1. V

    Reverse Cowgirl v4

  2. A

    X-ray pussy 1.2.5

    Description: The mod shows you an X-ray view of the girls pussy while the penis is inside of her. Requirements: A posing library like animtools Poses that let you enter her pussy Compatibility: The penis and size is set when the mod loads and will only look correct inside if you don't...
  3. D

    X-ray + Penis replacer?

    So I remember seeing a video a while back and in the uploader's SDT he was using not only a penis replacer mod (Horse cock) but he was also using the X-Ray mod. I tried this myself but it didn't work correctly, showing the horse cock out of the throat but when the x-ray activates it's a normal...
  4. dantethedarkprince

    X-Ray 2.0

    This visuals included in this mod are static. When you load the mod it will set the male character's penis size and skin tone to suitable values. If you change them then you'll encounter visual discrepancies. If the male character's skin is dark then you'll still see a light-skinned penis...
  5. W

    Dante's X-ray mod no instructions

    I have the Dante's x-ray_2.0 mod but once I load it I have no idea how to enable or control it, anyone know how to use it/where there are some notes on it? Thanks.
  6. K

    Super Deepthroat 1.21.1b

    Super Deepthroat (SDT) is a Flash game which simulates a fellatio sex scene. The characters and setting can be extensively customized via the in-game GUI, and can be radically altered via external mods. This Resource entry is intended to serve archival and discovery purposes. Newcomers are...
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