1. sby

    leglayermove V1

    leglayermoveV1 by sby this persist mod moves the layer ordering of her left leg around (so some things are on top of other things) //vanilla order: calf thigh shape calfStocking calfStockingB footwear cuffs leftCalfBottoms...
  2. sby

    cumRGB V2_1

    This adds a rainbow color picker (does red,green,blue,alpha) and a highlights slider to the custom menu. Also can save char code data. Also, is a persist mod, does not get removed from char reset.
  3. N

    Changing the SETTINGS on Sby DeepthroatactionsV3_1 / MODS

    Hi there, I applied Sby's mod deepthroatactions He states under his description a lot of seemingly code options for sdtchan's reactions. Me being incompetent with anything along those lines - heres the simple question: How do I apply/change settings in this mod? Specifically TIMING. (Ex...
  4. sby

    vanillaarmpatch V2

    vanillaarmpatchV2 by sby an alternate way to do the patch that does not mess up vanilla body mods fixes by when changing arm positions: removing body mods, then changes the arm frame, then adds them again now also clears sweat on arm position changes so the arm glitch is not caused by the sweat...
  5. sby

    throatresiststretch V1_4_1

    throatResistStretch V1 written for loader 5.19a, uses 5.19a settings this mod makes it seem like you are stretching out her throat by vigourous thrusting/holding a penis in her throat. main features are visual throat bulge and dynamic throat resistance. mod works by increasing/decreasing a...
  6. sby

    throatcumbulge V3_1

    throatcumbulgeV2 updated for loader 5.21c uses modsettings loader - sby /****************************************************/ a mod to increase her throat bulge when ejaculating in her throat settings: cuminthroatbulge=1 //enables mod, in her to match my template...
  7. sby

    TemplateExtension V6

    This (at least V5 as of jan 2020) should be included with the default loader, so you should have it already and should not need to download this. if you don't have it, the template extension swf should be put in the $INIT$\Default folder, and then in the $INIT 'Mods.txt', tere should be the...
  8. sby

    swallowtiltset V2

    swallowtiltV2 updated for loader 5.21c uses modsettings loader /****************************************/ a mod to change the swallow tilt angle. changeswallowtiltto=-0.8 //-0.2=kona's default, -1 disables swallow from tilt; adjusts amount her head must be tilted up before she...
  9. sby

    superbreast V7_1

    superbreastV5 fixed bug with breasts displacing position when game paused added support for using t to toggle breast sizes bigger added support with using with breastexpansionplusv3+ /*********************************/ superbreastV4 added slidermode setting where superbreast controlled by...
  10. sby

    superbelly V7_1

    superbellyV5 added support to work with breastexpansionplusv3+ replace mode to use slider or key with option to only disable key. /************************/ superbellyV4 added mode to use a belly slider on the custom menu added bugfix for when breasts are frame 149...
  11. sby

    strandlimit V3

    strandlimitV3 just some minor changes. the interval amounts now get multiplied into the amount to age the strands, and the default settings have been changed to match accordingly. this makes it so the ages of the strands are updated less often, but they still age the same amount. shouldn't be...
  12. sby

    regulaterandom V4

    regulaterandomV2 added some communication between moreclothing and regulate random. when this mod is loaded, its settings take priority. done because this has a nice menu to toggle these kind of things. fixed moreclothing still shuffling backgrounds and hairs when those are disabled in this...
  13. sby

    penisrange V7_1

    This mod extends the lower and upper ranges that the penisrange slider permits. version release notes: penisrangeV5 added strap-on penis color saving to penisrange - sby /***********************************/ penisrangeV4 added smaller scale to penis added modpage to save penisrange char...
  14. sby

    noclenchteeth V2

    edit - the functionality of this mod has been added to a newer more user friendly mod: moremoods noclenchteethV1 loader 5.21c+ prevents her from clenching her teeth (angry mode)
  15. sby

    morespitstrands V2_1

    morespitstrandsV2_1 renamed mod for clarity to be easily separted from other mod morecumstrands. added persist option added inclusion guard /*************************/ morestrandsV2 updated for loader 5.21c+ uses modloader setting - sby /*******************************/ morestrandsV1 a...
  16. sby

    morecumspurts V3

    edit, stuntcock has developed this further, here is a link: moreCumSpurts /************************************/ morecumspurtsV3 added ability to have the cum spurts value negative to remove strands instead of adding them - sby /***************************************/ morecumspurtsV2...
  17. sby

    moreclothing V8

    moreclothing is a loader mod that adds additional clothing to the in-game menus. (also supports backgrounds, hairs, and vanilla body mods) its main purpose is to be able to mix and match pieces of mods that the community makes, and use them in a convenient manner - this opens up tons more...
  18. sby

    monitordialog V3

    monitordialogV3 added queued phrase line in upper left corner of monitor textbox added picture guide included - sby /**************************/ monitordialogV2 now sorts according to dialog priority and build level has a spacer between built dialog lines and previously built lines -...
  19. sby

    loadingscreen V1

    loadingscreenV1, by sby this mod was created for loader bundle creators to tidy up the loading sequence of their packs. the idea of this mod is to bring up a loading screen picture (and maybe a bit of text) as the game loads. This is also meant to keep the loading screen up when moreclothing...
  20. sby

    hairoverlaypatch V2

    hairlayerpatchV1 by sby moves her forearm layer below the hair layers (for really big hairs, should fix it so her hair does not go through her elbow)
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