Adult screenshots Black Desert Online


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Here's some pics of my sexy/nude custom Valkyrie costume I modded: Karlstein and Venslar. Enjoy!








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You can try my partcutdesc.xml that included in my pack here. Just remove the comment on pac files if you don't want those to cut the skins. I'll try to help finding what pac files you need to remove from that partcutdesc.xml.
Cool, thanks man. I will check that out when I have time!


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Legion92, your images are beautiful. In the future, would you post images in spoilers? The page will load faster. :wat:
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No extra files or anything, it's naturally transparent. :3
But mine isn't, look:
I'm not using underwear on my character

How did you make yours look like that then?

Edit: Never mind, just found out that it's just a matter of illumination
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But mine isn't, look:
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I'm not using underwear on my character

How did you make yours look like that then?

Hmmm... I do know that the game renders transparencies a little different in the cash shop and beauty screens so it may be that. I know different lighting affects it too. But yeah, tbh, I didn't do anything, I just bought it and discovered it was transparent lol. I did dye mine though so maybe the color you use may help. Also, you could try making sure your texture quality is at its highest as well. I personally have my render settings set for using that one setting where they warn you it may slow your game down, I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Anyway, here is what it looks like for me in the cash shop screen. The transparency is not as noticeable there, but it is there.