ME Omnitool Penis Replacer

ME Omnitool Penis Replacer 1.1

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Replaces the male's penis to an holographic version inspired by the Omnitool from the Mass Effect's series.

There's a version with a 'testicle' and a version without it. The version with the testicle does not replace the default testicle. You should probably hide the original one if you're going to use this one.

For a more 'holographic' feeling, I recommend using MoreTriggers and changing the alpha value of the penis.

This mod does not change the sperm's color. If you wish to do so, you could the mod cumRGB.

I give permission to everyone to modify the contents of my mods in any way, shape or form that they desire.

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I love any SDT mods that are "Mass Effect" related, and I was wondering if thi was loader or vanilla?
Dr Neutral
Hi! You will need the Loader to use this mod.
Works perfectly now :) Thanks for taking the time to reupload
The file seems corrupted. It cannot be browsed nor opened. Or maybe this is because I use 7zip and you made a very specific .rar ? Maybe you should consider releasing your mod as a standard .zip.
Dr Neutral
HI. The original download did work for me, but I have re-uploaded the file again as a zip. Could you try it again and confirm that it works for you?