1. K

    Temmie Hair (Undertale) 2021-04-20

  2. Apollion

    Mad Mewmew Static hair 2020-10-27

    hoy ! I've wanted to make a hair mod, i've looked for characthers who was not on the forum, i've seen that mad mewmew haven't been made, so i've made it :3 I used the mods from the lasted version of sby loader pack btw if some one want to do mad mewmew's clothes go ahead x), but will be hard...
  3. _Cry0

    Chara & Frisk's Shirts

    So I've been looking around the forums as an anon for a while now, and couldn't find any Chara or Frisk shirt mods, so I made an account to request them. If you can't get both done and have to choose one, please do Chara. Please make them Breast Size Adjustable. (RGB is unnecessary) I...
  4. T

    Temmie 2017-06-04

    Request from Undertale Temmie...
  5. T

    Toriel - Undertale 2017-05-31

    Toriel from Undertale...
  6. 0

    Undertale - Alphys

    Here is a hair for alphys from undertale, use the skin colored one with the save data text whatever and the other one works on its own. EDIT: forgot to actually add the hairs the first time
  7. M

    Undertale - Muffet 2016-07-25

    Undertale muffet Hair charName:SD...
  8. Cardcounter585

    Undertale Chara Request

    I'd like to request in this thread Chara's hair and sweater. The sweater (if possible) must be adjustable chest wise and rgb. Also I apologize in advance for lack of reference shots this character even after five days of searching is hard to dig up side images for.
  9. UndyneTheFish

    Undyne Request

    Hello! I am requesting Undyne, Obviously, because she's cool and what not, But I hope the images I've provided are good enough side shots of her, People really like to draw her at an angle. I particularly would like her skin marks, a hair mod, eye mod, and her eyepatch. I can do her clothes by...
  10. T

    Undertale Temmie

    hOI I want a temmie model It needs a blue and yellow striped shirt to go along with it here is the best reference I could come up with EDIT: Completed: Link ->Temmie
  11. T

    Toriel - Undertale

    First released import, also affects/covers the nose Recommend downloading the loader imports archive and using lamb legs
  12. D


    To be filled out later.