Saiyan Stuff

Saiyan Stuff v3

2 versions of armor adapted from @dantethedarkprince's mods here and here
Did a mash up and made them RGB adjustable in the overtop slot. Not breast slider adjustable (still haven't figured that out, seems like a pain in the ass)

Also an original mod, a saiyan scouter with flashing animation (hard to see unless you zoom in though unfortunately)

This character is almost complete, just need a blue body suit to go underneath (damn you thicker ass and legs!) and maybe some different gloves

The tail is here btw and it is animated too
Get the form fitting spandex suit here

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Latest updates

  1. v3

    Changed the animation on scouter. Made armor top instead of overtop, loader no longer required...
  2. v2

    Traced the scouter lines with vectors. It isn't perfect but a lot less jaggy then it was.
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