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"Three kingdoms story: Conussia" is a story about the Hero, who appeared to become involved in to the under-the-carpet battles of Conussia kingdom.
King is disappeared, Princess has to become a Queen, but it seems that won't happen.
Army and sorcerers have been destroyed, priests and nobles claim to be better rulers, than the Princess. And all of them are in a real danger, as the Forces of Darkness continuously attack the Castle.

18+ game with sex content and a good story. The game has elements of RPG and visual novel.

Difficult to survive. The Castle, where the action proceeds, is frequently attacked by Dark forces - means you have to be sure the defenders can protect the Castle.

Intrigues. Characters make an alliance against each other, you'll have to support somebody or even betray...

Spirit of desperation — there are no easy solutions. You'll have to choose between the bad and very bad.

Broad variety. Plot is revealed by fulfilling or not fulfilling of 13 different tasks. There are more, than 10 endings in the game.

Story. Each character in the game has his own story. Try to get to know them better.

Craft. There is an inventory and craft system. Make magic scrolls in order to reach your goals.