"Gagged Reactions" is exactly what it says on the tin: A dialogue designed to be used when "she" is gagged with a ring, dental, plug or other open-mouthed gag, for fans of bondage and/or breathplay.

This dialogue consists of 4 "Chapters" wherein you, the dominant, train a submissive character to enjoy being facefucked and choked. Chapters are progressed by making the submissive cum a set amount of times.

- Chapter 1: defiant and unwilling, doesn't orgasm easily.
- Chapter 2: frightened and unsure, still uncompliant, but orgasms easier.
- Chapter 3: still unwilling, but slowly starting to come around and orgasms much easier.
- Chapter 4: completely smitten, eagerly services the dominant and can orgasm at the drop of a hat.

Includes two versions: "HET" for all you straight folks and lesbians, and "GAY" for men of culture such as myself (and anybody who enjoys futa.)

-SDT Loader
-MakeHerCum_V1.0 (for Yaoi/Futa dialogue)
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Noob question here.

I noticed there are some "thoughtcustom" throughout the dialog. Are these placeholders for future custom thought dialog? I don't fully understand the way the dialogactions work.

I also notice my her, only stays on angry mood? How do we change this through gameplay. again i dont fully understand how the dialog actions work.

thanks for any help, and thanks for the mod!
I haven't worked on this in a while so it might be clashing with the latest versions of Dialogueactions/DialogedisplayEdit and Moremoods. I'm planning on eventually creating an updated version of this mod to work with/incorperate some of these additions, and perhaps even "progressive exhaustion" and "gagged dialogue" as well. Sby has made some massive strides in what this dialogue could do.

No promises as I've been pretty exhausted lately but I'll see what I can do!
Excellent job, now we just need a greater variety of gags!
Really great job! Need some time and source review for understand how it works. And this is awesome) In chapter 4 Instant flashing effect don't used, it's little confused me. The devil is in the details, especially in her emotions
Originally I had the flashing in Chapter 4 as well, but seeing how easy it is to make the submissive orgasm in that chapter, it was just flashing every few seconds. Also, seeing as there are no chapters after that one, I didn't see the need to keep the flashing going.
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