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AJ Lee - Bottom Bitch of the WWE - Part 2

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by kained, Dec 13, 2012.

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    This fictional story plays out as if events within WWE wrestling are kayfabe (as if they are real and not scripted). Maybe I'll do a series of stories revolving around this particular Diva having the hell beat out of her, so let me know if you have any requests.


    AJ Lee
    23 years old


    It had been months since Kaitlyn's betrayal, since the psychological abuse of Daniel Bryan began, and a lot has happened.

    AJ Lee stands alone in a dimly lit gym, sweat pouring off her in beads, as she pummels a punching bag. She wears MMA gloves, a new feature to her attire, delivering combinations of punches and jabs. She switches to kickboxing style shoot kicks. She just kicks the bag over and over, sometimes varying with a roundhouse kick. She is more focused and determined than ever, much tougher than when we last saw her. Some of Bryan's early training left an inadvertently positive effect on AJ - she had realized that only when she worked herself until she was in pain that this was when the training truly mattered. The gang up tactics employed by Kaitlyn, Beth, and Natalya over weeks and weeks, the humiliation and shame of Bryan's abuse, had left her emotionally weakened. When Bryan ditched her after Wrestlemania, she threw herself at multiple men on the roster - Kane, CM Punk, John Cena, she even went back into the arms of Daniel Bryan at one point. She had to set all of that behind her. She had to find security within herself rather than always seeking it in the arms of any man that would give her attention. AJ would require all the strength she could muster, in order to survive. For now, the entire Diva roster had it in for her, management wanted nothing less than her constant destruction week in and week out. As she beats the bag, she reflects on events over the year that led her to this point.


    Months Earlier

    After Kaitlyn had turned on her, AJ Lee endured weeks of 3 on 1 attacks. At the so called hands of the Divas of Destruction, AJ lost count of the Glam Slams, the back breaking Sharpshooters, and Inverted DDTs.

    Beth Phoenix Glam Slam To Aj Lee-1 - YouTube



    Natalya Sharpshooter on AJ - YouTube

    AJ found herself booked in matches against other Divas, and always the Divas of Destruction would interfere, or blindside her after the match. Beth, Kaitlyn, and Nattie would hit their finishers one after the other, sometimes the Glam Slam and Interted DDT would hit multiple times, and Nattie would always go last with the insanely back bending Sharpshooter, leaning right back so that poor AJ's feet would touch the back of her head. The name calling and insults demoralized her spirit, bringing her mind back to her rough childhood which she thought she had left behind long ago. They'd taunt for her to cry, and she would, the tears would flow freely through the pain. But somehow, she never tapped. Not that it mattered, these attacks weren't legal in the first place, but she would not give them that satisfaction again. And she wanted her boyfriend Daniel Bryan to be proud.

    Finally, after requesting one on one matches with management, she got her wish. It would be AJ vs Kaitlyn. But of course, Beth and Nattie were there to support Kaitlyn.

    AJ just had to accept the fact that she would likely always be the smaller girl in the ring. AJ had to look up at the taller Kaitlyn at 5'5, she was also a body builder, her arms and whole frame an impressively muscular without being unfeminine. In contrast, AJ was tiny and petite, people sometimes wondered if she even belonged in the ring at all. Nevertheless, AJ was confident that she could beat the stronger girl through pure pent up anger. Provided that Beth and Nattie would stay out of it long enough.

    The tan girl, with her flowing auburn hair, glared daggers at Kaitlyn, and as the bell rang she charged straight for the larger woman. This alone took Kaitlyn by surprise, allowing room for AJ to deliver slaps followed up by elbow shots. Kaitlyn got a hold of herself, shoving AJ off of her, AJ kept the momentum running into the ropes. On the return, Kaitlyn tried to grab the smaller girl, AJ ducked it and as Kaitlyn turned around AJ delivered a low drop kick on Kaitlyn's leg to bring her down to one knee.

    AJ's anger spurred her on as she ran onto the opposite ropes, and delivered a hell of a Shining Wizard onto Kaitlyn. AJ had won! Just before she could go for the cover, Natalya jumped onto the ring apron, shouting at the referee, who typically fell for this distraction and went to get Natalya down. AJ had already covered Kaitlyn, and broke it to confront Natalya. Beth Phoenix slid into the ring, running behind AJ delivering a double axe handle to the back of her head bringing her down. Beth then pulled Kaitlyn out of the ring, saving the match.

    Natalya jumped down from the apron, smiling wickedly, when the ref finally turned around he was none the wiser of what just happened. Kaitlyn was still recovering outside, getting to her feet, when AJ furiously slid under the rope to the outside, grabbing at Kaitlyn's hair and slapping at her head. The bigger woman lifted AJ off her feet and rammed her back into the hard wood of the ring apron AJ threw her head back in an exasperated gasp, the strain in her spine built up through the repeated Sharpshooters of the last few weeks.

    Kaitlyn shoulder barged straight into AJ's ribs, back against the ring apron again, the pain clear on AJ's pretty face. Kaitlyn hooked AJ's arms, lifting her up like a doll, throwing her into the padded guard rail, back first. Beth and Nattie stood at separate corners outside the ring, clapping gleefully. While AJ placed a hand on the small of her back, Kaitlyn lifted her up by the arm, and with a strong irish whip sent AJ hopelessly barreling into the steel steps spine first. AJ lay agitated, moaning, now closer to Natalya. Kaitlyn pulled on the ref's shirt, arguing as he tried to get the action back in the ring. With his back turned, Nattie stomped on AJ's ribs, back connecting with steel each time. The crowd is incensed, letting the DOD know the extent of their hatred.

    JR: This is ridiculous!!! This ain't a singles match, this is a damn 3 on 1 handicap match!!!

    Natalya threw her hands up innocently just before the ref turned around to check on AJ. Kaitlyn approached the groaning girl and rolled her back into the ring, following behind her.

    AJ gripped the ropes as Kaitlyn grabbed her legs, Kaitlyn decided to lift her legs right up and send AJ crashing into the mat, "AGHH!" the girl whelped as again she went back first. Kaitlyn paced around the girl as she tried to get up on all fours, delivering a stiff straight kick into the petite girl's belly. And again. Kaitlyn lifted AJ up to her knees by the hair, and delivered a hard slap across her face, the sound resounding around the ring. She lifted her up and again slapped her face, the pain piercing. Kaitlyn dragged her to the corner, sat on the second rope as she lifted AJ up, then she wrapped her arms around the poor girl's neck and lifted her up several feet off the ground in a choke hold. AJ coughed and sputtered through the choke, her face going red, Kaitlyn broke the hold before the ref could count to 5 and she threw AJ to the floor unceremoniously. Dejected, but still with life left, AJ tried to crawl away. From the second rope, Kaitlyn jumped, and landed elbow first onto AJ's poor tortured back. She went for the cover.

    1.... 2.... KICK OUT!! Kaitlyn came to her feet with a bitter look on her face. She lifted AJ to her feet, swung AJ towards her she knocked the girl down again with a closeline. AJ rolled onto her back, then Kaitlyn, cocky, walked over AJ's waist, applying all her weight as she stands on her, "AAAAAGHHH" AJ yells, then Kaitlyn stepped off.

    An evil smile appeared on the face of Kaityn as she lifted AJ by the hair to her feet, and threw her across the ring like she was nothing. She strode over, picked her up, and did it again, throwing AJ. She picked AJ up again, this time with a grip on her leg, using her freakish strength she lifts poor AJ up for a flapjack, AJ going over Kaitlyn's head and landing into the mat face first. Again for the cover.

    1... 2....... KICK OUT!! Kaitlyn then pounded the mat in utter frustration. She picked up AJ, lifting her onto her shoulders like a fireman's carry, and sent AJ straight down again, Kaitlyn's knee striking into AJ's ribs. "NGhhahah" AJ groaned, helpless. Kaitlyn covered AJ.

    1... 2...... KICK OUT!! Kaitlyn let out a scream. She paced around the ring, considering her next move. Long moments drop by as she consulted the DOD on the outside. AJ rolled around in pain before Kaitlyn picks her up by the hair, when out of nowhere AJ hooks an arm around the back of Kaitlyn's head, another arm hooked around her leg, AJ rolls Kaitlyn over into a tight small package pin.

    1... 2..... 3!!!! AJ won, the small package was so sudden and tight, Kaitlyn did not have time to kick out. Kaitlyn and the DOD were livid. AJ sat up on her knees, the ref raising her arm, a look of grim satisfaction on her face.

    King: She did it!! That little spitfire!!

    JR: A hard fought victory!!

    Beth and Natalya rolled into the ring as Kaitlyn got to her feet. AJ turned to face them just in time, backing up into a corner. Before she could do anything else, all 3 of the powerful women charged her at once. They pulled her hair, scratch and claw, slaps, punches, elbows. AJ tried to fight back uselessly. She's brought to the mat floor, the 3 women began stomping on her already battered ribs, she rolled over to protect her waist but they just stomp on her even more tortured back. Beth Phoenix, the biggest and strongest of the 3, gripped the top ring rope, and stood on AJ's back placing her full weight on her as she uses the rope for more force. The other women found various body parts to stomp on while Beth continued.

    Kaitlyn picked AJ up carrying her on her back again, and when she brought AJ down this time the knee is delivered to AJ's aching spine.

    JR: BAH GAWD this poor girl! This is nothing more than a total MUGGING. Won't someone help AJ? Where on earth is Daniel Bryan?!

    Next, Natalya lifted AJ up with no effort at all, and delivers her own devastating backbreaker. "NYYYAAAAAAAGH!!" AJ practically jumped up from the floor, throwing her head back, arching her spine. Beth Phoenix then had her turn. And being the tallest and strongest Diva among them, AJ had farther to fall, and the worst backbreaker in her life. She screamed, tears flowed. Kaitlyn picked her up, arm wrapped around her head for an Inverted DDT, and she dropped her to the mat on the back of her skull.

    She was still conscious, but just barely, Beth lifted the agonized girl in a crucified position high up in the air. AJ shook her head side to side. But she couldn't do anything to stop what happened next. Beth brought the young girl full force down crashing into the mat, her face and chest took the brunt.

    AJ was completely unconscious. They took turns lifting her head up by the hair, slapping her tan pretty face lightly. "Wake up AJ!!" Nattie screamed, slapping her full force, not even the chorus of boos could drown out the sound. AJ fluttered her eyes open. "It's time for your favourite part AJ!!" "NO!!" She screamed, s she tried to scramble away, but Beth and Kaitlyn held her down. Natalya lifted her legs, stepped her own leg through, and turned AJ over for the Sharpshooter. Nattie squated down, AJ screamed, tears hot on her cheeks. Beth had a mic, repeating the humiliating ritual of mocking AJ while she's locked in Natalya's submission. "Oh look! AJ's already crying! Aw! Big baby!" Beth said, s she wiped away mock tears, Kaitlyn laughed at the side. Natalya arches her back into a bridge, bringing AJ's feet allllll the way back, "No!! NO!! NOOOOO!!!!" AJ's screams filled the arena as her feet were made to touch the back of her head, her spine bent and twisted like a pretzel. The position held for long, agonizing seconds. AJ pulled at her own hair in utter agony and frustration. "Well we're not satisfied with you just crying this time, little girl! We want you to tap out!!" AJ shook her head, her curly hair draped across her pretty agonized face. It was alll too much, her back had taken so much punishment, before long she could have permanent damage. After the long pain filled moments dragged on, AJ tapped the mat furiously. Nattie held for a few moments longer, then released the hold. All 3 women laughed, held up each other's arms in victory, each of them with a foot on AJ, who cried fresh tears. "See you next time AJ!" Beth said, dropping the mic, as the 3 women marched to the back beaming.

    When they left, Daniel Bryan's music hit. The crowd booed anew, pissed that he never seemed to consider coming to poor AJ's rescue. He walked to the ring with a look of abject disappointment, carrying his World Heavyweight title over one shoulder. By the time he got to the ring, AJ, still whimpering, stirred. She looked up at Bryan and smiled. He only looked back with disdain. With a mic in his hand, he entered the ring and began to berate her. "AJ, didn't I tell you that if you were to EVER submit again, that we would be over?" AJ's smile dropped away revealing a pathetically sad puppy face. "But... but I-" "SHUTUP AJ! NO excuses!! Now, I do recognize that you've done well to hold out, so I'm going to give you one. more. chance." AJ nodded her head. "But, you have to take your punishment".

    Unknown to the public, behind the scenes Bryan had begun to physically assault AJ as well as mentally abuse her. He claimed he needed to practice his submissions, even his strikes, and would declare these as punishments at the merest mishap on AJ's part, and she went along willingly, though it broke her heart to do so. But now? In front of her fans, in front of the entire audience and everyone watching at home? She shook her head, the shame would be too much for her to bear. "You don't have a choice in this AJ. Now be a good girl, and take your punishment." Wiping away tears, she nodded. She knelt there, looking up lovingly if fearfully with her pretty brown eyes.

    "YEEAAAAGGGH" Bryan yelled as he delivered a spinning kick straight to AJ's head. She went down with a yelp. Bryan got down on top of her, placing her arm between his legs, crossing his hands he pulled her head back, craning her neck in a horribly painful angle. "YEEEEEEEESSSSS!" He yelled, AJ screamed in new agony beneath him, "YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!! YEEEEEEEEESSS!" He pulled back, applying more and more pressure. Her fragile neck felt like it may just snap from the pressure. He released the hold.

    One week later, after Wrestlemania, Bryan lost the Championship, blamed AJ, and dumped her. AJ lost it, tearing apart her bedroom, crying in a huddled mess for hours. She struggled to move, the physical pain of her beatings still fresh. Her first love had crushed her heart. All the heart break and resentment turned to anger, that she focused on the Divas of Destruction.

    On the following RAW, AJ went to the ring, hatred in her eyes. She grabbed a mic and demanded a match. "I'll fight any one of the DOD! It doesn't matter which one. Beth, Natalya, Kaitlyn, I want a one on one match without you hiding behind the others! I want a fair fight! And when I get it, you'll see that without backup, I can beat you!"

    Word later got to AJ that she got her match. She smiled an angry smile with renewed focus.

    AJ's music hit, her fans cheered as she bounced down to the ring, trying to show that through everything she still had her spunk. The crowd began AJ chants, almost as eager as she was for her to get her revenge. Beth Phoenix's music hit, AJ stared the woman down, not at all intimidated. Halfway down the ramp, Beth stopped, then Natalya and Kaitlyn came out from the entrance to join her. Beth got on the ring ropes, the others went to opposite sides of the ring as if to surround AJ. Still AJ stood her ground. Beth had a mic.

    "AJ, AJ, AJ... when will you learn, little girl? This match has been made into... a 3 on 1 tag match!!" Beth grinned, AJ's face dropped.


    Before AJ could react to the news, Natalya and Kaitlyn slid into the ring, and both began attacking AJ. Beth stepped into the ring, rushing at AJ with the other two. They pushed her into the corner, stomping on her waist and chest. The referee got some order and got Kaitlyn and Natalya out onto the other side of the ropes. He ordered Beth to stand back and waited for AJ to get to her feet, and called for the bell.

    AJ was maddened, rushed Beth and jumped ontop of her. Both women were on the ground as AJ furiously slapped Beth over and over, then she gripped her hair and slammed the back of Beth's head into the mat. Beth rolled AJ over and returned the favour. They rolled around like this until the ref broke it up. AJ charged Beth again but this time Beth charged back, lifted AJ right up off her feet, and shoulder charged her into the corner. AJ whipped her head back in pain, her spine clearly still sensitive. Beth tagged in Natalya, holding AJ's arms, Natalya hit some hard elbow shots at AJ who still looked pissed as all hell. She grabbed AJ in a headlock, tagged in Kaitlyn, who kicked AJ in the ribs. She closelined the girl, tagged in Beth, who picked AJ up and delivered a closeline of her own. The plan was working to perfection. Each powerhouse held AJ in place for the other to attack, keeping her near the corner, tagging in another woman to keep each other fresh while AJ only continued to be worn down.

    Natalya was back in, had AJ from behind in a waist lock, but AJ surprised everyone, still in the fight she reversed into a rear wrist lock and stepped Natalya forward to the centre of the ring. Natalya reversed into a very quick fireman like take down and gripped AJ's wrist, but AJ reversed again by trapping Natalya's head between her legs. Natalya flipped right out of it, surprised by AJ's improvements in technical wrestling. Natalya had room and was able to tag Beth back in.

    AJ this time was more guarded, taking her time, waiting for Beth to make her move. If I were smart, I'd just run like hell now she thought. But if I don't stand up to them they'll never leave me alone!

    Beth approached AJ, attempting to back her in the corner, AJ instead circled around Beth. Kaitlyn and Natalya tried to grab for AJ but AJ wasn't falling for it and kept her distance. Beth used this moment to try to grab AJ but AJ surprised everyone again by ducking and taking the larger woman into a headlock. Beth tried to use her power to suplex the girl, but AJ blocked by wrapping her leg around Beth's, and tried to flip Beth over. Beth was just too strong for it to work, but AJ slipped between Beth's legs and brought Beth off balance by pulling her leg from under her, which brought Beth to the floor.

    Kaitlyn struck an elbow into the back of AJ's head before she could capitalize. Kaitlyn had illegally sneaked into the ring when AJ's back was turned. Beth drove her arm as hard as she could straight up into AJ's cunt, low blowing the girl, while the ref was busy getting Kaitlyn back out of the ring. AJ's mouth was wide open in pain, she fell to the floor with her hands on her crotch. Beth grinned ear to ear, proud of herself. Beth opened up AJ's legs, teasing that she would low blow the girl again, but with the ref's concentration back, she instead stomped AJ's ribs. She dragged the girl to the corner and tagged in Kaitlyn. Beth held AJ on the ground with a knee placed on her strained back, while Kaitlyn ran the ropes and drop kicked AJ. Kaitlyn tagged in Natalya. Natalya climbed to the second rope while Kaitlyn held AJ over her knee, AJ's back arched over the knee, and Natalya jumped doing a double foot stomp on AJ's waist. "NUGGHHH" She groaned in pain. Nattie tagged Beth back in, who lifted AJ up onto the ropes. Bringing AJ to the top rope, Beth was attempting a superplex - it would be one hell of a superplex, but AJ tried to reverse, keeping her legs locked on the ropes. Both Nattie and Kaitlyn clubbed AJ's back until she released her legs. Beth stood atop the ropes, brought AJ up over her head, and both women crashed hard to the mat. AJ bounced, screamed, bridging and arching and doing everything to express the sheer agony in her spine. AJ bore the brunt of it, while Beth recovered but Nattie tagged herself back in.

    AJ never got back into the match. She had been wore down too much, the triple teaming was too fast for her to mount an offense. Over the next fifteen minutes, they could have ended the match at any time, but continued the punishment. On the outside, Beth lifted AJ off her feet, shoulder barging her back first into the ring apron. Kaitlyn distracted the referee while Natalya locked AJ's legs in a figure four leg lock around the ring post and Beth held her down. Her legs felt like they were grinding into dust for those long moments. Kaitlyn fiendishly locked AJ in for an Interted DDT, from the outside ring apron, to the floor outside the ring where there was much less give than the mat inside. Beth immediately followed this up with an elbow drop from the 2nd rope to the outside. And so it went on. The three powerhouses delivered backbreakers, sideslams, suplexes, punishing the back and spine of tiny AJ. The ref struggled to keep concentrated with all 3 women playing distraction games, allowing for illegal double team moves. With his back turned, Beth finally managed another illegal low blow, AJ on the floor legs wide open, she stomped her foot as hard as she could into AJ's poor pussy. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn, on the other side of the ring, had gotten a steel chair. Natalya was trying to undo the corner post padding right in front of the ref, Kaitlyn slid the steel chair into the ring, Beth grabbed it. While AJ still held her agonized cunt and had rolled onto her belly, Beth raised the steel chair and brought it slamming down onto AJ's back. AJ jumped, screaming louder than ever before, the smack of steel meeting flesh resounded around the arena, even the ref heard it. But before he could turn around, Natalya grabbed him and kissed him. Beth slid the chair out of the ring and Kaitlyn hid it before the ref could turn around, he was totally bamboozled.

    Finally, they took turns with their finishers. Kaitlyn's Intervted DDT, followed by a Glam Slam, and last of all the Sharpshooter, Natalya leaning back as always, making the feet touch the head, AJ's throat raw from screaming. They did their victory pose, one foot on top of AJ each, and left for the back. When the ref checked on AJ, she wasn't responding. She had to be stretchered out to the back and into the First Aid area.

    Over the next months, things continued to get worse for AJ.

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  2. TheCrimsonRisk

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    I'm glad you decided to continue this series! The first part was great and this was even better. I can tell that you and I share a taste for the same kind of heroine: plucky and brave almost to the point of being foolish. We also like to see her reduced to a crying mess, apparently :p

    The start of the story where you describe all this horrible shit that has been happening to AJ was awesome, almost like a mental montage of what the poor girl has gone through in between your two stories. You also did this later during the 3-on-1 tag match and leaving us to imagine that sequence of backbreakers and suplexes and power moves is almost more effective than describing each move in detail.

    I was SHOCKED that you actually had D-Bry get physical with her. It was hinted at in your first story, but to see it play out here was just brutal. Somehow, I doubt we'll be seeing anything like this on WWE TV. By the way, I loved it.

    I also liked that AJ won the first match. It gave the bad girls extra motivation for wanting to punish her!

    I'd be interested in seeing you tackle some other Divas, but you seem to have a strong connection with AJ and I look forward to seeing what else you plan to do with her. A match with the Big Show perhaps?
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  3. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    How could you possibly do this to my favourite Diva? How?

    And I'M not the one writing it? :P
  4. Seth

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    Very good work. Hope there will be more.
  5. kained

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    Dec 26, 2009
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    Thankyou for all the compliments.

    Thankyou very much! I think its important, to me anyway, to have a mental/psychological aspect to the abuse going on. And the montage of backbreakers and suplexes, by that point I figured that it would start to get tedious both to myself and reader to describe each and every move in detail, that I had done enough by that point that those moments could be played out in the imagination.

    Thanks, I'm glad that this worked for you. And its just a little taste, there will be more male wrestlers beating the crap out of AJ in the future.

    If she loses every match, or at the least isn't trying to fight back, there's no suspense.

    Indeed. It's my preference that a ryona story focuses on one girl, and AJ as far as the WWE concerned is the best ryona victim in my opinion. A match with Big Show is in the works.
  6. MrCheeserack

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    Great continuation, i loved AJ getting lifted off her feet so much and Brians little appearance was fun too. As far as your mention of AJ in a match with Show...bring it on.
  7. kirakuya1101

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    Hope you continue w/ this.