents me from even taking a pass out nap.

    Flonne: "You don't need to worry about her anymore...."

    Hau Dragon Member: "Flonne, the boss says it's time."

    Flonne: "Hmph...alright then. "


    Hitomi: "hen...nnn...."

    Flonne: "Well, Ms. Pink Spandex, looks like this is goodbye. It's been a fun week and a half, but it looks like you got a real lucky break this time....or at least, as lucky as a girl in YOUR position is. You see, if you were left with me...I could have made sure, this stick went though....all...the way..."

    Hitomi: "HAa...?!"

    My head tilts up, looking back at her with a nervous look, as she presses downwards. I can feel the metal whiplike poll dugging in...making my tongue stick out...before she stopped.

    Flonne: "...but it's not. Goodbye, Ms. Pink Spandlex."

    Flonne bends downwards, and rips at my outfit...exposing my crotch, and both of my nipples.

    Flonne: "But I'll be keeping those, if you don't mind. Buh-bye~!"

    And with that, Flonne leaves...and that leaves me, once again, surrounded by the men with the stun rods. Two of them, I see, are dripping...Flonne....and Himuro....did she...?



    Men 1: "Come on, we don't have all day! Step it up!"

    Hitomi: "MMMmmpm..!!"

    My mouth was shut. My nipples were expose. Both my arms and my legs were kept locked in my spreader bars. I could barely walk, and my body is flowing fluids, thanks to the mental breakdown of my body and whatever they had done to me while my mind was fading in that room...

    Men 2: "Do you want us to shock you again, pink tights?"

    Hitomi: "! Mph..!!"

    Grunts, that I could have easily beaten, were now leading me into an unknown place. My body, in complete fear of what they could do...I couldn't stand it...as we entered a dark room.

    ...The sounds of buttons, of machines...I could barely see, and could only sense where I was by the feeling on my body. One of the men pushed me forward with a kick to my back, then I felt a kick against my stomach inward, as we finaly made int to our destination. They gripped onto my hair, and threw me back, ny head bouncing against the back cushions, of what felt like a small bed...as my nipples gets a painful, sharp feeling shoot up, as the men was squeezing my breasts up so that they can inject some kind of needle against my nipples, before they removed their hands, and a glass comes down over me.

    Hitomi: "....n..u.."

    Men: "See ya, girl. I look forward to how you taste..."

    And suddenly, the men were gone. And, the feeling of lonelness setted in. My body lays back, looking up at the dark, blud ceiling. My nipples...forced upwards, in reaction to the injection that's happening. As painful as it was...I could feel them, giving me relaxation...finally...I could rest....I'm done questioning how I got here...I'm finally done with it all...


    ...I am free, to finally rest....


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  4. pirajacinto

    pirajacinto Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 29, 2009
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    Author's Note:

    Wow, I couldn't believe how easy it was to make this one, as after taking so long to do this (I mean, Hitomi showed up a week and a half ago!), and it only toke me a few hours, late night that is. So what did you guys thought? I really enjoyed Himuro and I loved the idea of a following story to it all, so I wanted to post the story in parts, but I got alittle too excited yesterday so i just figured I'll put it up all at once...

    On the side note, please thanks on this reply.
  5. HimuroMiku

    HimuroMiku Guest

    Hitomi, I am sorry I took so long to respond to your call. The torture here has been endless. Just how long have I been trapped inside this electrocution chamber? I can no longer recall... My armor's been shattered into pieces, and a few days ago, I finally collapsed from the unbearable agony. They've put me inside a rejuvenation chamber right now. I can only imagine what they have planned for when I recover, my torture...

    I am so sorry to see you have gone through all that. It is the Hau Dragon's way. Not only do they specialise in tormenting female warriors, they also enjoy humiliating them. Those laughs I hear as I squirm in agony, I do not know how much more I can take...
  6. Hitomi

    Hitomi Guest

    H..Himuro...? Is that you...? I haven't heard from you in so long....It seems I haven't able to save you, huh..? Haha...aaah...their keeping me drained, keeping me calm and relaxed in this state...Their retrains are preventing me from even moving from this container.

    Nng...! Though, sometimes I feel my body giving out, there's a calm again. It seems they don't plan to torture me anymore...you are their main target, after all. For all I know, I could be in a display room, as I can't hear the outside world anymore. I felt first hand their torture, and humiliation of us female warriors...and I also recall another person, outside of their ranks, that would love to see us tormentted. They may not even be after our information anymore, but could be for their entertainment.

    ..a...aaaah...my body is being drained again...TricoNitroz, wasn't that his name...? He seems to enjoy watching us in agony...so much so, that he may come for our rescue, just to torment us himself...I hope that happens..that may give us a chance to escape...