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Chun-Li's Soiled Pride

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Lycan, Oct 17, 2016.

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    Story Notes:
    The Chun-Li in this story is based off her classic costume as seen in this gallery. A tight blue spandex qipao with a matching blue leotard and shiny bronze tights underneath.

    This is my first story. Please go easy on me :)

    Feedback and reviews are welcome.

    Chapter Notes:
    Prologue for the "Soiled Pride" storyline.

    Chun-Li is at Interpol HQ and discovers that her trusted friend and ally Cammy has been captured and broken.

    Warning: This chapter has graphic description of urinary and bowel incontinence along with violent combat, humiliation and vomiting.

    Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.



    Chun-Li opened the door and walked out of the Interpol training gym. Behind her were three of her sparring partners, all of which were bruised and exhausted from the recent session. Chun-Li on the other hand hadn't even broken a sweat. She was on her way to the director's office after receiving a summons.

    Chun-Li stepped out of the elevator after reaching the 7th floor and begun walking down the hallway. Many of the Interpol staff turned their heads to stare at her as she walked by. Chun-Li was wearing her iconic costume, a form fitting blue spandex qipao with gold accents and white belt over a matching blue leotard and shiny copper tights. The outfit was accessorized by large spiked wrist cuffs, white lace boxing boots and a pair of silk bun covers fastened over her hair.

    Her costume was a stark contrast to the formal business attire that everyone else on the floor was wearing. Many of the male staff could not resist getting a glance at the woman's magnificent thighs encased in her spandex tights. As she walked her skirt would flow elegantly and every so often would offer a brief view of the tight blue leotard that she wore underneath.

    As Chun-Li approached the director's office she noticed one of the male agents staring at her like he had never seen a woman before. His mouth was open and practically drooling. A female colleague had to elbow him in the ribs to get his attention about some paperwork. Chun-Li gave off a little smirk as she felt good knowing she was both strong and gorgeous. She knew her costume would turn a lot of heads, but she didn't care. Wearing the costume always filled her with confidence.

    "Please step inside. The director has been waiting for you." Said the director's secretary.

    Chun-Li stepped inside the director's office and closed the door behind her. The director was sitting behind his desk with a disturbed look on his face.

    What is the matter director? Your message was labeled urgent.

    You'll want to sit down for this Chun-Li. She did as he asked.

    You recall that we've received no communication from Cammy for some time now. We had suspected that this was because she was under deep cover. Unfortunately it appears that she's failed her mission and has been captured.

    Chun-Li gasped. How do you know this?

    We received a ransom video and it was addressed to you directly.

    The director swivelled his laptop towards Chun-Li and pressed a button to play a video.

    The video begins with a black screen. A light suddenly turns on and in center frame is Cammy. The blonde fighter is bound with her arms behind her back and her ass stuck in the air. She looked as though she'd been tortured in that position for days. There were streaks of tears and mascara running down her face and her bright green leotard had been stained with dirt, sweat and numerous streaks of urine running down from her crotch. Cammy was struggling in her bonds drooling from the ball gag in her mouth.

    The video ran for a short while until a red hooded figure stepped into frame. The figure was obviously female from the structure of her frame, however her face was shrouded in darkness under her hood. The red figure pulled out a leather riding crop and began whipping Cammy on the ass. Cammy shrieked in pain and began screaming like a child.

    After a few hits, Cammy's eyes widened and tears began streaming down her face. Then suddenly, following a loud gurgling sound, Cammy violently released her bowels into her leotard and flesh colored camouflaged tights. What initially began as a small brown stained bulge quickly expanded. The thin thong strap of Cammy's leotard bottoms were no match for the massive torrent of paste expelling from her anus. The thick excrement spewed between the thong strap and leaked down her legs. This continued for several minutes as it appeared that Cammy had a massive load brewing in her bowels for quite some time.

    Chun-Li was horrified. She covered her mouth in terror and continued watching the video.

    Cammy unrelenting stream of shit torrented into her costume until it eventually came quit halt. The red hooded figure pulled out what appeared to be a tazer and proceeded to zap Cammy in the chest. Cammy convulsed violently, screaming from under her ball gag and then suddenly went limp. A strong stream of urine began to leak out of the broken fighter, further soiling her ruined costume and cascading down her camouflaged tights. Cammy had stopped moving with the exception of the occasional twitch from the leftover electric shock. She was a complete mess and horrible sight to behold. Her once beautiful fighting costume was now acting like a soiled diaper holding in the heroine's shameful excrement.

    Chun-Li was at a loss for words after seeing her trusted friend and ally like that.

    The red hooded figure stepped closer to the camera and begun to speak.

    It looks like your heroic agent has soiled herself. She should have known that wearing such a costume would only add to her humiliation.

    It's quite sad that she broke quite easily. Begging for her life in fact. If you want her back alive then you'll follow my orders to the letter.

    I wish to challenge your top agent, the self proclaimed strongest woman in the world. The one known as Chun-Li. She will meet me in Thailand alone. There we will battle each other face to face to determine who is really the strongest. Do as I say, I'll let this shit-stained whore live.

    The video suddenly ended with a screen displaying the GPS location of a street corner in Thailand. Chun-Li turned towards the director with an angry determined look.

    Director, let me go to Thailand. I'll defeat anyone that challenges me and I will rescue Cammy. I'll do it for Interpol and for the pride of China. Whoever this hooded figure is, she doesn't stand a chance against the strongest woman in the world!

    End of Prologue
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    Chun-Li stepped off the airplane and immediately felt the hot Thai air surround her. She wasted no time and immediately headed towards the GPS coordinates she had received in Cammy's ransom video.

    The sight of a Chinese beauty walking down the streets of Thailand in a bright blue costume began to turn heads and attract a crowd. After the downfall of Shadaloo, Chun-Li was a household name and many of the locals had recognized her. Some of them were even fans, most notably a teenage girl wearing a home-made Chun-Li costume.

    "Hey, that's Chun-Li!" One man yelled.

    "That's her, the strongest woman in the world! I’m your biggest fan!" Cried an awestruck teenage girl.

    Countless footprints were left in the muddy ground as the crowd continued to follow Chun-Li under the blazing hot sun. It had rained the night before which made the air extremely humid. While many of the locals were sweating profusely, Chun-Li was fresh and ready for battle.

    Chun-Li arrived at the coordinates and looked around. It was a corner of an old factory and dirty ally full of dumpsters. There was no sign of the red hooded figure from the video anywhere. Chun-Li turned and turned her attention to the crowd that had followed her.

    "Listed up everyone!"
    "I am Interpol agent Chun-Li. I am on the lookout for a wanted criminal. Has anyone seen a woman in a red hood?"

    The crowd stood silent for a moment when Chun-Li heard a voice from behind her.

    "We have."

    Chun-Li turned to face two tough looking men. Judging from the way they are dressed, the two are probably members of a local gang. The two of them separated to flank Chun-Li's position.

    "We'll tell ya if you get on your knees and suck us off like the whore you're dressed up as."

    The thug's comment made Chun-Li bitter. She dashed forward and kicked the thug between the legs. The force of the kick propelled him upwards a good meter before his knees hit the muddy ground. The thug grabbed his manhood with both hands and fell over to his side moaning in the fetal position.

    The second thug, startled at what happened to his friend, ran towards Chun-Li. He swung his brass knucked fist towards the woman's head, but in a single motion Chun-Li was able to dodge and kick the thug straight in the chest. The impact sent the thug flying back and slamming in to a brick wall before he slid down and landed on his ass.
    Chun-Li stood triumphant and sprouted a confident victory pose for the cheering crowd. Both thugs were incapacitated and covered in mud. Chun-Li’s costume was pretty much still spotless with the exception of a few specks of mud on her immaculate white boots.

    While Chun-Li defeated the thugs with barely any effort, the heat and humidity were starting to have an effect on her. Wearing tights and a leotard under her qipao was not helping the situation either. The tight layered costume didn’t allow Chun-Li’s body to breath in such conditions. By now Chun-Li’s inner leotard was sweaty, dark wet stains where beginning to form under her armpits and breasts. Chun-Li’s skin felt all oily and clammy from the humidity and a few beads of sweat were building on her forehead. All of this is still yet unperceivable by the nearby crowd.

    Chun-Li confidently walked towards the second thug who was still on his ass leaning against the brick wall. Chun-Li extended her leg and pushed her heel up against the thug’s throat as he winced in pain.
    “Tell me where she is! Where is Cammy?” Chun-Li yelled.

    The thug made no effort to speak. Instead he spat directly onto Chun-Li’s white boots. Chun-Li pulled her leg and kicked him across the jaw, knocking him out. The crowd cheered seeing justice getting served out by the beautiful heroine.

    Chun-Li turned towards the first thug who was still lying in the mud holding his groin in pain.
    “How about you? Where is the woman in the red hood?”

    Chun-Li took a few more steps towards the thug when she hears a familiar voice behind her coming from the ally.
    “Looking for me?”

    A woman in a red hood and long red cloak stood at the other end of the ally.
    “Where is Cammy?”

    “Over here. Hahahaha.” The hooded woman turned and calmly walked out of sight while taunting Chun-Li.
    Chun-Li immediately sprinted down the alley to intercept.

    Chun-Li turned the corner of the alley to discover the brutal sight of Cammy tied and hanging from a telephone pole. The leotard clad blonde was hanging upside down limp with one leg fastened to some loose wires from the pole.
    Chun-Li stopped in her tracks and yelled out. “Cammy!”

    Cammy appeared comatose with her eyes opened but rolled back. Her tight costume was completely soiled and in worse condition than last seen in her ransom video. It appears that Cammy had been hung upside down for quite some time causing excrement contained in her costume to slide around and stain new areas of her leotard. Cammy’s hair and face were also drenched in urine after having relieved herself multiple times while being hung upside down.
    Cammy was in plain sight for everyone to see while the red hooded woman seemed to disappear without a trace. The crowd had now caught up with Chun-Li and began to surround the area.

    Chun-Li walked over to Cammy and kicked the wooden telephone pole, snapping it in half. As the pole tipped over, Chun-Li carefully caught Cammy and laid her down gently on the muddy ground.

    “You’ll be OK Cammy.”

    “No she won’t. Not after what’s been done to her hahaha.”

    Chun-Li turned around to see the red hooded woman once again. The mysterious figure pulled off her red hooded cloak reveal a familiar face. It was Juri Han.

    “You! I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done to Cammy!” Chun-Li yelled.

    “I’m sure you’ll try. But in the end you’ll just end up like your pathetic friend here.” Jury replied.

    “When I’m through with you, you’ll regret challenging the strongest woman in the world!” Proclaimed Chun-Li as she struck a heroic battle pose and readied herself.

    A purple glow emitted from Juri’s eye and she dashed at Chun-Li with unnatural speed. Chun-Li, already in a ready pose, quickly countered with Juri’s opening attack.

    The two continued to dodge and block each other’s attacks as the crowd went wild. The streets were now packed with people observing the fight that had broken out. The two fighters continued their battle but with neither side able to land a solid strike. Chun-Li took to the offensive and unleashed a barrage of lighting kicks. Juri slowly lost ground as she backed away blocking each one of Chun-Li’s kicks. Chun-Li finishes her super combo with a Kikosho, sending out a blinding blast.

    The crowd recovers from the bright flash of the Kikosho to see Chun-Li in battle pose panting heavily. There are now noticeable sweat stains on various parts of her bright costume along with a few spatters of mud. The shiny blue material of Chun-Li’s costume still made her stand out in this filthy area of the city.

    Several feet across from Chun-Li stood Juri. The crowd had finally turned to notice her standing there with a smile on her face. Juri was unnaturally calm and hadn’t even broken a sweat.

    “Is that all you got? You fight like you dress. Pathetic.” Juri taunted.

    Juri’s bate worked as Chun-Li furiously charged at her. Chun-Li unleashed another flurry of kicks but this time Juri didn’t give any ground and blocked each kick effortlessly. Amidst the combo, Juri landed multiple quick punches to the midsection causing Chun-Li to stagger and break off. Chun-Li tried to counter and regain her momentum but her strike was easily blocked and punished with a heavy punch to her face.

    The strike made Chun-Li spin around 360 degrees into a stunned haze. Chun-Li was now bleeding from the lip and had a black eye. Chun-Li was struggling to keep conscious and stay upright. Sweat was now dripping down her face and smearing her makeup.

    “Did you really choose that ridiculous outfit yourself or did your pimp make you wear it? Hahaha!” Juri taunted.
    Chun-Li after regaining her bearings immediately swung another kick at Juri who effortlessly dodged away. Chun-Li lost her composure and continued to wildly attack and press forward.

    “You won’t defeat me! I am Chun-Li, I am the strongest woman in the world! I won’t let anything stand in my way!”

    Juri continued to toy with Chun-Li, dodging each of her strikes. She took pleasure at listening to Chun-Li’s desperate words of self-inspiration.

    Chun-Li tried desperately to maintain her poise as she was now exhausted from fighting. She was sweating profusely while mud and dirt had collected all over her costume. The sweaty areas in particular attracted much a lot of dust which had discoloured the blue and gold fabric. A short time ago, Chun-Li was a vision of pristine beauty and confidence, now she is visibly worn and desperate.

    A number of Chun-Li’s fans in the crowd begin to cheer for her in hopes of bolster her resolve; however most of the crowd are starting to realize that this probably won’t end well for the illustrious Chinese heroine.

    “Justice will triumph! I’ll show you through the power of my kung fu!” Chun-Li ranted as she prepped for another barrage of attacks.

    “Enough!” Juri yelled as she kicked Chun-Li square in the stomach. The kick stopped Chun-Li in her tracks, her eyes widened and involuntarily spat out some liquid from her mouth. Chun-Li keeled over and dropped to her knees after Juri pulled her leg leaving a muddy footprint on the Chinese woman’s dress.

    Juri closed in on Chun-Li and grabbed her by the chest of her qipao lifting her up. Chun-Li’s knees and the lower part of the qipao skirt were now stained with mud. The strain of being lifted by her costume made Chun-Li’s leotard pull up between her legs and create a camel toe. Juri released her grip once Chun-Li was able to stand on her own.
    Chun-Li swayed as she tried to keep her balance. Meanwhile Juri raised her hand. A purple glow emitted from her eye and fist as she charged up for a super combo. In an instant, Juri teleported forward and unleashed dozen strikes across Chun-Li’s body and face. The Chinese heroine took every blow and every attempt to block was easily countered by Juri.

    Chun-Li’s body staggered with every impact. Parts of the heroine’s beautiful blue and gold qipao began to tear and fray while the woman’s face became more visibly battered with each strike. As the combo neared climax, Juri charged up to unleash a devastating kick straight into Chun-Li’s stomach. The impact released a huge blast of purple energy and sent Chun-Li flying across the street and through the brick wall of an old restaurant.

    The crowd quickly moves to gather around the large hole made by Chun-Li to see if she’s still alive inside. A moment passes and the crowd disperses in fear as Juri approaches and steps through the hole.

    The dust clears and Chun-Li’s body is visible across the room. She’s lying on her ass, legs spread apart and leaning semi-conscious against a kitchen wall. Her costume is stained dirt, sweat and various cooking ingredients that she destroyed while being knocked into the room. The front skirt of Chun-Li’s qipao was now torn off completely, allowing full view of the sweat and dirt stained leotard she wears underneath. Unbeknownst to Chun-Li, a mild amount of her urine was involuntarily expelled into her bronze spandex tights due to Juri’s kick.

    Juri approaches and laughs as she sees a bowl of udon fall off a counter and land directly on Chun-Li’s head. The dark soup broth poured all over the heroine’s once shiny qipao and down her body staining the costume further.

    “And you call yourself the strongest woman in the world? You’re pathetic.”

    “Maybe if you spent more time fighting and less time dressing like a Chinese hooker, you might have been able to give me an ounce of challenge.”

    Chun-Li slowly reached for the bowl and pulled it off her head, the broth and noodles still stuck all over her body.

    “No…” Chun-Li groggily replied.

    Juri backs off, entertained at the fact that Chun-Li is still conscious.

    Chun-Li slowly stands up to regain her composure and brush off some of the noodles on her costume. Somehow the Chinese heroine has tapped into her stamina reserves to continue fighting. The crowd of viewers have now all gathered inside the restaurant to see Chun-Li’s fate.

    Chun-Li in an effort to regain her pride begins to strike several iconic battle poses for the crowd to see. With her skirt torn and costume a mess, the heroine’s renowned poses ended up coming off as a sign of desperation rather than confidence.

    “She’s ready for round two!” Says one of the onlookers.

    “Nah, look at her she’s a mess.” Says another

    “You can see her dirty leotard under the dress.” One pervy teen says to another.

    Chun-Li strikes a final battle pose, readying herself for a second round against Juri.

    “I will not be Humiliated! I will not be defeated!”
    “I am the strongest woman in the world! I am Chun-Li!”

    Jury, amused, steps forward and readies herself for another round.

    “Round Two! Fight!” Yells a random local.

    Chun-Li wastes no time and immediately goes on the offensive. Again, every attack is dodged with ease by Juri.
    Chun-Li lunges with a heavy punch, but is intercepted by Juri as she rolls on her back using Chun-Li’s momentum to throw her out the hole in the brick wall and back out onto the street.

    Chun-Li smashed through a rickety wheelbarrow filled with manure. The wheelbarrow shattered as Chun-Li’s spandex clad body was hurled through it. Chun-Li’s body continued onwards as it eventually impacted the muddy road with a loud “splotch!”.

    Chun-Li‘s body rolled a few times in the mud, further staining her proud iconic uniform before she came to a sliding halt. A few moments passed before the Chinese woman’s body moved again. She stumbled a few times trying to get back up.

    Chun-Li desperately tried to regain a fighting pose, but was only able to get herself half way there. Her poise was shattered and waves of fear began to ripple through her mind. She saw Juri stepping out through the hole in the wall, still having not even broken a sweat during the entire fight. Chun-Li finally realized the fact that she might lose to a stronger opponent and that she could be stripped of her title as the world’s strongest woman.
    The Chinese heroine closed her eyes and whispered to herself.

    “I am confident. I am beautiful. I am the strongest woman in the world. I am Chun-Li!”

    Chun-Li opens her eyes, locked with her opponent as she continues to repeat the words of self-inspiration in her mind.

    With her last ounce of strength Chun-Li charges at Juri in a desperate final attack. Chun-Li unleashes a powerful kick, however the strike hits only air. Juri vanished in a flash and appeared behind the Chinese fighter with an evil grin on her face.

    “Too slow, you filthy whore!” Taunted Juri.

    Chun-Li quickly reorients to take another strike but misses as Juri blinks away again.

    “Over here.” Juri says as she appears behind Chun-Li again.

    Chun-Li turns but before she is able to react she is hit in the stomach by Juri’s fist. A purple energy blast erupts as Chun-Li’s eyes widen. The Chines heroine stumbles a few steps backwards and loses balance as she falls with her back against a brick wall. The heroine’s legs give as she slides down the wall landing ass on the filthy ground with her legs spread out.

    Chun-Li’s head tilts forward and the once beautiful heroine vomits out her last meal all over own chest and body. An eruption of rice and oatmeal come spewing out of the Chinese woman’s mouth making a complete mess of herself. Eventually the violent vomitus spasms cease and Chun-Li falls limply over to her side. She lay there motionless as Juri approached.

    There was much commotion in the crowd after seeing Chun-Li get defeated a second time. The entire ordeal since the crowed first formed had been recorded by countless smartphones at different angles. Everything that occurred was already being streamed and uploaded online and had already made its way to major news outlets.

    “I thought the Chinese chick was supposed to be strong.”

    “The world’s strongest woman just got completely dominated.”

    “That broad was your role model? What a disgrace.”

    “I bet she regrets wearing that ridiculous outfit. How humiliating.”

    Chun-Li heard the degrading words as she lay motionless in a pile of her own vomit on the muddy floor. She could hear the flashes and clicks as people in the crowd continued to take pictures of her lying defeated and humiliated.
    Juri stood over Chun-Li’s body with a foot on her face, planting into the muddy ground. Jury stood in that position and posed for the crowd to take more photos.

    “Puking all over that fancy dress of yours? That’s not very womanly of you now is it?”
    “That fight was pretty pathetic to be honest. I expected better from someone with your reputation.”

    Juri turned and started to walk away. As Juri neared the other side of the street another commotion from the crowd caught her attention. Juri turned around to see Chun-Li was once again standing, barely.

    Chun-Li looked ragged. She was bruised and battered. Her once pristine costume was now filthy and soiled with sweat, dirt and filth. Tears and frayed edges could be seen all across the stained fabric of the iconic costume. Her hair was partially undone and her face was bruised and smeared with dirt.

    It was obvious that Chun-Li was finished. But somehow a combination of her inner pride and her concussion allowed the Chinese heroine to stand even after such a beating. She was obviously not herself and the crowd had noticed. Chun-Li was barely able to stand up and was mumbling incoherently in English and Chinese. People could see the broken heroine desperately attempt to strike various battle poses, but in her current condition all the Chinese heroine was able to do was further humiliate herself in a hazed stupor. Chun-Li’s random mumblings continued as she tried to repeat her words of self-inspiration out loud.

    Several voices could be heard shouting out from the crowd.

    “Stay down Chun-Li, you’ve been defeated!” A woman screamed.

    “Stop it, it’s over! Look at yourself Chun-Li, you’re done!” Yelled a man.

    “What the hell are you trying to do Chun-Li? You’re a pathetic disgrace. I’m ashamed I used to look up to you.” Yelled one of Chun-Li’s fans. The girl stormed away embarrassed to be seen in public wearing her home-made Chun-Li costume.

    “I… I..I’m.. Chun-Li!”
    “I’m… strongest….. woman! ”
    “Yyyyaaaaaa!!!” Chun-Li screamed as she frantically charged at Juri. The once proud and stoic heroine had turned into a hysterical mess. Her final attempt was desperate and pathetic. Everyone could see it.

    Juri grinned and her eye glowed purple as she waited for Chun-Li to close in.

    “If you think Cammy had it rough, wait till I’m done with you.”

    End of Chapter 1

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    Chun-Li charged towards Juri in a reckless frenzy. She had been defeated and humiliated. This was her final desperate attempt to regain her pride and repair her reputation as the strongest woman in the world.

    Chun-Li didn’t know it but the entire crowd did; the Chinese heroine stood no chance. She was physically spent and her once pristine costume was now a sullied mess. Chun-Li was completely dishevelled and undignified in appearance but she pressed onwards with her last ounce of spirit.

    Chun-Li cartwheeled into a spin and yelled out. “Spinning Bird Kick!”

    A gust of wind blasted in all directions and Chun-Li helicoptered towards Juri. The moment just before contact, Juri blinked away once again and reappeared directly to Chun-Li’s side. Juri blinked in swinging her leg which lands directly into Chun-Li’s stomach while she’s performing her famous Spinning Bird Kick.

    Chun-Li goes flying like a ragdoll, slamming and bouncing off a brick wall before hitting the ground.

    The Chinese fighter, somehow still conscious starts to feel a terrible sense deep within her. Chun-Li finally knows that she’s lost, but more importantly she feels a terrible pain and pressure in her bowels begin to grow. The last kick was simply too much for her stomach to handle.

    Unknown to everyone else, Chun-Li had been constipated for many days. Earlier in the morning she was confident that she would have finished her mission before she’d feel the urge to relieve herself. That decision was a fatal mistake.

    Chun-Li, now terrified at the prospect of shitting her illustrious spandex costume in public for the internet to see had broken down mentally. She dropped toher knees and began to crawl away in fear.

    Juri quickly caught up with the Chinese woman and grabbed the rear flap of Chun-Li’s qipao skirt.

    “You won’t be needing this!”

    With a forceful tug Juri ripped off the rear skirt, revealing Chun-Li’s ass clad in a blue leotard and bronze tights. Strangely enough, Chun-Li’s rear wasn’t nearly as filthy as the rest of her body. The previously existing rear of her skirt had protected that part of her costume from accumulating mud and dirt during her ordeal. The bright blue and bronze spandex material was the only clean part left on the once mighty heroine.

    “Nooooo!!” Chun-Li yelled.

    The removal of her skirt filled her body with terror. She knew that if she has an accident now, there will be nothing to hide her shame for the world to see. Taking a dump in her leotard and tights was not something she could hide.

    Chun-Li sped up as she continued to desperately crawl away from Juri on all fours.

    Juri once again approached Chun-Li from the side.

    “You know, when we first you were pretty confident that you’d defeat me weren’t you?”
    “You were pretty arrogant. Look at you now. Not so smug now are you?”

    Juri pulled her leg back and swung it forward landing into Chun-Li’s stomach once again. The Chinese woman flew straight up over a meter before landing back on her arms and knees. She immediately bent over, ass in the air while clutching her stomach with both arms in pain.

    A loud “BBBBLLLLLUUUURRRRRPPPPP!!” sound emitted as the Chinese beauty disgracefully lost control of her own body and let loose a massive pasty torrent of sludge directly into her proud costume. Chun-Li’s bright blue leotard bottoms expanded as a bulge formed near her anus. The shiny blue material quickly stained brown as blossomed.

    “NNOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Chun-Li screamed in disgrace.

    Chun-Li was finally able to regain some control over her anal sphincter, clenching it to stave off the massive explosion of excrement. She was sweating profusely, spending every ounce of strength to hold in her bowels

    What feces the Chinese beauty let loose was contained in her leotard. Unlike Cammy’s thong, Chun-Li’s leotard was a lightly more modest cut and was able to temporarily hold in her career ending accident. The crowd gathered around the fallen fighter for a closer look. By now the porridge-like feces that collected in the Chun-Li’s leotard was beginning to leak through the leg holes and leave stained streaks down the heroine’s magnificent bronze tights. The spandex material quickly absorbed Chun-Li’s bodily waste which created permanent stains. This was a disgrace unlike any other. Chun-Li had ruined her costume, her career, her honour, and her reputation along with that of her homeland.

    The crowd erupted at the sight of a lifetime.

    “Chun-Li just took a shit in her tights!”

    “The strongest woman in the world just shat herself!”

    “Her leotard is filling with shit! Look, it’s leaking out! Fucking nasty!”

    “Hahahaha! She shat her spandex. I bet she regrets dressing up in that whore uniform now.”

    Every lewed and degrading remark hit Chun-Li like a ton of bricks. She was broken, physically and mentally. She had lost everything she worked so hard for. Her pride and reputation were now ruined beyond repair due to her shameful act of incontinence. Chun-Li remained on her knees crying and screaming hysterically at Juri while the crowd continued to stream the ordeal over the internet.
    “Please! Stop, no more!” Chun-Li begged.
    “I beg you Juri. You’ve defeated me, you’re the strongest woman in the world now!”
    Juri was dead silent as she continued to advance on Chun-Li. The Chinese woman began to back up on all fours away from Juri and continued her pleading.

    “Please Juri, you win alright? You win!”
    “You’ve humiliated me, let me go I beg of you.”

    More tears began to roll down Chun-Li’s face as Juri continued walking forward.

    “Please, I’ll do anything you want. Just stop, no more.”
    “I’m a cop, I can get you drugs, money, guns. Anything!”
    “Please! Say something!” Chun-Li pleaded desperately.

    “You can do something for me.” Juri replied.

    Chun-Li responded “Wha-“but was cut off as Juri had pulled a loose cable from a telephone pole around Chun-Li’s neck, strangling her.

    The Chinese fighter began to kick and flail wildly as Juri tightened the noose. Chun-Li’s movements were totally undignified as she violently trusted various parts of her body in an attempt to break Juri’s hold. All Chun-Li managed to accomplish was to wear herself out while allowing more of her excrement to leak out of her leotard bottoms and down her tights. It was quite a sad sight to behold such a proud and beautiful warrior fall so low.

    Chun-Li’s desperate struggle continued as Juri threw the other end of the cable up and over a street lamp. After catching the other end Juri pulled it, causing Chun-Li to hang by her neck. The Chines beauty kept flailing hopelessly until her movements slowed down. Chun-Li was using every ounce of her strength to hold up her body by grabbing onto the noose with her hands. She was exhausted and wouldn’t last for long.

    Chun-Li’s body was pushed beyond its limit and she felt her control slip away. The Chinese beauty cried out with a deafening scream as tears ran down her cheeks. The heroine lost control of her anus once again and a massive torrent of shit continued to flow out like a broken fire hydrant.

    Chun-Li’s modest leotard was no longer able to contain the flood as it leaked through the leg holes and down the inner legs of her tights. The front of the leotard crotch was also completely stained with feces as Chun-Li’s tight costume had squished her fecal matter into every available space.

    Following a few splurts and farts, Chun-Li's torrent of shit began to slow down. Nobody imagined that such a beautiful woman could let loose such horrific sounds from her body. The crowd though Chun-Li was empty but were all surprised when she let loose a loud grunt followed by a massive solid loaf of shit. The turd pushed out the heroine’s leotard and slid half way out the leg hole down her tights while maintaining its loggy form.

    The intensity of Chun-Li’s struggles died down until she eventually went limp. The Chinese beauty let out an unwomanly grunt as her whole body twitched and went limp again. A sound of rushing water followed as Chun-Li unconsciously released her full bladder. A forceful flow of yellow urine created multiple streams down the heroine’s tights they shot through the fabric of the tight leotard. This continued for several minutes. Once the Chinese beauty was dry, Juri let loose the rope causing Chun-Li to drop to the muddy floor like a bag of potatoes.

    Juri undid the noose from Chun-Li’s neck checking to see if she was still alive. Indeed she was alive but unconscious. Juri then tied the cables around Chun-Li’s arms and hung her up again by the same street lamp for everyone to see.

    Juri fastened the cables securely and left a large note taped to Chun-Li’s filth-stained belt that read “I am the Strongest Woman in the World”.

    Chun-Li hung there for days while Juri took Cammy’s comatose body and delivered it to Interpol HQ along with a video of Chun-Li’s ordeal.

    While Juri was gone the local street gang that controlled that part of town made sure the Chinese woman would not be set free. The gangs bribed the police and used their muscle to make sure Chun-Li hung by that lamp pole in a shit filled costume for over a week while keeping her alive.

    The two thugs Chun-Li had beaten up earlier took great delight in being her temporary wardens. Chun-Li regretted her arrogance in dealing with them as she was now on the receiving end. They were given ordered to continue Chun-Li’s public humiliation until Juri returns.

    For over a week, Chun-Li hung in disgrace. Her proud costume stained with filth and her own bodily waste. Every day, hundreds of people passed by to see the sight of the disgraced beauty hanging there. A few people in particular returned every day to document event for the internet.

    Chun-Li’s sprit had been completely broken. No longer was she a proud and confident heroine, now she was an empty shell of her former self knowing the consequences of her utter failure first hand.

    After a week, Juri had returned to the scene to see the fallen heroine still hanging there in her own filth.

    “Your friend Cammy’s been dropped off at Interpol. I doubt she’ll ever recover though.”
    “And neither will you. It’s all over the news now.”
    “The strongest woman in the world, defeated and forced to shit in her costume. That’s the headline all over the world. How does it feel Chun-Li?”

    By now Chun-Li’s mind was completely broken. She didn’t move or utter a sound.

    “It’s too bad I broke you so soon. I was hoping you’d put up more of a fight.”
    “It’s OK. I think I have a solution for that…”

    Juri turned around and motioned towards the two thugs as a black windowless van pulled up and opened its door. The two thugs cut loose the cable holding up Chun-Li. Her limb body splayed out across the muddy ground as she fell on her ass, squishing all the shit that leaking down her tights.

    The two thugs moved in, one grabbed Chun-Li’s legs while the other grabbed under her arms. They lifted her and threw her into the black van. Juri climbed in and closed the door. The two thugs stood there as the van drove off.

    “That Chinese bitch had it coming.” One thug said.

    “Yeah, dressed like that she was asking for it.” The other replied.

    “I wonder what Juri is going to do with her now. It’s hard to imagine a worse fate than what she’s already been through.” The first thug continued.

    “I’m sure Juri will figure something out.”
    The two thugs laughed as they walked away while the black van continued to drive off into the horizon.

    End of Chapter 2


    This is the end of the main story.

    There is a final epilogue chapter that goes over what happens to Chun-Li after being captured by Juri.
    Hint: It’s not good!

    Chun-Li is jailed, chained and has her memories erased using SIN technology. Every day for the next year Juri gives Chun-Li a fresh costume and forces her to soil herself in variety of different scenarios. She films every ordeal and uses Chun-Li to further disgrace Interpol and her homeland of China. Meanwhile Cammy recovers from her ordeal and vows to rescue Chun-Li!
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    I really enjoyed reading this story!

    I'll admit that Chun-Li seems a bit out of character (with the relentless proclaimings of her being the strongest woman in the world), and the urinating and shitting herself seems a little too crazy for me, but this is the kind of story I really enjoy reading.

    Chun-Li gets her ass kicked and humiliated, but continues to fight and thus more pain and humilation coming her way. This story had everything I could ask for: Chun-Li as the main character/victim, a brutal and lengthy fight, devastating stomach hits, vomiting, suffering and emotional trauma, and excellent pictures.

    Well done. I enjoy reading Chun-Li ryona stories, and this is clearly one i"ll return to time and time again. Keep it up. Hope to hear more from you.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
    This is my first story and there are a few more in the works, expect to see them soon :)

    I agree that Chun-Li was a little out of character here. However I took a few liberties with her personality and added her relentless proclamations and battle posing in order to maximise her humiliation and downfall. I kind of chalked it up to the fact that A) she was desperately trying to hold onto her shattered pride while in public view and B) she wasn't thinking straight after taking too many blows to the head.

    This story was originally started as an omorashi / incontinence story for another forum and audience. But once I finished my first pass it seemed like there ended up being a good mix of ryona as well so I decided to post it on this forum too. I realise that having the mighty Chun-Li shit her costume in public isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's a scenario I really wanted to play out for some time now as I think it's probably one of the most humiliating acts anyone can endure (especially in Chun-Li's shiny costume). Hopefully it's not too crazy for most people.

    The key theme here is humiliation, having a proud and beautiful fighter like Chun-Li beaten down and degraded until she's completely ruined.

    Stay tuned for more :)
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    If your goal was to maximize Chun-Li's humiliation, I believe you clearly accomplished that. And you're probably right, taking all those shots to the head would probably impact her thinking. It's so satisfying (especially for Juri) to see someone trying to desperately to hold on and continue fighting even when they have no chance.

    I'll be on the look out for more. Hopefully more Chun-Li stories? ;)
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    Absolutely! Chun-Li is my favourite character.
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    Great story, Chun's ryonas are always the best :)
    Think you could make one with Karin Kanzuki playing the role of Juri because of the ojou-sama thing?

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    Haha, I'm actually very fond of that picture as well as the original that inspired this remake image.

    I definitely have more stories in the works so expect some Karin action in the future. I love that shes sort of a rich upper-class brat.
    Because of that Chun-Li would probably underestimate Karin's strength and get completely wrecked in battle.

    There's something extra erotic in having famous and experienced fighter like Chun-Li get totally dominated by a younger and more powerful woman like Karin.
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    I agree, except for karin being more powerful. However, karin can still humiliate chun if she has some dirty tricks up her sleeve.
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    Looking forward to that then :)

    Karin wins more battle in SFV's story mode and seems more worthy of the title of strongest woman in the world tbh. Having her win fair and square would be even more humiliating than a trick.
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    Please Lycan that has to be the best Chun Li story I ever read, please say you have more Chun li stories same sort of scenarios?
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    would love to see a chun li vs karin one
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    I have something in the works. Stay tuned!
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    Looking forward to it.
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