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Tia Halibel's outfit as she appears in her resurrección form.

This is my first mod, so hopefully it isn't a total disaster. I ended up spending close to two weeks working on this(though most of this time was spent learning), and despite the long time it took, I have to say I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, especially considering I'm a terrible artist.

This was made using sby's alternate template, so it will require the loader to function.
Finally, if someone wants the .fla for whatever the reason, just shoot me a PM. All I ask is that if you try to improve the mod and succeed, that you might consider letting me post an updated version of this mod using it. I worked hard on this, and I'd like to see it become as good as it can be, and if that is by someone else, so be it.

You can find the hair used in this mod at...

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This is pretty decent. only things missing is her armored/gloved hands. Not bad for your first time making a mod.
Thanks for the review. She does in fact have arm guards; you just need to change her arm position to something other than behind her back.
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