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(DOA5 - With Pictures) The Assassin's Advantage

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Sora, Jul 24, 2013.

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    A/N: Finally! I got inspired the other day to write another ryona fic in excitement for DOA5U. This is a story centering around Bayman and Christie, with ryona pics for both characters. Hope you enjoy!

    Also, will be updating Kokoro's training soon.

    Chapter 1 - The Flight of the White Haired Temptress

    "Is that all you've got?"

    Bayman, crouching on one knee, was gathering his breath back--not saying a word in reply. In front of him, Christie, one of the world's most proficient and cruel assassins, was slowly inching her way forward in her trademark snake stance.


    "I think I might have overestimated you. Your reputation is exaggerated, to say the least." Christie sneered.

    Bayman took one more deep breath then wordlessly stood back up, readying his stance.

    83_470584_180038278843301_998261546_o.jpg 88_1074540_180036748843454_381638074_o.jpg

    "You sure have the dullness of an assassin though." continued Christie. She crouched forward, closing the gap between them almost immediately.

    She is fast, Bayman thought. Christie started striking, going for Bayman's abdomen.

    Bayman started blocking, avoiding the deadly blows. But, this was all he could do as he was getting pushed back by Christie's sheer agility. Still, he solidified his defense.

    76_1084913_180040355509760_386883337_o.jpg 77_1082260_180040022176460_1355770235_o.jpg 79_1074589_180039468843182_881188222_o.jpg 82_1082014_180038492176613_989637018_o.jpg

    "You're not going to get anywhere blocking!" shouted Christie in triumph. She did her a faint of her last strike into a side roll, catching Bayman off guard. She then took this chance to do a swift kick at his abdomen.

    84_1072046_180038108843318_415620755_o.jpg 85_1078581_180037678843361_14937446_o.jpg

    "Ooff!" Bayman groaned as the hit connected. He doubled over, but Christie wasn't about to let up. Christie immediately followed up with her snake strikes, hitting Bayman in the chest, abdomen and finally in the head in quick succession.

    96_1074437_180032362177226_856240630_o.jpg 97_981618_180032135510582_1571520579_o.jpg

    Bayman reeled back clutching his face, but quickly recovered. He immediately took up his stance and concentrated back on Christie--as steely faced as he could muster. An assassin must not show emotions.

    21_1075493_180182405495555_945266382_o.jpg 22_1078922_180182132162249_1782972126_o.jpg 23_981637_180181782162284_885730912_o.jpg

    Upon seeing this, Christie surprisingly lowered her stance and walked casually forward to Bayman. "You know, you can stop it with the whole bad-ass guy act thing".

    She laughed. "Why don't you just give up? You're only human after all... and a man at that. You can't beat me--not with your male desires kicking in."

    Bayman didn't react--not the slightest flinch at this statement.

    14_1009192_180183858828743_926334709_o.jpg 15_1082203_180183735495422_95491116_o.jpg 16_1074572_180183588828770_1699541263_o.jpg

    Christie let out a small laugh and continued. "Oh, come now. Don't think I haven't noticed? You have been looking at my breasts for some time now. Can't resist can you? No man can..."

    Christie closed her eyes and let out a shrug. "... and that's why I love fighting men." Christie opened her eyes and stared straight into Bayman with a steely glare. "It makes my job a whole lot easier!"

    As she said this, she immediately crouched forward again. Expecting the quick strikes, Bayman tried to pre-emptively counter.

    93_1073710_180035668843562_519156708_o.jpg 94_965717_180033135510482_722125605_o.jpg

    "How naive!" Christie shouted. She did two rolls to quickly get behind Bayman, then did a four-hit palm strike to Bayman's broad back.

    Despite being hit, Bayman got out of the way and did a quick ukemi roll. Christie was expecting this and immediately dashed after Bayman.

    72_1072271_180041475509648_841049070_o.jpg 73_1074345_180041185509677_314273563_o.jpg 74_1077559_180040842176378_1069378123_o.jpg

    "Now you're dead!" Christie spun around in the air in a forward lunge. This was her trademark killing move that she's used for her hundreds of assassinations. One strike at the heart, and the target is all but guaranteed dead. Christie had deftly timed it so that this strike will land as Bayman recovers.

    But, all of a sudden, Bayman vanished from Christie's sight.

    08_979839_180184645495331_33508664_o.jpg 09_1072443_180184542162008_1705284626_o.jpg 10_1074037_180184432162019_721215042_o.jpg 11_1077783_180184298828699_5061256_o.jpg

    Bayman did another roll after his initial one, ducking under Christie's killing blow. Christie then felt a sudden thrust on her chest. Her vision fading, she looked down and saw Bayman's finger in between her breasts; right at her solar plexus.

    "No, you're dead." Bayman said simply.

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Chapter 2: How Naive

    06_1071615_180184875495308_612382646_o.jpg 07_977616_180184772161985_282314525_o.jpg 26_1077474_180181135495682_1488164710_o.jpg 27_1074971_180180902162372_718698141_o.jpg 28_1077173_180180758829053_595639410_o.jpg 29_1009476_180180518829077_1449572693_o.jpg 30_1077726_180180388829090_104655203_o.jpg

    Before she could even react, she felt her whole body crumbling, as if all her energy for sucked out of her body all at once. She crumpled to the floor, barely able to lift a finger.

    The solar plexus. As the area above the abdomen and below the lungs, it was a nerve hub of the body. Christie knew well what one strike at the point cans do. She cursed herself under her breath for not seeing Bayman's attack.

    31_1073915_180180268829102_18993710_o.jpg 32_976384_180180008829128_351006168_o.jpg

    She stared up to Bayman. "How did you move that fast? I've been beating you all this time."

    Bayman, fixing his gloves, replied, "yes, but your strikes were weak. And..." He unbuttoned his vest to show off his under armour: a reinforced army suit, "your body strikes don't work at all against me."


    "You on the other hand, use your sexual wiles against your enemy, which doesn't allow you armor. That's what made your solar plexus easy to target..." Bayman sneered. "...your breasts make it easy to spot."

    So that's why he was looking at my chest the entire time...

    62_1074769_180173878829741_441588787_o.jpg 63_774395_180173742163088_279912443_o.jpg

    That was the last straw. Humiliated, yet refusing to be beaten, Christie mustered up all the energy she had left and rolled upwards. Still in a crouching position, she readied another strike, shaking the very ground beneath her. Bayman knew: this attack can't be blocked.

    "Take this, you bastard!" She extended her whole body to her right arm, straight to Bayman's heart.

    "How naive..."

    60_1079083_180174302163032_747502824_o.jpg 61_1078725_180174018829727_673344969_o.jpg

    He skillfully rolls twice to the side, immediately getting to Christie's back. Not leaving her time to react, she grabs her entire frame and pulls her up from her stance immediately.

    "This is over."

    64_412710_180173592163103_195990667_o.jpg 65_1079116_180173398829789_614620628_o.jpg 68_977153_180172858829843_321897108_o.jpg 69_1078914_180042248842904_1812175395_o.jpg 70_1072144_180042008842928_229538614_o.jpg

    He snaps Christie's neck, immediately causing unconsciousness. Christie's whole body goes limp. The battle was over.

    50_1077254_180176142162848_1023645668_o.jpg 51_1009631_180175975496198_1632532034_o.jpg 52_1077043_180175768829552_1449493755_o.jpg 53_1026102_180175428829586_1580301644_o.jpg 54_1074199_180175292162933_1107390451_o.jpg 55_1078742_180175128829616_1777550692_o.jpg 56_1077391_180175005496295_1021561391_o.jpg 57_1077057_180174882162974_1244412221_o.jpg

    He wasn't done however. He takes Christie's now limp arm around his shoulder and does a roll forward, dragging her to the ground. He forces her to sit upright, wraps his leg around her body in one fluid motion and snaps her spine with the his trademark hold.

    The pain jolts Christie awake as she screams in agony. However, with her nervous system incapacitated, she could not move at all, much less defend herself.

    48_1077224_180176582162804_291808082_o.jpg 49_1077107_180176362162826_684870848_o.jpg

    "Don't worry, I'll finish this quickly."

    46_977157_180177018829427_2104633088_o.jpg 47_1084999_180176898829439_1046208328_o.jpg

    He picks up her legs and starts putting her in a sharp shooter hold. With all the strength gone from her body, she doesn't put up any resistance.

    42_1008966_180178098829319_2075382500_o.jpg 43_1071600_180177892162673_1679837545_o.jpg 44_1077796_180177698829359_1270140623_o.jpg 45_1077386_180177378829391_1051549318_o.jpg

    He turns her on her stomach and executes the hold, sending a new surge of pain through Christie 's body. He then grabs her back, rolls on the ground and prepares his finishing move, the reverse destroyer.

    34_1075589_180179712162491_1620630969_o.jpg 35_965715_180179592162503_1384114422_o.jpg 38_1078668_180178858829243_1434654631_o.jpg

    He puts his arms around Christie 's head and his legs around her waist. This move is designed to sever the nerves in the neck from the brain to the rest of the body, causing paralysis or sometimes even death. Christie could feel that she was in danger, but could barely see in front of her. She was in effect, in complete darkness.

    39_1078595_180178662162596_83358776_o.jpg 40_1073763_180178498829279_1435043746_o.jpg

    Bayman however, holds the move for a bit. He takes a few seconds to whisper something to the barely conscious Christie.

    33_1008809_180179865495809_945407681_o.jpg 37_1025937_180179035495892_1401708896_o.jpg


    A few minutes later, Bayman starts walking off to the nearby building towards his actual target. He looks back at Christie, one of the best assassins in the world and as it turns out, his competitor for this target, lying in a heap.

    01_1077673_180185468828582_1982774588_o.jpg 02_1075475_180185355495260_2098280469_o.jpg 03_416393_180185208828608_967736823_o.jpg 04_1078579_180185078828621_1158776202_o.jpg

    He briefly stops and looks back. Even from this distance, he could tell that she was still breathing. Bayman smiled and continued walking off.

    Because you entertained me, I am leaving you alive. But know this...

    You are nothing to me.


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    Oh, my God...so sexy. He could have screwed her, though.
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    Great story, I especially loved the revelation about the solar plexus. Great ryona and creative writing.
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    Thanks! Please let me know if you have any more ideas. Need some inspiration/things to tide me over before DOA5U. :p