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School Backpack v2

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  1. v2

    Changed overwrite boolean to false so it won't remove top when loaded.

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super good !
can some one tell me what is the top used ?
The charachter is named Hiyori and you will find her hair here:
Thank you!
works fine for my, it does remove the top if the top is loaded first. this is jsut from quick mod tab loading. color slider used is overtop. putting shirt back on after loading the backpack works fine. i imagine it works better using moreclothing, but works out for me.

Also, i would like to know the hair used in the image as well
I gave it a try and found 2 lil issues with it:

1-The RGB seems to be tied to Top, making it unable to have the backpack be a different colour from it

2-Loading in the mod takes off her top (Probably something to do with the above, too?)

Still, I'm quite fond of using schoolgirls lately with Jaxx' mods, and this is a very good addition :)
I'm not having those problems on my end. Are you using loader? It definitely is an overtop.
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