1. R

    Mario Princesses w/ Hats 2.0

    I added Mario/Luigi/Waluigi Hats to various Mario Princesses cuz I like the cosplay aspect lol Peach (edited from here by @deadreaver ) Mario Hat Rosalina (edited from here by @hugedicknick ) Red Star Mario Hat Daisy (edited from here by @Chance ) Luigi Hat Bowsette (edited from here by...
  2. dantethedarkprince

    SMB Mario 1.0

  3. Jade1503

    Battle of Royalty: Peach vs Rosalina

    It was another hot summer day in the Mushroom Kingdom where the citizens, nobles or common folk, were going about their daily business. Merchants were selling their wares while soldiers patrolled around the capital city. In one of the rooms in the castle was a well-furnished room with a soft bed...
  4. stuntcock

    Princess Rosalina Dynamic Hair 5.9

    This is a dynamic-animated version of the Princess Rosalina hairstyle, originally created by @Chance. This mod uses extended hair physics and therefore it requires Loader v5.45 or greater. If you are unable to use the Loader, or if you find that the hairstyle misbehaves in conjunction with...