This is a conversion from an original by @Sombra which is found here made at the request of Hank East Hank East .

He requested it be made into an overtop (it was a normal top previously).

In addition to that change I also made it RGB adjustable using the standard for Overtops which is the collar RGB slider.

Also I expanded it just a smidge so that it actually goes over your typical top mod. The original was a bit too tight for that. The original was also missing the arm for when her arms are behind her back. That's also been fixed.

I'm not familiar with whatever source material Professor Juniper is from but if you want to get as close to that as possible it'll please you to learn that the RGB values that @Sombra used in the original were 229,241,236.

Since I'm not familiar with the source material please add any missing tags you think are appropriate.

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Thanks a lot for doing my request! Even added RGB-compatibility despite me never asking for it!
You're welcome. Adding rgb adjustability is laborious relative to the complexity of the shading and the number of parts used so not laborious at all in this case.
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