1. Antimatter42

    Workplace Affairs ver. 1.1

    This is a non-consensual themed loader dialogue written as per a request from @yosiema77 . Make sure you have moremoods and dialogueactions to run the dialogue. I also recommend my basement background. But, overall, these are the only mods you'll need. -Antimatter42
  2. Antimatter42

    Basement Background ver. 1.0

    Hey, guys! It's me again with another SDT background. While I was working on a kidnapped employee dialogue requested by @yosiema77 , I found this and made it into a background. Think of this as a nice little preview of what's coming up. Hope you all enjoy. -Antimatter42
  3. Antimatter42

    Antimatter42's Everyday Backgrounds Thread (requests are closed)

    Hello all. Not much to say here, but I recently read SyntaxTerror's backgrounds tutorial and have decided to try my hand at making them. I hope you all Enjoy. -Antimatter42 P.S.: Here's the link to said tutorial: How to make a static PNG background Disclaimer: None of these backgrounds are...
  4. Jade1503

    Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman vs Annie Leonhart

    First Round A The Wall Sheena area was where the wealthy and the privileged lived, including the king and other important members of the society. The roads were paved with roads and each houses was built beautifully with gaps in between them. The Military Police patrolled and guard these...
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