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A Feast fit for a Vampire

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Oct 7, 2014
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    Lady Arana walked through her cells, looking for her dinner. "No, not you." Lady Arana kept walking, saying the same thing, until she came to Angelique's cell. Lady Arana licked her lips. "You, you sexy slut, you are on the menu tonight."
    Angelique's legs collapsed under her, and happy tears poured from her eyes. "Thank you, Mistress." Angelique smiled.
    "Fear not. It will all be over soon." Lady Arana replied as she opened the cell.
    "Mistress, I am overjoyed." Angelique said through her happy sobs. "I have been waiting my entire life to hear you choose me as dinner." Angelique tried to stand, even to the point of pulling herself up on her bed. Her legs were completely useless.
    Lady Arana walked into Angelique's cell. "I carried you here when I accepted you; it is only fitting I carry you to your death." Lady Arana gently lifted Angelique and carried her out.
    The other young women in the cells whispered things like "better her than me". Lady Arana glared at her prison guard and nodded. The woman smiled wickedly, blood pouring down her fangs. She grabbed a nightshade coated, steel-studded cat-o'-nine-tails and cracked it. The other young women settled down quickly, afraid to be beat.
    Lady Arana set Angelique on the kitchen counter. "Would care for a drink?" Lady Arana asked, fixing herself a glass of the best whiskey human blood can buy.
    "Mistress, I know it's proper for me to accept, but I want to feel your beautiful fangs in me when you bite me in a few minutes." Angelique politely refused, hoping to stay on the menu.
    Lady Arana chuckled darkly. "I only offer alcohol to my guests or the most nervous of entrees."
    Angelique smiled. "In that case, I would be delighted to accept your offer."
    "Pick your poison." Lady Arana said, smiling darkly.
    "Mistress, a last request drink?" Angelique asked timidly.
    "Of course, I will let you taste human blood." Lady Arana smiled, pouring Angelique a glass of blood.
    Angelique wafted it, enjoying the nauseatingly delicious bouquet and admiring the rich red color. Angelique took a sip, tasting it. "Mistress, now I know why you enjoy it so much." Angelique took another sip, this one larger.
    A knock sounded from the door. "I am coming!" Lady Arana called, scurrying to the door. She opened it. Upon seeing the vampire, Lady Arana curtsied deeply and kissed the guest's hand. "Please come in, My Goddess."
    "Oh, Lady Arana, I have asked you numerous times to stop calling me that." The other vampire lilted in a royal accented, beautiful, rich alto. Lady Arana stepped aside and the other vampire gracefully entered the mansion kitchen. "Lady Arana, forgive me for intruding, but why is your slave, and our dinner, drinking blood?"
    "My Goddess, this is Angelique, my best slave." Lady Arana introduced them.
    The other vampire glowers darkly at Lady Arana, before turning to Angelique, barely disguising the lustful. "It is a pleasure, Angelique. Please call me Victoria for your last few minutes."
    "It is a pleasure to be eaten, I mean meet you, Queen Victoria." Angelique dipped her body as well as she could on the counter.
    "It will be a pleasure to eat you, Angelique." Queen Victoria smiled cheerfully dark. Queen Victoria ran her fingertips over every square centimeter of Angelique's sexy body. "You picked a winner tonight, Lady Arana." Queen Victoria praised. Angelique beamed in delight.
    "Thank you, My Goddess." Lady Arana curtsied deeply as a pink tinge colored her bone white cheeks.
    "Lady Arana, why was Angelique your best slave?" Queen Victoria asked, curious.
    "She promptly obeyed every order without question, including generating a large body count and rape list, never struggled when I tied her up to rape her or have her raped, always screamed for more when beaten, and did everything she could to generally please me, including killing her own mother." Lady Arana replied.
    "It seems a pity to kill an incredible ass kisser." Queen Victoria said. "How large were her body count and rape list?"
    "Angelique killed 100 people for me, including her mother in the count, and raped four times that many. Some of her rape victims went on to become murder victims." Lady Arana replied.
    "How many times was she raped?" Queen Victoria asked.
    "I raped her 100 times and had her raped 100 times, for a total of 200." Lady Arana answered.
    "How many times and with what did you beat her?" Queen Victoria asked.
    "I beat her with everything but the three poisoned cat-o'-nine-tails. Angelique was explicitly to be eaten, not beaten to death or poisoned. All total, I beat her or had her beat 500,000 times." Lady Arana returned.
    Another knock sounded at the door. Lady Arana ran to get it. "Welcome, Duchess Raquel." Lady Arana curtsied and kissed the newcomer's hand.
    "Thank you for your kind welcome, My Lady." A beautiful Spanish soprano sounded from the entry. Lady Arana stepped aside as Duchess Raquel entered.
    "Angelique, this Duchess Raquel, my mother to an extent." Lady Arana explained. "Instead of rewarding me by draining my blood and then cooking and eating my corpse, Duchess Raquel transformed me into a vampire."
    "The world was graced with another calculatingly cruel vampire." Queen Victoria replied.
    "It is a pleasure, Angelique." Duchess Raquel said.
    "It is a pleasure to be eaten, I mean meet you, Duchess Raquel." Angelique said in perfect Spanish, to everyone's surprise, including Angelique's. "Forgive me, Mistresses. I feel I drank too much." Angelique's glass was empty on the counter, a faint red ring around the bottom the only clue it held blood.
    "My Goddess, Your Grace, we are all gathered. Shall we retire to the dining room?" Lady Arana asked.
    Duchess Raquel looked to Queen Victoria, who nodded her approval. Angelique hopped down, only to collapse on the kitchen floor, her legs still jelly.
    "Lady Arana, is there something wrong with dinner?" Queen Victoria asked in tone indicative not wanting something diseased to touch her palette.
    "No, My Goddess." Lady Arana answered. "Angelique has always dreamed of ending her life as my dinner."
    "Her excitement has turned her legs to jelly." Queen Victoria concluded.
    "Yes, My Goddess. I assure you, there is nothing wrong with her physically."
    Angelique stretched her arms up to the counter and pulled with all her might, her light pink face red from the strain. Angelique let go of the counter and stood on her own two feet, both of which shook uncontrollably under her small frame. "Mistress, I think I can walk into the dining room by myself."
    "I cannot allow that." Lady Arana said, lifting Angelique gently. Lady Arana set Angelique down on the table. Without prompting, she spread her legs and held her arms over her head. "My Goddess, do you want the honor of the pussy?" Lady Arana asked politely.
    "No. You can have it tonight. She was your best slave. It is only fitting you get her pussy." Queen Victoria deferred.
    "As you wish, My Goddess." Lady Arana positioned herself between Angelique's legs, mouth poised over her pink, puckered pussy. Queen Victoria and Duchess Raquel took post by Angelique's beautiful, perfectly ripe, delicious, sweet apples. Angelique smiled and screamed in pleasure as her murderesses bit into her soft, pink flesh. It was all over for Angelique in a minute, her murderesses' bloodlust-crazed thirst satiated. All that was left was to prepare her for the oven. Lady Arana rolled Angelique's bloodless corpse over and tied her arms and legs together and placed an apple between her teeth before carrying her into the kitchen and laying her in the already prepared roasting pan. Lady Arana inserted the pan into the oven, smiling darkly, her best slave completing the last of her duties in death.
    The three murderous vampires chatted and joked in the den while the young woman's corpse roasted to a golden brown in the oven. When the young woman was a golden brown, she was taken into the dining room and carved like a turkey for the three vampires to enjoy. There were *no* leftovers.