Had First Sexual Roleplay Ever & it was FUN!!


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Feb 2, 2015
Western USA
Wow I'm really becoming a pervert aren't I?

First I join this forum. Then I admit my interests. Then I enjoy my first death ryona. Then it gets more extreme. And now I did a role play with a female user (it was in a chat room) & we both had a good time!

Very very very different from what I'm used to in my life. But god damn, it was really fun! And she even said she'd like to do it again!

If you've seen my posts you know I like the Damsel Ryona but also screams. I was kind of switching between being the villain torturing her & then being the hero rescuing her & she told me she enjoyed it too! I can hardly believe a woman would actually allow this, much less actually enjoy it!
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