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Oct 19, 2015
Once Lola was carried out of the arena, the announcer announced the final match of the day.


The doors opened and a young woman with short black hair with blue tints and light brown eyes walked towards the ring. She has white skin body that was covered in brown bikini and brown and black boots. She waved at the cheering fans before dashing towards the ring and somersaulted into the ring: making a “peace” sign into the air as she landed on her feet. She lowered her hand and stood in the ring.


The doors opened again and another young woman with long plum-coloured hair tied in a ponytail and amber eyes strode towards the ring. Her body was slightly tanned with leaned muscles and a fit body: covered in dark brown bikini and brown boots. She winked and blew kisses at the cheering crowd before jumping into the ring and raised her fists into the air: inciting the crowd. Revy lowered her hands and turned to face Anko: Revy giving her a smirk.

‘What? Am I supposed to fight somebody as slim as you?’ Revy said.

‘Don’t underestimate a kunoichi of Konoha!’ Anko declared. ‘I will kick your ass!’

Revy grinned. ‘Those are some fighting words. Show me what you got.’

Anko smiled back and got into fighting stance. ‘With pleasure.’

The bell rang and Revy charged and aimed a kick towards Anko who blocked it and kicked Revy in the stomach. Revy grinned and forced the leg that Anko was holding down to the mat: bring Anko down to the mat. Anko grunted and kicked Revy in the knees, forcing her onto her knees, and kick her in the jaws: sending her flying back and landing on her back. As Revy rubbed her jaws, Anko stood up and elbow dropped on Revy’s crotch: making Revy moaned in pain. Anko rolled Revy onto her belly and sat on her back. She then removed Revy’s bikini top and used it to pull Revy’s head backwards: choking her in a chin lock. Revy choked but rolled Anko off her and stood up: showing her brown nipples.

‘You bitch!’ Revy snarled and before Anko could get up, stumped on her crotch: making Anko gasped out loud in pain. Revy continued stomping on Anko’s crotch until she felt a wetness on her sole and when she lifted her feet, she smiled in satisfaction at Anko’s wet bikini bottom: wet with orgasm. As Anko moaned sexually, Revy pulled out Anko’s wet bikini bottom. Showing Anko’s black hairy vagina.

Revy sniffed her bikini bottom and grinned. ‘Your cum smells nice. Enjoy it!’

Revy slammed herself down on Anko and shoved the wet bikini bottom into Anko’s face: rubbing the cum all over her. Anko’s screams were muffled but it increased volume when Revy tore off her bikini top as well, showing Anko’s brown nipples, and pinched them with her right hand: making Anko squealed louder. Desperate, Anko reached out and pinched and twisted Revy’s brown nipples: making Revy screamed in pain. Revy quickly stood up and covered her nipples but as she did, Anko kicked her in the crotch: making Revy gasped and fell down on her knees. Anko slid under Revy and put her mouth on Revy’s bikini bottom: licking it. Despite her vagina being covered, Revy moaned and fell on her fours as Anko pushed the bikini bottom into Revy’s vagina with her tongue.

Revy moaned as she orgasmed: wetting her bikini bottom and spraying Anko’s face with her cum. Anko kicked Revy on her back, making her fall forward but Anko had Revy’s bikini bottom in her mouth: having it pulled off. Anko spat out Revy’s bikini bottom and putting her feet on the back of Revy’s back knees, Anko grabbed Revy’s hands and rolled onto her back: holding Revy in a ceiling hold and exposing her wet brown hairy vagina. Revy groaned as her body was being stretched from four directions until Anko dropped her onto her sides: only to raise her up again in a Romero Dragon hold. Revy screamed as Anko bent her back: pulling her by the head and legs.

‘Tap out!’ Anko cried as she put more pressure into the hold. ‘There’s no way you can escape from this!’

Revy groaned but shook her head. ‘Like hell you slut!’

Revy readied her left hand and slammed it into Anko’s face, causing Anko to cried in pain and released Revy from the hold: dropping her while Revy stood up and glared down at Anko.

‘Enough if this shit! Time to get serious!’

As Anko rolled onto her fours, Revy kicked her in the stomach: making her spat out saliva and lifted her into the air. When Anko was in mid-air, Revy put her knees under her and grabbed her: slammed her stomach into Revy’s knees. Anko vomited out saliva as Revy’s knees drove into her stomach. Revy pulled Anko onto her feet and slammed her into the turnbuckle: Anko slumping down the turnbuckle. Revy turned Anko to face her and slammed her back onto the turnbuckle before plunging a fist into Anko’s vagina and roughly rubbing it inside and out: making Anko screamed in agony.

‘You like that you slut?’ Revy shouted as Anko screamed louder as Revy’s fist went deeper into her. ‘I thought you love this kind of things!’

Anko suddenly gasped and exploded with cum, drenching herself and Revy. Anko panted heavily as Revy pulled out her fist from Anko’s vagina: licking her hand.

‘Taste even better than the smell.’ Revy grinned at the moaning Anko. ‘Have some!’

Revy pushed her cum-covered fist into Anko’s mouth, forcing her to taste her own orgasm. Anko moaned as she sucked on Revy’s fist until she pulled it out and right hooked Anko in the face: knocking Anko out instantly. Revy lifted Anko into the air and falling backwards, slammed Anko into the mat in a body slam before pinning her: the referee made the count.

‘1... 2... 3!’

The crowd cheered as Revy raised pumped her fists into the air as the announcer declared her as the winner.


Revy smiled and planted her wet hairy vagina on the out cold Anko, orgasmed all over her face and into her moth. Once she was done orgasmed, she stood up and flexed her biceps: looking down at Anko.

‘I hope you learnt your lesson bitch! Don’t mess with a girl like me!’

As the crowd cheered, Revy slid out of the ring and walked past the fans: high-fiving them before leaving the arena. CFW aides rushed into to help Anko as the arena emptied its audience: ending another day at CWF.
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