Ereshkigal Outfit

Ereshkigal Outfit v2.2

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I strongly advise using the latest version of the Loader to run this.

Outfit with cape:

Outfit without cape:

Left Arm:

An alternate version of the shoes and leggings is available for use with Feet4Heels [Requires version 1.6 or newer]:

While the outfit previews do not show it, the top is breast-size adjustable.

The hair exists as a standalone mod and can be found here: Ereshkigal Hair
Additionally, a variant of the outfit download is available here which includes the hair.

To recreate the eye color used above, use the following code:

A pre-set folder can be found here: MEGA
The above folder download includes the preview images used here, a custom folder, and the relevant mods. Note that the cape does not work in custom folders at all. Further, if loaded via MC it will break after a hard reset in-game via the Reset button on the Scene tab of the menu. See the file entitled "README - Custom Folder and Character Code.txt" within the .zip for further details.

Moreclothing details:
-The dress is set as a Tops ("T-shirt" icon) component.
-The panties (a small portion are visible at the bottom front of the torso, where the gold line is) are set as a Panties component.
-The socks and leg jewelry are set as a Legwear component.
-The heels are set as a Footwear component. (Both the socks and heels stay as Legwear and Footwear respectively in the standalone Feet4Heels variant.)
-The left sleeve is set as an Armwear component (there is no right sleeve).
-The collar, unsurprisingly, is a Collar component.
-In the version with the hair included, the hair is simply a Hair.
-The cape is a special case. The hood is set as an OverTop component, but the cape itself is set as a StaticHair component. This is due to how I had to jury-rig the cape to ensure it properly layers over her forearm. As such, if you want to import the cape into MoreClothing I strongly advise getting the version of the mod that includes the cape but NOT the hair and then adding the following entry to your MoreClothing:
Ereshkigal Outfit (With Cape).swf=Ereshkigal:CostumeOverTop:CostumeTop:StaticHair>CostumeOverTop:CostumePanties:CostumeLegwear:CostumeFootwear:CostumeArmwear:CostumeCollar
This should load the cape properly as an OverTop while leaving the hair slot free for whatever you seek to do with it.
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It's very good, but I can't open the mega link, can you upload these png files separately?
The PNG files in the Mega link are the same ones used on the post. As they're simply hosted on imgur, you should be able to right-click them in order to save them.
Continually impressed by how good this looks. Every detail pops!

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