CWF: Jae Hwa Park vs The Black Tigress Goddess


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Oct 19, 2015
Once Juri Han was carried backstage and before the start of the last match of the day, the announcer’s voice echoed throughout the arena.


The entrance door opened and a young woman with red hair tied into two ponytails and brown eyes walked towards the ring. Her skin was tanned and her body was rippled with muscles with a six-pack on her abdominal. Her tanned body was covered in skimpy white bikini with the Korean flag on both her bikini top and bikini bottom. In additions, she wore white gloves and white boots. The fans cheered for her as she rolled into the ring. She flexed her biceps to her fans before leaning against her corner.


The entrance door opened and a young woman with short black hair and brown eyes made her way to the ring. Her skin was extremely dark like chocolate and her body was muscular with muscled biceps and six-pack on her abdominal. She wore a leopard skin micro bikini with studded wrist guards and black boots. She winked blew kissed at the passing fans before rolling into the ring. She flexed her biceps before standing in the middle of the ring and licking her lips as Jae Hwa walked to the middle of the ring.

‘Mmmmmm...’ Tigress said as Jae Hwa got near. ‘You look like a nice piece of work. If I wasn’t married, I definitely make you mine.’

Jae Hwa smiled at Tigress’ words. ‘Thanks. I hope you’re as strong as you look.’

Tigress winked. ‘Let me show you.’

As soon as the bell rang, Tigress scooped Jae Hwa into the air and threw her down into the mat. Surprised, Jae Hwa quickly got up: only to be clotheslined by Tigress and sent back into the mat. Jae Hwa lifted her right leg and kicked Tigress in the belly. Tigress stumbled backwards and Jae Hwa rolled onto her feet. With Tigress bent forward holding her belly, Jae Hwa leaped into the air and attempted an elbow drop Tigress’ back but Tigress caught it before Jae Hwa’s elbow could reach her. Undeterred, Jae Hwa kicked Tigress’ sides and sent her stumbling before kicking her with a roundhouse kick: Tigress hitting the mat.

Jae Hwa leaped into the air for a leg drop but Tigress rolled away at the last second and Jae Hwa hit the mat. Tigress got up and ran towards Jae Hwa, spearing her into a turnbuckle. Jae Hwa spat out saliva as Tigress hungrily tore away Jae Hwa’s bikini: showing her brown nipples and red hairy vagina.

Tigress licked her lips. ‘Looks tasty!’ She then started sucking on Jae Hwa’s left nipple.

Jae Hwa moaned. ‘I thought you’re married.’

Tigress stopped sucking her nipple and smiled at Jae Hwa. ‘I’m sure that my wife will be okay with this. Besides...’ Tigress suddenly put Jae Hwa’s head under her right arm and bulldogged her into the mat. As Jae Hwa moaned in the mat, Tigress sat on her back and applied chin lock and single Boston crab combo on her. ‘I’ll get crazy when wrestling with muscular women.’

Grunting at the pain in her back, Jae Hwa grinned up at her. ‘Then let me indulge you.’

Jae Hwa rolled Tigress off her and slammed her elbow into Tigress’ belly before rolling on top of her. Jae Hwa started pounding Tigress’ face with punches before putting her in an arm bar hold: pulling Tigress’ joint. Tigress managed to pull her away from Jae Hwa but Jae Hwa quickly stood up and elbow drop on Tigress’ spine: making Tigress scream in pain. Jae Hwa sat on Tigress back and pulled the strings from both Tigress’ bikini top and bottom before rolling onto her back and applying ceiling hold on Tigress: showing her dark nipples and black hairy vagina to the crowd. Tigress groaned in pain until Jae Hwa let go of her and pulled her up onto her feet: lifting her into the air pile driving her into the mat. Tigress screamed in pain as she fell back onto the mat on her belly. Jae Hwa attempted to pull her up but Tigress pushed her away and uppercut her in the jaw. Jae Hwa head snapped back as Tigress grabbed hold of Jae Hwa and delivered a vertical suplex on her: slamming Jae Hwa back into the mat. Tigress grabbed hold of Jae Hwa’s arm and Irish whipped her into a turnbuckle and ran after her. When Jae Hwa slammed into the turnbuckle, Tigress rammed her shoulders into Jae Hwa’s belly, making her spat out saliva.

Tigress then shoved her fingers into Jae Hwa’s vagina and started fingering roughly. Jae Hwa started moaning sexually and inserted her fingers into Tigress’ vagina. Tigress gasped in surprise but continued fingering Jae Hwa as she pushed herself away from the turnbuckle and they reached the middle of the ring. They looked at each other deeply in the eyes as they drove their fingers deeper into each other vaginas. Then they suddenly pulled out their fingers and sat down on the mat: grinding their hairy clitoris against each other. They moaned and groaned sexually, trying to best one another in a sex fight until both of them exploded with orgasm: covering both of them with cum.

Tigress licked her lips as she and Jae Hwa stood up. ‘Now that’s more like it.’

‘This isn’t your first time, isn’t it?’ Jae Hwa asked her.

Tigress shrugged. ‘Done this sort of thing with hundreds of girls.’

Jae Hwa smiled. ‘No wonder.’ Then she raised her hands for a test of strength. Tigress smiled and clasped hands with her and they both started pushing each other back but being equal in strength, they were stuck in a deadlock. Without warning, Tigress kicked Jae Hwa in between her legs, making Jae Hwa’s vagina exploded with cum again. Jae Hwa’s eyes widened in shock and clutching her leaking vagina as Tigress grabbed her two ponytails and slamming her face into the mat in a face buster. Tigress than rolled Jae Hwa onto her back and pinned her with one leg hooked into the air. The referee went down for the count.

‘1... 2...’

Jae Hwa kicked out and pushed Tigress off her. Tigress pulled Jae Hwa up by the armpits and slapped her face. Jae Hwa looking at her.

‘That was a low blow.’ She panted.

Tigress grinned. ‘Did I forget to mention that I’m Heel? So I tend to use something dirty once in a while.’

Tigress Irish whipped Jae Hwa to the ropes and prepare a cloth line when Jae Hwa rebounded from the ropes. Jae Hwa saw the attack and ducked and planting her foot on the mat, she turned around and wrapped her arms around Tigress: lifting her into the air and slamming her backwards in a German Suplex, pinning her. The referee went down again.

‘1... 2...’

Tigress kicked but before she could get up, Jae Hwa slammed herself onto Tigress crotch and started fingering it: making Tigress squirmed and moaned sexually. Poking in the right places, Jae Hwa managed to make Tigress orgasmed again: creating a small puddle on the mat. Jae Hwa pulled Tigress onto her feet and kissed her gently on the lips.

‘Sorry Tigress but Heels can’t win against Faces.’ Jae Hwa winked and lifted Tigress into the air: bringing her down in a body slam and slamming her back onto the mat. Tigress spat out saliva and arched her back in pain as Jae Hwa climbed on top of the turnbuckle. She leapt from the air and frog splashed into Tigress: making Tigress spat out saliva before falling limp. Jae Hwa smiled and pinned her with one leg hooked. The referee began to count.

‘1... 2... 3!’

Jae Hwa smiled and raised her hands in victory as the referee also held it up: hearing her name being called by the fans.

‘WINNER BY PINFALL!’ The announcer declared. ‘JAE HWA PARK!’

Jae Hwa smiled and when the cheers died down, she offered the panting Tigress a hand and she accepted it. Jae Hwa pulled her up onto her feet and shook hands with her.

‘Good match, Tigress.’ She said. ‘Not bad for your first match here.’

Tigress smiled. ‘Thanks and damn girl, I almost had you. You’re tough but next time, you’re going down.’

Jae Hwa smiled. ‘Then that makes up rivals. You’re on! Come on, let’s showered and call it a night.’

Tigress smiled. ‘Sure.’

Walking next to each other, Jae Hwa and Tigress walked out of the arena and soon, the lights were at their full power as the crowd leaves the arena.


As the last person left the arena, aides came in with cleaning tools to clean the arena before the next day.
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