This visuals included in this mod are static. When you load the mod it will set the male character's penis size and skin tone to suitable values. If you change them then you'll encounter visual discrepancies.

If the male character's skin is dark then you'll still see a light-skinned penis inside her mouth. If the male character's penis is narrow then you'll still see a thick penis in her throat. If you use a mod which replaces the guy with a horse then you'll still see a human penis in X-Ray mode.

Due to the way that SDT's layers are composited, this mod will not cooperate with overlying clothing (such as collars and shirts). This mod works best when the girl is nude.

The mod does not include visual effects for swallowing or ejaculation. You won't see semen flowing down the girl's throat in X-Ray mode.
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it does not show how much cum is inside her mouth nor the cum going through her throat.
Please do a vanilla version, cause I am unable to use loader for my game
I wish it may also apply to pussy and anal fucking but yeah its a nice work kudoos!
This mod is just awesome Can u make him penis condom mod
Fraid not. This was a peronal challenge for me in the first pace and required multpile modders to achieve. Honestly it took us a few months to make just this
very good i see cock in esophagus it very horny but want see semen too
Believe me i tried. It was WAY too much work to get it done though.
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