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Dishonored Courtesan no panties

Discussion in 'Adult Mods (Archive)' started by Grell74, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Grell74

    Grell74 Potential Patron

    Apr 29, 2012
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    GrellCourtesanb.jpg GrellCourtesanbed.jpg GrellCourtesan2.jpg GrellCourtesan2a.jpg GrellCourtesana.jpg

    This mod removes the the panties from the two Courtesan models and replaces with an anatomically detailed texture. I have not found a way of repacking the texture or if there is an override folder, so for now I use the usual umod method to get this in the game. Unfortuantley umod causes a large FPS drop so I only activate umod and this texture in the Golden Cat.

    View attachment Courtesan Textures.rar
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  2. Gandalf

    Gandalf Guest

    Welcome to GVZ.
    Yikes scary.
    Oh i see they aren't dead they're unconscious.

    Have you tried just texmod without the bells and whistles of umod?
    Maybe someone will create some tools.:sigh:

    Is the game play good?
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  3. Tracido

    Tracido Potential Patron

    Apr 30, 2012
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    Interesting, I always thought the Golden Cat was as tame as a newborn kitten, while the game has so much ultra violence it completely threw me out of the immersion once I got there, literally laughable stupidity to put a place like that in a game like this as tame as it turned out, thanks a ton.
  4. Regarding Dishonored gameplay, it was quite good, one of the best stealth games in a long time if you're into stealth. It's one of those games that just feels right while you're playing it; when you die or get caught it's almost always your fault, not broken game mechanics, which was very refreshing. The story is passable, enough to move things along, but nothing special. Very good voice acting helps bring out the characters though. I would highly recommend it to anyone that loves stealth, otherwise maybe try a demo first (if one exists?).
  5. ZachY4

    ZachY4 Potential Patron

    Apr 5, 2013
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    Not a bad texture, considering any time I've tried to mod something I usually end up quitting.
  6. Wittgenstein

    Wittgenstein Guest

    Great job with this mod. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get uMod to work with Dishonored. Does anyone have any tips? I tried as many versions of uMod as I could find (version 1.0 r44, 2.0 r49, 2.0 r53). Was able to get DmC-2013 and BioShock-2007 working (using all versions of uMod), but not Dishonored.

    On a separate note, I see that Grell74 has only two posts so far on this new incarnation of GVZ. I hope he keeps it up, mod was well done.
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