[Flash/Browser] Edward and the Missing Soldier


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Apr 16, 2012
This visual novel is a medieval fantasy.
Edward's enlistment is almost finished. His commanding officer sends him to another regiment to escort a soldier back to a local Baron's castle.
Follow Edward on his adventures. Depending on choices you make, Edward might fight a variety of enemies, such as a giant spider, a wolf-beast, a goblin, an evil monk, or the captain of the castle guard.
Will Edward find love in the arms of one of three lovely ladies, or will he end up dead?

There are three main 'good' endings, and several 'you died' endings (each of the 'you're dead' endings has a replay button).
Playing time to see all endings is just over an hour.
Cross-platform, (Plays on Windows, MAC, and Linux systems using web browsers capable of running HTML5 files. Conversion to htlml 5 by kexter. You may NOT upload this to any other web site without my permission.
Download and more pictures are at Undertow club's download section
Link ->Edward And the Missing Soldier
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