Template to create hairs with Inkscape (vectors)


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I made a SVG file with the layers I ussualy use to draw, with some examples an basic elements to use an re-use.


Why vectors?
Because can be modify without loosing quality, allows effects that can be changed.

Why Inkscape?
Because is open source, you can run it on Windows, Mac or Linux, even on a old PC or a small netbooks. And because this program is great. it uses a format called SVG (standard Vector Graphics, a ISO format). Also, I can't aford/run Flash editor in my Linux machine.

Download Inkscape: Inkscape
Basic Tutorial: Inkscape tutorial: Basic

You can drag an image to copy a photo. use the transparency of the layer to place the image in place to match the template.

I made some basic paths to create a drawing look, edit the node as you like.

When you are happy with the outline, turn off the reference layers and use the fill tool

You can use lineat and radial gradients, shapes with blur, and many other tricks you can see in the examples provided

Before exporting the hair don´t forget of turning off the reference layers, export the full page.

I don't have much time to create more stuff myself, so I hope this helps to create more content of higher quality.
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Man thanks! This will help a lot.

(I wasn't getting very far with GIMP).

Thanks again.

I love that everyone shares tips and such here...


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zzaapp002 said:
Man thanks! This will help a lot.

(I wasn't getting very far with GIMP).

Thanks again.

I love that everyone shares tips and such here...

I use Gimp a lot, but never for design, just as a tool to process photos. Inkscape is easy to use, at least easier than Corel or Illustrator.

I'm adding a file with all the svg hairs I made so far. Is a good backup for me and I hope a good tool to create new hairs, or making dinamic ones for those with the toold to do it.


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zzaapp002 said:
(I wasn't getting very far with GIMP).
All of my imports have been made in GIMP. :P

But this is really cool. I already have Inkscape, but I don't use it much. I'm comfortable with GIMP.


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This helps out alot! Now I cant wait to start finally drawing and making imports. I never used Inkscape so that should be interesting.
But this definitley points me in the right direction to start contributing to the site. Many thanks again!


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Thanks for the tutorial! Inkscape is not too hard to work with and the result is good. But since, i've got alot of practice to do!

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Thanks for the great tutorial! I have been looking for a good program to make vectored imports. I have photoshop but the pen tool is very tedious to work with when making vectors and I don't have access to illustrator. I've been working on some hairs from scarlet blade and I might post them when I feel satisfied with the finished products.


great work! wish i'd seen this earlier, when i was really into this about about a year ago--but now i might just get up off my ass and contribute some!


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Maybe it is a little late to post here, but Maineim is maybe still notified of replies...

I would like to know if the same kind of template exists for small ears?
I need one for my new hair of Fuuka and I cannot manage to make something good using screenshots and Inkscape...