1. RokPhenix

    Apron[DHE] 1.1

    Request by @tickles . Based on @Iago "Apron", make it listening the overtop color slider and add @stuntcock's DHE 5.91 Notes: open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. In order to use this mod you need the Loader V5.41 or better. This mod is an "Overtop". It's designed to allow...
  2. RokPhenix

    Flower belt rgb 1.0

    Based on rockmanzero69 "CielBikini.swf" bottom, extract the flowers and make it RGB adjustable. Notes: This mod a two version, a Vanilla mod with only the petals change color with the Top RGB slider This mod destinated to be use for add flowers on anohers clothes, open with the SWF mod...
  3. RokPhenix

    Many questions.

    Hello folks,I have many question. I Use the Sby's loader with the Flash player 11. In moreclothings settings I notice many curious behaviour. You can't set a png file in a body menu or add +makebutton to this entry, but you can set a static hair if is a swf file like surfer girl. MoreClothings...
  4. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Cropped Hoodies 1.0

    Most of the hoodies require the Loader, Allalphasliders and/or Moreclothing and/or Templateextension, more info on requirements in the download's notes. There is one vanilla version if you wish to continue living in the dark ages. MEGA Archive RGB adjustable There are optional hoodies that...
  5. K

    dantethedarkprince and perdition mod revisions 2020-01-12

    these are mostly changing rgb slider controls or changing tops to bras, bottoms to panties, top to overtops, adding legwearb original artist @dantethedarkprince and revisions by @Perdition 40 mods in zip for preview images, moreclothing settings, what has been changed for each mod and more go...
  6. V

    Unzipped Hoodie RGB 2019-12-05

    This is @BrokenToaster's Unzipped Hoodie from his Real Clothing Mod Series changed to overtop + armwear and made RGB adjustable. I also added a sleeve for left hand behind the back (although you can barely see it). One issue is that the arm section of many tops will clip through the hoodie but I...
  7. V

    School Backpack v2

    This is the school backpack from Kir's Imports made into an overtop and RGB adjustable. By the way, if anyone knows what hair this is that Kir used in the example image please let me know. Thanks.
  8. DigitalSmutExports

    Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored) Mod Pack 1.0

    This is a pack of mods for Empress Emily Kaldwin of Dishonored 2. It contains the full costume as a single mod (to your left) but it also contains 12 single pieces of clothing for your customization pleasure (sample to your right). Some are character specific some are not. See the spoilers...
  9. DigitalSmutExports

    Professor Juniper Lab Coat RGB adjustable 1.0

    This is a conversion from an original by @Sombra which is found here made at the request of @Hank East. He requested it be made into an overtop (it was a normal top previously). In addition to that change I also made it RGB adjustable using the standard for Overtops which is the collar RGB...
  10. V

    Saiyan Stuff v3

    2 versions of armor adapted from @dantethedarkprince's mods here and here Did a mash up and made them RGB adjustable in the overtop slot. Not breast slider adjustable (still haven't figured that out, seems like a pain in the ass) Also an original mod, a saiyan scouter with flashing animation...
  11. V

    RGB Cape 2019-08-18

    Based on @Calla's Raven Costume and @dantethedarkprince's Ayame Mod I'd like to make the lower part removable by shift + clicking if anyone could tell me how to do that I would be grateful. Uses the overtop slot and both RGB sliders.
  12. Perdition

    Rachel Scuba Gear 2019-04-17

    Based on @Synonymous's 'Rachel Foley Wetsuit' mod, this mod isolates the scuba gear and turns it into an Overtop.
  13. Perdition

    Pulled Down One-Piece Swimsuit 2.0

    RGB adjustable swimsuit that's been pulled down. It uses the bottoms slot and has two RGB adjustable elements. The pulled down part is placed in the overtop slot so you CAN have her wear some shirts but not all of them will look right.
  14. Hansel

    Rogue 1.0

  15. Hansel

    Ranpha Franboise outfit 1.1

  16. Hansel

    Forte Stollen outfit 1.0

    Forte Stollen Static Hair by @Chance CharCode: iris:normal,23,57,102,1;breasts:83;skin:light;lipstick:0,0,0,0,0;eyeshadow:66,0,0,1;sclera:255,255,255,1;blush:196,80,77,0.35;mascara:0,0,0,0.353;eyebrow:188,67,51,1,0,0,0,0.545;hairhsl:0,1,1,1;skinhsl:0,1,1,1;
  17. Hansel

    Blue Mary outfit 1.0

  18. ds14048

    Evangelion School Uniform Top 2017-11-05

    Evangelion School Uniform Top , it's a revision of Wyld Card's Evangelion School Uniform. Evangelion School Uniform . This is an overtop mod. It is the top only. The settings are overwrite:Boolean = false; . This overtop is breast slider adjustable.
  19. Faceless

    Shibari - OverTop ver. 1.0

    A version of the shibari ropes that is compatible with the MoreClothing loader mod by @sby as an OverTop mod.
  20. Iago

    Hooded Cape 1.0

    In order to use this mod you need the Loader V5.41 or better. This mod is an "Overtop". It's designed to allow combinations with normal tops without the need of using the same color for both, sacrificing instead the collar slot. This mod uses the first Collar RGB Slider (leaving the Top RGB...


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