1. RWBlackGames

    [Unreal Engine] [Patreon] Real Life Sunbay City - adult action-rpg 3D Game

    Patreon page: Tom is creating 3D Adult Action-RPG (18+) | Patreon Welcome to Sunbay City! The land of opportunity and city of sexual freedom, where you can f*ck almost anyone! A big playable open world area in Miami style at the beach side, Hollywood area near the hills with rich citizens and...
  2. AdeptusSteve

    [PC] Wild Life - Open World Adult RPG (Development Thread)

    September 2018 Public Build: Copy of September 2018 Patreon Build: Patron (10$) Build September 2018 | Adeptus Steve on Patreon Greetings and welcome, Im Steve, my team and me are creating Wild Life - an open world adult RPG. Just recently we have released a...
  3. slayer

    Streets of Girls: a fictional Beat 'Em Up Walkthrough

    Streets of Girls: Walkthrough Round 1: Slum ============ It's the first round so practice all your moves. Then go right when you're ready. Keep going and you'll see Michelle texting with her cellphone. Don't get near her. There is a door in the background. Move just to the right...
  4. slayer

    Final Fight: Girls

    Hi! I found a Final Fight walkthrouh that was quite vicious, and decided to replace all instances of mooks with female zakos. I also added reference images and defeated icons to spice things up. Here it is: Final Fight: Girls ------------------ Round 1: Slum ==============...
  5. T

    ddlc uniform

    was wondering if someone could create the uniform from DDLC (doki dock literature club). here is a reference image, the pic of yuri is a decent side view i hope.
  6. netherus666

    FireArm's making a TPS game

    FireArm is creating Adult Games | Patreon It's a third person shooter developed by FireArm that mixes sci-fi and fantasy, where you fight your way through levels eachs with their own enviroment and goal. The game focuses around two main characters so far but may add more to the roster later on...
  7. R

    [PC] Hey, found this underrated Adult game.

    It's called Puppet Nightmares. Not a visual novel, but it does have an interesting and fun story with lots of sexy monster girls and other nightmarish creatures that you can collect and use to battle and fight through the story and pvp. It's an turn based rpg with different difficulties with a...
  8. kodivas

    WWE Ryona RPG

    Eva Marie's Revenge Eva Marie has been demoted to NXT for her lack of in-ring skill and charisma on the mic. This is a game where you control Eva into getting her revenge and showing her dominance over the women in the WWE. Matches are not meant to be difficult, but are to be a fun experience...
  9. Dorumeka

    [W.I.P.] Ryona Assassins (Zako/Guro/Ryona)

    Hi! I’m Dorumeka, the creator of Ryona Assassins, an ecchi game in development where you fight against sexy ninja girls that seek to destroy you! As a private investigator, you are contracted by a big organization that wants you to get some dangerous intel for them, at any cost. You will have to...
  10. B

    [Flash/Browser] Phantasma Magic: Deluxe

    Hey guys We are a UK based company trying our best making our first BIG hentai game. We would love it if you could all take a look at it and give me your honest opinion. EDIT: Link removed: Rule violation The game features the sexy and flirtatious Phantasma as she sets out on an adventure to...
  11. Osakina

    Silhouette Game

    Since I was inspired a lot by SDT I thought I'd share my game with you guys first. Basically at the moment it's just an animation editor, and I'm not totally sure about the direction weather it's going to stay as just an animation editor or if it's going to be part of a bigger game. I had an...
  12. Juggernaut

    WIP Futanari Combatant - Battleroyale Arena II (platformer, action, guro, futanari)

    Hi all, I'm making an arena platformer shooter game with futanari opponents and guro action. The game is based on artist TMZF's futanari combatant series. It is a sequel to my previous top down shooter game FUTANARI COMBATANTS BATTLEROYALE ARENA. The new game will feature the same theme...
  13. V

    "Nympho-Trainer" 3D Hentai VR Game (NSFW)

    Hi everyone! This is our first thread here and I’d like to share with you the game we are currently working on. Game Information "Nympho-Trainer" is an anime inspired light BDSM themed Virtual Reality game. Starring a cute sex addicted anime girl who’s been trained to please her Master. As her...
  14. dark_knight17

    Girls from Utawarerumono

    So I saw that no one had done up any Utawarerumono ladies, so I thought I'd whip up two if my favourites. Here they are! Karura: Urutorii: Background:
  15. Naduron

    The Loli Games list [NSFW] - WIP

    Wanted to add lots of loli games to the Upcoming Games but it would have been way to long and it also would slow it down way to much, so i made a separate topics for upcoming and already released games that has loli character. Tera - Elin Released: Yes Contries: US,EU,KR,JP Website...
  16. A

    Question: How to create BnS costumes FROM SCRATCH

    I recently started modding Blade and Soul costumes, and also got to the point where I could answer a few requests on BnS Dojo. That's very good and all, but I want to create my own costumes, and modding pre-existing costumes to create my own is quite a bit tougher than if I create it myself...
  17. A

    Request: Blade and Soul Custom Yulia Dobok

    First of all, I'm absolutely new to undertow (and to posting threads, in general), so if I'm doing anything wrong, please help me correct it. Next, as the title says, I want to make a request for a custom dobok. The original costume is basically Yulia's outfit. If possible, kindly help me trim...
  18. F

    Blade and Soul - Bikini Mod - Now Available with 8 Variations - V. 0.6

    Mod Pack contains 8 variations of the bikini, along with 6 different Base outfits to choose from. I still need a proper upk repacker (dont have access to the good one), but I think it still looks good all around. This download is formatted for use with BnSArk. You do not HAVE to use BnSArk...
  19. Snowballs

    King of Fighters ryona vids.

    Hey boys. I was unable to find a thread on this but I really want to advocate for Love Kula's videos on youtube. They are pretty well animated and the story / ryona situations are pretty solid. I may be hyping it a lot but I love the animation quality. The fights look great, the transitions...
  20. JacksonGood

    Tap 2 Fuck - The Modile Adult Game

    Update V2.7 - December 11th. What's going on everyone? We've just pushed a new update that includes the "Slutty Secretary" Costume for Alexis among other things. To install the update, uninstall the old app, and re-download and install the new one. Tap2Fuck V7 Santa Baby Bent Over Pose...
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