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Corset and socks mod

Discussion in 'Filled Requests' started by seyaseya, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. seyaseya

    seyaseya Potential Patron

    Apr 1, 2012
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    Is it possible to make the overknee, thighhigh or an intermediate position of socks (between the other two) that is compatible with the thickerassnlegs2.sfw mod. Besides, is there somebody who could make a corset like this one (including the gloves and the collar)? I would be grateful.[attachimg=1]

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  2. ModGuy

    ModGuy Content Creator

    Feb 17, 2011
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    You asked a very similar question in a thread that you made before.
    Short answer is yes, it's is possible.

    Why don't you ask the modder who created the thigh mods instead of people who don't even know what mod you're talking about?

    As for the corset, there already is one. You should try searching the forum.

    As for the gloves, don't count on it - they're hardly different from the built in gloves..

    The collar mod could easily be based off the Hilda mod by Marlow, ask him for source.

    If you're expecting someone to make these any time soon, I wouldn't hold my breath. Modders are becoming decreasingly active due to a lack of time and possibly interest.


    Gloves and socks built in.
    There are similar costume elements available by Dante and TOlive.

    Request fulfilled.