1. T

    Temmie 2017-06-04

    Request from Undertale Temmie...
  2. T

    Toriel - Undertale 2017-05-31

    Toriel from Undertale...
  3. 0

    Undertale - Alphys

    Here is a hair for alphys from undertale, use the skin colored one with the save data text whatever and the other one works on its own. EDIT: forgot to actually add the hairs the first time
  4. M

    Undertale - Muffet 2016-07-25

    Undertale muffet Hair charName:SD...
  5. Cardcounter585

    Undertale Chara Request

    I'd like to request in this thread Chara's hair and sweater. The sweater (if possible) must be adjustable chest wise and rgb. Also I apologize in advance for lack of reference shots this character even after five days of searching is hard to dig up side images for.
  6. UndyneTheFish

    Undyne Request

    Hello! I am requesting Undyne, Obviously, because she's cool and what not, But I hope the images I've provided are good enough side shots of her, People really like to draw her at an angle. I particularly would like her skin marks, a hair mod, eye mod, and her eyepatch. I can do her clothes by...
  7. T

    Undertale Temmie

    hOI I want a temmie model It needs a blue and yellow striped shirt to go along with it here is the best reference I could come up with EDIT: Completed: Link ->Temmie
  8. T

    Toriel - Undertale

    First released import, also affects/covers the nose Recommend downloading the loader imports archive and using lamb legs
  9. Riptide


    To be filled out later.
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