1. sclover13

    SkinnyBitch - Mod Template 1.0

    ---- Link to SkinnyBitch Body Mod [Light Skin] --- Currently only the light skin mod is available. This will be updated in the near future. This modding tool should help any modder who would like to design clothing or costumes for SkinnyBitch body mod.
  2. Failing Up

    Tent Background Pack with Template 1.0

    I wanted a camping background to go with my Yuru Camp girl hairs, but the tent backgrounds in the archive were set by a beach rather than a forest and none set at night. I realized that I could edit the old tent background and create a tent template for making easy camping backgrounds set in a...
  3. sby

    sby alternate loader template V3_3_2

    see thread for further details, mostly uploading it here as a secondary place to download it. alternate loader template, version 3
  4. G

    How to make static hair mods with Inkscape

    A few notes: This is my first tutorial I'm not well versed with using Inkscape I'm more comfortable with Photoshop since I've had more experience with it I've only been making hairs for about 3 months I don't use the "paint bucket" tool because it doesn't work as intended. This is a problem...
  5. Maineim

    Template to create hairs with Inkscape (vectors)

    I made a SVG file with the layers I ussualy use to draw, with some examples an basic elements to use an re-use. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE: ALL MY SVG HAIRS: svg-hairs.tar.gz Why vectors? Because can be modify without loosing quality, allows effects that can be changed. Why Inkscape? Because is...
  6. Faceless

    14 Feb 18 - Mod.fla template v0.98.3

    For Flash CS 6.