Zero Two Static Hair [Darling In The Franxx]

Zero Two Static Hair [Darling In The Franxx] 1.0

Zero Two's static hair from the series Darling In The Franxx!

Another request! Thank you to Ketane for suggesting that I make this mod and reccomending me some images. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a good fanart where Zero Two has her hair loose - if anybody is able to find a high quality image where she is looking to the side plese let me know! For now, enjoy this tied static hair version of Zero Two!


(The ear is part of the hair mod. Because of the way the artwork was shaped I was unable to make it look good with the SDT character's actual ear).

DISCLAIMER: The art for this static hair mod is NOT mine. I have edited, cropped, and reshaped the image in order to better fit into Super Deepthroat but the original artwork can be found here.


P.s.: I am accepting requests for static hair mods! If you have any feel free to send me a message and I'll see what I can do.

Looking for Ichigo's static hair? It's right here!
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Great job. Ive been wanting to make a Zero Two hair for a while so I know how hard it is to find a reference for her. Ill send you a reference for a long-haired version if I find one.
Wow surprised it took so long for zero two to be done considering how popular she is, but Nice. Haha
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