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  1. Sakiko

    Help!! Blade and Soul Korean Nude Mod

    Hello! Late to the party about appreciating nude mods, but does anyone by chance know where I could get a Korean Nude Mod where it's not just me who can see that my character is naked, but everyone else can see it too? (I'm getting tired sending my friends who play with me screenshots of my...
  2. D

    Blade and Soul Nude mod for vagina/anus

    Can some one make a nude mod for Blade and Soul that shows not only just nipples, but a vagina and anus as well for all female races, preferably Gon. i am aware there are already nude mods, but... As you can see from the uploaded images, the most important part is missing...
  3. 5

    Blade and Soul looking for nude lyn mod

    Hello, I've searched a lot hoping that I can find a drop in file nude lyn mod but I couldn't, the one I found requires that I download multiple stuff and I'm not comfortable doing so. I have a drop in file mod for every race but my favorite which is lyn. Thanks
  4. Greenonion0

    Blade and Soul - [Outfit] [Costum] [Nude] [NSFW] Some Gon and Jin mods | Update Oct.8

    Just a repost of my mods from bnsdojo, Jin rough customer done, Download: MEGA A little more modification on Gon rough customer, remove chains, Download: MEGA New update, Gon rough customer, jaket remove, etc. Download: MEGA Gon profane parts remove V2, did some more modification...
  5. Naduron

    The Loli Games list [NSFW] - WIP

    Wanted to add lots of loli games to the Upcoming Games but it would have been way to long and it also would slow it down way to much, so i made a separate topics for upcoming and already released games that has loli character. Tera - Elin Released: Yes Contries: US,EU,KR,JP Website...
  6. A

    Question: How to create BnS costumes FROM SCRATCH

    I recently started modding Blade and Soul costumes, and also got to the point where I could answer a few requests on BnS Dojo. That's very good and all, but I want to create my own costumes, and modding pre-existing costumes to create my own is quite a bit tougher than if I create it myself...
  7. A

    Request: Blade and Soul Custom Yulia Dobok

    First of all, I'm absolutely new to undertow (and to posting threads, in general), so if I'm doing anything wrong, please help me correct it. Next, as the title says, I want to make a request for a custom dobok. The original costume is basically Yulia's outfit. If possible, kindly help me trim...
  8. Adeles

    Request: Blade and Soul FOV mod.

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could create a mod for Blade and Soul that would fix the horrible FOV? Or update the FOV fix found here: BnS FoV Fix • /r/bladeandsoul Home I've actually worked on editing the fix myself, but I'm very new to cheat engine, and I lack the means of completing it...
  9. F

    Blade and Soul - Bikini Mod - Now Available with 8 Variations - V. 0.6

    Mod Pack contains 8 variations of the bikini, along with 6 different Base outfits to choose from. I still need a proper upk repacker (dont have access to the good one), but I think it still looks good all around. This download is formatted for use with BnSArk. You do not HAVE to use BnSArk...
  10. S

    Blade and Soul GonF Animation

    So I'm not new to modding, but this is over my head. Can anyone please Mod Gon Female's Standing Animation to be her Idle Animation by Default? GonF normal standing animation is just terrible, but her idle (after like 1 minute of not moving) animation is really good (the one with her arms...
  11. Vextiger

    BnS Mod Manager

    BnS Mod Manager v1.2 Preview Used for quickly installing or uninstalling mods compiled of batches of .upk files for Blade & Soul that are in a .zip archive. Can display a preview image for the currently selected mod if the mods .zip contains a image of .jpg or .png format. (It will not be...
  12. pandabutt

    Blade and Soul mod request - Lyn with breasts

    I'm just looking for a mod that will do the following... 1) make the Night Luna set fully nude (including removal of the jacket 2) Swap the Hongmoon Uniform with the now nude Night Luna set 3) Swap default underwear with the now nude Night Luna set 4) *.upk format please Ideally I'd like to...
  13. J

    [Guide] Blade & Soul: Increased Sliders & xml.dat modding

    Follow-up from #8261. This post explains how to modify Blade & soul's xml.dat file. This is the file that contains much of the game's modifiable data, including the files needed to (permanently) increase the slider limits for your characters. This method is a bit more work than using Tinker's...
  14. J

    Blade & Soul Slider Mod/Tool (Working again)

    Update: Xigncode3 was removed in NA/EU, the tool works again. -May 2019 Ever been bothered by the character sliders in Blade&Soul reaching their max too fast for your liking? Or ever caught yourself thinking that even a minimum value is too big? Then this is for you. This a simple tool...
  15. Ashllay

    Blade and Soul - Nude Mods (basebody upk's)[NA/EU]

    Just create a new folder named "mod" on "BnS CBT\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC\" and extract "nude_mod_BnS_NA_EU.7z" there Download: nude_mod_BnS_NA_EU.7z ---Update--- Lyn Female nude base body Fixed 05-08 Download: LynF_nud(flat_ver).7z
  16. Naduron

    Blade and Soul - How to Mod BnS (Guide and Tips)

    Someone asked me how to mod BnS, so i thought "so why not just make a guide here also"? :p How to Mod with Umod 1. Click on [Add Game] -> Client.EXE 2. Turn on [Use Global Hook] 3. Launch Blade and Soul (Do not use "Start game through uMod) (More options will now pop up) 4. Click on...
  17. Naduron

    Blade and Soul - Mods / Nude Mods (NA/EU)

    My 3rd Nude Mods for Blade and Soul o.o China and Atomix nude mods should be in this forum :p Topic is till under construction, trying to find other topics first :p ---------------------------------Naduron's Blade and Soul Mods-------------------------------- Blade and Soul - Nude Mods...
  18. A

    Blade and Soul Cheat Engine Mods.

    So for reference you can call me Savage Zu or aakamrua as my account shows. Im making this thread as after several hours and a couple people points a few things out ive manage to figure out how to modify addresses in BnS. Specifically the Breast slider. I figured out how to find the addresses...
  19. Naduron

    Blade and Soul - Nude Mods [China]

    You need Umod v1 for these mods to work. They meant for China. More BnS mods here (For Atomix):[naduron]-1372/#post19875 The names on the Costumes are based on this: Blade_and_Soul - Outfit_Simulator English UI Download...
  20. Naduron

    Blade and Soul - Nude Mods [Naduron]

    Blade and Soul - Nude Mods [Atomix] You need Umod v1 for these mods to work. They meant for Atomix. Gon Gon - Underwear Texture Resolution: High Download: Gon - Underwear Gon - Armor Set 01 Texture Resolution: Medium Download: Gon - Armor Set 01 Gon - Armor Set 02 Texture Resolution...
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