[PC] Brother&sisters episode 1 adult RPG


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Jun 23, 2012
in the second image is says "Find me in the costle" .... Castle?

will try the game later(when Im home).
So far I love how you did the game, RPGM + Daz/Poser ! <3
wanted to make a game using those a while back, but I just dont have the time.

Can you give a synopsis of the story?


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Feb 11, 2016
It did some grammatical mistake but I think I corrected them some while ago. Chapter 1 is not so long therefore I wrote dialogues directly into the game. But I won't do in such way again. First I will write a script. My story - well my inspiration comes from game of thrones and black sails, I want to make a story which take place in 16-19 century ( I haven't yet decide which probably going to be 17 ). Complicated family relationships, political intrigues, etc. Maybe episode 1 is not so informative but next one definitely will be more informations .
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