Trick or Treatment Outfit

Trick or Treatment Outfit v1.2

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I advise using the latest version of the Loader to run this.

Reference Image:


Preview of her arm, as well as demonstrating breast size adjustability [note that both arms look the same]:

While not visible normally, this outfit also includes an accompanying set of panties:

An alternate version of the boots is available for use with Feet4Heels [Requires version 1.6 or newer]:

There is no zipped folder for this, as the mods do not come as a pre-packaged set (e.g. no bonus hairs or backgrounds).

Moreclothing details:
-The green/purple bra and the associated straps are a Bra component.
-The remainder of the top, plus the shoulder sleeve are a Top component.
-The skirt is a Bottoms component.
-The panties are a Panties component.
-The gloves are an Armwear component.
-The bracelets on her arms are a Cuffs component.
-The collar is a Collar component.
-The hat is a Headwear component.
-The leggings and boots are a special case. In the main file ("Trick or Treatment.swf"), they are combined together as a Legwear component.

In the alternate download ("Trick or Treatment (Boots and Legwear Split).swf"), which is JUST the boots and leggings, the boots are a Bottoms component and the leggings are a Legwear component. This is done for MoreClothing compatability, as you can "re-bind" the boots to be Footwear via MoreClothing this way without dragging the leggings along by way of adding "+convertbottomstofootwear" to the end of the listing in the MoreClothing Settings file. Note that the above also applies to the Feet4Heels variant.

Note that because the hat is defined as Headwear, you can use the HeadwearLand mod to re-orient, re-scale, and adjust the position of the hat to better suit alternate hairstyles. The hat was initially placed with the default SD-Chan hair in mind.
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In the SDT 2 loader, it just cycles back and forth between the Feet4heels and regular feet state. Anybody know if there's a setting I need to adjust?
It shouldn't be doing that. Let me check the files and make sure they have the proper triggers.

In the interim, try using a basic Loader to see if that works; I'd swear I tested that functionality properly so if there's an issue it'd be on SDT2L assuming I did.

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