1. Resource icon

    ATV compatiable dialogue template V1.0

    A template for use in easily creating dialogues compatiable with all ATV positions.
  2. sclover13

    ExtraMod Template Extension

    ExtraMod Template Extension ExtraMod is a new template extension that piggybacks off of Sby's currently popular Template Extension, and by extension the vanilla template. ExtraMod seeks to bring simplicity to complex modding elements, allowing modding of previously unavailable objects, and...
  3. Resource icon

    Updated Static Hair Mod templates 2022 1

    added guidelines and bodies to make things easier
  4. horatiojones80

    Zako Themed Lightgun game template: Thoughts/feedback

    As a result of hearing a lot on this forum about old lightgun games and making my own artwork styled in the trashy 90s movie theater cabinets, I decided to make a crack at making my own lightgun game, but I want it to be more than that. It's going to be a template that will have the basic logic...
  5. BlueZephyr

    Heart Pasties Template Swap

    I'd like to request a revision of Faceless's Heart Pasties mod. I would ask him in pm but he hasn't been online since December last year nor does his name appear in the search. The change I'd like made is a version that works on the CostumeBra template so I can change its rgb with the bra...
  6. Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Clothing Template

    Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Clothing Template 2013

    Thicker-Ass 'n Legs Clothing Template by Pat
  7. Resource icon

    Mod.fla template v0.98.3 2018-02-14

    Mod.fla template v0.98.3 by Faceless
  8. Resource icon

    sby loader setting template 5_18

    a template example for flash cs5.5 for actionscript mods that use a settings file
  9. SVG "Feet4Heels" footwear / legwear template

    SVG "Feet4Heels" footwear / legwear template 1.0

    For use with your favorite vector graphics software
  10. Modding template "Feet4Heels"

    Modding template "Feet4Heels" 1.1

    Pre-set FLA for creating footwear based on the Feet4Heels body mod
  11. SkinnyBitch - Mod Template

    SkinnyBitch - Mod Template 1.0

    Mod Template for the SkinnyBitch Body Mod
  12. Tent Background Pack with Template

    Tent Background Pack with Template 1.0

    Backgrounds set in a camping tent with different exteriors and a template for making your own.
  13. sby alternate loader template

    sby alternate loader template V3_6_1

    a template for making mods using the vanilla like modtypes
  14. I

    Slanted Eye Mod and Template

    Fix here: SlantedEyeMod.swf - Hostr, download and share anything. Mirror: MEGA Attachment: Link to file in Undertow's download section ->Slanted Eyes Took me about 3 days. You are welcome. Likely the first and only loader mod from me. I have completed my mission. Unfortunately I must now...
  15. G

    How to make static hair mods with Inkscape

    A few notes: This is my first tutorial I'm not well versed with using Inkscape I'm more comfortable with Photoshop since I've had more experience with it I've only been making hairs for about 3 months I don't use the "paint bucket" tool because it doesn't work as intended. This is a problem...
  16. Maineim

    Template to create hairs with Inkscape (vectors)

    I made a SVG file with the layers I ussualy use to draw, with some examples an basic elements to use an re-use. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE: ALL MY SVG HAIRS: svg-hairs.tar.gz Why vectors? Because can be modify without loosing quality, allows effects that can be changed. Why Inkscape? Because is...
  17. Faceless

    14 Feb 18 - Mod.fla template v0.98.3

    For Flash CS 6.

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