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  1. Ereshkigal Outfit

    Ereshkigal Outfit v2

    An Outfit based on the Mesopotamian Goddess of the Underworld as depicted in FGO
  2. Scion Liberator's Outfit

    Scion Liberator's Outfit 2022-05-01

    Based on the first outfit Lyse wears during Stormblood
  3. Mash Kyrielight Swimsuit

    Mash Kyrielight Swimsuit 2021-11-05

    [Fate/Grand Order] Based on Mash's second swimsuit, complete with Jacket and Camisole.
  4. Yoimiya Naganohara Outfit

    Yoimiya Naganohara Outfit 2021-09-17

    [Genshin Impact] Owner of Naganohara Fireworks
  5. Ayaka Kamisato Outfit and Dynamic Hair

    Ayaka Kamisato Outfit and Dynamic Hair v1.1

    [Genshin Impact] Daughter of the Kamisato House
  6. Yugiri Mistwalker Hair and Outfit

    Yugiri Mistwalker Hair and Outfit 2021-08-07

    (FFXIV) A Proud Kunoichi of Yanxia, Probably also blew the Warrior of Light once or twice
  7. Eula Outfit Mod

    Eula Outfit Mod 2021-06-19

    (Genshin Impact) Spindrift Knight
  8. Yanfei (Outfit and Hair)

    Yanfei (Outfit and Hair) v2

    (Genshin Impact) Top Legal Expert in Liyue
  9. Beidou Outfit Mod

    Beidou Outfit Mod 2021-04-30

    (Genshin Impact) Pirate Captain of The Crux
  10. Rosaria (Outfit and Hair)

    Rosaria (Outfit and Hair) 2021-04-18

    (Genshin Impact) A Sister of the Church of Favonius
  11. Barbara Outfit Mod

    Barbara Outfit Mod 2021-04-07

    (Genshin Impact) Prospective Idol and Priestess of Mondstadt
  12. Hu Tao Outfit Mod

    Hu Tao Outfit Mod 2021-03-24

    (Genshin Impact) The newest director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor
  13. Kaguya Luna Costume [SB][Vanilla]

    Kaguya Luna Costume [SB][Vanilla] V1.0

    Kaguya Luna (輝夜月) Vanilla Costume
  14. Xiangling Outfit Mod

    Xiangling Outfit Mod 2021-03-05

    The Head Chef at the Wanmin Restaurant (Genshin Impact)
  15. Jasmine - Red Version

    Jasmine - Red Version 1.0

    Aladdin's Jasmine after being transformed to her red costume
  16. Keqing Outfit Mod

    Keqing Outfit Mod 2021-02-02

    The Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing in Genshin Impact, whatever a Yuheng is
  17. Amber Outfit Mod

    Amber Outfit Mod 2021-01-21

    Mondstadt's one and only Outrider
  18. Gloria Outfit

    Gloria Outfit v2

    Based on the default outfit of the female protagonist in Pokemon Sword and Shield
  19. Nessa Outfit

    Nessa Outfit 2020-07-03

    An outfit for the water gym leader from Pokemon Sword and Shield
  20. Clyde

    Clyde 1.0

    Clyde minus8 style


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