A very short story that is re-playable for role-play.

I was inspired by the Lonely Teacher v3 - by Delev (improved by NoctSoul) dialog
here and wanted to make my own with a similar structure.
(download the animation pack)


To get this to run smoothly:
-Do not press the buttons until story is finished.
-Let BJ conversations play out without stuffing/interrupting her
-Ejaculation will forward to the next scene
-Facial phase may not have her give a hand-job you can fix that manually and place her left hand as hand-job.

in order:
-ANIMTOOLS_$chair_facefuck [animtools v27] *
-ANIMTOOLS_$ATV_bothhandsonhim_slut_randomdude123 [animtools v27] *
-facefuck style [vanilla]
-ANIMTOOLS_$ATV_doggy6chair [animtools v27] *
-ANIMTOOLS_$ATV_Missionary_V2table [animtools v27]
-ANIMTOOLS_$22_Facial_v3 [vonhizzle pack]
* can also be found in the here link above and unzip the animation pack

This isn't a vanilla dialog resource.
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It looks great, but i cant get it to work. When i load it, it just hides the cock but there are no options to progress.
A great dialogue, just wondering where can we find the character shown in the screenshot
(Not a review but I don't know where else to comment this) I'm new to this installing mods to SDT thing, I know all the "you have to have the loader" stuff and I have read the newbie guide, but I cannot figure out how to install the animtools moremoods etc. mods, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
Hey Rucky_R, this really isnt the place but https://www.undertow.club/threads/sbys-loader-imports-january-18-2019-uploaded-loaderpack-11.5030/ here is the link to some mod video tutorial just scroll down to the Other Downloads, Archives, Tutorials: and download the video tutorials for the mod you would like to install. again this should be in a help forum.
It would be very delightful if you manage to add positions that you're using as well, or at least put their code under the "spoiler" button)
Hi albvult, I believe that all the animations but the final one are from the animtools positions as for the final position i checked and it was the facial cumshot v3 by vonhizzle. i will make an update link to it soon. thanks