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Long time coming, done at the request of aztlan and Nameless, this mod puts a pair of striped side tie panties around her right thigh. It is RBG adjustable and requires sby's 'allalphasliders' mod to use.

Sorry it took so long but I got hung up trying to just modify the already existing pulled down panty mods that were very difficult to make striped versions of. On the plus side, the fact that these panties are also a partially untied side tie version makes it more unique.
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  1. Removed some lines

    GAHH, I need to stop immediately uploading these. I removed the lines between the striped so you...
  2. Softer lines

    Ugh, I do this again, just making the lines less harsh.

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Very nice - thanks for making these.

Is there a regular version of the Side Tie (Striped) Panties? I thought I had seen them somewhere but now I can't find them...

If not, do you plan on doing any? Ones that :"match" these would be nice.
There is not currently a mod for striped side ties panties, at least not that I know of. It technically wouldn't be that hard to make such a mod from the default side tie panties but I'm not sure it would be worthwhile since there's not much actual material (As in clothing material) on the default side tie panties.
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