1. NotMe

    Roque's Street Fighter V mods

    Here's a nipslip mod for Street Fighter V's Laura. I don't know if I'll make any more mods but if I do, here's my thread. For instalation, you can either use this tool: Mod manager Or you can do it the hard way, like I explain here: That's it. Have fun. Download link: Laura Nipslip.rar...
  2. Vextiger

    BnS Mod Manager

    BnS Mod Manager v1.2 Preview Used for quickly installing or uninstalling mods compiled of batches of .upk files for Blade & Soul that are in a .zip archive. Can display a preview image for the currently selected mod if the mods .zip contains a image of .jpg or .png format. (It will not be...
  3. Crafted-Lightning

    One Piece Robin Dressrosa nude mod

    Download off of my Deviantart page: http://art-of-the-bo...utfit-594182336 (Second version now on my deviantart as well) So first I tried making the entire top half nude, but the straps from the costume stuck out from the body too much so turned the upper half of the dress into some kind of...
  4. Naduron

    Tera - Nude Mods: Converted [GPK / UTHelper]

    What is Converted mods? They are mods that were used before the UTHelper tool was released. These mods are from the Umod tool so the resolution are smaller (but it doesnt matter if it is just a mod that removes clothing) Currently have Elin: 52 mods Castanic: 28 mods High Elf: 22 mods Human: 2...
  5. SaafRats

    Honoka "Angelnoka" mod 2

    Renewed version of this mod, updated with HLOD body meshes. 3 variations available. Credits timmyc, for his great and unique DOA5ObjTmcConverter tool. Dotouku, for his TMC tool suite, and for his blender scripts. sf234, for his texture tool Team Ninja/TECMO for DOA5LR original models.
  6. SaafRats

    [DOA5LR] (SaafRats) A small collection of mods for Honoka... and Naotora

    UPDATE: All packs here: This had to happen. I had promised this long time ago, so it's time to publish some of stuff. HONOKA PASTIES MOD 2.0 Updated version of the old good pasties mod I've made with timmyc almost one...
  7. Naduron

    Bless - Mods & Nude Mods [KR]

    ---------------------------------Other Mods-------------------------------- Mods: Blade and Soul - English Patch Guides: ------------------------------------Guide------------------------------------
  8. SaafRats

    [DOA5LR] H-LOD Nude Mod (curvy body) - COMPLETE EDITION

    This is H-LOD, a curvy body nude mod for all DOA5 girls, made with custom meshes and textures. LAST UPDATE (03/03/19): Now all variants are included in a single pack (base nude mod, bushy variant and cel shading option Available for every official (female) character, along all their body...
  9. Hank East

    What, exactly, is histween skew in Animtools?

    I've been playing around with animtools, and for as much as I change the histween skew settings I cannot figure out what they do.
  10. W

    Scarlet Blade - NPC Rota MOD

    Scarlet Blade NPC Lota's retexture My first MOD for my favorite character in Scarlet Blade. befre: after:
  11. Naduron

    Blade and Soul - How to Mod BnS (Guide and Tips)

    Someone asked me how to mod BnS, so i thought "so why not just make a guide here also"? :p How to Mod with Umod 1. Click on [Add Game] -> Client.EXE 2. Turn on [Use Global Hook] 3. Launch Blade and Soul (Do not use "Start game through uMod) (More options will now pop up) 4. Click on...
  12. YourNightmare

    [One Piece Pirate Warriors 3] Tashigi Sexy Demonic Mod/Akatasuki

    Hey guys, here is my new mod for Tashigi's Shambles outfit. You find some Screenshots below. As you can see, there is a version with her glasses and one without. On her back is written "Akatsuki" in Japanese and I gave her red demonic eyes. The rest is clear I guess. Just drag&drop...
  13. M

    List of games with female characters Mods

    I'll be updating this list with games that may not have much Ryona, but have more through modding. I'll also add links to the respective mods. (Will update links for all these later) Bully SE Edition Female player mod Dead Rising 1 - Chop Till You Drop (wii) Play as Jessie Dead Rising 2...
  14. teals03

    Resident Evil 6 S.T.A.R.S. Girls

    Exactly what you expected, Surely. Those. Aren't. Real. Service. Girls Bouncing into action! :rolleyes: Sherry Omake00 (School Girl Uniform) Sherry Image 1 Sherry Image 2 Ada Omake00 (Chiness Dress) Ada Image 1 Ada Image 2 Helena Campaign (Asia Outfit) Helena Image 1 Helena Image 2...
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